MALMS Dashboard


MALMS Dashboard, a web-based solution for the monitoring of MALMS airfield lighting maintenance and asset management.

MALMS Dashboard is a predominately cloud based solution, but can also be made available on a local airport server where all maintenance and inspection data is synchronised with a 4G/wifi capable PC tablet. Data collected by airport engineers/electricians such as photometric test results, lighting inspections, faults and maintenance recording, preventative and remedial maintenance tasks, as well as pavement issues can all be viewed in real time by accessing the MALMS Dashboard from any internet capable device.

MALMS Dashboard users can configure the settings to their own preference. As well as seeing the data from a dashboard, data can also be viewed from an online map, a calendar or from an asset tree structure. Customised email trigger reporting is a key feature of the MALMS Dashboard allowing users to be notified when maintenance, inspections and photometric tests have been completed.