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Datastop™ Glass for Electromagnetic Shielding

Tex Special Projects are the sole distributor of Pilkington Datastop™ glass outside of the US. Datastop™ glass has an “invisible” electrically conductive surface, specifically designed to give maximum electromagnetic shielding (electronic noise shielding/EMI/RF) for the …


Our De-Icing system provides wireless duplex communication from 2 up to 16 users on an open mic capability.  As the Controller, Operatives and Flight Deck all need to be aware of the operations progress, the …

Delta R – Item Scanner

People handling explosives are likely to spread trace to hand-carried objects and touch points. By screening these point for trace proper assessment can be carried out to determine whether this person requires further screening.

With other …

Delta R – Shoe Scanner

Screening shoes for explosives can be a cumbersome process where passengers have to take of their shoes and agents experience increased workload. With the current methods and technologies in place it is impossible to screen …

Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB)

Airport infrastructure is becoming increasingly constrained, more so the Airspace and Airside. New terminals and passenger solutions will not address these Airside constraints. A-CDM went someway to addressing this, but only provided a short look-ahead …

DESKO´s Multifunctional Document Readers for Integration

The DESKO PENTA OEM product line includes document scanners specifically designed for an easy integration in gates, kiosks and counters. It includes the DESKO PENTA Scanner®Block and the DESKO PENTA Scanner®Cube. Both devices are designed …


DFM-01 FFP2 NR | Particle Filtering Half Mask


Adjustable nose clip
Protection against droplets and dust

Product Information:

Temperature range for storage: -20°C / +40°C (-4°F / +104°F)
Maximum relative humidity for storage: <80%
See information supplied by the manufacturer
Meets Regulation: …

Digital indoor clock – DC

The models of the digital indoor clock DC series offer concentrated technology in a very slim aluminium housing and surprise with many functions and design variants. The customizable display and many technical possibilities enable the …

Digital indoor clock – ECO-DC

The ECO-DC series are digital clocks in 7-segment LED technique at an economical price, designed in an elegant and slim case, for time, date, or alternating time/date display.

Digital Indoor Way-finding Application for Airports – Smart Navigation

Futuristic Digital Way-finding Solution for Airports

Unicorn SmartNAV
The indoor navigation solution – Unicorn SmartNAV is an integrated next-generation futuristic way-finding navigation solution that combines indoor and outdoor guidance. The solution is powered by Augmented Reality, Artificial …


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