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Off Aerodrome Reporting – O.A.R

This comprehensive solution provides you with everything you need to monitor, record and analyse off aerodrome sites that may pose a bird strike risk.

A touch-screen tablet, equipped with GPS and camera, displays pre-configured information …


Osiris Searcher

A highly modular ready to go Single Mast Surveillance solution, ideal for medium to long range surveillance applications using HD zoom video cameras and cooled thermal zoom cameras.

With cooled thermal cameras up to 900mm and HD cameras up to 60x zoom, …

Overwing Nozzles

Being a market leader in petrol station nozzles, our product range includes overwing nozzles for aircraft and helicopter refuelling – with AVGAS or JET-A1 spouts and suited accessories.

Our next generation overwing nozzle ZVF 50 has …

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