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Off Aerodrome Reporting – O.A.R

This comprehensive solution provides you with everything you need to monitor, record and analyse off aerodrome sites that may pose a bird strike risk.

A touch-screen tablet, equipped with GPS and camera, displays pre-configured information …


On counter protection screens

Free standing queue protection screens

 Self-adhesive easy application.
Adjustable width varying from 800 – 1000mm.
Side protection wings.
Off-centre aperture for added protection.
Personalised logo.
Optional bespoke sizing (minimum order applies).

Orthogon Arrival Manager (AMAN)

The Orthogon Arrival Manager’s objective is to manage the flow of arriving aircraft in a way that makes best use of the available Air Traffic Management resources, such as runways and airspace.

Orthogon AMAN manages traffic …

Orthogon Departure Manager (DMAN)

The Orthogon Departure Manager (DMAN) provides consistent, optimized planning of the outbound traffic at airports and accordingly optimized target times for flights at the runway and the stands. Major objectives are to efficiently manage the …

Orthogon Extended Arrival Manager (E-AMAN)

The SESAR Extended Arrival Management (E-AMAN) concept allows air traffic controllers to meter traffic into a busy Terminal Manoeuvring Area from far out in the en-route airspace. This is feasible by extending the AMAN operational …

Orthogon ODS™ Open Platform

With the ODS Toolbox™, Harris Orthogon has acquired a worldwide reputation as a specialist for air traffic Controller Working Positions (CWP) development software. Since its market entry in 1994 the ODS Toolbox™ has been accepted …

Orthogon Stand Optimizer

Stand Optimizer improves the stand utilization at airports with high traffic volumes and a high deviation from planned flight schedules resulting in increased airport efficiency and increased stand capacity. Aircrafts are assigned to matching airport …

Osiris Searcher

A highly modular ready to go Single Mast Surveillance solution, ideal for medium to long range surveillance applications using HD zoom video cameras and cooled thermal zoom cameras.

The perfect combination with cooled MWIR zoom lens options up to 690mm and a …

OTS – Software for X-ray image interpretation

Increased security through OTS training software

More security thanks to a modern software training solution

The company’s own training software OTS (Operator Training System) is one of the world’s leading products in the field of X-ray image …

OTS Online – X-ray image interpretation (Web Based Training)

OTS Online

The OTS online product line, which is available as WBT (Web Based Training), is specially developed for the training of aviation security officers and serves to maintain and increase their recognition performance. As a …


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