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B.I.R.D. Tab™

Scarecrow’s flagship airside product is the Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™ – this is two systems in one, in that it provides not only a bird dispersal method as a vehicle-mounted system solution, but also provides data …


B.I.R.D. Tab™ Reporting Software

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab Reporting Software is a highly effective data logging and analysis system that has been designed to provide all of the same functions of Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab, just without the ability to broadcast …


Baggage Belt Conveyors

The ultimate baggage belt conveyor for speed, reliability and efficiency is available from Robson Handling Technology to meet the needs of the most challenging airport sites and surroundings.

Our baggage handling conveyors are constructed from a …

Baggage Cart Conveyor System

At Robson Handling Technology, our baggage cart conveyors allow for greater flexibility when it comes to automatically moving slugs of 25-30 carts within the airport, between airside and landside, or between floors from Departure to …

Baggage Check In Scale

Soehnle 3015 – the most used luggage scale in the check-in counters at major German airports.

Specially developed for the requirements of airports and passengers.

Fully modular design, the weighing system is separated into individual modules: 1 …

Baggage Check in Scale – Magic AERO – Weighing Scale for baggage at the check-in

Specially designed for airport, our MAGIC AERO is a weighing indicator dedicated to weight luggage at the check-in desk for the flight attendant and the passenger.  As an airport weight indicator, it works with a platform …

Baggage Handling

With experience in automation and engineering worldwide, Advanced Logistic Systems intergrate the baggage handling systems withy reputed supplies chain, Get the calculation for check-in, belt or tray conveyor systems, sorting systems, and baggage claim technologies …

Baggage Handling System

Title: Baggage Handling System – BHS


Type: Belt

Applications: Baggage

Domain: for airports 


Integrated control and automation;

BHS designed taking into consideration redundancy and fail-safe options;

Integration with a wide variety of scanning devices.


Low noise;
Adjustable speed;
High capacity transport;

Baggage Handling System

In partner with the world’s leading technology companies, we offer complete cutting-edge solutions such as Baggage handling system, Passenger Check In, and Passenger Security Solutions.

Our wide range of product and solutions are designed to accommodate …

Baggage Reclaim Carousel

Title: Scale Baggage Reclaim Carousel


Type: scale, inclined

Domain: for airports


Strong structures;
Almost zero maintenance;
Stainless steel finish;
Caterpillar drive;
Length up to 100 linear meters;
Load up to 100 kilo per linear meter;
Active …

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