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Yutong Bus – Airport Apron and Passenger Bus Suppliers, are the largest bus builder in the world.

Yutong Bus, based in Zhengzhou, China, is a leading enterprise mainly specialized in bus industry over 50 years. By virtue of outstanding management and innovation, Yutong bus itself has obtained extraordinary rapid growth and advances during last 2 decades. It already takes the first position in term of production and sales volume worldwide. In 2016, it delivered 70,988 buses and coaches, accounting for over 35% market share at home, approximately over 15% globally. Yutong bus boasts the widest range of product lineup, covering various segment markets such as highway passenger transit, tourism, public transport, commuter, airport passenger bus and special utility bus, which meet customer’s diversified needs.

As a well-established bus builder, Yutong has got stable presence in overseas and has realized sizable sales in over 30 countries spanning 5 continents. Such excellent performance is based on the powerful technical strength.Yutong not only established the first post-doctoral workstation, the state-level technical center, the experimental center and the first National Research Center on Electronic Control & Safety Engineering Technology of Electric Buses in China’s bus industry, but also possess a professional R&D team of over 3,000 people who have advanced concepts of bus development so as to guide the design of bus products with science and technology.

In 2008, Yutong bus launched its first airport passenger bus model which incorporated the most advanced workmanship and technology, breaking through the monopoly status by alien brands in this sector. Yutong airport passenger bus is highly recognized by exceptional ratio of price–performance and takes lead in this respect. Currently, over 300 units are running across main airports in China, its market share hits over 40% at home. Relying on extensive presence of conventional bus business, the sales of airport passenger bus is continuously on the rise in overseas market since it was initially introduced to abroad in 2015. More and more customers including a number of well-established ground handlers select Yutong through comprehensive assessments and comparisons.

More information please visit Yutong official website: http://en.Yutong.com/

Company Profile

  • Conventional Airport Passenger Bus

    With enormous expertise and state-of-the-art technologies in bus industry, Yutong airport passenger bus stands out with excellent features in reliability, safety and comfortability.

    Its main assemblies and components are from world-famous brand like Deutz , Cummins, Allison, ZF, Bosch, thus ensuring the reliability of the bus. With exclusive cathode electrophoresis treatment for whole vehicle, the anti-corrosion quality would be enhanced four times than conventional painting workmanship and extend the service life up to 15 years which meets most customer’s expectation. Also, the equipment is fitted with CAN system and easily accessible service points so as to largely cut down cost of repair & maintenance.

    Safety is the top priority for airport passenger bus. Yutong bus employs low floor monocoque body made of high-strength galvanized steel which guarantees the strength and structure safety. In order to improve fire-proof quality, Yutong airport passenger bus adopts tinned wires with excellent anti-oxidative features and weather ability far above ordinary wires. Water-proof and sealing feature is also vital for users especially in heavy rainy territories, Yutong bus is such designed that it has great water-tight performance in which ingress protection rate of main electric components can reach IP67 standard.

    Yutong bus highlights the riding experience of passengers. It applies a series of ergonomic design and arrangement. It is such designed in accordance with IATA standard that the bus could accommodate up to 110 passengers. With reliable air-conditioner , the cooling capacity hits 48000 Kcal/h and makes the temperature inside the cabin to be reduced in much shorter time. Extra-wide doors and the ECAS system facilitate fast access of passengers. In addition, the bus is fitted with a variety of devices such as Intercom, ramp step for reduced mobility, foldable seats, audio and visual systems which meet real operational requirements and expectations. For the purpose of creating more pleasant journey, Yutong bus adopts NVH mute technology with the reduction of the noise by 4-7 db.

  • Electric Airport Passenger Bus

    As a pioneer and innovator in China’s new energy area, Yutong has the National Research Center on Electronic Control & Safety Engineering Technology of Electric Buses, China’s first technical center of new energy buses, the largest new energy bus manufacturing base in China. Up to now, Yutong has totally delivered 80,000 new energy buses with a market share of 30% in China. Among them 56,000 units are full electric buses, ranked first in the world.

    Based on leading and reliable technology in electric bus, Yutong introduced its electric airport passenger bus and wined customer’s highly recognition after trial and real operation at airports. Yutong electric airport passenger bus employs lithium iron phosphate battery. After a variety of experiments such as over-temperature test, short circuit test, overcharge test, we can ensure the safety of battery. With the application of Yutong high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, the vehicle boasts the ride comfort and has less noise. Concerning vehicle controller, Yutong adopts its own-made patented five in one controller which was once awarded with the prize of state scientific and technologic progress. Through the integrated design, the number of the high-voltage connection points is cut from 29 to 14 which can ensure the vehicle much safer. In addition, Yutong electric airport passenger bus has no electromagnetic interference on other airport equipments.

    Intelligent scheduling platform enable operator real time to grasp the location and read energy consumption status of vehicles, which is helpful to optimise operational scheduling and charging programming, greatly improving operation efficiency of bus fleet.

  • Airport Buses Total Solutions

    Various bus product lineup
    Based on customer’s real need and operational context, VIP bus, tailored luxury airport passenger bus and conventional low floor city bus adapted for airfield usage are optional. In 2017, Yutong delivered some low floor buses to Singapore Changi Airport to ferry passengers between terminals. T7 is an iconic model developed by Yutong, which is one assigned model by many government organisations or enterprises as VIP commercial bus in China.

  • After-sales service and financing service support

    Global Spare Parts And After-sales Service Network
    Provision of extensive after-sales service is one of where Yutong distinguishes from other airport passenger bus supplier.

    Yutong has 102 authorized oversea parts dealers worldwide and parts warehouses in Cuba, Dubai, Venezuela, Ghana, France, Russia, Panama and South Africa to guarantee the prompt supply of parts on the oversea market. In addition, Yutong has an oversea service team over 300 members with highly specialized skills to focus on the after-sales service. The global service network covers 116 countries and regions with 337 service outlets.

    Financial Solution
    Yutong has a professional team with expertise in financing and risk management and maintain close cooperation with a lot of banks, insurance companies and financial institutions worldwide. So, we can provide you with more flexible and competitive financial solution other than product itself.


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