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Cable Carrying Crocodile

JLC has consulted with airside operations engineers to manufacture and produce a safe, robust cable-carrier that is designed to meet the needs of the crews that operate them.

JLC’s Unique Design

Our cable carrier integrates ‘knuckles’ into its …

Cable Extender

Cable extender EAZ zigzag crocodile type cable extender is intended for storing and moving cables from the GPU to the aircraft.

It consists of up to 10 sections with a length of 5 meters each. Its …

Canopies and Head Islands

A Unique and Customised Build, entirely to your requirements

Check-in Canopies can come in many different types and may include additional Signage, CCM can provide the complete package.

CCM is able to provide all elements of the …

CAS – Customer Access Scooter

The CAS offers a safe and efficient way for passengers to transport themselves around an airport unaided.

Castor Decks

Castor Decks are designed for moving aircraft pallets or ULDs through a manual or semi-manual cargo system. This allows personnel to move the pallet in any direction.

The freight can be rotated in tight spaces allowing …

CD7-2 Evac Trac Evacuation Chair

Ideally suited for emergency situations; Fire evacuation and lift breakdown are circumstances where the CD7 Evac Trac can be an essential piece of equipment. With increased amounts of lift break downs occurring and the advice …

Champion Door multiple-leaf hangar door system

Champion Door vertically lifting multiple hangar door with swing-up mullions is the excellent solution for large plane hangars. The elevating support posts leave the doorways to aircraft hangars completely partition-free. Champion Door multiple hangar fold-up …


Charger – Discharger

Charger – Discharger of EAR-CH series serves to test, charge, discharge and commissioning of all types of aircraft batteries (lead-acid, Ni-Cd, Li-ion, etc.).

It provides storing the maintenance history of each battery during the whole cycle …

Cheetah Class Rapid Intervention Vehicle 4X4

Cheetah is on the watch with VOLKAN quality and with perfect harmony of its components.

Cheetah is manufactured for operations which require quick and reliable response at civil and military airports.  Cheetah which received thumbs up …

Combined Power Supply Unit

The combined power supply units ЕАСR series are intended for power supply of the on-board electrical equipment of aircrafts and helicopters during pre-flight preparation at airports, the shop floors of aircraft industry enterprises and complex …

Constant Current Regulators CCR

Micro range of Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) are recognised as one of the most advanced products on the market.

The Micro 100 Constant current regulator is a microprocessor controlled unit integrating the use of …

Contamination Control System (CCS)

Fully automated controller. The Contamination Control System (CCS) is developed to process data from electronic water sensors, e.g. AFGUARD®, and electronic bulk water detectors, e.g. SLUGGUARD®.

ControlCenter-IP – the new matrix for KVM-over-IP™

ControlCenter-IP combines the advantages of classic matrices with the flexibility of IP systems
Together with a series of IP extenders, the ControlCenter-IP forms a powerful matrix with which any connected operator station can be granted access …

Corona Modern, Modular Circular Seating

Corona creates an eye-catching C-shaped seating design for large contemporary spaces and environments. Also available as a full circle to frame trees, planters and large features.

Our composite moulded furniture creates a welcoming space to both …


1. Taking overall optimized design include chassis+ frame.
2. Deploying new dolphin anti-trap connector, Patent ZL: ZL200920087717.9.
3. Deploying rod automatic braking (Back wheel).
4. Deploying special guide support (Front wheel).
5. Deploying fixed front bezel.
6. Equipped with special …

CRETE trolley

1. Configuration of fish shape anti-pinch joints, safety and practicality. Patent No.: ZL 200920087717 .9.
2. Use of load-bearing support is flexibility and durability.
3. Equipped with automatic braking system, reliable performance.
4. Configuration of round metal handle, …

CSoIP – CS Voice Communication Systems for ATC centers

CS is a major systems integrator, involved in ATM, Defense and Security. Our headquarters are in France, south suburb of Paris. Our key offers are:

– Voice Communication Systems

– ATC Centers and Training simulators

– Counter-UAV solution …

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