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Ladder Maintenance Lift

Miles 6015 Ladder Maintenance Lifts are in daily use at international airports worldwide for aircraft ground support personnel use. Miles GSE designs and manufactures this motorised truck mounted ladder maintenance lift to increase the efficiency …

Large, Wide, Narrow Aircraft Docking System

Aircraft Docking System compatible with the following:


LCU-025 Military Liquid Cooling Cart

The LCU-025 Products are Liquid Cooling Carts specifically designed for use on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. These products are used to provide a means to fill, flush, remove air and moisture, thermally manage, …

LCU-050 Military Liquid Cooling Unit

The LCU-050 is a self-contained, trailer mounted, liquid cooling unit. The LCU-050 supplies chilled PAO, EGW, or other cooling liquid to the aircraft liquid loop to remove up to 50 kW of heat from the …

Leaf Lamp Metal Tree & Seamless Table

Leaf Lamp Metal Tree is designed to provide a ‘plug-and-play’ solution for busy environments and lively thoroughfares. The stem of the tree is made of a powder-coated steel pipe (in any RAL colour). The steel …

Leaf Lamp Pendant

Very close to how nature itself designs and based on simple principles, this sound-absorbing lamp has a harmonious, organic shape and is made from natural materials. The foliage is made of thin wool felt leaves. Leaf Lamp is …

Leaf Lamp Tree

Leaf Lamp Tree’s trunk and branches are made from Swedish birch, that stand on the ground with a robust base that can be bolted to the floor or an optional base plate that makes the tree freestanding. The crown …

Led Future Hand Luggage Tray Disinfection System

Led Future has invented an automatic system using UVC radiation, disinfecting each tray after use. The system can be implemented in both new as well as used check-in conveyors. Different models are provided for returning …

LED Internally Edge Illuminated Guidance Signs

Airfield Lighting Systems LED internally lit ICAO/EASA/CAP168 compliant guidance signs, single or double sided.

On the forefront of new technology, ALS have designed their LED Taxiway signs to be energy efficient and require minimal maintenance.

The construction …

LEMAN: Lightweight independent 4G drone tracker

LEMAN is a fully independent 4G Drone Tracker equipped with its own GPS and battery, compatible with ASTM standard on Remote ID.

Once configured and equipped with a SIM Card, the LEMAN starts sending its position …

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