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The 5400CS-SRM is a kit to allow one to mount either a 5450CS, 5416CS or 550CS mic station into a 19” rack and attach a self-powered speaker to the line output one of these mic …


The Eagle ramp is designed to provide a smooth traverse from aerobridge to aircraft, particularly when there is a step.

It was made for use with Eagle hoists, however airlines are also using them for aisle …

Rapid Aircraft Disinfection System – AURA

THE BEST and MOST COST-EFFECTIVE Way to Disinfect an aircraft.  Rapid Aircraft Disinfection System (AURA) is quick, safe and all-encompassing  in disinfecting aircraft and other modes of transportation. A  narrow body aircraft can be deep …

Rapiscan Systems – Baggage Scanner – 920CT

The ECAC C3 Approved 920CT is designed to advance aviation cabin baggage screening into the future. It improves passenger experience while increasing their safety.
Intelligent Screening

920CT is intelligent. It can detect threats quickly and make decisions …


Rapiscan Systems – Checkpoint Screening X-Ray – Orion™ 920CX

The 920CX is a 620mm x 420mm single view screening system providing exceptional threat detection and high throughput by virtue of Best in Industry Penetration and Resolution

ORION™ 920CX provides the best measured steel penetration, wire …

Rapiscan Systems – Explosive Detection System – RTT

High Throughput & Dynamic Window

With the belt running at 0.5 meters per second and “Dynamic Window” providing minimal gaps between bags or parcels, RTT®110 provides Industry-leading throughput, routinely exceeding 1,800 bags or 2,500 parcels per …


RBL Belt Loader

The RBL is a belt loader specifically adapted to the regional aircrafts and congested areas. Selfpropelled, it is a one man operation belt loader, highly maneuverable to approach aircrafts in a very safe mode, while …

Re-usable Face Masks, 100-wash 99% Protection.

We are introducing nano technology, comfort and proven results in the face-mask segment; Nano particles have been used as an anti-microbial agent for more than 100 years and combined with the properties of Silver we …


270V DC Receptacles (Image 1)

Ground power receptacles are located on the aircraft or other devices and receive the power input from a ground source to recharge and operate electrical accessories
Receptacles are manufactured to …

Record & Playback System (R&P System)


The ANSART Record and Playback System (R&P system) provides recording and playback of voice communication carried out over air-ground, ground-ground channels, telephone, loud speaking and radio communication channels, synchronous recording of information of the ATC …

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