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Datastop™ Glass for Electromagnetic Shielding

Tex Special Projects are the sole distributor of Pilkington Datastop™ glass outside of the US. Datastop™ glass has an “invisible” electrically conductive surface, specifically designed to give maximum electromagnetic shielding (electronic noise shielding/EMI/RF) for the …

DC Attachable Plugs

R64 / R71 / R78 – Attachable 3-Pole Plugs (Image 1)

Now available in Attachable models and the new EcoNose
28V DC 3 Pole with 2 to 3 wire configurations
Excellent resistance to moisture/chemicals and …

De-Icing Wireless Communication Solutions

 Our De-Icing system provides wireless communication for 2 up to 16 users on an open mic capability.  As the Controller, Operatives and Flight Deck all need to be aware of the operations progress, the system …


Delta R Optical ETD

Next generation trace detection optimised for small items

The Delta R O-ETD is the next generation Explosive Trace Detection solution. It operates based on known ETD procedures. By using our patented Delta R technology, the OTD …


Delta R Shoe Scanner AR

Alarm resolution on shoes disrupts passengers flow dramatically

Alarms, raised on shoes need to be resolved. Today, this means taking of the shoes for an X-ray inspection or an ETD-procedure. Both concepts of operations are time …


Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB)

Airport infrastructure is becoming increasingly constrained, more so the Airspace and Airside. New terminals and passenger solutions will not address these Airside constraints. A-CDM went someway to addressing this, but only provided a short look-ahead …

Departure Control System

“Departure Control System (DCS)” covers all aspects of passenger, baggage and aircraft handling. DCS handles various passenger, baggage and aircraft operations, including check-in, printing boarding cards, baggage acceptance, boarding, load control and aircraft checks. DCS …

Departure Control System

System characteristics of the HELENA DCS Services:

The HELENA DCS service is comparable with traditional airline DCS service in terms of functionality and setup.
The HELENA DCS is positioned above the mainframe in terms of …

DESKO´s Multifunctional Document Readers for Integration

The DESKO PENTA OEM product line includes document scanners specifically designed for an easy integration in gates, kiosks and counters. It includes the DESKO PENTA Scanner®Block and the DESKO PENTA Scanner®Cube. Both devices are designed …


Diesel APA-10 Rectifier

An exceptional small Hybrid Diesel 28VDC GPU APA-10 for business jets and helicopters. APA-10 specially designed for operation on diesel and Jet fuel. It is an excellent solution for providing 28,5V for helicopter facilities and …

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