Airport Seating Solutions and Shopfitting Systems

Vitra specialise in the design and manufacture of Airport Seating Solutions and Shopfitting Systems.

The planning and furnishings of airports contribute both to the success in operations and to the well-being of the people. The products employed must therefore meet the highest demands in terms of quality, design and serviceability. The interplay of aesthetic value and robust longevity is the key to Vitra’s ability to furnish airports and its retail spaces with long-lasting quality. The products used range from Vitra’s classics to bespoke furniture.

Vitra’s expertise in the conception and outfitting of public spaces is based on many years of experience. Ever since the early 1960s, for example, the Swiss furniture manufacturer has offered the Eames Tandem Seating system (ETS) for communal waiting areas. In addition, Vitra’s customers benefit from the company’s competence in the Home and Office sectors, which yield dynamic synergies for the conception of public spaces. On the basis of this know-how, Vitra has successfully planned and executed such prominent recent projects as London Heathrow Airport, Molde Airport in Norway and the Terminal 2 lounge at Munich Airport.

The intelligent shopfitting systems by Vitra offer suitable product solutions, whatever the merchandising requirement and technical challenge of duty free areas is. They create spaces and structure walls. The retail systems are carefully designed with a timeless and discreet design. “Invisible Design” places the merchandise in the foreground. Vitra has turned this philosophy into a product trademark.

Company Profile

  • Airport Terminal Lounge Seating

    A partner with comprehensive services

    • Active in 80 countries around the world with branches or partners
    • Comprehensive consulting enables customers to make well-founded decisions
    • Solution-oriented cooperation throughout the entire process
    • Vitra quality products for transparent and best total cost of ownership
    • Interior design services
    • Competent project management and logistics team
    • Procurement and production processes base on social and ecological responsibility

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  • Airport Terminal Gate Seating

    Durable products for all kinds of areas

    Thanks to the broad spectrum of products, visitors to waiting zones as well as users of other areas can benefit from the ergonomic and design quality of Vitra’s products: from the airport gate to customs, security clearance and luggage check-in, and from restaurants, lounges and shopping areas to back offices and control centre areas.

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  • Shopfitting Systems

    Product solutions for retail interiors

    Vitra has its roots in the shopfitting business. Acting as a partner to retail businesses for over eight decades, Vitra has helped to increase the attractiveness, quality and productivity of sales areas.

    Vitra develops and commercialises modular interiors worldwide. See our product solutions:


Soft Wait

For decades now, Vitra has been exploring work trends and developing office concepts, creating comfortable and inviting home interiors and – since the production of the Eames Tandem Seating system for waiting areas – responding …


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