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B-Cidal is a proprietary, landmark sterilising agent which is the only such product on the market to have actually been tested against and proven effective against Sars-Cov-2 the viral strain more commonly known as Covid-19. …


With dimensions reduced to the minimum, the B-Pit puts at disposal directly at the aircraft parking position a 400 Hz power supply or a 50 Hz socket (up to 250 A) for a PCA group …

Baggage Belt Conveyor

Robson baggage belt conveyors – Ultimate for speed, flexibility, reliability and efficiency, with a range of conveying products to meet the needs of the most challenging of sites and surroundings. Robson Handling Technology Baggage Handling …

Baggage belt conveyor

The baggage belt conveyor is an electric conveyor (horizontal or inclined, to go up or down). It is used for the transport in baggage handling systems (BHS). MATREX designs and manufactures 4 baggage conveyors: baggage …

Baggage Carousel – Reclaim or Makeup – Horizontal or inclined

Robson baggage carousels – friction drive – flexibility, reliability, efficiency, easy to maintain.

An endless surface where baggage can be displayed for reclaim or make-up. Robustly constructed, flexible in design delivering maximum safety and user friendly …

Baggage Check in Scale – Magic AERO – Weighing Scale for baggage at the check-in

Specially designed for airport, our MAGIC AERO is a weighing indicator dedicated to weight luggage at the check-in desk for the flight attendant and the passenger.  As an airport weight indicator, it works with a platform …

Baggage Check-In Conveyor

Robson Check-In conveyors / systems – Aesthetically pleasing check-in / induct conveyors weigh, label and despatch baggage, and can be configured in to one, two or three stage check-in arrangements. Separate conveyors are used for …

Baggage check-in conveyor

MATREX designs and manufactures check-in conveyors which allow for an effective, fast and smooth baggage check-in.

In fact, they can be perfectly adapted to airline companies’ needs and airport constraints. They ensure passenger and airport staff …


Baggage Handling System

Title: Baggage Handling System – BHS


Type: Belt

Applications: Baggage

Domain: for airports 


Integrated control and automation;

BHS designed taking into consideration redundancy and fail-safe options;

Integration with a wide variety of scanning devices.


Low noise;
Adjustable speed;
High capacity transport;

Baggage Handling System

In partner with the world’s leading technology companies, we offer complete cutting-edge solutions such as Baggage handling system, Passenger Check In, and Passenger Security Solutions.

Our wide range of product and solutions are designed to accommodate …

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