Wilcox Ground Services

Specialized Ground Support Equipment

Located about 20 minutes from the Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ), Wilcox Ground Services manufactures specialized Ground Support Equipment.

We manufacture baggage carts, tire carts and oxygen carts, custom GSE maintenance vehicles, and GSE Service trucks, or even our GSE Maintenance stairs are manufactured from aluminum and/or steel, all by certified welders and installers. Wilcox Ground Services will provide solutions for all your GSE needs.

Wilcox has been manufacturing specialized products such as ground service equipment since 1962.

Call us for updates as we are constantly changing and improving our product lines, visit us at www.wilcoxgs.com 

Company Profile

  • Baggage Carts

    Our Wilcox Baggage Carts are designed to handle the abusive nature of the airport apron. Our carts are designed with durability in mind. They may get banged up but they will keep on hauling. To maintain minimal down time, all parts are fully replaceable in the case of damage.

    When designing our open and closed baggage carts, our number one priority was strength. With over 7,000 lbs of carrying capacity, our baggage carts can take on the toughest load. Baggage or heavy cargo, rest assured you can always rely on the Wilcox baggage cart. Our carts are available in steel or aluminum configurations, are Engineer stamped and have a fully certified design.

    Standard features include:

    • Full length rain gutter system
    • 3-stage 100% natural solid rubber tires
    • Ergonomic 5th wheel style axle and tow bar
    • Easy 360 degree turning
    • Tow bar actuated braking system
    • Corner bumpers (top and bottom)
    • Reinforced Ez-Open/Close curtain system
    • Reinforced tubular lower rail bumper system
    • Anti-clog lower curtain rail system
    • Powder coat finish (custom colours available).
  • Tire Carts

    Our Wilcox Tire Carts are always ready to perform the task at hand. With over 5,000 lb carrying capacity, everything you need can be taken along each and every time. Making your job more efficient, is what we do. Wilcox Tire Carts are proven to always be ready when you need them.

    With 3-stage solid tires as a standard, down time from flats is never a concern. All of our cart tires are made with 100% natural rubber, giving the lowest rolling resistance of any solid tire available, providing smooth and easy manoeuvrability.

    Wilcox Tire carts are designed and engineered with performance and durability in mind. Out on the apron or in the hanger, no matter where the work needs to be performed, you will always have the required tools and equipment alongside you.

    Standard Features of our Tire Carts include:

    • Aluminum or steel EZ-Lift side ramps
    • Non-slip safety walking surface
    • 3-stage solid tires
    • 5th wheel style axle and tow bar
    • Tow bar actuated braking system
    • Tool storage compartment
    • Wheel and tire racking
    • Secure brake and jack storage
    • Powder coat finish (custom colours available).

    Optional equipment such as manual cranes and generators are also available to be added.

  • Ground Support Vehicles

    Wilcox Ground Support Vehicles are designed and manufactured with performance in mind. When called upon to perform, the Wilcox Ground Support vehicles will execute each and every time. Wilcox Ground Support vehicles have been designed and engineered to perform each job effectively, efficiently, and on time.

    Wilcox Ground Service vehicles are always designed and built with safety in mind. Each and every Wilcox Ground Service vehicle is engineer certified and is welded by CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified welders. Each Wilcox Ground Service vehicle is available with LED lighting, emergency lighting, fall restraint systems, first aid and flare kits, fire extinguishers, non-slip surfaces and much more to ensure safe work performance.

    Providing equipment which allows you to perform your job safely is our top priority. Since 1962, Wilcox has been designing and manufacturing to deliver the perfect work vehicle to meet your specific needs. Starting with your vision, our knowledgeable sales team, in collaboration with our expert designers and engineers, will help guide you through the process of designing the ideal Ground Service vehicle for you.

    Customization is the core of Wilcox Ground Services. Why settle for a vehicle that doesn’t meet all of your unique requirements, when you have the ability to create a custom vehicle that will work for you and the job required. Our line of Ground Support Vehicles include Main Line Maintenance Trucks, Stores Trucks, Supervisors Trucks, Service Body Trucks with options available such as Van interiors and racking, LED Lighting, Fire Extinguishers & First Aid Kits, Compressed gas bottle storage, Non slip surfaces, Lift Gates (steel or aluminum), Tool and Storage boxes, Over cab work platforms.

  • Propeller Maintenance Stands

    Every Wilcox Propeller Maintenance Stand is designed precisely to match with your aircraft specific equipment. By working together alongside of the world’s largest aviation manufacturers we can guarantee that our systems will meet your needs, down to the smallest tolerance. If it needs to be precise, it needs to be Wilcox.

    In any industry, safety is of upmost importance. All Wilcox Platforms meet and exceed industry safety regulations. Our redundant safety systems protect your workers and equipment from mishaps. Tie offs, equipment locking mechanisms, safety sensors, whatever it may be, it is in place for that extra peace of mind.

    Each and every Propeller Maintenance stand comes with the peace of mind of an engineered stamped design. Whether it be a custom design, or a standard product, we treat them all the same. Each design is tried and tested, guaranteeing design, strength and rigidity. Propeller Maintenance stands come standard including:

    • Non-slip/reinforced working surfaces
    • Mobile system utilizing high-capacity locking casters with polyurethane wheels
    • Paint finish (custom colours available).


Wilcox Ground Services
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