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Occasional Table

Custom solid surface occasional table.

Occupancy Control System

The occupancy control system is an autonomous people-counting device based on stereoscopic vision that allows for the capacity of stores and premises to be controlled and managed simply and intelligently and can be connected to …

Off Aerodrome Reporting – O.A.R

This comprehensive solution provides you with everything you need to monitor, record and analyse off aerodrome sites that may pose a bird strike risk.

A touch-screen tablet, equipped with GPS and camera, displays pre-configured information …


On counter protection screens

Free standing queue protection screens

 Self-adhesive easy application.
Adjustable width varying from 800 – 1000mm.
Side protection wings.
Off-centre aperture for added protection.
Personalised logo.
Optional bespoke sizing (minimum order applies).

Oneway Corridor

Efficient control of the flow of people

Designed to control the flow of people.
The Oneway Corridor is mainly used in the terminal area of airports, for example the entrance or exit to the terminal, to control …

OPERA Jacket

Very elegant and comfortable jacket. Sleeve with satin cuff to fit different lengths. Inside neck licker for hanging. Pocket with simple piping on the inside of the jacket, left side to wear.

Women’s jacket with basque, …

Operator Working position console TCP995

The TCP995 is our 12.1” console in the wide range of consoles that MEP is offering (5,7 inch, 7 inch., 12,1 inch and 15inch) This modern console is ideal for panel mounted use in main …

Optimisation, evaluation and documentation of Airport processes

With our operational know-how, many best practice solutions and benchmark data, we support you in the digitalisation, optimisation and documentation of (airport) processes across the entire process chain.

Creation and optimisation of handling processes e.g., self-baggage …

Orbis™ Sack Holder

The Orbis sack holder is perfect for locations such as transport hubs, airports, and sporting arenas where security is a priority.

Orbis sack holder has been designed and manufactured specifically for this reason. When used with …


Orthogon Arrival Manager (AMAN)

The Orthogon Arrival Manager’s objective is to manage the flow of arriving aircraft in a way that makes best use of the available Air Traffic Management resources, such as runways and airspace.

Orthogon AMAN manages traffic …

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