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V7 Classic ticket machine

V7 Classic ticket machine – can be used universally
Whether cash, ticket or prepaid payment machine, the V7 adapts to your needs.

Intelligent cash management
15″ PC touch display
Reader for prepaid cards

15″ multi-touch screen with …

VDS Console

VDS was conceived to allow a perfect synergy between creativity, comfort and excellent usability. The VDS console adapts the working area and transforms it into a more efficient environment.

The modularity and flexibility of its design …

VE-PG4 RoIP Gateway Module

The VE-PG4 is a versatile RoIP (Radio over IP network) gateway unit, which seamlessly interconnects LMR radios, LTE radios*, IP communication terminals, IP phone systems and external devices. In addition to the IP Network (LAN/WAN), …

Vehicle Mounted ATC Towers

Tactical All Wheel Drive Mobile VCRs are designed for deployment where terrain would usually preclude the use of standard trailer mounted solutions and when end users prefer that the tower can deploy under its own …

Vending unit V21

Vending unit V21 – Interactive vending unit and ticket machine

21” full HD multi-touch display for customisation of your application
LED light control for quick and clear operation in the colour of your choice.
Modular …

Venezia 190 XL – grass cutting and collecting mower

Model VENEZIA XL is grass cutting and collecting mower with 15 cubic meters of collection capacity.

Perfect for grass cutting of airport runways. The shovel blades rotor ensures a great suction capacity with excellent cleaning performances.

The …

VENTUS Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

Extremely precise and maintenance-free measurement of wind speed and wind direction even in the lowest temperature

The accurate wind sensor uses the run-time differential method for determining the wind speed and wind direction. It provides output …


Versatile DocumentScanner / DESKO PENTA Platform

The DESKO PENTA Scanner®is your perfect device for scanning, collecting and authenticating passport or ID data. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art optical scan system, developed by DESKO, best suited for scanning ID cards and …

VERTIGO – Vertical folding door

VERTIGO, motorized industrial door with reduced sideroom. Patented.  

Motorized industrial door of great technical value, which is characterized by a series of advantages that make it ideal for applications on passages with space problems. …


VettingGateway® is a new background and employment vetting system, created by security software pioneers – IDGateway®. If you’re looking to get your employees working quicker, with the highest of security and vetting standards, VettingGateway® is …

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