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Aviation Fuel and Fluid Storage Solutions

Western Global is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of portable tanks and dispensing equipment for the safe storage and handling of aviation fuel, water, and other fluids. With innovation at the forefront of what we do, Western Global supplies safe, reliable and cost-effective turnkey aviation refueling solutions globally regardless of the application.

Building on a legacy that spans 5 decades, Western continually strives to implement unmatched innovations that ultimately delivers solutions that are effective and efficient, with a high return on investment. Western allows companies worldwide to achieve efficiencies in both their operations and bottom line.

Western Global was founded in 1962 in Stoke Gifford, UK, and has now grown into an international storage tank and bowser manufacturer with locations in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and more. We are committed to providing solutions across the globe.

Western houses the largest variety of tanks and bowsers including our latest range that are specifically made for aviation fuel. Our in house design and technical team ensures constant innovation to meet worldwide approvals and certifications. These include ISO 9001:2000, 14001:2004, 18001:2007 and many more. With 110% bunded tanks, quality is never compromised. All of our transportable steel tanks are UN approved.

We pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ aviation fuel and fluid storage needs. As such, we welcome the opportunity to discuss any specific requirements with the aim of identifying the best result. For more information about us, please visit our website here.

Company Profile

  • Stationary Aviation Refuelling

    With numerous aircraft on the ground and in the air at any given time, there is a need for vast amounts of fuel storage. All our tanks are 110% bunded, a vital safety precaution that reduces the risk of contamination, which could be fatal if they react badly with other chemicals and substances required to keep aircraft running.

    Our range of bulk stationary aviation fuel tanks are available in capacities from 1,480 to 71,600 litres. The tanks can be supplied with a wide range of custom fuel dispensing equipment to suit virtually every situation. Fully compliant with PPG2 guidelines, our range of bulk fuel storage tanks are also suitable for use with both Avgas and Jet A-1, and have been designed and built with safety, security, access and maintenance needs in mind.

  • Mobile Aviation Refuelling

    Made specifically for Jet A1 and Avgas, our mobile range of aviation tanks enable easy refuelling around any site. Ideally suited to small-to-medium scale applications, the ABBI AAV can be positioned closely to airport aprons and helipads for efficient refuelling.

    With features such as a carbon steel frame, access hatch for easy maintenance and large lockable integral equipment cabinet, these tanks are built with security, mobility and ease of use at mind.

  • Fuel Storage Solutions

    Western Global offers a wide range of solutions for the safe transportation and storage of fuel, diesel exhaust fluid, lubricants and more. Because every application is unique in its operational and storage needs, Western Global engineer’s industry specific solutions to ensure success in all of your business endeavour.


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