Brand-new Medexi Pharma Service Center at Brussels Airport

Company Brussels Airport
Date 29.06.2021

Brussels Airport continues to invest in its logistics zone Brucargo, where it took delivery of a new building accommodating 4,000m² of warehousing and office space. The building will become the home base of Medexi, a joint venture by several established companies in the pharmaceutical industry. As independent Pharma Service Center, Medexi will take care of the packaging, storage, transhipment and delivery of medical products. With this new Center, the offer and expertise at Brussels Airport is further expanded. 

For many years now, Brussels Airport has heavily invested in further strengthening its logistics zone Brucargo. After it received a huge warehousing complex at Brucargo West past January, a new building is now ready for use after a thorough renovation! The building accommodates over 4,000m² of warehouses and offices, buildings that are equipped with cooling systems, additional insulation and highly accurate temperature control for the handling of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

The partner who will take up residence here is Medexi. A new joint venture of three companies that, each in their own field, have been active in pharmaceuticals logistics. Hazgo is a logistics services provider specialised in dangerous goods, including dry ice packaging; Ivemar is active in the transportation and storage of goods that require special care or treatment and Medista is a specialised medical supply company that today ensures the local distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. Together, under the name of Medexi, they are launching this new Pharma Service Center.

“The transportation of pharmaceuticals is one of the specialisations of Brussels Airport. In our logistics zone we already had over 30,000 m² of temperature-controlled warehouses aimed at these shipments and today, with the new Pharma Service Center, we’re adding an extra 2,400 m². That these three partners are joining forces to put their expertise at the disposal of all parties involved in pharmaceuticals transport is a nice addition to the current offer at Brucargo.”, says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company. 

“Within Medexi, we bring together our long-standing niche market expertise thus strengthening the pharmaceuticals logistics chain and the position of Brussels Airport as the pharma gateway by excellence of Europe. As independent Pharma Service Center we can support all partners, from international forwarders to small research labs and big pharmaceutical corporations”, explains Tom Heymans, co-founder of Medexi. 

A full range of critical solutions for all pharma partners

Medexi is a new independent Pharma Service Center that takes care of the storage, transhipment, packaging and delivery of medical supplies. In doing so, Medexi meets the growing demand for flexible solutions from both forwarders and pharmaceutical companies. The Center has a 3,300m² of warehousing space, 2,400m² of which are temperature-controlled warehouses with first-line access, in collaboration with Aviapartner. The company also provides a wide range of specialised storage and packaging solutions. In the new warehouses, Medexi has several temperature zones with constant monitoring  (15-25°C, 2-8°C, -20°C en -70°C) as well as dry shippers, refrigerated containers that guarantee a constant temperature for an uninterrupted cold chain. Time and temperature are of the essence for pharmaceuticals and Medexi’s expertise in this niche market guarantees a seamless chain.

Medexi also provides last-minute emergency solutions for pharmaceutical companies and forwarders who are urgently looking for additional capacity of their medical supply chain. Thus, the Pharma Service Center aims to support the pharma operations of all airport companies at Brussels Airport.


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