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Rims and Tyres for GSE and Electric Drive Unit Suppliers

WHYRES  Rims and Tyres for GSE and Electric Drive Unit Suppliers. Whyres engineer and manufactured high quality rims for GSE and all Aerospace Applications. We have the possibility and experience to offer a complete electric drive unit for the GSE application in the Future. The Target for a Green Field, we can offer right now in present.

WHYRES is known for producing specific rims for all customer´s guidelines. Our possibility to manufacture a steel rim with higher maximum load or special offset is our daily work.

Our product range is from GSE, Monorails, Industrial use like Fork Lift or special vehicles used in a wide range. From Bus and Truck Automotive section up to Seaport or military use. We have the verification from ISO 9001:2008 up to single verification with the Fraunhofer Institute.

We are now for year’s official deliverer of Cargo Loaders, Baggage Tow Tractors/Dollies, Push Back Tractor & Passenger Boarding Bridges.

With our partners from KOMACHI, CARLISLE and ÖZKA we are now able to Guarantee all time an ability to supply complete wheels.

WHYRES is a guarantor for durable high quality manufactured steel rims with a guaranteed maximum load and duration.

The customers problems will be our challenge to provide the right solution.

Our 48 hours mounting and spare parts service is known in Germany and worldwide.

We have over 12 years experience and have a wide range of solutions for all individual problems.

You can find out more on our website – www.whyres.de

Company Profile

  • Steel Rims WHYRES, ASTEN, JMS and JANTSA Brand

    WHYRES begins in 2006 with the production of special wheels for asphalt pavers and grave rolling machines for the RAMMAX Group. Due to the increasing specialization, we have managed to integrate ourselves in different areas and to develop customer-specific solutions. Today we can offer complete drive modules with pre-assembled complete wheels. Our technical know-how gives us the opportunity to offer our customers several specific solutions. More you can find out on our Homepage www.whyres.de

    ASTEN produce since 1996 for working machines and all types of special vehicles. Two–piece and segmented wheels for forklifts and industrial vehicles, also for agricultural or military use.

    JMS was founded in 1978 in order to manufacture wheel & rim and its machineries in Eskisehir Industrial zone by the name of JAMAK. JMS has been continuing its business activities in the factory site which extends over an indoors area of 10000 square meters and total area of 28000 square meters. JMS is the first and only company in the world to produce 25” wheels & rims for industrial machineries with the Flow Forming technology.

    JANTSA Turkey´s largest wheel manufacturer was established in Acta in 1977 where it produced its first vehicle wheel. A decade later JANTSA proudly offered a product range which approached 200 sizes in more than 3000 different designs and models.


    KOMACHI is the premium solid tire with 3-layers structure. KOMACHI manufacture by natural rubber and special mixed compound that offer high quality with cost-efficiency. Long durability under heavy load condition and low rolling resistance.

    CALSONIC is the Premium solid tire that manufactured by natural rubber and special mixed compound. CALSONIC offers a high quality with cost-efficiency, longer durability under heavy load condition and low rolling resistance.

    SOLITECH is manufactured by good quality of natural rubber and special mixed compound. SOLITECH offers a great performance, long durability, high wear resistant in economic price.

    BARUM is the second Brand manufactured from the CONTINENTAL AG.

    Long durability under heavy load condition and low rolling resistance are the main features. Reinforced side wall for extra protection. Midribs improve the straightforward stability and steering reaction. Displaced rib tread pattern brings smooth wheel spin and constant regular abrasion.

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    CARLISLE Industrial Tires are offered for a variety of special purpose industrial applications – material handling, forklift, mining, compaction, road paving and airport ground support equipment, as well as general purpose applications. Engineered to reduce equipment downtime.

    The Ground Support tires combine sturdy rib tread pattern, extra tread depth and premium tread compounding for durability and wear for use on airport ground support and similar equipment. Rim guard design for maximum wheel protection.

    ÖZKA having laid its foundation in the year 1994, manufactured products for the tyre re-treading industry during the first years of it manufacturing activities.

    Having adopted the total quality management, ÖZKA has been implementing the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001 management systems and therefore ensures the product quality and safety in all its processes starting from the control of raw material input and including post-shipment.

  • Electric Drive Units HANSA-TMP Brand

    HANSA-TMP has been operating in hydraulic development and production on the national and international market since 1984. Over the years they have constantly expanded their offer, today they provide a complete range of hydraulic and electric components and systems.

    HANSA-TMP products are recognised worldwide for their quality and reliability, achieved by means of the painstaking research and development, watchful of every aspect of product development and manufacturing. Continuous and careful controls over all phases of the engineering and production process allow HANSA-TMP to meet the most critical market requirements.

    HANSA-TMP compact wheel drive unit for light or heavy weight vehicles. The wheel drive motor features a built in parking brake and strong roller bearings. The wheel drive unit is supplied completed of shuttle valve to release the parking brake, wheel hub and tire. The wheels drive unit is suitable for speed up to 25 km/h.


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