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Our De-Icing system provides wireless duplex communication from 2 up to 16 users on an open mic capability.  As the Controller, Operatives and Flight Deck all need to be aware of the operations progress, the …

Delta R – Item Scanner

People handling explosives are likely to spread trace to hand-carried objects and touch points. By screening these point for trace proper assessment can be carried out to determine whether this person requires further screening.

With other …

Delta R – Shoe Scanner

Screening shoes for explosives can be a cumbersome process where passengers have to take of their shoes and agents experience increased workload. With the current methods and technologies in place it is impossible to screen …

DESKO PENTA Platform – Versatile Multi Document Scanners

The PENTA Scanner® platform comprises versatile full-page document scanners which capture image data from ID document under three different light sources such as infrared (IR), visible (VIS) and ultraviolet (UV) light. The images provide an …


Dirt Defence Filter

Dirt defence filters are designed to remove fine solids such as rust, sand and other particulates efficiently and continuously from aviation fuel.

FAUDI Aviation dirt defence filters, both 2in and 6in, are qualified according to specification …


Drum Bunds and Spill Trays – Spill Containment Solutions

A range of spill containment products for 205 litre Drums.

For safe storage of 1, 2, 4, 7 or 8 Drums.

Designed for the long term safe bunding of drums and suitable for all oils and 95% …

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