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Airport Queue Management Solutions and Flight Information Display Solutions

Airport Queue Management and Passenger Experience Solutions

Global leaders in Queuing Solutions, Waiting Time Measurement, Customer Flow Management and Digital Signage

Wavetec is a multinational technology company based in Dubai, dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and implementation of solutions oriented to manage and improve the passenger experience in service areas at airports. Moreover, Wavetec Digital Signage division has the cutting-edge technology to implement large Flight Information Display Systems, both LCD and LED Displays to inform and engage passengers.

Wavetec’s innovative passenger queue management solutions are specifically designed to improve queue flow, increase operational efficiency, guide passengers and ultimately create a remarkable experience.

The Wavetec Queue Management, Digital Signage and Customer Feedback Systems have been installed in almost every continent across various industries such as Airports, Banks, Retail and Healthcare.

In addition, several airlines all over the world including Emirates, Etihad Airways and Air Mauritius use Wavetec Queue Management Solutions to manage the passenger flow.

In line with its Digital Signage Solution, over the years Wavetec has designed a state-of-the-art Flight Information Display System and Advertisement Display Systems both in LCD and LED Display applications.

Wavetec operates in over 60 countries with eight regional offices in Dubai, Barcelona, Karachi, Lima, London, Nairobi, Riyadh and Santiago and has over 7000 installations worldwide in the finance, retail, travel, healthcare and public sectors.

Company Profile

  • Queue Management Systems

    Passenger Queue Management

    Used by leading airlines, banks, retail and healthcare companies worldwide, Wavetec Queue Management Systems help firms enhance customers/passengers experience while waiting. Moreover this gives companies a competitive advantage.

    Managing passengers’ waiting time is key to improving airports customer flow and business performance. Moreover it is integral for airlines to understand how their customers experience delays while queuing.

    With Wavetec Queue Management Systems, you are able to provide a clear and visible flow for your customer’s thus reducing passenger uncertainly as to where and how to queue.


    • Fair Serving procedure
    • Organized waiting areas
    • Segregate your customers based on priority
    • Monitor Service KPIs on a real time basis
    • Multilingual interface
    • Centralized and real-time reporting
    • Real time KPI’s of frontline employees
    • Saves customers’ time spent in waiting
    • Customers can provide feedback in real-time
    Airport Queue Management Solutions and Flight Information Display Solutions
  • Digital Media, Display and Signage Solutions

    Donatello – Digital Signage Solution

    Great passenger experience is crucial in order to improve an airport’s performance. With airports crowded with passengers 24/7 it is essential to manage and uplift their experience. This is primarily done by reassuring the passenger with clear signage and display about the estimated waiting time and ensuring that all queues are flowing in a smooth fashion. This allows the passenger to feel less stressed and is more likely to enjoy the airport experience.

    With Donatello’s new platform, Wavetec provide a unique opportunity in creating an interactive media experience that empowers you with far more than just a simple media controller.  The prime aim of this product is to leverage your business by providing the right message, to the right person at the right time.

    Main Benefits:

    • Alert Notifications
    • Centralized Real Time Updates
    • RSS Feeds, Financial Tickers, Weather & Time.
    • Integration Services Tool
    • Flexible template design & scheduling
    • Live TV Streaming
    • Plug & Play Device
    • High Definition Videos & Images

    More features:

    • Web-based Application
    • Content Moderation
    • User Management
    • Multi-language Support
    • Network Monitoring
    • Player Grouping
    • 24/7 operations
    • Failover System
    • Resolution Independence
    • Unlimited Backup Redundancy
    • Live Playback
    • Wide variety of transitions
    • Pre Designed Templates
    • Drag-n-Drop
    Airport Queue Management Solutions and Flight Information Display Solutions
  • LED Display Solutions

    Indoor & Outdoor LED Display

    LED displays have evolved to become an invaluable new communication resource. Multi-functional, multimedia LED displays have created never-before-possible opportunities to entertain, inform and advertise.

    Wavetec offers a complete range of high-impact video display systems for both indoor and outdoor environments. Based on years of experience and successful installations in more than 20 stock exchanges and numerous retail locations, Wavetec’s LED display solutions offer the most cost-effective display for 24/7 use to top-end display solutions.

    It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use producing rich text, video and graphics in vibrant full colors and high-resolution. Wavetec’s LED solutions are dynamic, scalable, reliable and widely customized for large screen applications for close indoor and outdoor viewing.


    • Messaging: Simple data entry, data feeds, live feed formats
    • Information: Data updates (financial, sports, weather, time, alerts)
    • Images: Static or dynamic animation and slideshows
    • Video: All standard formats supported with option for live broadcast
    • Internet: Display live web pages with dynamic content
    • Widgets: Custom-built apps made by Wavetec
    Airport Queue Management Solutions and Flight Information Display Solutions
  • Customer Feedback Solutions

    Opinion Plus

    Wavetec’s Opinion Plus is ideal for companies who strive to create an impeccable customer experience by knowing more about their customers. However, gaining this in-depth of knowledge about customers is not something that just happens. It comes from extracting insight from all customer touch points and channels across your entire organization.

    Opinion Plus is an advancement in customer feedback solutions which allows you to collect data, but also gives you the leverage to convert it into relevant information for a winning business strategy.

    Main Benefits

    • Increase customer loyalty
    • Improves customer retention
    • Monitors and measures real-time employee(s) performance
    • Allows targeted messaging
    • Helps companies benchmark performance
    • Manages customer feedback from a central point and in real time

    More Features

    • Multi Lingual User Interface
    • Promotional messages and videos can be scheduled during idle time
    • Comes with connectivity and power status reports
    • Web-based central configuration and Management Suite
    • Allows regional and Branch grouping
    • Customizable reports and real-time dashboard
    • Comes with a built-in application to create customized polls (Power Point Plugin)
    • Allows easy integration with other technology platforms
    • Also works in stand-alone mode

    Wavetec’s Customer feedback solutions are specifically designed to meet customer requirements in physical space. Our Airline and Airport Passenger Feedback system allows real-time display of information which is important in knowing your customer in a critical business environment.

    Airport Queue Management Solutions and Flight Information Display Solutions

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