Independent Solution Integrator providing comprehensive Airport IT & Baggage Handling Solution Consultancy Services

vLOGIX is a recognised, innovative and independent Solution Integrator providing comprehensive Airport IT and Baggage Handling solution consultancy services. We are uniquely positioned as a completely independent organisation and have grown steadily since incorporation in 2010, with a skills base and reputation for the depth of our domain knowledge. vLOGIX has a wealth of experience in Airport IT Architecture and technologies, Baggage Handling systems and Industrial Automation solutions, with a diverse team ranging from highly technical consultants through to experienced Senior Project and Program Managers. Through our experienced team we are in the privileged position of supporting, developing and delivering solutions for some of the world’s most demanding and complex Airports.

We have extensive experience of working with our clients at the concept of a major business change such as an Airport Expansion Program, with the skills and ability to support Master Planning activities through to Works Requirements Definition and on to creating Functional and Detailed Solution Design Specifications. Acting as an independent consultancy we are able to offer unbiased product agnostic assurance services, to ensure works requirements compliancy and design traceability. With an experienced Test and Integration Team we are then able to manage, support and execute Test and Proving Trials, Independent regression testing, Operational Monitoring and a comprehensive Launch Management capability.

Rather than focusing on technology solutions that are linked to a particular OEM, our independence and in depth operational knowledge of Airports and Baggage Handling Systems enables us to ensure that our clients Plan, Procure, Design and Deliver an appropriate value engineered optimum solution with predictable performance at a specified cost.

For more detail on our skills, experience, capability and how to contact us, please refer to our website; www.vlogix.co.uk

Company Profile

  • Innovation & Strategic Planning

    Working closely with our clients vLOGIX proactively seek to explore and exploit new technologies in the market place that enable rapid deployment of business and technology change. Our knowledge of Airports, Baggage Handling Systems and Industrial Automation technologies mean we can leverage our operational knowledge with technological advances to identify and create best in class solutions for any given scenario. We ensure that selected Technologies align with overall client IT Policies and long-term Strategies. Through our experience we can:-

    • Ensure alignment of IT to business goals realising long term vision and objectives
    • Create value by delivering performance and efficiency improvements through innovative use of IT
    • Deliver Airport IT and Baggage strategies and roadmaps that are future ready

    For more details please go to Strategic Planning on our website.

  • Design & Business Requirements Definition

    Having Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound (SMART) functional and non-functional requirements defined at the outset of a business change is key to ensuring ultimate success. Through our consultative led approach and with our experience and technical capability we are able to clearly articulate and define Requirements on behalf of our clients. These Requirements, often coupled with a concept design, can form the basis of a competitive tender process. vLOGIX can facilitate and support a tender activity, enabling the engagement of a supply chain with contractual clarity from the outset to deliver a solution in line with our clients Benefits Realisation Plan.

    Key elements of our Design & Business Requirement Definition Service:-

    • Business change requirements defined
    • Functional requirements defined
    • Non-Functional requirements defined
    • Requirements mapping across delivery phases
    • Technical and project planning
    • Product design, development and implementation capability
    • Design leadership and reviews
    • Technical leadership & governance
    • Technical queries management

    Through this service our clients are able to ensure the delivery of an integrated solution, with clear boundaries established across a supply chain, approved interfaces and effective communication. 

    For more details please go to Solution Design on our website.

  • Quality Assurance, Requirements Management & Delivery Consultancy

    As part of the vLOGIX service offering, we provide an independent assurance capability, tracking and reporting Works Requirements compliancy across a supply chain. Using an in house developed toolset we monitor and measure design traceability through the execution of a project or major program. With the benefit of our highly experienced team, upon delivery of a product or solution we will act on behalf of our client and carry out installation qualification. This activity will include test and validation traceability back to defined Requirements.

    Key elements of our Quality Assurance, Requirements Management & Delivery Consultancy Service: –

    For more details please go to Quality Assurance, Requirements Management & Delivery Consultancy Service on our website.

  • Test, Integration & Operational Readiness

    With our experienced Test and Integration Team vLOGIX are able to manage, support and execute Testing and Proving Trials, Independent regression testing, Operational Monitoring and a full Launch Management capability. This service enables Business Change and brings a solution into the operational environment with minimal business impact, ensuring business benefits are realised at the earliest opportunity.

    Key elements of our Test, Integration and Operational Readiness Service:-

    • Business change, management & execution
    • Testing & trials
    • Independent regression testing
    • Operational monitoring & support
    • Message analysis, validation & reporting
    • Systems integration & launch management

    For more details please go to Test, Integration and Operational Readiness on our website.

  • Tactical Projects

    Using our skills and experience at vLOGIX we are able to provide Tactical Management and Support with services such as: –

    • Project Management of operational and maintenance changes
    • Definition and delivery of contingency and mitigation strategies
    • Project Management and facilitation of airline and handler moves
    • Project Management of asset replacement
    • Data modelling
    • Test & deployment of small scale projects

    For more details please go to Tactical Projects on our website.

  • Aviation Specialist Systems Consultancy

    Using our team of Baggage Handling System specialists, vLOGIX provides the Aviation Industry with an independent, comprehensive service offering supporting major modifications and Baggage System expansion programs at some of the world’s most demanding and complex Airports. We engage with our clients at the very outset of a major program.

    Key elements of our Aviation Specialist Systems Consultancy Service:- 

    Baggage System Process, Analysis & Definition 

    • Passenger and baggage process flow analysis
    • Validation of existing and projected system demand
    • Material flow diagrams for existing and new solutions
    • System benchmarking
    • Operational process definition

    Baggage System Design & Evaluation 

    • Scheme / concept design development
    • Options design development
    • 3D System modelling
    • Equipment evaluation (EDS, equipment and control systems)
    • Performance and technical specifications

    For more details please go to Aviation Specialist Systems Consultancy Service on our website.


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