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Over 60 airports trust in Xovis 3D Sensors and software solutions

The Xovis Passenger Tracking System (PTS) is the airport industry’s leading technology for people flow monitoring – the basis for proactive and successful people flow management.

The measured KPIs (queue length, waiting time etc.) enable airports to manage Service Level Agreements on an unprecedented level.

The gathered data helps optimize capacity utilization and passenger experience. The improved passenger satisfaction comes along with increased retail sales.

Xovis PTS combines 3D sensors with software solutions to measure and visualize the KPIs on real-time dashboards.

One sensor covers up to 100 m2 (1100 sq.ft.) and can be mounted from 2.2 to 30 m (7.5 to 100 ft.) high. Sample rates up to 98% are guaranteed. The direct image processing makes external computing capacity obsolete.

The software connects an unlimited number of sensors (Multisensor) to cover large areas and features an automated queue detection. Web and mobile clients of the software are also available. Only one server is needed to run the system with up to 600 sensors.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) and a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 25 years also simplify installation and keep the total cost of operation low. No video stream leaves the sensors, and data privacy is guaranteed.

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  • How does Xovis PTS increase passenger satisfaction?

    Long queues make airports look bad. To keep up with the fierce competition and avert passenger frustration they must not rely on approximations. To optimize the passenger experience, they need accurately measured KPIs in all disciplines of airport Service Delivery Management.

    The Xovis PTS is the only system in the market that measures real-time KPIs and guarantees sample rates of up to 98% even in unstructured areas, i.e. 98% of the passengers in the covered area are counted and continuously tracked:

    Xovis PTS measures:

    • Passenger counts
    • Queue length
    • Dwell time
    • Waiting time
    • Waiting time prediction
    • Process time
    • Desk/ lane activity
    • Passenger journey
    • Passenger throughput

    Xovis PTS works all over the airport (see numbers below). The system combines Xovis 3D sensors and software solutions. Based on the 3D images directly computed on the sensors, the software calculates and visualizes the KPIs on real-time dashboards. Based on the gathered data, airports plan the use of staff and infrastructure (by switching signalization, opening more counters, controlling escalators etc.). Active passenger flow management paves the way for an optimized passenger experience and increased passenger satisfaction.

  • Xovis makes queue times drop

    As reported by the Khaleej Times, the 90 million passengers of the world’s third busiest airport, Dubai International Airport (DXB), wait less thanks to technologies such as Xovis PTS.

    Waiting times at DXB dropped by 10% in Q1 of 2017. 68% of arrival passengers were processed within 15 minutes, and 87% of departing passengers were processed within 10 minutes.

    Xovis 3D sensors in areas such as security checkpoints and immigration count and track passengers anonymously. The Xovis software receives data streams from the sensors and calculates KPIs such as queue lengths and waiting times.

    More than 5000 staff members access the real-time data via a mobile application to visualize the measured KPIs, recognize trends, predict, and prevent problems.

    “This automated system provides us with timelier and more accurate data more quickly than the manual system that was used previously. As a result, the operations team and other organizations that work across the airport now have a bird’s eye view of bottlenecks, allowing them to better manage staffing levels and lanes, and improve the overall customer experience. We have more work to do in this area, but we are pleased with progress to date”, says Frank McCrorie, Senior Vice President of Operations at DXB to the Khaleej Times.

  • Xovis is No.1 in people flow monitoring

    Xovis PTS is the airport industry’s leading solution with unmatched accuracy, reliability, and ease of use.

    Over 60 airports trust in Xovis PTS. No other Service Delivery Management system has a larger airport user community.

    At the end of 2017, 6973 Xovis 3D Sensors were deployed in 288 airport sites – 143 security checkpoints, 61 immigration checkpoints, 31 check-ins, 16 retail areas and 37 taxi ranks, bathrooms, people movers etc.

  • Added value of Xovis Passenger Tracking System

    Passengers are much more likely to put up with waiting times when they know what they have to expect. Xovis PTS is a powerful tool for successful expectation management and, hence, passenger satisfaction improvement, adding value in many ways:

    • Cost savings: Xovis PTS comes along with direct image processing, PoE and 25-year MBTF, which lowers infrastructure costs considerably. The optimized real-time planning of check-in areas, terminals, staff, and other resources also reduces operating expenses. Xovis PTS is a future-proof investment in Swiss quality.
    • Optimized Passenger Experience: Xovis PTS enables airports to meet the KPIs agreed in the service level contracts with partners and suppliers. As a result, passenger experience is optimized, and passenger satisfaction is maximized.
    • Increased Retail Revenues: Satisfied customers have more time to spend money at the airport, as the study “Rise to Challenge – The Risks and Opportunities of Digitization for Airports” from Roland Berger shows.
    • Revenues beyond aviation: Xovis can help increase efficiency in non-aviation related sections of airports. Ground service providers are often interested in buying check-in data for their planning.

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