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Jaegar Counter UAV/UAS Platform

The prevalence of UAV and Drones are causing a considerable concern which is why our solution has been created. We’ve joined together with sector leading partners to build a system which detects, tracks, identifies, and …

Jaegar Ranger

The Jaegar Ranger is an uncooled HD zoom thermal surveillance platform which has a through-shaft making it suited to situations where you need 360° views, always.

With lens options up to 225mm, this platform is design …


Jaegar SLG

The Jaegar SLG is designed to control Air Traffic from a remote location using the Jaegar Pan and Tilt director fitted with a signal light gun and combination of powerful thermal and video cameras.

The cameras …



JET A-1 is an aviation fuel which is suitable for most jet aircraft.

It meets stringent international requirements, particularly those of the latest versions of the AFQRJOS, the British DefStan 91-091 standard, the ASTM D1655 standard, and …

Jet Blast Deflectors

IAC Aviation has for over 70 years been at the global forefront of jet blast protection solutions, with industry leading engineering design innovation combined with high performance, quality, manufacture and installation.  This facilitates the specification …


Jet Blast Deflectors

A complete range of blast deflectors developed since 1957 offering protection from all aircraft sizes, power levels and for all locations on the airfield. BDI offers the complete range. Vertical jet blast fencing for minimum …

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