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D-50T Custom Sizes Equipment Access Roof Hatch

The Type D-50T Roof Access Hatch provides a convenient way to install or remove large pieces of equipment from a building via the roof. Our D-50T Roof Access Hatches are Aluminium constructed and custom fabricated …

Data Cabling Infrastructure for Airports

DV&D Group Ltd are able to supply fully qualified data infrastructure engineers to design and implement either a new or alternatively upgrade an existing data network.

We specialise in the installation of data network infrastructure (Cat5E, …

Datalogic Gryphon 4500 Fixed Scanner

The Datalogic Gryphon 4500 Fixed Scanner is a compact scan module designed for easy integration and installation, replacing the GFS4400. Ideal for scanning barcodes in kiosks and for use as an OEM barcode reader by …


Datastop™ Glass for Electromagnetic Shielding

Tex Special Projects are the sole distributor of Pilkington Datastop™ glass outside of the US. Datastop™ glass has an “invisible” electrically conductive surface, specifically designed to give maximum electromagnetic shielding (electronic noise shielding/EMI/RF) for the …

DC Attachable Plugs

R64 / R71 / R78 – Attachable 3-Pole Plugs (Image 1)

Now available in Attachable models and the new EcoNose
28V DC 3 Pole with 2 to 3 wire configurations
Excellent resistance to moisture/chemicals and …

De-Icing Wireless Communication Solutions

To safely reduce de-icing turnaround times, dBD Communications has launched a multi-user de-icing pad wireless duplex solution. The solution enables all de-icers and de-icing vehicle drivers to communicate wirelessly with one another around an aircraft, …


Delta R Optical ETD

Next generation trace detection optimised for small items

The Delta R O-ETD is the next generation Explosive Trace Detection solution. It operates based on known ETD procedures. By using our patented Delta R technology, the OTD …


Delta R Shoe Scanner AR

Alarm resolution on shoes disrupts passengers flow dramatically

Alarms, raised on shoes need to be resolved. Today, this means taking of the shoes for an X-ray inspection or an ETD-procedure. Both concepts of operations are time …


Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB)

Airport infrastructure is becoming increasingly constrained, more so the Airspace and Airside. New terminals and passenger solutions will not address these Airside constraints. A-CDM went someway to addressing this, but only provided a short look-ahead …

Departure Control

Ink DCS – the Departure Control System that connects with passengers.

Ink DCS is the most advanced cloud-hosted departure control platform capable of running across a range of devices. Ink Departure Control differs from other DCS …

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