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‘Skypit’ Cable Retriever

400HZ Cable Retriever Mounted on Passenger Bridge

Its mechanical design is such that moving or rotating elements and electrical contacts have been reduced to the bare minimum, in order to minimise the risk of breakdown and …

‘Explorer Range’ | Stainless Steel Luggage Trolley | 4 Wheels

As the most popular trolley in the Explorer Range, 4 Wheel Stainless Steel Airport Trolley is a popular and flexible airport trolley available. Its heavy-duty steel frame makes it far tougher than other trolleys of …

‘HIPOW’ | Airport Trolley Powered Tug/Pusher

Management of airport trolleys around your facility can be an expensive job, which unfortunately is critical to ensuring a smooth operation. Moving your airport trolley fleet is not only physically difficult to manage, but moreover …


‘Trafficker Range’ | Aluminium Baggage Trolley | 3 Wheels

At the head of the Trafficker Range, the Aluminium Baggage Trolley is one of the most popular airport trolleys available. Its lightweight aluminium frame makes it easier to manoeuvre than other trolleys of similar size …


2Leather collection is soft leather-covered and a zipper closing that defines the seater contour.

3 Wheel Luggage Trolley – Aluminium

This range of Airport Luggage Trolleys offers superb trolleys at a very affordable price point.

Supplied as standard with a “Reverse Brake” or “Dead Man Brake”, this luggage trolley does not move unless the handle is depressed. …

3 Wheel Luggage Trolley – Stainless Steel

This range of Airport Trolleys offers superb trolleys at a very affordable price point.

Supplied as standard with a “Reverse Brake” or “Dead Man Brake”, this baggage trolley does not move unless the handle is depressed. The braking …

3-Track MSR and OCR-Reader

Need to read visas, passports and have limited amount of space? The ML 2 A is your answer and ideal for any application when it comes to reading passports or travel documents. The ML 2 …


4 Sided Roll Container

A very sturdy and quality 4-wheeled roll container which is perfect for storing and moving a range of different goods. This is the perfect solution for a range of airport applications as it can be …

4 Tier Roll Container

Our 4 tier steel roll containers provide 4 shelves for the storage of delicate items and liquids. Originally designed as milk trolleys, these roll containers are a versatile solution for many business needs.

Our quality high …

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