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i420, compact and cost-saving check-in printer

The i420 is the latest desk boarding pass and bag tag printer, born from a strong reputation and expertise in the Passenger Processing area with a range of high performance check-in printers. It has been …

i720 SkyLane for access control and boarding

The i720 SkyLane is the latest generation of IER-EASIER eGates portfolio. This new e-gate comes with double swing door security entrance lane offering a high bidirectional throughput and uncompromising security.

With its elegant design, the i720 …

i820 Retrofit Self Bag Drop

IER-EASIER Self Service Bag Drop solution is designed as a 2-step check-in process, allowing to better balance the passenger flow and ensure consistency of the whole self-service check-in experience, throughout all steps: web check-in online, …

i920, Combining efficiency & Value

IER-EASIER is introducing i920, its latest self-check-in kiosk, bringing a fresher approach to core functionalities passengers can expect from a self-service kiosk and allowing them to proceed directly to the bag drop positions. This new …

IBC Bunds, Spill Pallets or Sump Pallets

A range of IBC spill containment products.

For safe storage and bunding of 1 – 12 IBC units.

Be prepared – stop expensive spills before they happen.

If you deal with corrosive chemicals and pollutants, a spill can …

Identification Signs

Identification signs are signs that help people to identify designated areas.

These are mostly internal signs and assist people within buildings or to keep them aware of inadmissible regions.

IDenty chrom – Versatile Swipe Reader for Check-in Applications

DESKO´s IDenty chrom is the latest member of the chrom family (see also NEPTUN chrom keyboard) and your perfect support for a smooth and trouble-free check-in process. The device captures data from ID documents such …


IER 400, multi-functional check-in printer

The IER-EASIER 400 is the most sold printer across airports worldwide and reveals very popular across handling companies & airlines using it as dedicated proprietary equipment. It is renowned for its robustness, reliability and efficient …

IER 602, Flatbed multi-format barcode reader

The IER-EASIER 602 is a full 2D barcode & NFC combo reader, designed to enhance the passenger self-service experience. The IER 602 is an advanced, versatile scanner that takes your airport or airline operations to …

IER 919, Enhanced customer interface, maximum capabilities

IER-EASIER 919 kiosk featuring the latest generation CUSS solution with a completely integrated self-service hardware. Its revolutionary design and ergonomics, optimized equipment options and capabilities provide passengers with a full range of services, from check-in, …

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