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B.I.R.D. Tab™

Scarecrow’s flagship airside product is the Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™ – this is two systems in one, in that it provides not only a bird dispersal method as a vehicle-mounted system solution, but also provides data …


B.I.R.D. Tab™ Reporting Software

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab Reporting Software is a highly effective data logging and analysis system that has been designed to provide all of the same functions of Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab, just without the ability to broadcast …


Baggage Belt Conveyor

Robson baggage belt conveyors – Ultimate for speed, flexibility, reliability and efficiency, with a range of conveying products to meet the needs of the most challenging of sites and surroundings. Robson Handling Technology Baggage Handling …

Baggage Carousel – Reclaim or Makeup – Horizontal or inclined

Robson baggage carousels – friction drive – flexibility, reliability, efficiency, easy to maintain.

An endless surface where baggage can be displayed for reclaim or make-up. Robustly constructed, flexible in design delivering maximum safety and user friendly …

Baggage Check In Scale

Soehnle 3015 – the most used luggage scale in the check-in counters at major German airports.

Specially developed for the requirements of airports and passengers.

Fully modular design, the weighing system is separated into individual modules: 1 …

Baggage Check in Scale – Magic AERO – Weighing Scale for baggage at the check-in

Specially designed for airport, our MAGIC AERO is a weighing indicator dedicated to weight luggage at the check-in desk for the flight attendant and the passenger.  As an airport weight indicator, it works with a platform …

Baggage Check-In Conveyor

Robson Check-In conveyors / systems – Aesthetically pleasing check-in / induct conveyors weigh, label and despatch baggage, and can be configured in to one, two or three stage check-in arrangements. Separate conveyors are used for …

Baggage Handling

With experience in automation and engineering worldwide, Advanced Logistic Systems intergrate the baggage handling systems withy reputed supplies chain, Get the calculation for check-in, belt or tray conveyor systems, sorting systems, and baggage claim technologies …

Baggage Handling System

Title: Baggage Handling System – BHS


Type: Belt

Applications: Baggage

Domain: for airports 


Integrated control and automation;

BHS designed taking into consideration redundancy and fail-safe options;

Integration with a wide variety of scanning devices.


Low noise;
Adjustable speed;
High capacity transport;

Baggage Handling System

In partner with the world’s leading technology companies, we offer complete cutting-edge solutions such as Baggage handling system, Passenger Check In, and Passenger Security Solutions.

Our wide range of product and solutions are designed to accommodate …

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