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Integrated Turnkey Solutions for Control Rooms & ATC Towers

In Control Rooms, Command Centers and Security Centers, quick reaction times can make the difference between life and death. All necessary information must be available immediately; instructions must be communicated in a simple and secure manner. Compromise is not an option.

WEY Technology offers singular, reliable Integrated Turnkey Solutions for Control Rooms based upon world class products developed and engineered at WEYTEC’s technology center in Switzerland. The full range of services extends from Planning & Consulting, Project Management, Product Development and Production to Installation and Customer Service & Support. In the last 30 years WEYTEC has become the world market leader delivering innovative solutions for the technical provisioning of Trading Floors. The technology deployed in this market is so powerful that it is now being successfully applied to similar challenges in Control Room environments, such as those for Air Traffic Management and Control, Airport Security, Baggage Handling, etc.

As an example, taking a look at the Zurich Airport, WEY solutions permeate the facility: the Air Traffic Control Tower, the Protocol Room for the supervision and steering of air traffic activities, the airport weather center from Meteo Switzerland, the Baggage Screening and Handling Room, and last but not least, the Maintenance Operations Centre for SR Technics.

Company Profile

  • WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM and ipREMOTE Solutions

    In control room environments, KVM or KVMA Switching-over-IP systems have established themselves as ideal technical solutions due to their flexibility, unlimited expandability and reliability. The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM is a fully integrated solution which enables the switching of the broadest variety of signals or PC sources in real-time to an unlimited number of workplaces. Use this platform to connect with any of your existing systems either over a Local Area Network, a Metropolitan Area Network or a Wide Area Network. Distance is absolutely no issue with the WEY KVM Switch.

    Remote Solutions using KVM Extenders makes it possible to remove workstations from the office area to free up space and eliminate noise and heat emissions at the desk.

    To fully understand the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM, see the animation.

  • WEYTEC Multifunctional Keyboards

    The flagship smartTOUCH Keyboard offers uncompromising functionality and ergonomics.

    With WEY Multifunctional Keyboards, all data signals from multiple workstations, video walls and systems can be managed with the press of a button, including instant feedback in the touchscreen display.

    Access all your workstations without performance loss using a single keyboard and mouse. The keyboards are characterized by their adaptability. All platforms are supported and customized accessories ensure the optimal management of your business processes.

    To fully understand the WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard, see the animation.

  • Visualization Solutions

    Fully integrated Video Wall Solutions are based upon crystal clear LCD panels or modern rear-projection LED technology – whereby both large screen display systems are characterized by their brilliant picture quality and modularity.

    The development of specialized interface components ensures the full interoperability of your video wall and the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM. Predefined events and alarms can be displayed on the video wall and acknowledged using a smartTOUCH Multifunctional Keyboard.

  • Advantage Recording Solutions

    Completely integrated with the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM, and in collaboration with Swiss partner SkySoft-ATM, WEYTEC has developed the SkyRec BlackBox, enabling the simultaneous recording of KVMA signals (keyboard/video/mouse/audio) at the Air Traffic Control workplace. By harnessing state-of-the-art system architecture, it is now possible to achieve recording landscapes that are cost-effective, secure and efficient.

    The fully integrated solution ensures that ATC workplace environments and incidents can now be recorded in real-time, replayed and analyzed. This means that with minimal effort, a multitude of workplaces can be recorded to capture the exact situation an operator is experiencing at any moment in time, making it possible to reconstruct and analyze events occurring at these mission critical workplaces. Recorded data can be used for legal compliance purposes, training needs or technical investigations.

    To fully understand the SkyRec BlackBox, see the animation.

  • WEYTEC ultraFLEX Mini PC

    The WEYTEC ultraFLEX Mini PCis a minicomputer with the size of a graphic card and the performance of a modern full-fledged desktop PC. The tiny, efficient PC is particularly suitable for use in demanding work environments where space is limited, such as airport towers.

    The UltraFlex Mini PC has already been deployed in banks and airports around the world, including JFK International in New York.

    To fully understand the WEY UltraFlex Mini PC, see the animation.



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Company News

WEYTEC launches ultraFLEX Nano PC

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