Vilokan ADF Solutions

Glycol Recycling Solutions for Aircraft Deicing Fluid (ADF)

Vilokan ADF Solutions provide Glycol Recycling Solutions and systems for Aircraft Deicing Fluid (ADF) to let airports recycle spent ADF, to recover glycol and handle by-products in a profitable and environmentally sound way.

Vilokan ADF Solutions is a part of the Vilokan Group that has 27 years experience of offering financially and environmentally sustainable solutions to market leading companies on a global market. The head quarters are located in Strömstad, Sweden with subsidiaries in USA and Europe.

Scandinavia, a forerunner in water treatment policies and environmental consciousness is our home base and very much a part of our heritage. Strict regulations, a harsh climate and demanding customers have pushed us to innovate continuously.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are looking forward to use our knowledge and experience to solve coming challenges for our customers in the future.

Vilokan ADF Solutions wants to be the airport´s first choice when it comes to recycling spent ADF, no matter where in the world the airport is located. We see ourselves as an important part of the airport’s operations with the objective to solve the airport´s complex recycling needs.

  • Value Creation – Financially and environmentally viable solutions that meet the airport’s need for higher operational efficiency and lower environmental impact.
  • Innovation – Module based systems placed at the airport reduce reliance on external supply of ADF and ensure the airport’s specific requirements are covered.
  • Turnkey offering – Complete service offering combined with world leading recycling solutions based on proven high-quality technology and many years’ experience.

Company Profile

  • Turnkey Solutions for Recycling Spent ADF at the Airport

    Vilokan ADF Solutions strive to find the best available solution for each airport, either as a turnkey service provider or as a supplier of technical equipment to the airport service providers.

    Vilokan ADF Solutions is a turnkey provider for recycling spent ADF at the airport. With full responsibility for machines, facilities, logistics, storage, operations as well as service and maintenance, Vilokan ADF Solutions handles the management of the spent ADF in a reliable and cost efficient way while the airport´s handling costs are reduced. A turnkey contract with clear roles and responsibilities and aligned incentives optimizes the recycling process.

    In close co-operation with the customer, Vilokan´s experienced project managers design a complete recycling solution which fulfills the airport’s specific requirements. The solution is dimensioned to handle increased volumes if this is expected from other airports and other complementing services such as blending of new ADF on site, meaning the turnkey offering can include a large number of airports.

    Vilokan has several years experience of being a turnkey service provider at the Luleå Kallax (LLA) and Gothenburg Landvetter (GOT) airports in Sweden.

  • Ready-to-use ADF Recycling facility

    Should the airport prefer to own and operate the facility on its own or through an existing service provider, the facility is delivered as a complete ready-to-use product. The airport takes on the responsibility for the facility while Vilokan provides service and maintenance.

    The solution is based on a unique closed-loop process where spent ADF stepwise is converted to pure glycol and where by-products such as hazardous waste, heavy metals and water are separated along the way.

    The solution is based on a stainless steel frame, which gives a professional looking system with quick and effective start up operation. The system can also be placed in a standard hi cube 40 ft shipping container specifically designed to allow an airport to operate with only evaporator on site and supply the recycled fluid to a larger hub facility. The solution is based on high technical competence and many years of designing, building, operating and maintaining complex recycling solutions. The systems are built on standard components found in many different applications implying high reliability and good access to spare parts. The facility is module based meaning the solution easier can be adjusted to fit the airport’s specific need.

  • Glycol Recycling Gives New Opportunities

    Dealing with spent ADF on the apron, and at centralised de-icing facilities, is now a necessity for all airports in the world due to more restrictive and responsible environmental regulations, restricted glycol availability and significant cost increases in raw materials.

    At low temperatures during wintertime, the use of ADF is a necessity for well-functioning aircraft operations. Glycol, the main component in ADF, affects the water environment negatively if not collected after having being sprayed on the aircrafts. Heavy metals and other by-products found in the spent ADF impact the environment even further if not handled in a proper way. Spent ADF being sent for disposal impacts the environment less but contributes to inefficient use of resources as glycol is a non-renewable fossil based resource and implies costs for the airport.

    The need for dealing with spent ADF in a financially and environmentally sustainable way is growing due to more restrictive and responsible environmental regulations and a need for higher operational efficiency. An effective recycling system will benefit both airports and airlines. Recycling spent ADF at airports will minimize transport costs and reduce the carbon footprint and significantly lower BOD, COD and TOC values, all resulting in significant cost savings to airports and their Authorities. A full distillation process taking place at the hub airport produces high purity glycol, which in most cases exceeds the quality of virgin glycol. This important fact now allows for the blending of new ADF on site at airports.


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