VOLKAN Crafted Technology

Airport Fire Fighting Tenders, Rapid Response and Rescue Vehicles

VOLKAN Firefighting Company is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of fire trucks and pumps both all over the world.

The adventure of VOLKAN which began with the motto “We Know How You Feel at The Moment Of Danger” uses ‘crafted technology’ to design innovative solutions. VOLKAN always has its sights on challenging itself and it’s among the top four companies all around the world. Since in founding at Izmir-Turkey in 1974, VOLKAN has been providing rational solutions in combination with the concept of quality and implicit wish to satisfy our customers above all supplying the adaptations of the most advanced and the latest technology to the process of manufacturing and following the innovations.

At the institution qualified and high-tech products are manufactured at shorter periods and at the best costs while taking advantage of all the production technologies. CAD – CAM supported production techniques, the latest technology aluminum and bronze foundries, model and molding units, the modern solid anodized unit, pump test units conforming to EN 1028 – 2 norms with complete computer systems, complicated setup framework and above all the advantages being at the center of a highly industrialized region provide the necessary power for production.

VOLKAN has the R&D center whose mission is to introduce new technologies to firefighting industry in support of our highly qualified and experienced engineers. VOLKAN’S engineers keep pace with the industry by offering new innovative solutions and are constantly updating already existing designs and concepts. We produce firefighting & rescue vehicles and components with 300 qualified employees in 200.000 sqm land which has 40.000 sqm production facilities. VOLKAN is one of the leader company in the production of ARFF vehicles, turntable ladder and telescopic hydraulic platform up to 60 meter.

VOLKAN has produced the newly developed 6×6 and 8×8 Air Crash Tender (ARFF truck) and also a ladder truck with elevator system. Make sure VOLKAN is a leading Turkish manufacturer and exporter of firefighting technology and equipment. VOLKAN already working with more than 40 countries all over the World – from Dubai to New Zealand, from Russia to South Africa…

VOLKAN Company has developed and renewed the range of fire pumps. Pump range starts with 175 lpm at 7 bar pumps and goes up to 12.000 lpm at 12 bar pumps with normal pressure only or normal and high pressure combined. All VOLKAN pumps are certified in accordance with EN 1028 norms. Range of VOLKAN turrets (monitors) includes 800 lpm to 7000 lpm manually or electronically synchronized and controlled units for fire trucks and ARFF vehicles.

VOLKAN has a creative, dynamic, innovative and harmonized corporate culture to accommodate to changing requirements of the sector and its customers.

Developing the corporate culture provides strength for VOLKAN to understand, guide and satisfy any customer’s needs in the best way.


Lion Class Arff 8X8 - 6X6 - 4X4

LION hearted! ‘’LION’’, the fearless and brave guardian of airports was designed for the most dangerous situations which require rapid response. Nowadays the number of airports raise rapidly because the travelling habits has changed. The risk is …

Lynx Class Arff 6X6

Aware of its responsibility! With its functionality, Lynx is irrevocable for airport firefighting. Airport operations require extra specialization, knowledge and having perfect equipment for fire fighters. Lynx is manufactured to meet every need, demand and most important requirements …

Lynx Class Arff 4X4

Durable & Strong Lynx was designed to be used without compromise form the firefighting performance at midsize central airports. 4x4 and 6x6 versions can sit on chassis that are available on the market. With its light body …

Cheetah Class Rapid Intervention Vehicle 4X4

Ever-vigilant! Cheetah is on the watch with VOLKAN quality and with perfect harmony of its components. Cheetah is manufactured for operations which require quick and reliable response at civil and military airports.  Cheetah which received thumbs up …


VOLKAN Crafted Technology
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