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M.A.S.S. – Multi Applicational Safety System

M.A.S.S. is a steel barrier in highly visible colours that provides a base unit with a range of options that connect on the top of the barrier for various solutions.

M.A.S.S. 1 is designed to EN1317 …

MAC – Motorised aisle chair

Offering maximum safety and passenger comfort, the MAC is designed to transport passengers around the airport, getting them from the boarding gate to their aircraft seat with ease

Machine Control – Runways: Optimised 3D runway surveying and surfacing workflow

The Challenge

The traditional surveying process for runway resurfacing is time consuming that can lead to expenses errors. You would probably have to hammer pegs into the ground every five metres along the side of the …

Mail Screening Test Piece (MSTP)

MSTP is a test piece designed specifically to cover the full range in capability of both conveyorised and cabinet X-ray machines used for mail screening.  MSTP can be used quickly and easily on a regular …

Maintenance Platform Lifts

The Mallaghan MPL range of truck mounted (TM) and self-propelled platform lifts has been strategically designed to operate heavy-duty motorised scissor lift platforms for high level work of up to 11m (floor height) around the …

Maintenance Platforms

The SOVAM PA is a self-propelled vehicle designed for maintenance operations on aircrafts.
The plateau and its elevator system are installed on a motorized carrier. The platform is driven directly from the operating station located on …


• Configuration of round shape anti-pinch joints, safety and practicality. Patent No.: ZL 200920087717 .9.
• Configuration of multi-function pins.
• Patent No.: ZL 200520098908. 7.
• Use of load-bearing support is flexibility and durability.
• Equipped with automatic …

MALMS Dashboard

MALMS Dashboard, a web-based solution for the monitoring of MALMS airfield lighting maintenance and asset management.

MALMS Dashboard is a predominately cloud based solution, but can also be made available on a local airport server where …

MALMS Engineer & Torque Management

MALMS Engineer is an inspection and maintenance solution that records the current status of an airfield’s lighting assets and planned preventative maintenance KPI’s.

MALMS Engineer is designed to manage airfield lighting and pavement maintenance data recorded …

MALMS Manual Cleaner

MALMS Manual Cleaner provides airport operators with a fast and effective method for cleaning lights. The Maintenance Optimiser integrates Mobile, Cleaner and Differential Maintenance methodology into a single maintenance solution enabling compliant airfield lighting serviceability …

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