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High Specification Glazing Systems

Wrightstyle manufactures and supplies high specification glazing systems. Ideal for glazing airport terminals where there is the need for high fire or bomb resistant glazing. The systems include integrated fully glazed doors and internal screens.

At Wrightstyle not only do we design and fabricate our high specification glazing systems, but we can also install them as well.

Our bomb resistant curtain wall system has been tested ‘live’ and passed both the equivalent of a car bomb test and a lorry bomb test. For more information have a look at our bomb resistant page with a link to the live test videos. http://www.wrightstyle.co.uk/curtain-wall-facades/blast-resistant-curtain-wall-facades/

For all projects our aim is to assist the fabricator, contractor and architect through our extensive technical support. Wrightstyle, High Specification Glazing Systems – delivering the best products and services:

  • Tested, certified, proven – fire rated, blast and ballistic applications – and more
  • Comprehensive design and technical support
  • State of the art fabrication facility, using the latest CNC technology
  • High quality finishing
  • In-depth knowledge – our own systems from design to installation
  • Global test data
  • Best practice systems i.e. our curtain walling – the easiest to install – saving on-site time
  • Unsurpassed customer service

Our systems are designed as a cost effective solution for special applications, and are backed up by an extensive testing and development programme. We offer a range of options in the supply of our unique steel glazing systems:

  • Supply only of materials and accessories.
  • Fabricated and powder coated curtain walling, doors, screens, windows and roof glazing, with or without fire rated glass.
  • Site installation service.

Our systems have been supplied and installed internationally, so not only in the UK but in Hong Kong and the Far East, Australasia, South Africa, Europe and the USA.

In these uncertain times talk to the experts in commercial glazing for security and safety. Speak to a technical expert – call us. +44 (0) 1380 722 239 email: sales@wrightstyle.co.uk or find out more at our website: www.wrightstyle.co.uk

Company Profile

  • Bomb /Blast Resistant Glazing

    In these high risk times security and safety is more important than ever, especially in major transport hubs, be it for trains, planes or buses.

    Wrightstyle has a tested and proven bomb / blast resistant glazing system. The SG blast resistant curtain wall façade system is designed as a primary protection system to prevent integrity failure of the glazing AND framing support from bomb blasts.

    It is not enough to just consider a bomb proof glass. It is essential that the framing that holds the glass has been tested to withstand the blast pressures.

    We conducted live bomb testing on our system and put the test rigs through both the equivalent of a lorry bomb as well as a car bomb.

    Details of the live testing can be read here: http://www.wrightstyle.co.uk/our-aluminium-anniversary/

    The system has been designed with narrow 60mm sightlines, so that it will match seamlessly with the look of ordinary curtain walling. This enables the designer/architect to move away from the traditional wide profiles normally associated with blast resistant systems.

    There is a vast range of differences in the design details depending on the level of protection required: not only size of bomb blast but how close proximity. All this needs to be taken into consideration and we have the technical expertise to ensure the correct specification is achieved. We also have a blast resistant systems datasheet available as a download on our website.

    For more information about this system visit our product information page at: http://www.wrightstyle.co.uk/curtain-wall-facades/blast-resistant-curtain-wall-facades/

  • Fire Resistant Glazing

    Wrightstyle have a wide range of fire resistant glazing systems, which have been used in various commercial and public buildings. Whether it is to protect the links between car parks and public areas, or from risks of glazing that overlooks air side at terminals, our range of curtain wall ranges from 30mins to 120mins protection.

    We have both integrity only (to just keep out the fire) and integrity and insulation (to keep out fire and heat). We have extensive fire testing certification and as well as British and European standards, we have also tested our systems in Hong Kong, China, Middle East and USA.

    As well as the fire resistant glazing in Curtain Wall format, we also have roof glazing, screens and fully glazed doors.

    For full fire protection in a building it is not just about the glass. It is essential that the framing system holding the FR glass is also of a proven and tested specification to match the glass.

    We are the experts in this field and we have a technical team that can help you with any queries.

    For more in-depth information and specification data sheet downloads visit our website:

    For Fire Resistant Curtain Wall and Roof Glazing go to: http://www.wrightstyle.co.uk/curtain-wall-facades/fire-resistant-curtain-wall-facades/

    For Fire Resistant Doors, Screens and Windows go to: http://www.wrightstyle.co.uk/doors/

  • Bullet Resistant Glazing

    Wrightstyle have a fully tested bullet resistant glazing system. It is essential that the frame, as well as the glass, stops the bullet! We are fortunate here in Devizes to have a major ballistic testing centre – Wiltshire Ballistic Services – where are steel bullet resistant glazing systems have been fully tested and certified.

    When considering the specifying of bullet resistant glazing you need to fully assess what type of ballistic weapon you are protecting against:

    Handguns, rifles, shotguns, automatics and/or armour piercing.

    Our systems are designed to give protection from all firearms as specified under BS 5051 classes G0 to R2, which includes armour piercing specifications.

    For further information visit our specific website pages for this specification: http://www.wrightstyle.co.uk/curtain-wall-facades/bullet-proof-curtain-wall-facades/



    You’ll also find on these pages our video of live ballistic testing.

  • Large Span Glazing

    Large span glazing is ideal for public buildings, whether it’s for airport terminals or shopping centres. Natural light is a major asset in the design of these buildings.

    Due to the high static values of our steel profiles, large unsupported areas of glazing can be achieved. The system has been used for 4 metre wide grids and unassisted spans of up to 8 metres.

    Our large span glazing for curtain wall facades have the strength to accommodate glass panes weighing up to 450kg. Steel large span systems offer exceptional glazing solutions in aesthetic architectural designs, giving the architect and designer greater freedom.

    An additional benefit of the large span glazing system is its ability of coping with high wind loadings.

    For more technical information visit our website and the section on large span curtain wall facades, where you will also find specification datasheets.


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