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ABC Lane for automated Border Control

The ABC Lane for Automated Border Control is an automated immigration control gate – developed in partnership with Gemalto and Automatic Systems both leaders in biometrics and access control markets – combining the latest technologies …

Aera® 300 A

Narrow-bodied with a clear geometry and elegantly curved lines: the Aera 300 not only looks good, but is also sure to impress with its manoeuvrability and practical solutions for every detail.

Elegant curved design
Manoeuvrability …

Aera® 300 L

Narrow-bodied with a clear geometry and elegantly curved lines: the Aera 300 L not only looks good, but is also sure to impress with its manoeuvrability and practical solutions for every detail.

Elegant curved design

Aeron 4K Ultra Low Light

The Aeron 4K Ultra Low Light can see through the dark, fog, and smoke making it the perfect solution for when you need crisp and clear colour video 24 hours a day.

The platform is an …


Aeron Radiometric

Our PTZ camera that is specifically design for fire and heat detection.

The Aeron Radiometric camera provides thermal alarming when temperature thresholds are exceeded, allowing early audible and visual alarms to protect valuable assets where the …



Electronic sensor for detection of free water in aviation fuel according to specification EI 1598, 2nd Edition.

The AFGUARD® sensor is qualified for use as an alternative to Chemical Water Detectors (CWD) by Joint Inspection Group …

Airbus Prosky ATC Flow Management System

The best ATC Flow Management System – In the world

Airbus ProSky is committed to enhancing the performance and support of modern ATM systems such as Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) in Europe and the Next-Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) in the US.

A major …


Aircraft Refuelling Hoses

‘Yellow Band’ aircraft refuelling hoses comply with all relevant standards, including the latest ISO 1825 / API 1529 and meet worldwide military and civil usage. They are lightweight, highly flexible, also at low temperatures, very …

Aircraft Wheel Changing Truck

Aircraft Wheel Changing Truck

Prior to the introduction of a Wheel Changing Truck to the Ground Support staff, the set up time to perform the wheel change is extremely high as two pieces of equipment (a …

Airplane Platform Lift

The Airplane Platform Lift has been designed to facilitate the transfer of people with reduced mobility in and out of airplanes. The lift is equipped with a foldable platform that allows the easy lifting of …

Airport Counters

A Uniquely Italian Design, Built entirely to your requirements

CCM has over 36 years of experience with the Fabrication and Delivery of High Quality Counters for Airports, Train Stations, Conference Halls and Hospitals.

Whether your requirements are …

Airport Line Marking Machines

Borum offers a wide range of specific airport self-propelled line marking machines that can be tailored to the customers’ requirements and needs.

In accordance with the line width you require, a wide retainer and up to …


Airport Seating and Planters

A modernistic range of single seating, tables and planters which are functional yet striking in their simplicity and design. Simple lines, curves and great colours add beauty and value to interior or exterior spaces. Ideal …

Airport Signage and Advertising

A Unique and Customised Build, entirely to your requirements

CCM has produced and delivered many thousands of Signs including Wayfinding, Dynamic Signage and Advertising.

Whether your requirements are for large or small Signs, Indoor or Outdoor, integration …

Airport Trolley Powered Tug/Pusher

Management of airport trolleys around your facility can be an expensive job, which unfortunately is critical to ensuring a smooth operation. Moving your airport trolley fleet is not only physically difficult to manage, but moreover …

Airport-Shopper ES

With this unique special model for escalators, customers are able to move safely from one airport level to another with ease. The proven Airport-Shopper ES is available exclusively from Wanzl.

Reliable luggage transport – even …

Airport-Shopper NG

The elegant Airport-Shopper NG is fitted with a basket with closed sides and offers a large purchase volume. The Wanzl swivel castors guarantee easy manoeuvrability, while a bumper rail made of high-quality plastic protects the …

AKB500 MSR/OCR Keyboard

The AKB500 family of keyboards integrate OCR and MSR functionality to deliver a solid, multi-function device with a compact footprint ideal for airline passenger check-in and card reading, and retail/POS and security environments for quickly …


Design: Karim Rashid

Sectional sofa with metal frame, padded with polyurethane foam in different densities and covered in soft leather.

ALISS, a powerful and user-friendly CUSS check-in application

ALISS, the IER-EASIER CUSS kiosk application, has been designed for airlines or airports that do not want to invest in the development of a complex custom application or for airport or ground handling companies looking …

ATR2XX TripTick® – Barcode, RFID/NFC & eEMV reader

Access-IS’ TripTick® is designed to read 1D/2D barcodes from mobile phones, tablets, wearables and paper in any orientation.

TripTick offers operators the ultimate no-nonsense installation. Its small footprint, low profile slot-in design enables easy integration into …

Automated Passport Control kiosk

The IER 919 kiosk is also supporting Automated Passport Control applications with fingerprint scanner, camera, passport reader and receipt, plus an APC solution developed in partnership with Airside Mobile. An additional hybrid application for mobiles …

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