Typical Enquiries

Sent to Scarecrow

Company Bacau International Airport
Country Romania

Product Enquiry: “Premier 2020”

Sent to SACO

Company ACI
Country USA

Slave Pallet Product Enquiry: “Slave Pallet System – Slave Pallet Roller Deck”

Sent to IER – EASIER

Company Currie Brown
Country United Kingdom

Product Enquiry: “ABC Lane for automated Border Control” My company is currently working on a high level cost plan for an airport and I was wondering if it would be possible to be provided with a budget quote for your ABC Lane/ e-gating system.

Sent to Strulik

Company Arup
Country United Kingdom

Hi, I am currently working in an airport fit out project and we are planning to use displacement ventilation as part of our strategy for the security lanes. I was thinking to check with you to specify from your products. Are you happy to point me to a relevant person to discuss this further? Thanks a lot, –

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Butikskonsult AB
Country Sweden

Terminal seatings Gothenburg Landvetter new south terminal

Sent to Mallaghan

Company Servizi Malta Ltd
Country Malta

We are looking for water and lavatory truck for the aviation industry, we would like to know if you have used trucks. Looking forward for your reply..

Sent to Smiths Detection

Company BakerHicks
Country United Kingdom

A project we are involved with at Manchester airport T2 extension is installing a number of CTX 9800 DSi™ SEIO machines The machines are operating at Ultra-High Speed with a Heat rejection output of 8kW each and Medium to High Speed with a heat rejection output 13kW each. I assume these outputs are based on full load conditions. If the machines operated at say 50% load conditions would this effect the heat rejection of the machines. We are looking to condition the space around the machines and so this is the reason for the enquiry

Sent to Topsonic

Company Bangalore International Airport Limited
Country India

Hi, Greetings from Bangalore International Airport Limited, Bengaluru, India Bangalore International Airport Limited looking for suitable agencies for Aviation noise monitoring and reporting of New South Parallel and existing North runway as per Civil Aviation Requirements Section 10 – Aviation Environment Protection based on DGCA Aviation Environment circular 3 of 2013 in OPEX model. 

Sent to TEC Huenert

Company Airport Authority of India
Country India

Airports Authority of India (AAI), a Government of India Undertaking Company is in the process of procuring 02 Nos. Truck Mounted Escape Rescue Emergency Stairs with 7 Years of CAMC including 2 years of warranty period at its Chennai and Kolkata Airports in India. It has come to the notice that your firm deals with the supply/manufacturing of Truck Mounted Escape Rescue Emergency Stairs. Therefore, it is requested to provide the budgetary offer (In attached format) for Supply, Installation, testing and Commissioning of 02 Nos. Truck Mounted Escape Rescue Emergency Stairs with 7 Years of CAMC including 2 years of warranty period at its Chennai and Kolkata Airports in India. 

Sent to SACO

Company Adani Ports
Country India

Product Enquiry: “Slave Pallet System – Slave Pallet Roller Deck” a) 10ft b) Slave Pallet 10ft with inbuilt 5T weigh scale c) Slave Pallet 20ft with inbuilt 10T weigh scale

Sent to OMK Design

Company Manchester Airport Group
Country United Kingdom

Could you please provide a quotation along with estimated delivery dates for the following seating to be used at Stansted airport UK: • 120 nr 4- seat free standing bench type seats • One seat with a raised PRM specific seat at one end • An arm rest on each seat except for the end with the lower level seat • Visually contrasting arm rest from the seat surface • Purple in colour (exact colour still to be decided) with PRM images of visually impaired, elderly and wheelchair on each seat back • For internal use only Could you please include price for delivery and an if possible option to install in place.


Company Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS)
Country Estonia

Hello, We are doing a pre-study to join with the Eurocontrol 1030/1090 MHz monitoring network currently under development and host one or more receivers. If I’m not mistaken, Avionix will be the provider of the receivers. Could you send us the specification of the receivers and requirements for the installation site? Best regards, 

Sent to TBD Holland

Company Aer lingus
Country Ireland

Re” Door entrance steps model number 60042640000 are they still being manufactured and is there a brochure available. Regards

Sent to ElectroAir

Company Engie Fabricom
Country Belgium

Product Enquiry: “Underground Hatch PIT System” Would it be possible to provide us with RFP price for the material described below (Delivery and placement).Project Loods A400 Melsbroek We are currently in the design and built phase and then have to pass on the dimensions of the wells. Needed: -Installation plan with 12 hatchpits and 4 inverters 400Hz. (3 types of hatch pits) (4 x type with 1x400Hz / compressed air / breathing air / …) (2 x type 2x400Hz / compressed air / breathing air /…) (6 x type 250A400V / compressed air / breathing air /…) I would like to provide you with technical documentation like Installation plan piping compressed air / breathing air,Preliminary Remarks. but I am not able to do it on your website. Thanks in advancee

Sent to OMK Design

Company PES Architects Ltd
Country Finland

Product Enquiry: “TRAX Modular Beam Mounted Seating System” I would like to know a project price for this product. Total amount would be approx. 50 seats. If you could answer me before tomorrow noon it would be great.

Sent to WO Airport Interior

Company Sayed Hamid Behbehani & Sons Co.
Country Kuwait

Please send single lane Tray Return System modules for Check Point with Smiths Detection X-Ray Inspection systems HI-SCAN 6040-2is (Dual view)

Sent to AMS Aircraft Recovery

Company Changi Airport Group
Country Singapore

Can I please request from you to provide us quotations of the following items? Please do quote items for both narrow and wide body aircraft up to A380 and include the following,

1) Air lifting bags sets with associated control modules and compressor

2) Aircraft debogging kit

3) Aircraft tethering kit

4) Full ranges of slings with load cells

5) Ground reinforcement Mats

Sent to SGS Frangible Towers

Company Cayman Airports

Interested in quote for Frangible AWOS MAST 10 meters, including wind load design. Would like heavy duty options if available.

Sent to Air Tech Innovations

Company SAS Airlines
Country Sweden

Product Enquiry: “Castor Decks” 27 meters by 15 meters area to be covered with castor deck, pls give a price quote. Regards

Sent to ElectroAir

Company Ferrovial
Country Spain

Product Enquiry: “Underground Hatch PIT System” Underground hatch pit system for helicopters

Sent to HOG Technologies

Company Van Don International Airport
Country Vietnam

Product Enquiry: “Stripe Hog SK2000”

Sent to ALSTEF

Company Avinor AS
Country Norway

Hei, I would like to inform you of a current tender “feasibility study Bodø Norway”.

Sent to Safe Solutions

Company Aeroporti di Roma
Country Italy

Product Enquiry: “SafePass Passenger Guidance System” Can you please answer to the following questions? 1. is 25m the maximum length available? 2. how long does it take from the order to delivery 3. how much is the price of every single “safe pass” thank you very much best regards Sergio

Sent to Desko

Company Faithful+Gould
Country USA

Need pricing on Ticket Document Check (TDC) for installation at US airport-

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Country Denmark

Hi I will like to introduce PM ENERGI A/S, we are the Danish dealer of SDMO generating sets, and the leading genset supplier in Denmark. We have a long history for supplying generating sets to the Danish military. We are now invited to give an offer for 17 x GPU units Could you be interested in sending us an offer for these 17 units, or are you also invited to bid directly to Danish royal air force? Thanks in advance-602

Sent to Neptunus

Company Inzpire Ltd
Country United Kingdom

Inzpire Ltd deliver Helicopter Simulation Training for the European Defence Agency. We are establishing a new facility at Sintra Air Base in Portugal. We require a semi-permanent building to house our Simulators to provide the required environmental conditions to operate the devices. The building would need to be 15m x 25m, height at eaves no less than 4.2m. The building would be housed inside a permanent aircraft hangar.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Budapest Airport Zrt.

4 pcs Baggage Check Weighing Machines for Airports

Sent to OMK Design

Company Kerry Airport PLC
Country Ireland

Product Enquiry: “FLITE Modular Seating System” 200 seating with 20% for those with disability including 4 sets of 4 all marked for for those with PRM Thank you , Rough breakdown of cost emailed would help to start

Sent to S4GA

Company Airport and Aviation Service
Country Sri Lanka

Details and available solutions for the solar powered AGL system

Sent to Lindner

Company Capital Fabrications LLC
Country United Arab Emirates

Enquiry for composite ceiling-590

Sent to IER – EASIER

Company Amadeus UK Services Limited
Country United Kingdom

Product Enquiry: “i420, compact and cost-saving check-in printer” I am an implementation Manager and have some of these devices to implement for a client. I want to follow our current standard so need your advice to do the following: 1. Silently install the driver (IERManager) 2. Assign pre-defined COM ports(e.g. COM4 and COM5) that are different from the default of COM11 and COM12 for ATB and BTP devices. Thanks.

Sent to Tec Huenert

Company Serco
Country United Kingdom

Can you supply information on the smart mover please . We are looking at moving aircraft up to 25 tonne with deflated tyres etc-630

Sent to Cover Technology

Company Air Choice One
Country USA

I am inquiring about portable hangar – 25,000 sf – 30,000 sf. Please call me at your earliest convenience.

Sent to Adelte

Company COWI AS
Country Norway

Budget price nose loader bridge.

Sent to Planevision

Company BAE Systems
Country USA

I am getting preliminary quotes for a ADS-B ground station for an upcoming project. I’m interested in pricing for the PlaneTRack units. Out system requirements are below for your reference. AUTOMATIC DEPENDENT SURVEILLANCE – BROADCAST (ADS-B) Detection 1. The ADS-B Ground Station shall detect transmissions from ADS-B fitted aircraft up to at least 100nm. Integration 1. The ADS-B Ground Station solution should provide a situational awareness display to operators. 2. The ADS-B Ground Station shall provide external data signals for integration into a third party Situational Awareness/radar display system. 3. The ADS-B Ground Station shall log all data and provide a time stamped data signal. 4. Electrical equipment supplied as part of an ADS-B Ground Station shall comply with the regulatory requirements set out by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and carry, or be suitable for labelling with, the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). Availability 1. The ADS-B Ground Station shall be able to operate for 6 hours per day, 5 days per week for a minimum of 42 weeks per year. Environment 1. The ADS-B Ground Station shall provide full functionality in the operational environment, up to a nominal +45 degrees Celsius, in varying humidity and levels of air quality (i.e. dusty conditions).

Sent to Aviramp


Hi Sales Team, We have a customer requirement for a boarding ramp for an ATR42-500. This is to be used for Medical Evacuation Passengers boarding and disembarking on a stretcher. Are you able to quote a possible product that is supported or maybe know where these could possibly be acquired? Many thanks and look forward to your response. Best regards

Sent to JBT Aerotech

Company S+B James Construction Management

We are preparing a proposal for the new Passenger Boarding Bridge to be installed at the Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford, Oregon and would like an opportunity to discuss the project with you as well as receive your pricing for providing and installing the new PBB and relocating the existing PBB.

Sent to Moog


Software require for a MOOG TACAN MM-7000 with AS-3240A/URN ANTENNA.

Sent to Valis

Company Mott MacDonald

Could you please provide examples where you installed fiberglass jetblast deflectors near ILS? Thank you,

Sent to SACO

Company DB Schenker

Product Enquiry: “Slave Pallet System – Slave Pallet Roller Deck”

Sent to Evergreen Aviation

Company Arup

Hi, I am working in the project of New Runway for Dublin Airport. We are using filter drains to collect surface water for the green areas outside the runway. One of the Employers Requirements states land drainage within jet engine blast and jet ingestion areas shall be buried beneath top soil. The top soil is highly impermeable so they system would collect properly the storm water from the surface. I have seen you have been working in London Airport and Artificial grass was provided there. Can we have a conversation about this possibility? What is the material laid below the artificial grass? Can a very permeable material been laid below?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company ANA Systems

Dear Sirs, I am Fujimura from ANA Systems for airline IT integration. We are now studying Self Check-in application software to install airport CUSS environment. Could you provide information about you can offer any solution for above? Please note we look for Self Check-in software for airline but not for CUSS platform. Appreciated your confirmation and help.

Sent to Teknoscale

Company Jetline Aviation

We are looking for aircraft wireless electronic weighing scale with four jacking point which is capable of weighing Helicopters, DHC6 aircrafts, DO228 aircrafts, Jetstream 4100, ATR 72 aircrafts. Please send your quote with specfications for supply of same. We have part number reference of M2400-4-25CS.

Sent to Rapiscan Systems

Company Namibia Airports Company

Product Enquiry: “Rapiscan Systems – Baggage Scanner – 920CT” Market price for Rap- 920CT cabin baggage and RTT 110 hold baggage Scanners

Sent to LANGA Industrial

Company Singapore Air Services

Do you manufacture tow bar for the SUKOI 27 and 30. I am seeking 2 sets for each aircraft, total 4. Please quote FOB for shipping cost calculation. Thks WLee

Sent to Zarges



Sent to AFS Aviation

Company Qinetiq

Good Morning, I am trying to gather some information on what ground support equipment would be necessary to support an operation of 12 fast jet aircraft. If you have any input on what sort of equipment you think would be necessary, focusing on vehicles, and potential quantities/costs of them that would be fantastic. I am very keen to find out if AFS would be able to provide this equipment. Kind Regards,

Sent to Mototok

Company SIAEC

Hi there, SIAEC is interested in exploring electrical air tugs as part of our green initiative. Can we check if you would be intesterested to collaborate on this topic / or if you already have an electrical air tug that is ready to be bought off the shelf.

Sent to ALS Logistics

Company Ceva Logistics

Hi – Looking for slave airline pallets for our Dubai logistics city facility.

Sent to OMK Design

Company Zeso Architects

Hello, Looking at airport seating for Greenland Airports. Please price out 30 units of the 4 seater Flite Bench – standard mid-level upholstery, no tables, no power. We are curious if this line would be within range. Thank you!

Sent to OMARV

Company Odinsa

Product Enquiry: “Venezia 190 XL – grass cutting and collecting mower”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Sectus Technologies

Good afternoon, we have an airport customer in urgent need of a 6000 sq ft airport passenger facility. Could you please forward information as soon as possible. Looking forward to your input. Best regards,

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Fast Global Solutions

Looking for someone to contract to build a GSE Scissor Lift. Do you have a USA sales person to speak too?

Sent to Proampac

Company Norwich Airport

The price and order quantities available for STEB – Security tamper evident bags which are ICAO approved.



Good morning, we require quotation of socket 400 hz including cables for EFFETI GPU FT99.90 serial number 3480/17/01. Sure of the collaboration, I wish good work

Sent to Saco

Company Mowi Markets Norway AS

Product Enquiry: “System Level 508 Manual – Castor Deck”

Sent to Handle-IT

Company TBI Airport Management

Product Enquiry: “Trafficker Range – Aluminium Baggage Trolley – 3 Wheels”

Sent to Nordic Heater

Company Pajala Airport

Hej! Hade velat ha en offert på en Värmare. Största planet vi använder den till är en 737. Så Eran minsta antar jag duger. Med vänlig hälsning Mattias

Sent to RUBB

Company Fleet Air International Ltd

Dear Sirs, Please send your quote for subject inflatable hangar, capable to accomodate SAAB340-size aircraft with key dimensions below: Inside height 8 m Inside width (at 2,5 m level) 24 m Inside length 25 m Thanks and regards

Sent to Desko

Company CAAB

Product Enquiry: “BGR 504 pro – Boarding Gate Reader for Standalone or Integration”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Maldives Airports Company Limited

We have a requirement for ATC Tower Simulator, please share e-mail contact of the person to share RFQ email.

Sent to Desko

Company Airnoth

Product Enquiry: “BGR 504 pro – Boarding Gate Reader for Standalone or Integration”

Sent to CS


Product Enquiry: “CSoIP – CS Voice Communication Systems for ATC centers” We are interested in quoting 6 VCS Systems for Air Traffic Control Communications with their corresponding factory acceptance test and training. We are a well experienced company dedicated to airport and airspace solutions.

Sent to VOLKAN

Company Aviation GSE

Product Enquiry: “Lynx Class Arff 6X6” Aviation GSE is Canada’s Largest Exporter of Aviation Ground Support Equipment. Our client in Asia has a firm require ment of 10 units of ARFF 6×6 . Please send us specs, warranty details and Distributor prices that we may quote to the customer

Sent to DELTA

Company Cyclone Surface Cleaning

LTL-X Mark II and LTL-XL Handheld Retroreflectometers for Pavement Markings

Sent to Platform Sales & Hire

Company Haitec Aircraft Maintenance

We need a scissor lift Access Platform, or Flying Carpet on the Line at Frankfurt Airport to serve our Customer with B777. Means Access to Wings, Horizontal Stabilizer and APU We need it with a Left hand Steering Wheel. Can you please make an offer for purchase, installment purchase or loan We have already one in use with a Right Hand Steering Wheel, but i`m always getting into the car on the wrong side. Thanks and best regards,

Sent to Volacom

Company Eways Aviation LLC

I need more information on this BCAS and pricing.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Galliford Try

Galliford Try are currently on site at Manchester airport and are looking to procure 2nr blast screens to 2 taxiways. Do you supply & install blast screens? Do you supply & install int he UK? if so are you able to send some previous examples over on where you have worked. Kind Regards,

Sent to Moventor

Company Jacksonville Aviation Authority

I am inquiring about purchasing a Runway Friction–measuring vehicle that is approved by the FAA for our airport in Jacksonville, Florida. If you could provide me with some Friction Testing Vehicles and cost that would be greatly appreciated.


Company Newcastle International Airport


Sent to CCM Airports

Company Houston Airport System

Product Enquiry: “Self Service Repack Station” I am looking for pricing for one self service repack station. Please let me know if you have “smart options” like media screens or LED options.

Sent to IER – EASIER


Product Enquiry: “IER 400, multi-functional check-in printer”

Sent to SACO

Company Curacao Airport Partners NV

Product Enquiry: “System Level 508 Manual – Castor Deck”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company AIM services

inquiring about the Multicut Rotary Mower, the horsepower required for the 4.6, 6.2 and 8.2m width and the recommended speed to cut grass from 200mm to 150mm. Currently our company look after the grounds maintenance at Auckland international airport and we are the market for new mower.

Sent to Security Label

Company AGS Airports – Glasgow Airport

Good morning. I am a Procurement Assistant for AGS Airports and I am based at Glasgow Airport. We have self service check in kiosks which allow passengers to print their boarding cards and baggage tags. I am wondering if you could please provide costs for a pallet of these tags, and price per tag if possible? Thank you,

Sent to Handle-IT

Company Cornwall Airport Newquay

Product Enquiry: “Explorer Range – Stainless Steel Baggage Trolley – 4 Wheels” Hi, we’re interested in purchasing some new baggage trolleys, can you please quote for 50 of the four wheel and the three wheel ones? Thanks,

Sent to Colas

Company Dyer & Butler

Good morning, We have upcoming work joint sealing works at Birmingham Airport. We need to clean and reseal 14 245 m of joints. Work has to be commence at night between 23:00-04:30. Please see scope attached. Could you please provide a quote for it and advise how many shift do you need to finish the work? . We are providing all necessary airside passes. If any problems please let me know

Sent to Anton Air Support

Company GRAHAM

Belfast City Airport – Airbridge maintenance. I have tried to contact you regarding the maintnenace on the airbridge. Could someone please contact me?

Sent to ITW GSE

Company Zambia Airports Corporation Limited

Kindly send me a quotation for one GROUND power unit. i have a full bidding document and would like to send to you at the ealiest. i need a 180KVA. you may quote a 2x 90KVA GPU

Sent to Seating Suppliers

Company Vilnius Airport

Dear Supplier, We have just announced a tender for airport seating replacement at Vilnius Airport. 

Sent to Artisys


Interoperability Systems International Hellas S.A. (ISI Hellas) develops Software and Hardware products and systems for the Tactical Data Systems Interoperability market. ISI Hellas is involved in a proposal that requires the provision of a Pilot Training Classroom. The training environment shall be equipped with an Intercom System. Our consideration is to propose a simple system with basic intercom capabilities that can cover the training needs for 10 users with the following minimum requirements. 1. 10 Users: 8 Pilots each one equipped with headset, microphone , PTT switch 1 2 Instructors equipped with headset, microphone, PTT switch 2. Two (2) audio interfaces for Radios 3. Voice Recording/Playback capability 4. Video Recording/Playback capability Kindly provide us with a ROM price and a short description (or diagram) of the above RFQ Your prompt reply will be much appreciated. Please contact us for any further


Company Odinsa

We are looking forward to purchase aircraft recovery equipment

Sent to FAUN Viatec

Company Bahrain Airport Company

Dear Sir/ Madam, Please note that we are interested in a street sweeper to sweep debris and dust in addition to a mechanism designed to expedite the removal of oil/fuel spill on asphalt and concrete surface. The occurrence of oil/fuel spill at our airport is not frequent however if a spill happens it could be large in size so in order to be proactive we are looking for a feasible solution in which a sweeper is equipped with technology to expedite oil/fuel spill removal as well. In addition after the removal of spill from asphalt/concrete surface the airport usually applies a degreaser with water on the surface of spill to ensure that surface it cleaned from spilled oil/fuel. Therefore its also preferable that the sweeper also has a detergent dozing unit. With regards to the sweeping speed it preferred to be 40km/hr or faster given that time is a critical factor at the airport and any cleaning should be fast. In brief please below the sweeper specifications we are looking for: 1. Designed to vacuum hazardous liquids such as oil spill 2. Designed to be also used as a sweeper to brush dirt and debris with sweeping speed Not less than 40 km/hr (preferred to be faster) 3. Equipped with detergent dozing tank that is used to assist sweeping of pavement 4. Equipped with water tank to assist cleaning 5. Equipped with high pressure water nozzle Please advise if you have a sweeper with the above specifications or similar. Thank you. Best Regards

Sent to Richmark

Company Balfour Beatty

Linlaner costs and availability. Approximately 80no yellow

Sent to Etikair

Company Icelandair

Hello, Icelandair would like an offer in printing of Thermal Baggage Tags and (Blanc) Boarding passes. In 2018 we used 2.150.000 Thermal Baggage Tags and 3.000.000 Boarding passes. Best regards,

Sent to EJ

Company YSB Construction & Trading Pte Ltd

Hi , Dennis Tan from YSB Construction (Singapore) . Currently we have a project in Singapore Changi air-port need to supply for fabricate recessed cover . Please contact me for for further information.

Sent to Smiths Detection

Company Altum Aerospace

I hope this message finds you well. Allow us to Request price and lead time for the Following product: 1. X- ray inspection system QTY: 2 EA 2. Advance software package QTY: 2 EA 3. Entrance roller table QTY: 2 EA 4. Exit roller table QTY: 2 EA 5. Installation QTY: 2 EA 6. Removal of existing system QTY: 3 EA 7. Warranty for 1 year Optional year 1- Maintenance QTY: 1 EA – 10/01/2019. Please advise price break Optional year 2- Maintenance QTY: 1 EA – 10/01/2020. Please advise price break Optional year 3- Maintenance QTY: 1 EA – 10/01/2021. Please advise price break Optional year 4- Maintenance QTY: 1 EA – 10/01/2022. Please advise price break Shipping to US Government in 1200 New Jersey Ave Washington, District of Columbia 20590 Please provide country of origin and estimated weight. Thank you so much for your time and have a great day. Best Regards,

Sent to PSI Logistics

Company Airport Cluj

Product Enquiry: “PSIairport/BRS: Baggage Reconciliation System” minimal system i need, we have less than 3 mil pax / year. Thanks.

Sent to Evergreen Aviation

Company Ferrovial Agroman UK Ltd

We are working in a project at Heathrow to replace 24,000 m2 of grass area and I would like to speak to you in order to understand what can you offer in terms of innovative products, design works, timings, availability…etc. please contact me.

Sent to SACO

Company Cargo HS

Product Enquiry: “Slave Pallet System – Slave Pallet Roller Deck”

Sent to Rapiscan

Company Metropolitan Police Service

Product Enquiry: “Rapiscan Systems – Checkpoint Screening X-Ray – Orion™ 920CX” Looking at non-invasive screening of non-police firearm submissions for safety without compromising DNA examinations by opening packaging and further manual handling.

Sent to Handle-IT

Company Redmond Municipal Airport

Product Enquiry: “Trafficker Range – Aluminium Baggage Trolley – 3 Wheels”

Sent to Northern Air Systems

Company LGSTX Serices Inc

Looking for a small engine driven trailer mounted PCA unit. It would be cooling the avionics on a 767 aircraft. Purchase or lease. Unit would be placed at TPA airport

Sent to BGSE

Company ESI, Inc.

I am working on a bid for an Amazon Distribution Hub at CVG Airport. There are 26 pop up boxes I need to price for this project by XXXX. I do not have specifications only details on a plan. Can you price it?

Sent to Special Mobility

Company ABM Aviation

We currently have MULTIMOBBY units in our LHR operation and have a customer in the US that wants to deploy one or two.

Sent to Desko

Company Des Moines International Airport

Product Enquiry: “BGR 504 pro – Boarding Gate Reader for Standalone or Integration” Looking for a quote for 16 of these devices.

Sent to Becker Avionics


Hello there, We are conducting air traffic control project in ASELSAN company in Turkey. In this project, we will install PSR and SSR radars at 11 airports. Along with the radars, our customer demands the ADS-B receiver. We would like to take one sample and use it in our PSR and SSR verification tests before supplying ADS-B receivers to 11 airports. The accuracy of time and location of the target of the ADS-B receiver we need is very critical for us as it will be used in the verification activities . In addition, since our SSR system has a coverage range of 250 NM, the range of the ADS-B receiver must be close to this range. Finally, the ADS-B receiver must also have an asterix interface. Do you have a product that meets our needs?

Sent to ACAMS AS

Company Chinney Alliance Engineering

We are bidding a ATIS project at Hong Kong International Airport and would like to know if ACAMS can provide such a system. Tender closing on XXXXX, you prompt reply much appreciated. Thanks

Sent to Teknik Dokum

Company Caseva Security Ltd

Hi, we have received an inquiry from an existing client for a tray return system. From their specification it appears that your MSTS TRAY CARRIER product will meet their requirements. Could you please provide costs and lead times for 5 x 6 metre length lines to fit stackable trays with external dimensions of 550mm x 420mm x 120mm. Many thanks

Sent to FibreNet

Company Sweco Norge AS
Country Norway

Dear Sir/ Miss, I’ve seen Your products on some exhibitions (interAirport??), and would like to know if there are any possibilities for quick delivery of 300m radio-transparent fence to an airport in Norway?

We’d need the fencing completed within 3 weeks from now…. (could be either Fibre Mesh or Fibre Pipework. What would be approxamate price, complete ex installation work (delivered middle of Norway)

Best regards,

Johs Hanssen,

Senior Project Manager

Sent to Collins Aerospace

Company ANA Systems

Dear Sirs, I am Fujimura of ANA systems and am supporting ANA and affiliated airline’s IT integration. Could you advise you have Self Check-in product to install ARINC CUSS environments and interface with PSS? Appreciate your help and warm regards,

Sent to Security Label GmbH

Company Regional Express Airlines

Hi, we are interested in the dry ice baggage tag from your company. Is there any way that you may send us the quote? Also, does the tags able to ship to Australia? Thanks.

Sent to Lufft

Company Ministry of Transportation Canada

Product Enquiry: “MARWIS – Mobile Advanced Runway Weather Information Sensor”

Sent to FOD BOSS – Aeroweep

Company Tav Tunisia Monaster Airport

I am interested in fod boos . Could you Send offer letter please. Apriciate

Sent to EASIER

Company Air France

IER i420 ATB printer in 110V for use in United States

Sent to Thyssenkrupp Airport Systems

Company Mott MacDonald

Good afternoon,

At Mott Macdonald we are working with airports in the United Kingdom that are considering different options for their new PBBs. Among the options are Thyssenkrupp products as well as other manufacturers.

We would like if we could get some technical information and specifications about Thyssenkrupp PBBs mainly the apron drive series, as well as other airport ramp systems (PCA, FEGP …) that Thyssenkrupp offers.

Best regards,

Sento to GPU Suppliers

Company Jet Aviation Zurich

I need a quote for a GPU with two 400Hz and one 28V connection capable of servicing all aircraft types. I would really appreciate your help for any information and price. Thanks.

Sent to Bertoli

Company Baltic Ground Services

Product Enquiry: “Ground Power Unit 400hz 40m cable”

Sento to Zoeftig

Company Tonga Airports

Supply of seats for arrival hall.

Sent to Record UK

Company City of Dallas

Product Enquiry: “Exit Lane Breach Control Systems”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Atea

Dear Sir or Madam. I am looking for a supplier of Air/Ground Communication Equipment for Lithuanian Airports.

Please contact me for more details and technical specification if you are interested.

Thank you.

Waiting for your kindly reply.

Aivar Vellemaa

Atea – is the leading supplier of IT solutions and services in Nordic and Baltic coutries. Together with our partners and customers we build Lithuania with IT. With approximately 7000 employees located in 86 offices across seven countries – Atea combines a unique breadth of competence in IT infrastructure with a powerful local presence in each market we serve. Follow Atea in Lithuania:

Sent to IER (EASIER)

Company Long Beach Airport

Product Enquiry: “ALISS, a powerful and user-friendly CUSS check-in application”

Sent to Valis

Company Surbana Jurong

I would like to request for a quote for supply and install of jet blast fence for approximately 230m long x 5m height.

Sent to DESKO

Company Malaysia Airport

BGR DESKO 504 Pro Qty: 20 NOS

Integrated Keyboard DESKO 520 with OCR/MSR Qty:20 NOS

Sent to AFS

Company Ireland west airport

we are replacing two of our bowsers. Rigid 20k capacity with both over and underwing hoses. Artic unit 34k capacity with 2 underwing hoses .

Sent to Wybone

Company MAG

Product Enquiry: “Torpedo Triple Security Recycling Bin”

Sent to SACO

Company DHL

Profile stand for building aircraft pallets to correct profile, can you supply and have some pictures?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company JSC Provivo LT

Hello, I‘m an engineer from engineering design company JSC Provivo LT.

Our company is designing an expansion of aircraft parking lot in the Vilnius international airport (Lithuania).

One of the goals is to update pit power systems. I’m inquiring for a price list and a technical information for 13 set in ground (single sided) and 13 set static above ground (also single sided) pit systems.

The technical information will be used for designing solutions and the price list to calculate the overall costs.

We need two options of single side systems (with frequency converters, 400Hz cables with junction head from pit/cabinet to airplane, etc.): in ground and static above ground. Systems should serve A321, A320, B737-800 aircrafts. Single side in ground system kit must contains 400Hz power cable(s) with plug holder; outputs for electrical socket 400 V, 63A and electrical socket 230 V, 16A; Cable basket in pit; High water level warning system and sump pump, heater; Maintenance cover with ladder, data link. Single side static above ground system should have two separate cabinets (one for frequency converter and one for electrical equipement). Electrical cabinet must have outputs for electrical socket 400 V, 63A; electrical socket 230 V, 16A; voltage rectifier (28V,25A) 400 V, 63A, data link. Converter cabinet 200/115V, 400Hz (or different specifications, adapted to the new system).

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Rider Levett Bucknall, Singapore

Dear Sir/Mdm I am from Rider Levett Bucknall, Singapore – we provide construction cost consultancy services.

We are currently working on a new airport in the South East Asian region. We would be very grateful if you could discuss some of the products/services you offer in regards to the passenger boarding bridges.

We want to get some understanding on passenger boarding bridges, your recommendations/input based on the information we can provide you and lastly some indicative cost on the system.

Sent to FAUN

Company Engie

Hello, I am a project buyer and I need to find a snow Sweeper for an airport. Could you please give the sales contact for this type of product ? Many thanks

Sent to Losberger De Boer

Company Aeroporti di Roma
Country Italy

We are looking for a temporary hangar for a B-737-800. Thank you for your time

Sent to Evergreen Aviation

Company WSP UK

My client has issue on the runway edge delethdalisation where the turf has been stripped by the jet blast. I wish to understand the performance of AGAT and hopefully able to introduce to our client

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Ferrovial Agroman Uk Ltd

We are working in a project at Heathrow in which a blast screen is to be relocated. as part of the scope a new jest blast barrier is to be installed and I would like to speak to you in order to understand what would you require, design works, timings, availability…etc. please contact me.


Company Saab AB

Request for pricing on ATM/ATC product portofolio.

Sent to CU Phosco

Company Airports of Mauritius Ltd

Dear Sir/Madam we want to know the mass/weight of one 22 meters high Phosco light mast. Thanks

Sent to Aerosweep FOD BOSS

Company GECI Group

Our company has contracts in the Pacific Area (Tonga, Kiribati and Solomon Islands) and we are interested in your FOD Boss Sweeper for the runways. Please, send me quote with the price and delivery time. Regards,

Sent to Access IS

Company Servitech, Inc

Product Enquiry: “BGR135c – Contactless Boarding Gate Reader”

Product Enquiry: “AKB500 MSR/OCR Keyboard”

Sent to SARSYS

Company Sibiu International Airport

Sibiu International Airport is interested in buying a car that is equipped with Sarsys equipment. You can send us on the email the details. We need details such as: price, delivery term, if you have a dealer on Romania or Eastern Europe, other relevant information. Best regards.

Sent to ADELTE

Company J. A. Watts, Inc.

JWI is putting together a RFP for Chicago O’Hare’s Terminal 5’s replacement of 17 passenger boarding bridges, plus another 15-17 PBB’s for a City of Chicago expansion to Terminal 5. We are looking for jetbridge manufacturers interested in bidding on this project.

Sent to Rapiscan

Company Business Development Manager at Johnson Controls

Need more information on 920 CT and other security offerings for airports.

Sent to SG11

Company Malta International Airport plc

Product Enquiry: “Delta R – Item Scanner”

Sent to ALS Logistics

Company GMR Hyderabad International Airport

Automation of cargo terminal

Sent to FINBIN

Company SEA Milan Airports


I kindly ask you to send me a catalogue for recyclying bins together with the price list Thanks Elisabetta Gervasini

Sent to IER

Company RIGA International Airport

Hello! I’m writing to you from Riga, Latvia on of biggest IT companies in Government sector. In one of our near future projects with International Airport Riga we are interested in your offered printers:

IER i420 – 92 pcs

IER 400 – 13 pcs

Can you please send us price quotation for such quantity and approx. delivery times?

Will wait info from you, with best regards.

Sent to Macquarie

Company Air Canada

We are currently in the process of having several units from our 2019 GSE outlook leased instead of purchased and would like to get in contact with someone who can provide us with quotes on this.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Glidepath

We are designing a bag drop Kiosk and need: Heavy Bag tag, Receipt and Boarding Pass Printers. Ideally we want it compact and if possible a multiple use Printer with stock feeder and sock holders.

Sent to Infologic


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are kindly asking you to help us with an offer for a display board used for departures/arrivals in an airport. The details we were given are: !.Minimum diagonal 43″ 2.Downtime zero – it will be working 24 h per day 3. either a mini PC incorporated or a module that will allow the connection the internal LAN, for displaying the flights details. 4. Quantity:3 pieces

Sent to Handle-IT


Product Enquiry: “Trafficker Range – Aluminium Baggage Trolley – 3 Wheels”

Sent to IER

Company Vinci Construction

Looking for 40 Border control kiosk for Santiago Airport (Chile)

Sent to VEOVO

Company NCSI (HK) Ltd.

We are currently implementing several projects in Hong Kong International Airport recently. We explore new projects from our customer and would like to arrange further discussion about business partnership for upcoming opportunities (such as AODB solution) in Hong Kong International Airport. Can we arrange a meeting to have further discussion by early next week?

Sent to Auweko

Company Oman Airports

provide a prepartion area at transfer and deprtures in Muscat Airport

Sent to Beumer Group

Company Telekonta UAB


Sent to Losberger Deboer

Company Etihad Airways Engineering

Can you please provide a budget estimate for a hangar that is suitable for B777-300, 75M X 75M to supply and erect in Abu Dhabi

Sent to ITS

Company Ansir Systems

Hello our company provide baggage handling systems to the airports industry globally, we are a smaller niche supplier and at this stage do not have a HLC system. Do you have a system that we can consider as an add on to our integrated solutions?

Sent to Systems Interface

We are currently working on an airport project in South East Asia and we would like to inquire about airfield systems and its cost.

Sent to Security Label

Company Global Trek Aviation

We have integrated security screening within our Private Jet Centres at Belfast International and Cardiff International Airports. We have a relative low volume (300-500) requirement for baggage tags. Can you suggest a solution and provide a quote?

Sent to ITW GSE

Company ASEA

5 GPUs model 6T28-500 CL GPU 600 or equivalent

Sent to Evaccess

Company ATR

Product Enquiry: “LG2020 Powered Stair Climber”

Sent to Aviramp

Company Changi Airport Group

Hi, I am Leo from Changi Airport Group Airside Operations.

We are interested in leasing AviRamp Continental mobile boarding ramp (https://aviramp.com/models/continental/) for an operational trial.

Sent to Aerowash

Company Jetair Caribbean

we are in search for a efficient way to wash our aircraft. Obviously we would like into this possibility and also the affordability. As such if it is not too early we would like a quotation for the Aerowash AW12

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Strategic buyer ve společnosti Prague Airport

Dear Sir or Madame,

in the attachment you can find RFI for project, RFI SORT ALLOCATION COMPUTER (SAC) SYSTEM REPLACEMENT AT PRAGUE AIRPORT“ where you can find detailed information. Please confirm reception of this invitation and your intention to attend or not attend.

Sent to Mulag

Company Kalmar Öland Airport


I would like to get a offer on a large electrical selfpropeld beltloader.

Best Regards


Sent to RUBB

Company British International Helicopter Services Ltd

Good Morning,

We are looking for options on a temporary type Hangar to go inside our hanger in Mount Pleasant, Falklands, the temperatures in the hanger can drop below workable temperatures during base maintenance and we need an option of a small work space that can cover the below helicopters so maintenance can continue.

Can you quote for extra options of lighting, heating & installation in the Falklands (flights and accommodation would be provided free of charge) and cost price difference of rental Vs purchase

S61 height 17’ 7” S61 width 19’ 11” (MRB’s removed) S61 length 72’10” AW189 height 17’ AW189 width 13’2” (MRB’s removed) AW189 length 48’ Conservative suggested sizes – Min height 22’, Min width 26’ min length 85’

Please let me know if you need any more information

Sent to Voice Collect

Company QinetiQ Pty Ltd

Hi, Do you supply ATIS to Australia or have a supplier entity for Australia

Sent to Thyssenkrupp

Company NORDIC Office of Architecture

What is the standard floor loads the PBB are designed for? We are planning 19 new PBBs in Stockholm Arlanda Airport, 4 AD, 15 NL, Crystal type. I need the kg/m2 and point-load.

Sent to Bird Control Group – Aerolaser

Company QinetiQ

I am looking to buy an AEROLASER for use on the airfield at MOD Boscombe Down. Do you still stock this item?

Sent to TVH

Company Evgenii Pleshkan

Dear, I am writing with regard to order spare part for Ground Power Unit TUG (model 400 – 120). We need Contactor 400Hz (part number 3000284). I would be a grateful if you could help us. Thank you in advance!

Sent to Airport-Suppliers

Company ALBE Logistik und Trade GmbH

Dear Airport -Suppliers Team,

pls. quote for next request:


Hand brake valve 61606 – 1 pcs.

Transmission Switch 86413 – 1 pcs.

Brake pedal 76516 – 1 pcs.

Gas pedal 83142 – 1 pcs.

Tie Rod 88947 – 1 pcs.

Hydraulic cylinder 86145 – 1 pcs.

AC-3 Invertor 610509 – 1pcs.

AC Motor 619805 – 1pcs.

Spring 56410 – 1 pcs

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Jasmin Tiganj

Sent to Latchways


Hello, We are an MRO company in Cyprus (BIRD AVIATION) and we are doing heavy maintenance mostly for Airbus. As for the c-checks we are doing we have many inspections on the wings. So i would like to send me a quote for fall arrest anchor and some information about that product. Also i would like to include in the quote the price for shipping to Cyprus. Thanks in advance, Demetris Christou

Sent to NEC Display

Company Telesia SpA

Good morning, I’m interested for your monitors in public transport environments (metro). It is possible to have a PDF catalog. Thank you. Regards. Alessandro.

Sent to Dekal Load Banks

Company Menzies Aviation Hungary BUD

Dear Sir, Madam, I would like to enquiry for 400 Hz GPU tester for our Maintenance Workshop. Could you please send me an offer regarding that? Thanks Brgds Andras

Sento to Stokota

Company Signatureflight EMEA

Looking to purchase refueller bowsers for the UK operations built to EN 12312-5 standard

Sent to Evergreen Aviation

Company Ports of Jersey

Good afternoon We have identified a jet blast issue with the grass at one end of our runway.

This is very similar to Southend Airport. Please could you sent through some information on your product and an idea of a budget cost so that I can investigate this option with our operations management team.

Kind regards


Engineering Maintenance Manager

Jersey Airport


Company LAS – Louro aeronaves e serviços

Good afternoon,

We are interested to know the price of standard ramp headsets, to operate in aircrafts Boeing and Airbus.

Thanks in advance.

José Marques

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Sampol Ingeniería y Obras, S.A.

Dear sirs. I would like to know if you are interested in a work for the New Runway Construction of Dublin Airport.

We are a Spanish company especialized in installations in airports and we are studying the Project to getting the subcontractor.

The works will consist on.

– Drill in asphalt pavement for set a shallow base for 12” diameter and 150 mm Depth: 500 units.

– Drill in asphalt pavement for set a shallow base for 8” diameter and 150 mm Depth: 1400 units.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Sent to Topsonic

Company Strasbourg Aeroport

the price of your noise monitoring systems

Sent to Embross

Company Winnipeg Airports Authority

Hello, We are looking to add a digital/interactive wayfinding kiosk in our terminal. The terminal here at CYWG isn’t huge, but we feel there is a need for enhanced wayfinding, from what already is in place. If this is something that would be in your wheelhouse, please email me back with some information, and I would love to get in touch with someone to talk more in depth about this project. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Nevin Edmundson Manager, Airport Operations

Sent to Quickloading

Company Airport Services Antigua

fanblade ouick towbar changer

Sent to Lufft

Company Cochin International Airport

Hi we are interested in sensors that can detect runway surface condition (like wet dry -necessary to generate RCAM and RCC as per ICAO doc 9981) and generate and share report throuh an automated system

Sent to A-ICE

Company Manchester Airports

I’m currently doing some discovery work as part of a project underway at Manchester Airport that requires a list of the various DCS suppliers that Airlines operating onsite utilise. The information will be required to ensure that when we come to upgrade the current check-in counters in Terminals 1,2,3 and the new Terminal 2 Extenstion. Are there any documents that can be shared for us to view that would allow us to update our records? Regards, Christopher Pearce

Sent to IER

Company Atkins Global

I’m looking for pricing and availability around IER 602 barcode reader please.

Sent to ViaGuide

Company Groupe ADP

information on physical barriers for pax guidance – telescopic supports for zone signage


Company Swift Aerospace

Please can I have a price and lead time for the following –

GlobalSys AirLink 2085 Ground Crew Station 4pcs

GlobalSys AirLink 2085 Aircraft Station 1pc

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Croatia Control

Dears, I am project leader for my Company CCL to supply new VRRS sstem this year. Please send me contact information of your company. We would like get information about your recording system, technical solution for our needs, brochure of your VRRS functionality and budgetary offer. with best regards, Tomislav Balja

Sent to Fluid Transfer International


Hello, We are looking for a used/second hand refueller, 10-20m3 for Jet-A1 for Gällivare Lapland Airport in Sweden. Do you have any suitable trucks for us? Best Regards, Johan Rosling

Sent to FOD BOSS by Aerowseep

Company Killeen – Fort Hood Regional Airport

I would like to get a quote on a FOD Boss

Sent to Jotron

Company RGO Communications Ltd.

We require around 6 Jotron 7750C radios. Can you please send us a quotation?

Sent to IER

Company Aeronautica Civil de Colombia

Product Enquiry: “IER 400, multi-functional check-in printer”

Sent to Nordic Dino

Company Advanced Aviation Technology FZE

We are looking for a unit of total aircraft washing system. Kindly let us know your options and please let us have your pricing.

Sent to Imtradex

Company Indra Sistemas

I need information about safety regulations and CE normative for the products AirTalk XS and HS3 handset, Where can I achieve this information? Thanks in advance

Sent to SimpleWay

Company Widerøe Airlines Scandanvia


Need some more information about announcement.

In our airport we need automatic announcement.

Sent to Access-IS

Company Cubic

Product Enquiry: “ATR2XX TripTick® – Barcode, RFID/NFC & EMV reader”

Sent to Imtradex

Company Airsys Communications

Good afternoon, can I get a price on two products please, small volumes; 2 x Imtradex Airtalk 3000 and 2 x Imtradex TM2 USB High Tier Desk Mic

Sent to Lufft

Company Grande Prairie Airport

I am interested in more information and pricing on the runway sensors for friction and temperature sensors.

Sent to Shenling

Company Babcock

I am writing with regard to a substantial business opportunity for the supply of large mobile preconditioned air units for aircraft in the UK. Please would you let me know if you would be interested in receiving a formal enquiry?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Navi Mumbai International Airport Private Limited

We have requirement for Airport Signage for our upcoming project. Request you to please share us your company profile to take up our discussions ahead. Project Reference needs to be of similar airport projects.

Sent to Northern Air Systems

Company Currie Brown

My company is currently working on a high level cost plan for a project and we would like to enquire about the prices of your Preconditioned Air Units (Both Static and Mobile). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sent to Trelleborg


I am booking for 4 tires 445/65R 22.5 for TMX400 pusback TLD to be delivered in Belgium

Sent to Beumer Group

Company Smartrac Technolog GmbH

Dear Sir or Madam, hope you are doing well – I am searching for a contact in Business Development, specialized on Beumer Group´s Airport Baggage Tracking Solution. Based on the Resolution from IATA, released beginning of June, the traditional Barcode Baggage Labels should be migrated to Baggage Labels with a passive UHF RFID Tag converted into the label. Smartrac is one of the worldwide leading companies in manufacturing RFID Tags. I am searching for strong partners to unlock potential Business in this area. Thanks so much for getting back either by email or phone. Wish you a great day, Andreas Walsner

Sent to En-Tank

Company Fintank Oy

Hello, We are company on Finland, We work with refill systems. We looking for 333L tank for Avgas, can you offer you products Best regards Fintank Oy Juha Tolonen

Sent to Aviramp

Company United Airlines

Curious about the cost for the larger narrow body ramp with cover. We are looking to replace two outdated versions

Sent to Veovo

Company Serco

We are looking at options for airport movement recording, and associated billing.

Sent to Midstream Lighting

Company Civil Aviation Pakistan

portable lighting tower with led lights and generator average height 6-12m to use at isolated bay at airports needs specs and quotations for processing of procurement case

Sent to Green Furniture Concept

Company Pure Contract Furniture Ltd

We have interest in your airport seating curve system for a custom project. Can you email me a brochure with supporting price list and any other information available. The project is for a public area but not airport. Kind regards Matthew

Sent to ACAMS

Company QinetiQ Pty Ltd

Could you please advise if you have and Australian entity for the provision of Airport Tower Solutions?

Sent to Embross

Company AECOM

Dear Sir/Madam; Jawed From AECOM.

Currently I am pricing 48 nor Self service Kiosk & 32 no Auto bag drop station for Dubai Airport Project.I need a budget price or quote for these item include integration work .

It’s quite urgent.

Your early response much appreciated.

Sent to Mototok

Company Titan Airways

Please could you go send us the specification and price on the Mototok spacer capable of moving a 321 in and around a Hangar

Sent to Globalsys

Company Aircraft Maintenance Services Australia

Please provide pricing and availability for Airlink 2085 wireless headset. We would anticipate an order for between 10-20 units.

Sent to Rockwell Collins

Company Fujitsu Hong Kong Ltd

Want to know more about the AODB Solution and propose to Hong Kong International Airport.

Sent to ITW GSE

Company AIRBUS

Product Enquiry: “ITW GSE 1400 – Ground Power Unit – mobile solid-state GPU”

Hi, I would like to know the price for 3 ground power unit 28 V DC.

Best regards.

Sent to Mototok

Company WestAtlantic

What is the cost of the Mototok model PB8600 Regards Ian de-Lancey

Sent to Langa Industrial

Company Acciona Airport Services

Buenos días, me gustaría me contactaran para ver su oferta de equipos de de-Icing nuevos y/o usados. Atentamente

Sent to Parkinson Richmark

Company Swedavia

We need marshalling pads and marshalling lamps, What color and size do you have??

Sent to Materna

Company Boryspil International Airport

Dear colleagues, At the moment KBP airport authorities are researching the market of 2 step self bag drop solutions and I will be thankful for commercial proposal for the self bag drop equipment

Thank you for your prompt reply,


Yaroslav Boiko

Head of Route Development Department

Boryspil International Airport

Sent to CTI Systems

Company Atlantic Aviation Group

Hi, I work for an Aircraft maintenance company based in Shannon Airport , Ireland. Currently we are in the process of reviewing our Wide body line lay out with respect to better positioning of the Aircraft to maximise hangar space. Part of this new lay out would be the requirement for a Suspended type Tail access dock. It would need to be somewhat adjustable and movable to suit B757 and B767 Empenage. If this is something that your company would be interested in looking at or advising on please feel free to contact me with more questions and maybe we can arrange a site visit. Best regards

Sent to Zoeftig

Company U.S. Facilities at Atlantic City International Airport

Would like to received brochures or information on various seating types and pricing for our airport.

Sent to Langa Industrial

Company Zimex Aviation

Offer and lead time for 4 each ATR Wing Jacks PN 1211.80

Sent to Valis

Company B P (Systems) Engineering P L

We would like to enquire for Jet Blast Wall for Airport project. The specification require the following: A) Length 250m run B) Height 4.5 m Height. Would like your side to recommend which type your model suitable for the project, Please quote for fiberglass and steel fence, include analysis, accessories and framing & fence. The Jet Blast Wall is mainly for commercial airplane, for airport. Thanks Danny Ong

Sent to Shopf

Company Widerøe Ground Handling

I need to order some parts for our Schopf F110. Do you have an email where i can send an enquire?

Sent to Etelm


Wireless Network Systems Supply and installation of SAS Airport Wireless Network Devices including all associated equipment, accessories, containment and cabling works all in accordance to Drawings and Specifications.

Dwg ref AC001-D3000-12-T2-T-XXX0028) Allow for SAS Airport Wireless Network Devices item 1 we are pricing for the DOHAR International Airport , please contact

Sent to GSE Suppliers

Company Majestic Terminal Services

Hello, I am looking for equipment availability with your company.

Please see the equipment list below.

I may need other equipment if you could provide your available list of equipment.

C30 Loaders – 2 C30 and 2 C15 (possibly) · B650 pushback –

3 · MA50 baggage tractors –

4 – 7 · GPU – 90 kVA or 140 kVA – 2 (120 kva or 140kva) ·

Air start 270ppm –

1 1 Belt loader

4 crew stairs

49 dollies Thank you, Rose

Sent to Access IS

Company Sacramento County Airport Systems

Product Enquiry: “BGR700 – Face Up Boarding Gate Reader” (13) QRB700 Quick Release Bracket for BGR700 (13) XMAINSLDUS IEC Mains Cable Lead with US Plug (13)

Sent to Midstream Lighting

Company Dubai Airports

To Whom It May Concern, I am writing with a general enquiry regarding airport apron lighting solutions. Do you offer any solutions which could potentially tackle the issue of apron lighting height restrictions due to obstacle limitation surfaces, i.e. portable apron lighting, adjustable mast height lighting, cantilever configuration etc.? The goal would be to limit the height of the lighting at least when not in use (i.e. when the runway in question is not active). I am trying to establish if such solutions exist or there is any opportunity to implement a bespoke solution to this common aerodrome issue. Thank you in advance.

Sent to Avon Barrier

Company Foster + Partners

Dear Sir or Madam, We are currently carrying out some research for a high-rise project in Budapest which requires several types of bollards.

While going through this investigation, we came across your planters. Would it be possible to send us some information on these products? What are the minimum dimensions we could possibly achieve? What kind of materials could we use? What would be the maximum distance we could have between the elements? Also, do you produce any other kind of street furniture?

Please note that all the products we are looking for need to be ASTM F2656/F2656F compliant or the UK equivalent PAS 68 (tested to a 80kmh and a minimum of 6800kg vehicle)?

We would appreciate any information that could help us in our design process.

Many thanks.

Best regards,

Ana S. Menino Silva

Architect UK/ARB Foster + Partners

Sent to Vilokan ADF

Position Airfield Operations Manage
Company Inverness Airport – HIAL
Country United Kingdom

Good Afternoon, I’m employed as the Airfield Operations Manager at Inverness Aiport which is one of the Highlands and Islands group of 11 regional airports.

We’re keen to explore the possibility of glycol / de-icer recovery to assist in our environmental commitments and your company was highlighted as having supplied similar services around the airport industry.

We believe there is significant potential for recapture and recycling of our de-icing products at Inverness and potentially other airports in the group.

This is really just an initial contact to get a better understanding of what products and services your company is able to supply and how we might go about discussing trials and potential procurement in the future.

Thank you for your time.

Dan Mason

Sent to Carttec

Company Newcastle International Airport

Hi, I would like a price quotation for 850 landside baggage trolleys.

I am interested in what models you have, their expected servicing needs and price of parts and labour?

Do you have maintenance teams in Britain?, can you supply them with a £1 deposit / return mechanism built in?

Also, do you supply the trolleys with a locking wheel and induction loop systems? The likes of which prevent the trolleys from leaving site by locking a wheel when you pass over the induction loop in the ground?

Sent to CONRAC


FIDS for Indian Airport

Sent to OAG

Company Jacobsen Daniels Associates

Looking for pricing information for OAG schedule data. Thank you.

Sent to Platform Sales & Hire (Speedy)

Company Boeing

I am interested in hiring a VMS long term

Sent to AMA

Company Viziocon Technical Services LLC

I request a quotation for 3 x 50m3 JET A1 fuel storage tanks complete with bridger unloading facility with duty standby pump, to include filers and metering, loading facility with water filter separators for refueling. to be transported to Sri Lanka . should include shipping testing commissioning and installation.

Sent to Carttec

Company San Jose Airport Operations

Product Enquiry: “CY-G4100-BG5A Duty Free Cart”

Sent to JLC Automation

Company Pascall + Watson

I am the Envelope lead on project to re-build London City Airport. I am interested in your blast enhanced sliding doors for entrances to new London City Airport: both landside and airside. Can you send me literature and / or arrange a visit by a technical rep?

Sent to Qmetrix

Company Gatwick Airport

Potentially interested in your solution for a smart queuing (“call forward”) situation. Grateful if you could advise whether your solution is capable of real-time analysis and application of simple prioritisation logic, and linking to a smart display. i.e. To direct customers to the shortest queue within a defined space.

Sent to Valis

Company Hong Kong Airport – Gammon Construction
Country Hong Kong

Sir, We are interested by your jet-blast screen design & products in view of the expansion of the Hong Kong Airport. Could you please send us some technical specifications, drawings and blast test reports from past projects for our initial review? We would like to know the layout, anchorage details and reaction at supports for our design of the pad footing. Thank you Best regards,

Sent to PAGE

Company Incheon Int’ Airport Corporation – Bedell One Corporation

Dear sir, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Kyla Kim, a manager of Bedell One Corporation who is an authorized supplier of the GSE parts in the aviation industry in Korea.

Since 1979, we have been representing globally reputable companies in the aerospace sector and supplying the diverse GSE products to all commercial airlines including Korean Air and Asiana and also the airport authorities in Korea.

We are currently working on an inquiry from our customer, Incheon Int’ Airport Corporation(IIAC) and we’d like to propose the following products and quantity to IIAC. 1. PCA ducting hose, P/N PWV14-20-U 56 EA 2. PCA ducting hose, P/N PWV14-40-U 27 EA 3. PCA connector, P/N PCA610 15 EA As you know, IIAC is already using your products initially installed by a PBB construction company and also several kinds of other brand products are being used as well.

Since the PCA ducting accessories are the consumable maintenance items, the spare parts are proposed and supplied by their existing suppliers like us. Please provide us with the best price and lead time on the above requirements so that we can speed up the budget approval process with IIAC quickly.

If any technical documents and reference information are available, please kindly advise us too.

We hope we can establish a business relationship with your company through this opportunity. Should you require additional information about our company, please feel free to contact us. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Kyla Kim Manager Bedell One Corporation

Sent to Pollite

Company Theodor Friedrichs & Co.
Country Germany

we do need a quotation for frangible masts for anemometer, height 10 m, compl. with lightning protection.

Sent to S4GA

Company Etihad

Will you please provide me with a cost estimate to provide the following light; Solar Taxiway Light – Qty. X10 Regards Izak

Sent to Cartwright GSE

Company Adaptalift GSE

G’day we are Australia’s largest GSE company please check our website. We have enquirers for PRM, Cabin cleaning and catering trucks urgently. Would like to talk with you’re sales team . Can you please provide a point of contact Brían

Sent to Security Label

Company Omre

6000 X Customised/numbered tamperproof high grade plastic adjustable security seal with a metal insert blockage high security closure system to ensure sample security. Each security seal should be serially numbered (8 characters) with thermal transfer printing and marked SEALED MT. Eg; SEALED MT A0000001 – SEALED MT A0006000. Dimensions of seal; Tail; >7mm wide & approx. 300-450mm long, preferably white.

Sent to Mallaghan

Company Chevron Aircraft Maintenance


We are currently looking for some assistance with the procurement of A320 (A319-A321 family) aircraft steps, so we can have access to them through the passenger doors whilst in maintenance at our Prestwick facility. Ideally the steps would have a hydraulic arm so we can adjust the height as our aircraft are mostly on jacks whilst in the hangar.

We would like to look at used models preferably however if there is any specials available we would consider new options also.

Sent to Saco

Company Latam Airlines

Product Enquiry: “Slave Pallet System – Slave Pallet Roller Deck”

Sent to Electroair

Company Aurigny

HI There We are currently looking for a new portable load bank tester for our Ground power units, is this something you are able to supply Would like 400 AC and 28v DC testing Regards Carl

Sent to SkyPro

Company Nauru Airlines

Hi Skypro, I was just wondering if my company Nauru Airlines has an account with your business as we are wanting to buy some shoes in the near future for some of our Cabin Crew staff. Thank you. Regards Rhianna.

Sent to SACO

Company Bama Blomster Trading AS

Product Enquiry: “System Level 508 Manual – Castor Deck”

Sent to Desko

Company ECS Eurocomputer systems

Dear Sir or Madam, can you send me a proposal for 60pcs Keyboard Desko Neptun chrom, including price, time of deliverry and min. 3y warranty?



Interested in a quotation con a Grip tester unit for Viru Viru International Airport



Sent to PAGE GSE

Company American Airlines

looking for training information on PCA hose reel and pricing for additional ones to purchase, also info on your Jet bridge bag chute slides

Sent to Evaccess

Company ATR

Product Enquiry: “S-Max Sella Powered Stair Climber”

Sent to Moventor

Company Liftking


I’m working on a tender for the Canadian Military. They are looking for qty of five (5) Towable runway surface Friction Testers. Can you quote on this?

Sent to ADB Safegate

Company Tenman Project Management

Hi, we are appointed to deliver a terminal building and the scope includes many airside /Visual docking guidance systems requirements. Can someone send me the sales persons details so I can liaise directly. Many thanks, Nick

Sent to Self Service Kiosk Suppliers

Position Vice President
Company CIMC Pteris Middle East LLC

Interest and looking at procuring 10 units of fully automated self bag drop

Sent to Air Tech Innovations

Company First Air

Product Inquiry – PDF brochures for flex loader, castor decking, racking, conveyor and ball matting

Sent to OMK Design

Company HIAL

Product Enquiry: “TRAX Modular Beam Mounted Seating System”

I have a budget of £20,000 to spend on additional airport seating and would be interested to see what options you would have, how many seats that may provide and your current delivery timescales? Thanks

Sent to Evaccess


Product Enquiry: “Airplane Platform Lift” please a quotation for Viru Viru International Airport

Sent to Aebi Schmidt

Company St Helena Airport

Is it possible for you to provide a brochure of the range of Runway Sweepers available for consideration by our resourcing team. This is to support our business case for procurement of a runway sweeper in the very near future.

Sent to ALS Logistics

Company Icelandair

Hi I am interested for installing Cargo Castor floor aproximately 171 m2. Floor might be made of 42 pcs, size 1850 x 2200, height 508 mm. Rollers need to be 15/16 pcs per scuare meter. Roller shall be able to resist weight of 4 tn pr. 3,17*2,23 meters. What options do I have?

Sent to TIBA Parking

Company Systra Aviation

I am undertaking consultancy at a large European airport and next year we intend to go to market for car parking equipment using ANPR technology. Could you send me some information on the products you provide.

Sent to LANGA Industrial S.A.


Good day! May I please request for a quotation in VAT EX for the item below:



Hope to receive quotation within the day.

Thank you and best regards,

Sent to Aerowash AB

Company SKY Airline


As a company we are very interested in the acquisition of Automated Aircraft Washing Robots, could you send us a quote as well as a datasheet of the machine.

Greet Atte.

David Suazo Mayorinca Jefe de Talleres Ground Support Equipment

Sent to Reflex-Rol

Company Delhi International Airport – GMR Group

We have recently constructed a new ATC tower wherein we have huge problem of solar glare in the VCR. Cud you please help.

Sent to Adecs Airinfra

Company Bangalore international airport

We need to know more about the product as we are in process of procuring a new AODB system for our Airport.

Sent to AAT Alber

Company Dubai Aviation Corporation (t/a flydubai)

Hi, We are looking options for Onboard Wheel Chair for Special need passengers.

Our Fleet comprises of Boeing 737-800 NG / Max 8 / Max 9 only.

Appreciate if you can let us know the suitable product available with you.

Please share all the specifications on the product as well.

For reference would require cost for a single unit as well along with an optional spare parts details and list price.

Regards Nayyar Tahir

Procurement Speciaist flydubai

Sent to Alstef Automation

Company BNP Associates Inc


Sent to Aviramp

Company airbiz

is it posibble to get a brochure which gives the dimensions of the Aviramps ?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Airports Fiji Limited

Hi I am looking for your assistance in providing quote for runway maintenance materials.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Saudi Royal Fleet-SAUDIA

We have small aircraft such as gulf-stream G300 aircraft which require to be cooled during summer time in Saudi Arabia. these type of aircraft does not have ground connection to connect the air-conditioning duct to it. Do you have any thing that can support this. reards.

Sent to Cartec

Company Aecom
Country Spain

Whom may it concern My name Is Rafael Alonso, architect and part of the AECOM Madrid office.

I contact you because we are looking for a Trolley consultancy services for a major aviation project in Latin America.

Do your company provide these services? Does your company have previous experience in airport trolleys management?

In case not, can you appoint me whom I shall contact to review with them a possible collaboration together.

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards

Rafael C. Alonso Tapia

Sent to APB

Company Blackpool Airport Operations Ltd

I would like to obtain ballpark costings for the fabrication of a replacement VCR Cupola assembly for our existing tower building at Blackpool Airport, and also a quote for the provision and erection of a replacement complete building on a clear site elsewhere on the airport.

Sent to ADB Safegate

Company Noble Supply & Logistics

Requesting quote for the following: 15 Ea. CABINET, INDIVIDUAL CONTROL, ALSF 1, STAINLESS STEEL, PN: 44D1651-1

Sent to Embross

Company Paul Hopkinson

We are in the early stages of designing the new Cape Town International Airport Terminal for ACSA.

We would like to implement as much self-service provision as possible. I need spacial footprints/technical info with regard to self-bag drop/CUSS units, e-gates at security, emigration and immigration for our early planning/concept design.

If the info is available in a CAD format that would be great, but any diagrams with dimensions will be greatly appreciated.


Paul Hopkinson

Sent to Aerowash

Company Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Aircraft Exterior Cleaning Machine Type + Pricing

Sent to TVH

Position Sri Lanka
Company Fits Aviation Pvt Ltd

Gearbox for TD25 model Toyota tow tractor.

Sent to Elaflex

Company Signature Flight

Please could you supply cost information for 1-off reel mounted hose, 50 mm bore x 25 /30 meters long, type HDC for closed line refueling 1-off reel mounted hose, 38 mm bore x 25/30 meters long, type HDC for open line refueling Spec EN1361 Please also include prices for fittings, BSP male and female

Sent to Vosla

Company Kirby

RE: Dublin Airport North Runway – Lights

Sent to Haycomp

Company Scootaround Inc (Delta Airlines)

Good Morning!

On behalf of Delta Airlines,

I have been asked to get pricing for an Eagle 2 Hoist Lift.

Would you be able to advise the price of the unit as well, as shipping to Seattle, Washington USA?

Sent to Schrader

Company The Boeing Company

I am inquiring to obtain quotes for the following:

1. WSU 3000 Water Truck 1-each

2. TSU 3000 Slurry Tank 1-each

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Director of Operations
Company Ground Handling
Country Brazil

Dear Sir/Madam: We are an airport ground handling company in Brazil. We are interested in a communications solution to fully integrate our ground team so that every team member can communicate with each other as well as the pushback crew to communicate with the aircraft.

Sent to Nuctech

Company Excess Baggage Company

We need 2 machines with 60 X 40 tunnel for our new baggage storage facility at Toronto Pearson. Happy to consider good quality secondhand equipment. Please quote best price, together with maintenance, and delivery timeframe.

Sent to BlackBox

Company Raytheon UK

Please can you provide further details (ICD/User Manual etc) for the KVM over IP devices. Interested in sending KVM over IP to a client laptop over copper ethernet.

Sent to Gunnebo

Company Aerostar Airport Holding LLC.

Greetings, we are looking for companies dedicated to the manufacture of automated exit doors for airports to evaluate and quote the options available in the market.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company WSP

Good Day! My name is Sabreena Fernandez, and I am an Engineer with WSP.

We are currently bidding for an airport project, and we require a cost estimate for the Flight Information Display System, Passenger Information Display System and access control system.

Please do contact me via phone/email.

Thank you and best regards,

Sabreena Fernandez.

Sent to IER

Company Cam Ranh International Airport

Dear Airport supply team

I am Hoang Duc Thanh, I come from VietNam.

My customer is Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR) at Viet Nam need the quantity:

– IER i420 + BPP stand: 10 pcs (Firmware: SITA CUTE)

– IER i420 + Roll paper stand: 10 pcs (Firmware: SITA CUTE)

Please send to us the quotation with best price, warranty and delivery time ?

Sent to Rohde & Schwarze

Company Beirut Airport

Please send me info for the millimeter wave body scan and the airports used. Thanks

Sent to Waste Bin Suppliers

Company Gatwick Airport
Country United Kingdom

Hi, We are looking for a liquid disposal bins to place near the Departures security points, so passengers can empty their liquids and take the empty bottles through Security.

Ideally we are looking a bin that can be connected to our drainage system to avoid someone from our cleaning company to emptying the waste.

Is it something that you can help with?



Sent to FINBIN

Company Saudi Airlines Catering Company

Dear Sir/Madam, We would like to customize a number of ashtrays in order to allocate them in our new business class lounge in Jeddah/Saudi Arabia. If possible, may you please send me contact details of the person in charge of sales in order to send him the BOQ inclusive of the needed specifications and quantity. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Osama Radwan

Sent to TAM Durabus

Company Srilankan Airlines

Dear Sir/Madam, SriLankan Airlines is intends to procure Passenger Transport Coaches in near future to enhance it’s fleet.

Prior to commence the exercise, we invite you to participate to market survey to identify current available products and potential manufacturers etc..

Accordingly, please send your relevant brochures of Passenger Transport Coaches as per following specs.

Type of coach Number of seats Max. length of coach Max. width of coach VIP coach 12 with baggage 10m 2.6m Business class coach 28 with baggage 14m 2.8m Economy class coach 10 seating and 50 standing with baggage 14m 2.8m

Kind regards,

Hareni Madurawala

Commercial Procurement Executive (GSE)

Sent to EASIER

Company Acciona

Dear sir, we are bidding for a possible improvement of the NAIA Airport at Philipines, we are looking for quotations and characteristics for inmigration e-gates to be included in the project.

Sent to Induperm Hella

Company ARUP


I would like to learn more about your product.

Do you have contacts in Manchester UK region I am Leading the AGL design package on Changi Airport I see your products are in Dubai do you have other projects of significance that I can take my clients to? UK or Singapore regions

Many Thanks


Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company British Embassy Israel

Dear colleagues – I have been approached by the Israel Airports Authority which has issued a tender for self-propelled conveyor belt loaders. The IAA is keen to hear from UK manufacturers of such loaders. Please could you assist me with this? Thank you, Margaret Henderson

Sent to Aviramp

Company Andes Airlines in Buenos Aires

Dear Sirs

Our company, Andes airlines in Buenos Aires, Argentina is interested in your passenger access ramps.

Our fleet consists of Boeing 737 800 and MD 83 aircraft.

Please request a quote for the mentioned ramps and if it is feasible to acquire them and send them to our country.

Thank you very much.

Best regards

Sent to The FOD Control Corporation

Position Buyer
Company SKY SERVICES SpA Airport Company
Country Italy

FOD-Razor Airport Runway

Please send me your best quotation in order to provide to buy it.

many thks

Sent to Avon Barrier

Company Technical construction Group

We require 100 m of safety barriers for Liverpool airport do you do a version we could put forward.

Sent to GPU Suppliers

Company Comair

I am in the market for a movable solid state GPU to power a B737 Max aircraft that we will receive. Please could you provide me with indicative pricing and lead time for a unit

Sent to Spaciotempo

Company Cheddi Jagan International Airport

Hello, We are interested in purchasing Spaciotempo portable hangar customization hangars for use at out airport facility.

Please advise cost for the 30m width x 13m height.

Sent to Nordic Dino/Aerowash

Company Menzies Aviation

Just inquiring on prices for aircraft washing units please if I can be sent a brochure with prices of units.

Sent to Parkinson Richmark

Company NATS
Country United Kingdom

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am enquiring as to the cost of purchasing some orange linlaners along with orange sleeving.

I estimate that we need in the region of 20 to 30 linlaners and sleeves.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Steven Lowe

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company IATS srl

hello, i’m from IATS srl (ENAC PART 145) maintenance aircraft company in italy , i’m try to find a supplier that performs a load test on landing gear ( main and nose). Thank you for your support!

Sent to Teknik Dokum


Good morning, for a customer who is a Research Center, we are interested in the OSTs tray CARRYING SYSTEM and/or the MSTS TRAY CARRIER Do you have a contact in Italy to refer to?

Sent to ITW/AXA Power

Company Ryanair

I am looking to purchase x2 SA 90 Solid state Frequency converters. In addition for a cost of the 2 items I would also appreciate a cost to have the shipped to Seville in Spain

Sent to HIS

Company Fujairah International Airport, UAE.

Quotation for: Flight Progress Strip Printer – one unit Plus Strip papers – 1 Box


Company Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

interested in a frictionless parking solution that integrates PARCS systems (LPR/AVI/RFID). Large scale system 30+ thousand space operation. i.e. your Las Vegas parking solution. Thanks

Sent to Dekal Load Banks

Company Newcastle International Airport
Country United Kingdom

Good morning, We are looking to purchase two load bank testers to replace our current model, I have looked on your website and identified two models which we may be interested in purchasing. Could you please advise of the best price for outright purchase for each specific model and the warranty period given on each unit. 400 Hz Load Bank – Model – ALB-120-AP 28.5V Load Bank – Model – DLB- ESS-20 AP Thank you for your assistance, Kind regards, Steve.

Sent to IER

Company Systems Interface Ltd

Please provide a quotation for the supply of qty 1 IER400 strip printer

Sent to Hydro Systems

Company Qantas Airways

Could you please provide a quote for supply of V2500 thrust reverser tooling P/N IAE1N0011 Left translating sleeve handling tool P/N IAE1N0012 Right translating sleeve handling tool P/N IAE1N0019 Lock pin

Sent to Aviramp

Company Macroasia Airport Services Corporation

Requesting for your proposal of AVIramp PWD and passenger stair.

Sent to Bakerbellfield

Company London Luton Airport

Good morning,

I’m looking to get an approximate quote for a liquid presentation desk within our priority security lane.

I’m looking at a box standard design, nothing bespoke and I need the quote asap. It can be an approximate quote and then I can get more detail once the funds are issued.

Kind Regards Chris

Sent to ADELTE

Company ACAI
Country USA

Good afternoon,

Please provide an estimate for Passenger Boarding Bridges.

The project will be developed in 3 main phases:

1. 30 Passenger bridges (in 2024)

2. 25 Passenger bridges (in 2034)

3. 40 Passenger Bridges (in 2044)

Indicate pricing for high end and lower end solutions to be implemented in South East florida, USA If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Company Tassinari A&G srl
Country Italy

Hello, working our company at the airports of Rome, we request a quote for:


Sent to Volacom

Company Airport Authority Hong Kong

Dear Sir/Madam, We’re interested to know more about your BCAS.

Is the detection and sound deterrent part can be purchased separately?

Also, could you provide more information regarding the job reference in other airport?

Thanks for your help.



Sent to ADELTE

Company Queensland Airports Limited

Interested in services provided with regards to PBB’s in Australia? There is the potential requirement for an independent inspection of PBB’s at our Townsville Airport in Queensland to produce a condition report for recommendations.

Sent to atg Airports

Company AMS – Aerodrome Management Services
Country Australia

Hello, We are a company in Western Australia, that designs, manages, and constructs aerodromes. We are look for alternative LED runway/taxi etc lighting systems. Could i please have a price on your Low/medium intensity lighting systems. Also a price on the PAPI PK200W globes.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Kalmar Öland Airport
Country Sweden


Im looking for a catering vehicle that works for aircrafts in the size of Airbus 321.

Best Regards patrik

Sent to Wybone

Company Dublin Airport Authority

I am working on a project involving the dispensing of LAGs bags. I was wondering if we are able to order just the dispensers and can I get a quote for 20 dispensing unites.

Sent to Gunnebo

Company Leung Siu Kei

We are the cost consultant working for the HK Airport and would like to ask for the indicative supply rate and supply and install rate for 2 no. of the PasSec Anti-Return Gates. Grateful if you can provide it at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Sent to ULMA

Company ICAD

Dear Sir, ICAD has been invited to participate in the tender Process for Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of baggage handling System.

In this regard, you are requested to submit your commercial and technical proposal for the subject work as detailed in this Request for Quotation.

Kindly Please let me know if you accept this invitation.

Your confirmation of receipt by a return e-mail would be highly appreciated.


Hany Mytwaly

Senior Estimation Engineer

Sent to Data Modul


Airport flow management ,FIDS solutions

Sent to Vanderlande

Company Birmingham Airport

Do you have a personnel intruder detection system for check-in?

Sent to Blast Deflectors Inc (BDI)

Company Swedavia
Country Sweden

Hello. I would like to know more about Jet Blast Deflectors. Its for protection from narrowbody Aircrafts. And I suppose that we need about 100m of JBD. Can you send me some more information.

Sent to Yutong

Company Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation

Dear Sales, We are interested in purchasing a Airport Bus for use at our airport facility. Passenger seating of 110 Options for electric and diesel Please advise re seller in the North / LATIN / South American market.

Sent to CONRAC


RFQ of FIDS System for Lucknow Airport India Project:

This is in continuation of FIDS System required at Lucknow Airport Project; you are requested to extend your valued support to win this order together. Kindly submit us your BEST Offer tomorrow positively.

Thanks in advance for your favorable response to strengthen our business relationship.

With Best Regards,

Narender Dutt

Manager – Strategic Procurement

Sent to Tensator

Company Kalmar Öland Airport
Country Sweden

Where can i buy:Tensator APG-2 – Airport Passenger Guidance Barrier System 2 x 75′ Ft.?? With Concrete base. Need shipping to Sweden. Best Regards Patrik Löfgren

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Tenman Project Management

Hi, we are appointed to deliver a terminal building and the scope includes many airside / fuel requirements. Can someone send me the sales persons details so I can liaise directly. Many thanks, Nick

Sent to Security Label

Position Procurement Executive
Company Air Malta plc

Good Afternoon Sir/Madam I have a request for a quote for 1.5 million cabin baggage tags – Can you pls provide your very best quote, delivery terms and lead time.

Would appreciate if you are able to get back to me.

Regards, Isabella

Sent to ALS Logistics

Company SATS Singapore

Can you link me up with someone for easier communication?

We’re trying to source for rollers and slave dolleys.

Appreciate email address for direct communications

Sent to FOD BOSS

Company Cedar International Inc

Kinldy quote your best price with specification sheet SWEEPER FOD BOSS EQUIPMENT 2.4MBY 8FT WIDE – 1 QTY

Sent to FOD BOSS

Company Bahrain Airport Company

Greetings from Bahrain Airport Company, Airside Operations Department.

My name is Ali AlAseeri and I am an office in Ramp Safety in BAC. The reason I am submitting this enquiry is because I would like to ask if your company deals in the development/supply of FOD Detection systems utilized for airport runways.

Your consideration of the above and response would be highly appreciate.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Leonardo

We operate a small airport in the north of Italy. We need more information and details about mobile/tactical weather observation station compliant with ICAO requirements.

Sent to ADELTE

Company Omega Air

Please contact me re air bridges for T3 at Dublin Airport. Regards Ulick McEvaddy.

Sent to Tyco

Company LB Foster – Stansted Airport

Hi I am in urgent need to obtain information and costings for upgrading/expanding an existing Access Control System at Stansted airport Could somebody contact me please

Sent to ILS Suppliers

Company Mildura Airport Corporation

Seeking new instalation ILS at Mildura Australia.

Sent to Haycomp

Company Qantas Airways

Interested in obtaining a quote for a Passneger Eagle Lift. appreciate if you can please email me a brochure and price.

Sent to Thyssenkrupp

Company State Enterprise Lithuanian Airports


We are preparing for refurbishing of 6 PBB and 2 new PBB installation.

Please contact me for further details.

Thank you.

Sent to Special Mobility

Company Air Canada
Country Canada

Hi there, I would like to request a quote for the different Mobby options for single and bulk purchase. Also, what gradient can these vehicles accommodate with a full load? Thank you, Edmond

Sent to Special Mobility

Company Saudia Ground Handling

we are very much interesting in your product and would like to get more info about available wheelchair services at airports and range of product. appreciate your fast response. best regards

Sent to AAT Alber

Company Harrods Aviation

I am interested in knowing further information on the s-max sella aviation – The multi-functional stair climber… we need to have the function to assist our PRM passengers on/off smaller aircraft..

Sent to Embross

Company Arcadis Philippines, Inc.

Sir/Madam, I would like to request an quotation for the Self Bag Drops (19 nos) for the airport renovation project at Clark Airport, Pampanga, Philippines. Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated. Regards, Hector Hernandez QS-Electrical Team Leader

Sent to Colas

Company Roadbridge

Good Morning

Roadbridge & FCC Construction JV are tendering for the construction of Dublin Airport North Runway CP2. We hereby invite you to quote for the supply and Installation of Concrete Joints, Grooves and Coring as detailed on the attached documents

We respectfully request that you would respond by return confirming your intention to submit a quotation or that you are declining the invitation to quote.

The scope of works includes the new runway (3110m long), associated taxiways (5,000+m long) (entry/exit/rapid exits) and airport infrastructure.

The project consists of both landside and airside work. Approximately 15% of the construction will be carried out in the airside environment.

Airside works will be carried out from 08.30 to 19.00. All airside works will have to be demobilised to landside areas on the completion of each shift.

If there is further information required or you would like to discuss anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sent to Polartherm

Country Latvia

Quote for Portable aircraft heater:

Good afternoon,

Our company is a supplier to the Latvian National Defense Forces.

Currently, our customers are looking for a Portable aircraft heater

Please reply at your earliest opportunity


Sent to Honeywell

Company Fairmont Hot Springs Airport

I am looking for a Honeywell transformer HV TT105 or equivelent for my REILS

Sent to SafeSmart Access

Company Kalmar Öland Airport

Hi! We are looking for a platform that we can use for clear ice check on CRJ 900 Aircraft.

Sent to Temporary Sturcture Suppliers

Company El Salvador International Airport

Good Afternoon, I’m Aeroman Supply Chain Director, We are looking for two extensions to two hangars that we currently have to put a plane (A320) in each, these extension will not cover all the aircraft, please see the attached presentation.

The suggest dimensions are: Length= 44,40 meters Width=17.15 meters Height= 14 meter

We will require from September to December 2018, let me know your comments and quote for lease or purchase, lead time and conditions.

Aeroman is located at Aeropuerto International El Salvador Central America

Sent to Lund Halsey


Good Morning Mrs Let me introduce me, I am Byron Cáceres, worker from COCESNA company (Central American Air Navigation Services Corporation), Nicaragua. ]

We woukd like to purchase a Console , in this occasion I would like to get a quote the following equipment : Quantity Description 2 Console

This console it is going to be used in Air Traffic Control tower. If you have questions, please contact me.

Thanks in advance and thanks for your attention.

Ing Byron Cáceres


Sent to SimpleWay

Company A-ICE

We are participating on a tender and need assistance supplying AFAS (Automated Flight Announcement System). Could you please send me further information through? Best regards

Sent to Spaciotempo

Company Dawli Aerospace
Country Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dear Sir / Madam: Can you please provide us with the following:

1. Price of a 2,000 sqm inflatable hangar?

2. Years of warrantee on your product?

3. What is the maximum wind speed that the inflatable hangar can withstand?

4. What is maximum outdoor temperature that the inflatable hangar can with stand?

5. Does the price of a sqm change depending on the size of the hangar?

6. We are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Do you have a professional team that can assemble the hangar in our location? Thank you.

Sent to SACO

Company COASTAIR Chartering

Kindly contact me for providing warehouse equipment in our 2500 sqr meter warehouse at Liege airport.

Sent to PRM Suppliers

Company Rijeka Airport
Country Croatia


We need PRM wheelchair which can be used on DASH 8 Q400 aircraft. Distance between seats in plane are 39 cm.

If you have some which satisfied above mentioned data, please send offer to my email

I ‘m Operations Manager at Rijeka Airport in Croatia.

Please include in offer delivery to: Rijeka Airport Hamec 1 51513 Omisalj Croatia

Thanks, Damir Ruzic

Sent to Tuenkers

Company Cochin International Airport

We are interested in buying the remote controlled trolley pusher for Cochin International Airport which is based in Kerala, south India.

Please advise if we can import it from your country or if you have any service in India

Thank You

Sent to AFS

Company Hill Engineering LTD

One used 10 to 15 thousand Jet A1 storage tank with pump.

Sent to Glasdon

Position Security Supervisor – Inverness Airport

Hello, I’m looking into potential Liquid Bins for Airport Security at Inverness Airport in Scotland.

As you provide products similar in nature to what we are looking for in your Recycling bins I was wondering if you provide any products that are specific to this purpose? And if so could I please request details? Kind Regards, Daniel M Ford

Sent to Yutong

Company SaudiGulf Airlines

Please quote Airport Passenger Bus 100 pax with 20 seats

Sent to Seating Suppliers

Company Ataturk Airport – Gate A
Country Turkey

Dear Sir,Madame

We’re looking for a seat cover for 660 ad seats (2000 MT).

If you’re in stocks, could you send me a proposal. Thks

Sent to Baggage Trolley Suppliers

Company Al Shoumoukh Group

We are seeking to procure through a tendering process, an experienced Service Provider for the Provision of Trolley Management Services for Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) at an international airport of UAE.

The scope includes Provision of Trolley Management Services for MTB and would stretch to all passenger areas including car parks and other facilities in the vicinity of the main terminal building.

The scope of services is summarized as below: 1 –Supply of new trolleys 2 – Porter Services 3 – Trolley Collection Services

NOTE: The scope would include provision of trolley scooters and trolley trucks, besides the routine cleaning, upkeep and maintenance of these assets

Sent to Parker Velcon

Company Doros Elpidorou

We would like to know if you will be interested to tender for the supply of six aviation fuel filter water separators to Cyprus.

Sent to Aviaco GSE

Position Procurement Manager
Company Flybondi
Country Argentina

Dear Sir/Madam My name is Andrés Baridon Brown and I contact you from Flybondi airline procurement department.

The reason for this e/mail is to obtain quotation with the best prices and delivery times for the equipment listed below for our Boeing 737-800 fleet:

– 4 (four) GPU 90kVA

– 12 (twelve) baggage carts

– 4 (four) lavatory service units

– 4 (four) water service units

– 4 (four) tow bar

– 4 (four) pay mover

– 4 (four) Belt loader

– 8 (eight) passenger stairs We appreciate your response. Best regards

Sent to Hydro Systems

Company Qantas Airways

Could you please supply a price on a V2500 Inlet cowl rotatable Dolly P/N IAE 1N20406

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company MNG Airlines

Hello ; We need a airstarter. We will use B747 and Airbus 330 type aircraft. We used TUG 180 airstarter. Maybe we will swap. If you have a stock, can you send offer? Best regards

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines)
Country The Netherlands

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms., I am Nurah one of the Product Owners at KLM.

We looking into developing a new touch point at one of our lounges at Schiphol, where we would like to offer a self-service touch point for customers to buy lounge access.

We are currently exploring new suppliers in helping us develop this solution.

It that something you can help us with? would highly appreciate if you can get in touch with.

Kind regards,

Nurah Sadek

Sent to Exel Composites

Position Operationnal Manager
Company Courchevel Airport
Country France

Dear ops,

I would like some information about anemometer and frangible mast for our airport.

Best regards,

Jean-François DELTOUR Courchevel Airport Operationnal Manager

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company BAE Systems, Corporate Air Travel Ltd


I’m looking for a piece of kit that we can use to weigh our passengers bags, record the weight, number of bags weighed and also print out baggage tags etc……

I have searched the internet and stumbled across your company and hope you may be able to help with this or at the very least point me in the right direction??

Many thanks


Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company TRESCO
Country United Kingdom


Can you give some details of a supplier or yourselves for the grass reinforcement system.

We have a FATO 45m in width and need numbers at either end, 27 / 09. We are a grass strip 400m long.

We are applying for our CAA Aerodrome license and it is now a requirement for us.

Many thanks,

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Galliford Try Infrastructure Aviation
Country United Kingdom

Good morning,

I am currently working for Galliford Try at Manchester Airport & there is a need for portable jet blast screens.

Sent to Airport-Suppliers

Company British Airways

We are after a Passenger Display Screen that can be adapted for our Arrivals Hall.

This screens/solution will be used to provide information on flight number, belt/baggage carousel number and a count down timer
The main difference between this and the current solutions on offer is the timer.

We will like timers to give customers an indication of when their bags are likely to arrive.

This is a similar solution to what buses currently have where it counts down till the next bus.

Sent to Reflex-Rol

Company Victoria Falls International Airport
Country Zimbabwe

Request for Quotation for Anti-Glare Roller Screens for ATC at Victoria Falls International Airport

Sent to Langa Industrial

Company TAP Air Portugal
Country Portugal

Good morning, Please inform price, delivery date, and certification accomplish material P/N: AXLE JACK Description: AXLE JACK 65TON Quantity: 4 ea Cumprimentos/ Best Regards Lidia Silva MRO – Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul | Logistic Department Purchasing Department

Sent to Embross

Company Charleroi Airport – BSCA
Country Belgium

looking for outdoor self service Check In kiosk solutions for Charleroi Airport (Belgium)

8 Units required.


Thank you

Sent to Leidos

Company Integra Consult A/S

We are looking for the right contact name in Leidos for an Air Traffic Management Solutions for Tower, Approach and Area Control. Would you have the right name in Leidos to contact to understand the interest of your company to participate in this project ? There is currently no country or customer name available.

Sent to Haycomp

Company Salt Lake City Department of Airports – Salt Lake City, UT

U of U Hospital/ Eagle

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Leeds Bradford Airport

Looking at any technology that would enable the relocation of the ILS Glidepath Antennae onto uneven terrain – i.e. advances the reduce the critical safeguarded areas and or their constraints.

Sent to Public Address Suppliers

Company Riyadh Airport Company

Dear Gentlemen

I hope everything is well. I am contacting in regard to an upcoming project here at Riyadh Airports Company at King Khaled International Airport.

The project is related to designing and upgrading The Public-Address system(PA) in the terminal, if you are interested kindly contact me in the following email in order to proceed

Sent to Refuelling Suppliers

Company Bangalore International Airport Limited

Request for a Quote for Into-Plane Refuellers – Rental/Purchase Dear Sir/Ma’am, Greetings from Bangalore International Airport Limited!!

We are the Airport Operator of one of the fastest growing Airport in Southern India and has been into this business for last 10 years.

As a progressive airport, we are in need of two (2) Mobile Refuellers (Illustrative Image Attached) for aircrafts fuelling, De-fuelling and Re-fuelling (globally known as “Into-Plane Services”) at our airport. Some salient features of the requirement are as follows: a) Capacity: 16 or 18 kilo Liters (each) b) Commercial Models acceptable by us: Rental or Purchase (Depending on the availability of refuellers with the vendor) c) Timelines for delivery: For rental or purchase model d) Basic Specifications: · Trailer driven tanks, internally epi-coated and has baffle plates as per design. · Diesel engine driven chassis for carrying the JET fuel. The re-fuelling module consists of filters, delivery meters and other specialized equipments to ensure safety during the re-fuelling of the aircrafts. · Some of the critical components fitted in the refuellers are as under: § PTO – Power Take off Unit § Fuel Delivery Coupling § Aircraft Fuelling Hoses § Venturi § Fuel flow meter § Four way valve (For defueling) § Pressure control valve § Filter Water Separator / Filter Monitor casing with filter elements § P. D. Gauge § DRDP gauge § Fuel pump § Deadman Hand switch § Brake interlock system § Fall proof Hand Rail on top of the tank. The refueller specification shall also comply with the requirements of following applicable Standards: · Indian Standard IS 9290 · Petroleum rules 2002 of the Petroleum Act, 1934 (Part IV: Transport on land by vehicles & Third schedule: Design and construction of Tank Vehicles for transporting Petroleum in Bulk · IATA – JIG guidelines (latest edition) · Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 for trailer dimensions/axle loads. Request you to share a quote for both Lease Rentals and Purchase Model for our reference and deciding the way forward. Awaiting for a positive response. Please let us know in case you need any further clarification.

Sent to ILS Suppliers

Company Fima
Country Latvia

Hello, We searching for Instrument Landing System for our project. Could you help us for this question? Thank you and waiting for your answer

Sent to Tuenkers

Company London City Airport
Country United Kingdom

I would like some further information on airport luggage trolley scooter. please can you send me a brochure and costings. also is there a service company to provide servicing needs in the UK. many thanks Krishan Pandoo

Sent to Desko

Company Loganair

I am looking for the price per unit of a Desko BGR 504 Pro. Possibly looking to buy 12 to 15 units.

Sent to GSE Suppliers

Company Stobart Ground Handling

Inquiry in relation to drivable Baggage Belt Loaders.

Sent to Mallaghan

Company AEG GSE

Hi There, I have an enquiry for one of our clients regarding an aircraft water service unit to cater for wide body aircraft (Approx 350gallons).

Could you please provide me with what options you may have. I am assuming it is not a must to have self-propelled truck?

can this be with a stoable stairs/ladder instead? If you can provide us with what you have with price and photos will be much appreciated. Airport Equipment Group Ontario.

Sent to Mototok

Company Slovenia Airforce

Hello. Our Company has Aircraft Falcon 2000EX (double nose whell) with MTOW 19 tons and operates across all Europe.

Whe are looking for a solution for towing the aircraft (whe have now old tractor). Please, send me Invoice of Vehicle M (28 TONS) including VAT, insurance and shipping Costs.

Thank you. I would need the Informations sun as possible. With best Regards. Miroslav Debeljak


Sent to Haycomp

Position PRM Manager
Company Schiphol Airport
Country The Netherlands

Can you send me information about the Eagle 2 hoist. I am the PRM service provider for Schiphol Airport

Sent to REEL SAS

Company Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA)

Dear Sir/Ma’am, I saw your website and understand that Airport Suppliers does dockings, ladders, access steps etc for aircraft.

I was wondering if you had any fixture/can customise some step/ladder for access to the top of an A380 from frame 75 – 80 – It will be for the staff to conduct some modification there.

So the top portion of the step/ladder will be curved to follow the shape of the fuselage. If yes, can I check about how much will it cost? I look forward to your reply!

Sent to Tuenkers

Company Sharjah Aviation

Dear Sir,

Can you please provide me with the cost of purchasing one trolley scooter please.

Yours sincerely,

A. Stuart.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company IndiGo Airlines
Country India

Hi, We are leading Low Cost based in India with a fleet of 175 Aircrafts of A320 & ATR 72.

To support our Ground Support operation we are looking to buy 8 Nos. of Air Conditioning Units (ACU) compatible to A-320 & ATR-72 Aircrafts.

Kindly confirm if you have product suitable for mentioned requirement. Thanks & Regards Manoj Manchanda Associate Director

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd

I would like to order 10,000 boarding passes and 10,000 bag tags.

Please can you supply costs.

Many thanks

Gail Mackay

Sent to ATIS

Company ICAD

ICAD would like to participate to the tender in Africa with your product related to implementation og D-ATIS. Kindly to send to us your approval and your quotation

Sent to Materna

Company WSI Sicherheit
Country Germany

RFQ for 10 Self Check in Kiosks for a civil aviation airport project

Sent to Conrac

Company Solution First

Can you please send me a quote for the following 3 x Conrac Narrow Bezel Display 6142 BD IPC3 42″ LED

Sen to AMA SpA

Position CEO
Company ELEVON Tehnologije j.d.o.o.
Country Slovakia

Dear, I am looking for fuel storage container for aerodrome use conditions with the following basic features: – capacity: 30.000 liters (or two tanks with 15.000 liters), – portable design (on trailer or wheels), – with fuel pumping handling equipment (gravity and pressure), – container design conforms to the standards related for aviation ground equipment.

If you have the option of offering this kind of container, I would ask you the price and delivery time. Place of delivery is city of Kosice, eastern Slovakia, Europe. Thank you in advance, — Danijel Vuković CEO

Sent to Parkinson Richmark

Company Aviation Ops Manager – Goodwood Aerodrome.
Country United Kingdom

Hi, i’m interested in the lin laners that you sell. Please can you send me some detail on prices and also the type of ground mounting ie: is it a spike that pushes in to the ground, or is it a plastic sheath that has to be cored in to the ground. many thanks for your help, Kind regards, Mark

Sent to VidTronix

Company Bradley Air Services dba First Air
Country Canada

Please provide a price quote for the VidTroniX ATP3 with Sabre certified firmware installed?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Schiphol Airport
Country The Netherlands

Tender for a terminal project

Sent to Bertoli

Company DOT
Country Italy

Hi! Looking for a GPUs 28vdc or 28vdc+115vac (new or used) for purchase.

Needed in locations Lampedusa and Panteleria airports.

Please send your offer with a leadtime.


Sent to GSE Suppliers

Position Ground Ops & Commercial Director
Company CarGo Air

Dear Colleagues,. Cargo Air is private airline with 10 cx B737-300F/400F . We have Line maintenance bases in Leipzig aand Berlin SXF airport.

We are looking for some GSE and carts and equipment for our Line maintenance.

Please to note we need offer for two types of service carts with cover and without with place for two bottles of Nitrogen- low and high pressure and wheel, brake removal instrument and some jacks.

Cargo Air is planning to purchase the following equipment to service our aircraft B737-300/400 at Leipzig and Berlin SXF airport- WE ARE LOOKING FOR BOTH NEW AND OVERHAULED / USED UNITS :

1/ Wheel Service Card – RTW – WBC-2S with two Filling units for 0-20 bars for tires and 0-150 bars for shock struts –

2 pcs 2/ Wheel and brake remover for B737-300/400 – WBC 1 – 1pc 3/ Floor Crane , BK -200 – 1 pc See attached the brochure. 4/

If you are able to offer us GPU we would like from you the following : Right now we are using 115 V, 60 KVA, 400 Hz. 0 / What will be the project price for battery based GPU . When batteries will need to be changed and what the price will be for this changes. We will need to last for 6-7 hours during day time during weekend only and be charged overnight. We will not be doing any engine start ups but just ground based power for the ground bus of the aircraft. 1/ To confirm what do you think will be the price for 50Hz/125A for 90Kva ? 2/ Can you offer us price for Diesel based GPU with warranty and everything and also do you sell only new ones or also overhauled ?

Sent to Rubb Buildings

Company Riyadh Airports

We are looking for Temporary Airport Terminal Solutions to be installed in short time.

Sent to Seating Furniture Suppliers

Company Riyadh Airports Co.

we are looking for vendors to provide us with Airport Seating chair at king Khalid airport. please provide us with the sales representative in KSA of middle east ASAP

Sent to Globalsys

Company Flybe Aviation Services
Country United Kingdom

Good afternoon I am interested in your wireless headsets and need to know the cost of a single set please

Sent to Airport-Suppliers

Company Tianda International

am writing you as I have requirements for Scanning equipment where we are to supply other equipment, including BHS Systems, and need to know if you are interested in cooperating with us directly? Customer does not have a specification and has asked us to prepare the Specification so they can purchase. Equipment that can inspect 700 bags/hr. of documented Bags that will be checked in baggage of 35-40Kgs. Approximate weight. They do not indicate size, but are understood to be medium to large bags. They ask us to define equipment.

Sent to Cartec

Position Traffic Department Manager
Company Dubrovnik Airport Croatia
Country Croatia

Dear Sirs We have acquired 150 Passenger baggage trolleys for our airport with possibility to be used with 1 Euro or 5 Croatian Kuna coins.

We are looking for automatic machines for currency exchange or credit card to cash exchange in order to enable our passengers to get coins for trolleys usage.

Can you plese provide us with information about your products and solutions for this problem?

We would need two of these machines for our Airport Terminal Building.

Best Regards Miho Miljanic

Traffic Department Manager

Dubrovnik Airport Croatia

Sent to Flight line

Company Epesa


To whom it concern,

We are looking for a modular equipment for Vehicle Test Stand (Rig) for the New International Airport in Mexio City, as it is shown in the EI 1540 specification, do you have or are supplier of this equipment?, please do not hesitate to contatct me in advance thanks a lot.


Sent to Wanzl

Company Spotless
Country Australia

Hi, We have an opportunity to supply and manage baggage trolleys at a major airport in New Zealand. We require a system that allows us to track the number of trolleys in certain areas/bays around the airport to ensure an appropriate distribution. Do you have a system that can do this? If so, can you please provide information on the pricing model? Regards, Beth

Sent to PCA Unit Suppliers

Company BL Harbert International

Quote for pre-conditioned air unit

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company AECOM

Hello, I am currently working on putting together a maintenance procedure for Schiphol Airports re-design and I was hoping you could give me some information on airfield ground light/light fitings and the maintenance required, estimate costs and life-spans. Many thanks

Sent to SARSYS

Position Buyer
Company FIJI Airports
Country FIJI

Hi I am the supplies controller for Fiji Airports. We are looking at purchasing a Friction Tester Machine for our Friction testing at our runway. Please advise

Sent to DELTA

Position Assistant Engineer, Transport & Infrastructure
Company WSP

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are looking for a very specific bit of kit to hire, a retro-reflectometer for road signs. We had in the past hired a Zehntner ZRS6060 but no longer have access to such. Is there any similar piece of equipment that you are able to hire out? Kind Regards,

Sent to BEUMER Group

Company Amboya

We would like to have a proposal for complete BHS system, option to integrate to x ray scanners (not included). please reply if you would like such a project? what are the component that you recommand to include? and what are the details that you need for a budgetary estimation? Thank You

Sent to Textron

Company Flybe

Hi There, would you be able to tell me if you have an DC 5 tugs with air brakes for sale please? or anything equivalent.

Sent Langa Industrial

Company Amac Aerospace
Country Switzerland

Request for Manometers X41040025006300 4 ea X41370002010011 6 EA please advise price and availability asap

Sent to Exel Composites

Position Direction Commerciale
Company Cires Technologies

Hello, Can you send us an offer about a frangible mast of cctv for an aeroport Weigth 25 KG of cameras Best Regards,

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position CEO
Company Quality Grup Consultancy

To Whom İt May Concern, we wold like to purchase RFİD Baggage sorting system for an airport in Africa, there are 7 airports to be fitted with the required system, we have the technical specs if required, this is an urgent contract please get back to me when you are available

Sent to ATG Airports

Company Gatwick Airport
Country United Kingdom

Hi Could you please quote us a price for buying a Portable Light Fitting Tester for AGL fittings.

Many Thanks

Clinton Walsh

Airfield Engineering

Gatwick Airport

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Inginer Serviciul Tehnic și Intreținere Direcția Tehnică și Întreținere
Company CNAB – Romania

Dear Sir, Our company intend to upgrade (very soon) one of our baggage handling systems which, at the moment, consists in 52 check-in desks, 76 transporting belt units and 4 make-up carousels.

For the security control there are 4 level 2 scanners (standard 2 ECAC) and 1 level 3 CT scanner.

The new system will be designed for min. 6 000 000 pax/year, it will be a multilevel type system with min. 4 standard 3 ECAC scanners, and a min. 2000 bag/hour capacity. In order to start the preliminary phase of the project (i.e. preliminary cost evaluation) we kindly ask for an offer for: 1. evaluation of the existing BHS system and 2. design and simulation of the upgraded system.

Thanking you in advance

Sent to OAG

Company Hong Kong International Airport.
Country Hong Kong

We are currently seeking an aircraft movement analysis and reporting tools for Hong Kong International Airport.

We are mainly seeking for a tool that can record flight events (such as go-around, holding etc) by analysing surveillance data and generate statistics and reports.

As learnt from your company’s website, it seems there may be some suitable solutions and we are studying whether it would fit for our needs. Grateful if you can share some more information about a possible solution with us.

Thank you.

Sent to Frontier Pitts

Company Bahrain International Airport

Dear M/S, We are in the interested of getting quotation for Wicket gates to be used in Bahrain airport. Details as below Size- 1000 x 440 mm. Material- Acrylic- Qty- 50 nos. Let me know if you require any other details. Sheik Rahul Project Manager

Sent to Prehkeytec

Position Commercial Procurement Supervisor (IT) (Commercial Procurement)
Company SriLankan Airlines Ltd.
Country Sri Lanka

PrehKeyTec MCI 111A Airport Check-in Counter Keyboards – 30 Nos.

Sent to ADELTE

Company Jacob White Construction Company

We are bidding City of Brownsville – Airport Terminal Phase II.

This project has four passenger boarding bridges.

I need pricing asap. thank you

Sent to GSE Suppliers

Company Interserve

Hi I am looking for a conveyor belt either self propelled or towed to unload baggage and freight from an EMBRAER 190 aircraft. Regards Mick

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Rose Air

Our company “Rose Air” build aircraft maintenance hangar on Sofia airport.

I would like more information about Hatch-type underground supply systems. We need: – 400Hz/28VDC services; – 220v/380v 50Hz; – pressurised air; We plan to place three units in our hangar. Please, send us information of price, terms of delivery, preparation of the ground and so on.

Sent to Adelte

Company Ivey’s Construction, Inc.
Country USA

I would like a contact, to request pricing for a new passenger boarding bridge for the Melbourne International Airport in Florida.

Sent to Yutong

Company FIYOM Ventures Limited

Prices for new Airport Shuttle Buses (2016, 2017, and 2018 Models)

Sent to Self Service Bagdrop suppliers

Company John Jonkhout
Country The Netherlands

Could you please inform me your capabilities with respect to Self Service boarding?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Country Greece

We have received an inquiry from the construction company, that undertook from Fraport the reconstruction of the 14 peripheral airports of Greece, requesting supply of airport furniture, check in counters, customs furniture, passport control furniture e.t.c.

In the past our company, as PALIVOS OFFICE FURNITURE, has undertaken a large part of office furniture and similar item for Athens International Airport “ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS”. Please, contact us ASAP, in order to send you all relevant info and specs.

Sent to Hauraton GmbH

Company Ramboll UK Ltd
Country United Kingdom

I am interested in the drainage solutions you provide for airports. Do you have a brochure of related products and perhaps some case studies? Your Sincerely, Rita Hegedus

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Project Director, Preconstruction
Company AECOM Hunt

Passenger boarding bridges, TSA equipment, FIDS, BIDS, etc. for Nashville airport I am the point person for budgeting the phase 1 additions to the Nashville Airport. Can A contact person from TK please get in touch with me for more information

Sent to OPAL

Company Alfred Korff Consulting
Country Germany

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we want to purchase 2 items Airport Friction Tester. The end user of this equipment is the Iran Airport company. We are doing busyness with Iran since 30 years. We looking for your reply. Regards Alfred Korff

Sent to Airport-Suppliers

Company Embassy of Egypt
Country Egypt

Participate in an international tender to carry out Integrated Facility Management (IFM) for Terminal building 2 for Cairo Airport Company

Sent to Desko

Company Hemmersbach Germany GmbH

Hello, I’d like to receive quotation for ca. 100pcs of DESKO PENTA SCANNER BGR (or current equivalent).

Sent to Terminal Seating Suppliers

Company Powell

Our company has won a project to supply 200 seats into an airport terminal area.
Do you have any information and prices on beam systems please.
Many Thanks

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Manager Special Projects
Company Fiji Airways
Country Fiji

Dear Business Development Manager,

Air Pacific Limited trading as Fiji Airways is an airline, based in Fiji in the South Pacific.

We have our own ground support equipment in NADI and other domestic ports to support our aircraft movement.

We intend to purchase one x High Lift Truck with Lift Height Range of 8m to 10m and Platform Capacity of 3 tons either new or used.

Please provide options with specifications, price, availability for our consideration. Your kind consideration to our request and a positive response will be very much appreciated.

Thanking you. Best Regards

Bobby Singh

Manager Special Projects

Sent to Fluid Transfer

Company Signature Flight Support Glasgow

Good afternoon, I am looking for cost and availability of supply and fit Avgas 100LL fuel dispenser pump it will be fitted into an existing system we are currently using 22 meter pipe 1″ diameter. Our current nozzle is a ZVA25 high Volume we would need a 110LPM . Kind Regards Bryan Johnston From my iPhone

Sent to Induperm

Company Aéroport De Paris

We design the 3rd runway of Suvarnabhumi airport of bangkok. I need the full catalog of your Airfield Lighting equipment asap. Thanks for your prompt response. Regards

Sent to Auweko

Company Heathrow Airport Ltd
Country United Kingdom

We are looking to increase our paper coffee cup recycling.

We require coffee cup bins that conform to ASIAD standards that we can deploy landside at Heathrow Airport.

Do you have any bins that would meet this requirement?

Many thanks


Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company SITA


“Looking for a partner with a proven electronic call forward management system within airports. Looking to fast track”


Sent to TRILO

Company Airports Authority of India
Country India


Sent to Bruel & Kjaer

Position Operations Manager
Company Boca Raton Airport Authority

Good Afternoon,

We would like to make you aware of an RFP released by the Boca Raton Airport Authority for Noise Monitoring and Flight Tracking System.

Sent to TVH

Company Oulu Airport Finland
Country Finland

Hello. We have here in Oulu airport Finland Rofan luggage truck and we need logikcard for electric motor. Can u supply that? Luggage truck info Type: Rofan ZE25 Asynchronous Chassis number: 202590-202593 It has a ZAPI controller

Sent to Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems

Company Heathrow Airport
Country United Kingdom

Do you do a system that doesn’t use external roof mounted speakers?

BMW supplied us with a Demo’ vehicle last year kitted out for airfield operations, but the speakers were mounted under the bonnet and still very effective.

Sent to AAT Alber

Company Winnipeg Airports Authority

We are looking to purchase common use wheelchairs for our ATB.

Sent to Aviaco GSE

Company Kerry Airport

We are currently looking to purchase a second hand air start unit. I would appreciate any information, prices of any that you might have.

Sent to SIMTRA – Transoft

Position Desk Side & Technology Support Analyst Engineering, Design and Project Management
Company ATKINS

Hi Please could you tell me if the above is Windows 10 compatible, and if not, which version is compatible

Regards, Jane McKeown

Sent to ULMA

Company Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation

The Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation located in Guyana, South America is undergoing terminal and aerodrome expansion.

As such, we are considering installing an modernize baggage handing inline system along with EDS machines.

Kindly advise if the event Latin America Airport Expansion Summit which is schedule for March in Argentina will be an actual demonstration for modular solutions?

We are interested to be part of this event and would like to have more information. Thanks Anand

Sent to Castle & Pryor

Company Meads construction ltd

We require 2 x core drill holes 250mm and 25mm of removal of expansion joint and 12m of sealing and 8m of joint cutting a 13mm and sealing at Heathrow Airport T2 on Nights can you please forward a quote. Kind Regards Mark

Sent to GPU Suppliers

Company AMMROC
Country UAE

We have a requirement for a GPU splitter box to run off a 90KVA GPU with three outlets to service three Sikorsky UH-60M aircraft. Are you able to supply, if so can you give an approx cost and lead time for delivery to the UAE.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company PCCW Solutions

“Dear Sir/Ma’am, May we request to provide us the soft copy your technical catalog and other requirements needed for Self Service Bag drop and self-service check in kiosk for Airports.because we are searching for new technologies in airport application which we can propose to our prospective client”

Sent to IER

Company ASM Technologies Limited

IER 560 – Multi-Document Checkin counter printer

Good morning,

Could I get a quote for the Above or a suitable alternative please?

Sent to Tow Tractor GSE suppliers

Company St Mary’s Airport
Country United Kingdom

Please can you provide any information including prices of Towing tractors you have available suitable for an Airport environment servicing small aircraft. Size to be similar to the Linde P60 Model.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Security CTO Ben-Gurion Airport Israel Airports Authority
Company Israel Airport Authority
Country Israel

I would like to announce the the IAA has published a tender for a Tray return system for all Israeli Airport I would like to have a relevant contact at your company Please note that the time frame is very tight and a prompt reply would be appreciated Ronen Elyahu Security CTO Ben-Gurion Airport Israel Airports Authority

Sent to Adecs

Country Greece

Dear Sirs, AIA launched a tender for the acquisition and implementation of an AODB system in order to replace the old one it is using the last 20 years.

Our company is a supplier, consultant and integrator of aviation systems to AIA.

We recently won a big tender for the implementation of an Safety Management System and we have the recourses to sale and support an AODB system.

Please let us know whether you are interested in co-operating with us on this project and we will come back with further details

Sent to Pollite


MATS Company Ltd. is enquiring to purchase and install 1 frangible 10 m mast which must withstand a minimum weight of 50kg.

The mast is to have a 360° crown (CCTV Cameras carriage) of approx. 1.5m diameter to take 8 Bosch video cameras (weight of each camera approx. 3kg).

The crown has to be well secured to the mast itself to eliminate vibrations.

The measurements of each camera housing is 51.4cm x 17.5cm x 13.1cm (L xWxH).

The mast has to be designed to withhold wind speed of 45M/sec (162Km/H).

The mast must have a very high stability as otherwise it will affect the video picture coming from the CCTV cameras.

Mast requirements: • Mast will be erected on the airfield at Luqa airport, and hence it must be certified.

• Metallic parts of the mast, shall be finished with hot dip galvanised coating to BS EN ISO 1461.

• Mast has to be painted red and white in seven sections according to ICAO Annex 14.

• Plastic cable ducts 55mm x 10m QTY 4

• Ladder with rail lock

• Obstruction light (dual and LED type)

• Air rod • Earthing bar

• Delivery to site (unassembled?)

If by any chance you happen to have a supplier locally then a different quote for below work is needed.

Assembly and civil works o Labour costs to assemble mast on ground o Any crane costs to erect mast on its concrete base • Civil works o Architect services o Excavation of hole and carting away of material o Concrete base with steel rebar system in hole o Levelling of mast anchoring bolts o Certification of base and whole installation by architect o Earth electrode kind regards

Sent to Hydro Systems KG

Company Kopter Group AG

Hello I would like a quote for Lifting jacks for are new SH09 Helicopter. in a total of 04 each jacks (2000 KG/ 5000 KG) Minimum height closed 45cm. Minimum height extended about 80/90cm Hope to hear from you ASAP and wishing for a sharp quotation and maybe future partnership for possible setting up Jacking kits.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Bahrain Airport Company
Country Bahrain

Aircraft Recovery Equipment

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Advanced Telecommunications Systems
Country Malta

“Good morning Sir/Madam

The Malta airport has commissioned us to install a new video wall in the check in area that will initially display flight information. It is planned to eventually display advertising content as well. The video wall will be approximately 10 meters x 2 meters and utilize a configuration of 9×3 or 6×3 depending on size.

As we know that you have supplied similar video walls from NEC, we appreciate if you would kindly assist us in delivering this project. Target offer around Euro 35K – 40K”

Sent to conveyor belting suppliers

Company Leeds Bradfiord Airport
Country United Kingdom

RE: Leeds Bradford Airport Masterplan

Dear sir/madam, I am contacting you regarding a project my company are working on in Leeds-Bradford Airport in the UK. We are in the process of doing some master-planning to upgrade the existing terminal and we require some new baggage handling belts. I was hoping you might be able to advise an approximate cost for standard baggage belts. Currently we do not have a developed layout but it would appreciated if you could provide some idea of cost for a typical belt layout. Perhaps you have a cost per linear metre? Many thanks, Ian

Sent to Midstream Lighting

Country Hong Kong

We are the Cost Consultant Team designated by Airport Authority of Hong Kong for the Third Runway Project at Hong Kong International Airport.

We would like to ask for a budgetary unit price for the supply of TITAN 420 & 720. Thanks. Regards, Peter Yeung ARCADIS

Sent to Airside Safety Suppliers

Position Sales and Purchasing Coordinator
Company Aerotechnic
Country South Africa

Dear Sir.Madame,

Can you please advise price and availability of below equipment?

Requirements: Aircraft chocks | 450x150x150 |QTY 20

Runway cones |750mm | White, Green & Red | QTY x 20 of each colour

Thank you for your support.

Our kind regards,

Pierre Folliot

Sent to Aero Specialties

Company IMCO General Construction
Country USA

We are working for Boeing on Apron D in Renton,WA. We are upgrading utilities including the power which feeds the existing 400hz power units. We are to provide temporary 400hz generators while power is temporarily out. Do you rent these units? Or can you provide a little more detail on what AERO Specialties can furnish?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Bombardier
Country USA

We are in need of a blast fence large enough to handle engine runs on a Regional Jet.

Sent to Hummel

Company Skellefteå City Airport AB

Hello! We are looking for a supplier of Boardingcards on a roll, suitable to CUSS IER919C. Rgds Kurt

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Protec Fire Detection plc
Country United Kingdom

Please contact me regarding an enquiry for Manchester Airport

Sent to Parkinson Richmark

Company Coventry Airport

Hi Could you please supply me with a quote for the Tribox approx. 10-20 units in red and white.

Sent to Zoeftig

Company ARMADA Mobility

Good afternoon,

I Like a price for delivering articles below.

3x Zineare 6 seat configuration
6x Zineare 4 seat configuration
3x Zineare 2 seat configuration

If it is possible polished – instead of brushed stainless steel.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Idverde – Glasgow Airport

I would like to speak to someone in connection with Parking barriers at Glasgow Airport.

Sent to Airfield Signage Suppliers

Company Florida Blacktop, Inc
Country USA

Need to order signs for Fort Lauderdale Executive airport

Sent to Airport-Suppliers

Company Five Continents Technical & Industrial Services Est.
Country UAE

Sir, Five Continents Technical & Industrial Services Est. is an Abu Dhabi based organization.

We are currently bidding for Passenger Luggage Trolley Management services in one of the UAE Airports.

The requirement will be upward of 6000 trolleys, related equipment and systems.

We would like to have a detailed discussion with you on this subject.

kindly advise us on how to move forward.

Regards. M. Sherif

Sent to Frangible Mast Suppliers

Position Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Country Australia

Frangible mast information

Dears, I am Damiano Geotechnical lead, we will tunnel under No 2 runway. I need to install No 8 Robotic total station at approx. 2.5 m height elevation from ground. Total station type Leica TM50 (brochure attached). Please I need more information regarding your product MPMA Systems (Multi-Purpose Mast – Aviation). Shipping timing, cost and product certification.

Sent to KOTI

Position Purchase department
Country Russia

Hello, Please make for us the commercial offer Machine Zaugg, Schmidt, Vammas ( should fit in all these machines) • brush size 693 мм х 280mm; • the material of profile – HDPE; • metallic wire – steel wire with diameter 0,45 mm, zinc plated, quantity of wire per bunch –not less than 280 pcs, • tensile strength – 2300-2800 N/mm², • 17 tufts/brush • order quantity – 20 000pcs thanks in advance for the answer!

Sent to Zoeftig

Company Hassell
Country Australia

“We are looking for seating options for an airport we are working on in Brisbane, Australia. Would it be possible to speak to someone about the seating range and do you have. Regards Troy Cook”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company CBS Consulting Engineers
Country Ireland

Dear Sir/Madam We are currently tendering for the electrical works in an Aircraft Hangar in Shannon Co. Clare Ireland. There are a number of service pits required, Would you be able to provide a cost for the aircraft service pits? Best Regards Rory Yates BENG,MIEI. Electrical Engineer CBS Consulting Engineers

Sent to Azimut

Company Mildura Airport Corporation

Cost and lead time for new ILS Land requirement for markers etc

Sent to Recording Category suppliers

Company Leidos Innovations Corporation
Country USA

I am seeking information on Software Support for VC-MDX Workstation, Recorder Management and Replay Workstation and Recorder Rack install on Kandahar AB under NATO. Do you have an US based business that can support this inquiry?

Sent to Acorel

Company Edinburgh Airport

Looking for a detailed passenger flow that would track a passengers journey between security and their gate. Do they go straight in the direction of their gate? Do they do a lap of the terminal? Do passengers on certain airline dine in certain restaurants? an individual level tracking that can be aggregated to form trends.

Sent to SITTI

Company ETRA
Country Spain

Dear Sir/Madam, We at ETRA Group, would like to know more about your company’s solutions for Voice Communication Systems.

We are operating over the Air Navigation Spanish market and trying to get in contact with key suppliers, as your company, in order to open working channels and golden partnerships.

I would appreciate for you to contact me personally in order to better explain our immediate plans for your company to become our supplier for the ongoing tenders that requires VCS.

KR, Javier Donate

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company ALSHAMS National Global Energy Co.

the equipments we need are: – Airports Baggage/Luggage trolleys (stainless steel) heavy-duty with attached basket (Quantity 13,000). –

Trolley retrieval equipment include trolley scooters for retrieval of baggage trolleys. –

Wheelchairs (Multi-spec) for self-service use by passengers (Quantity 60). –

Strollers for use by passengers with tenderer to provide strollers cabinets (each to hold at least 10 strollers), (Quantity 60). –

Buggies (attached with basket) for passengers transfer (Quantity 10). –

Point-of-sale system for trolleys, wheelchairs and strollers. looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Sent to ELAFLEX GmbH

Company ElectroAIr Aviation Ltd

Good afternoon, I’m looking for : –

Impulse hose 2 “(along with fasteners) in sections of 20 m –

Impulse hose 21/2 “(along with fasteners) in sections of 20 m –

Impulse hose E3 (along with fasteners) in sections of 10 m,

Sent to GSE Suppliers

Company Sibiu Airport Romania
Country Romania

Dear Sirs, The purpose of this e-mail is to briefly introduce Sibiu International Airport, as well as its interests and future plans. SBZ is a regional airport situated in the center of Romania.

We provide both airport and ramp handling services and we are interested in acquiring equipments that serve to improve our activity.

Therefore we would kindly ask you to support us by providing price offers, delivery time and product granted warrantee for the aircraft ground support equipment that you might supply to SBZ.

In order to easily identify the specific equipment please find the European Standards for each product – please email me back your contact information.

We anticipate the possibility to working with you in the future. Yours Sincerely,

Sent to Intos

Company PCL

I was looking on getting a price for a space saving search cabin for a project at Toronto airport.

It has dimensions 1740x1312x2110 mm with an anodized aluminum profile.


Sent to OAG


Can you provide me with more information on your traffic analysis. thanks

Sent to Wanzl

Company Penn-Co Construction
Country Canada


Hello, I am searching for 40+ baggage carts for the use of the airport customers. We are currently doing an airport expansion construction project and must supply additional carts to the airport. It is a small airport in Ontario, Canada. Please contact me if you may be able to assist me in sourcing the baggage carts. Thank you,


Sent to Data Modul AG

Company San Bernardino International Airport
Country USA

Looking for hosted flight and gate information display system

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Supply Chain Manager
Company GRU Airport
Country Brazil

The largest international airport of South America – GRU AIRPORT, will start a BID to order 6 new Passenger Boarding Briges model Apron Drive.

We kindly ask you to send all the relevant documents of reference (RFI) and contacts if you are interested to participate of the BID.

Thank you very much, Adriano Lisboa dos Santos Supply Chain Manager

Sent to Boarding Bridge Suppliers

Company Leonel Aviles & Asociados

I am an architect in El Salvador and we are designing an airport expansion with 11 bridges but I need a specification and general details of your boarding bridges. Thank you

Sent to Frangible Mast Suppliers

Company R. T. Solutions Pvt.
Country India

Dear Sir, We are looking for frangible mast for 12 airport sites. Please let us know the price for your Frangible Airport fencing glass. Rough estimate of the requirement is 15 m x 15m mast for 12 sites. Height requirement is 1.5m Do you also provide gates for the frangible mast?

Sent to LUNE

Company Department for Transport

We are interested in procuring some LAGs preparation tables, to help passengers divest LAGs before reaching the screening point – this would essentially a table where passengers can collect a plastic bag for their 100ml liquids, dispose of other liquids in the integrated bins, and either with guidance attached to the tables or separate signs.

Sent to Langa Industrial

Company AAR Aviation Services
Country United Kingdom

Hello, Please quote for the following: P/N 0152-00 Can you give net 30? Thanks

Sent to SITTI

Company infotechconnect.com
Country Australia

REQUIREMENT : Voice Communication Switching System (VCSS)



I am looking for flight information to be displayed on digital signage displays for a hotel chain client of ours. We will use Samsung’s CMS, and only require link to the information via URL, or RSS feed. Can you assist? Regards, Charles

Sent to AGL Suppliers

Company Amptron Electrical Services Ltd
Country United Kingdom


Please quote for the airfield ground lighting @ the above project.

Sent to Transoft Solutions

Position Asst Manager – IT
Company AECOM

Dear Concern, We required below mention software, can you please share the proposal for the same?

Path planner A5 with Base module/ Gate module and presentation module

Path planner R4 pro version

Sen to Fuel Handling Suppliers

Company Donegal Airport

Morning we are currently looking for quotes for the servicing of our JET A1farm and would like to talk to the relevant person regards getting a quote .Best regards Paul mc Fadden Donegal Airport.

Sent to Tuenkers

Company Singapore Changi Airport
Country Singapore

Hi, Singapore Changi Airport is interested in using Electric Scooters to pull a cart/cage that stores odd-sized luggage. Scooters pulling a storage cart to hold the baggage. The idea is to have a detachable cart to store the luggage at check-in areas, then the scooter will come and pick up the trolley. Please advise on the following: 1) What is the regular arrangement for delivery to other countries? (shipping time etc) 2) Is it feasible to implement the above custom configuration? Understand that they are normally used to pull trolleys for passengers instead. Thanks

Sent to ABP

Company BAE Systems

Dear ABP.

We have a project at Walney Island in Cumbria, this is a private airfield owned by our company and we are designing a new facility, with a ATC tower.

Would you be able to provide us with a quotation for the visual control room, if this could be designed and built (off-site) and delivered as a unit this would be ideal?

I have attached some concept drawings for information.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sent to Embross

Company MS Technologies (Private) Limited

Hi, We are working on a project for Sri Lanka Colombo airport to install new self-services checking Kiosks with bag drops (all-in-one), kindly let us know if you have local agent already. We can share more details on this if we can come to an understanding. Cheers

Sent to Mowing Equipment Suppliers

Position General Manager
Company GMR Group – DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited)
Country India

Grass cutting equipment/machine enquiry

Sent to Runway Marking Suppliers

Company KBR

I need price quotes for seated paint machines

Sent to Westgate Site Segregation

Company Castle Owen


Can you please confirm the maximum height that the your internal site hoarding can be built up too.

Can you please advise whether the system includes a temp ceiling solution.

Finally can you please forward the specifications for all your internal site hoarding systems.

Kind regards

Sent to Thyseenkrupp Airport Systems

Company Cleveland International Airport

My airport currently utilizes 15 passenger loading bridges for airline common use. We are looking to replace/expand this asset group. Does your company deal with lease and management agreements?

Sent to Terminal Furniture Suppliers

Company ferrovial

Dear all, i would like to know if you are interested on offering your services in the renovation of Denver international airport. we have different items in our contract: check-in counters, airport different furniture (seats, trash, benches,etc.), baggage handling system, etc. Regards,

Sent to ATIS

Position Senior Buyer
Company THALES
Country South Africa

Voice Recording System Equipment Requirement (2) Kindly provide a quotation

Sent to AXA Power/ITW GSE

Position Airport Manager
Company Ørland Airport
Country Norway

I’m looking for a place to buy a AXA 1400 28 VDC, 400 A & 600 A
Ground Power Unit.

The GPU must be sent to Ørland Airport in Norway. Hope for positive response.

Tor Sakariassen
Airport manager

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company JSC International Airport Sheremetyevo

Dear Sirs, You are kindly requested to submit a quotation on runway friction tester on Scoda chassis.

Please, send me test e-mail to receive a technical specification. Thanks.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Swissport

Passenger Steps – software u/s

Sent to Nordic Dino AB

Company Menzies Aviation

Could you quote me the price for the Nordic Dino 11 [narrow body] aircraft washer. Thank you Paul Drever

Sent to Special Mobility

Company Clece Care Airport Services

Good Afternoon, I’m interested in the price for an e-Mobby Heavy Duty with tray and the extended luggage rack. Additionally could you also give me a price for the standard cost of a Mobby wheelchair (Non Electric). Kind Regards, Saakib Dalvi

Sent to Intos

Company Tahiti Airport

Hello, I am responsible for studies and works for Tahiti Faa’a airport. With the arrival of two new companies this year, we must quickly create two new check-in counters and completely redesign the boarding lounge with four counters.

The most constraining aspect is the time of realization, indeed I must have the 4 embarkation counters for September 15, and the check-in counters for October 15.

I have all the constraints related to equipment that we use, then I know who to contact me directly? cordially

Sento to Peltor

Position Logistic Coordinator
Company United Airports of Georgia

Dear Sir/Madam I am contacting you from the United Airports of Georgia, Logistic coordinator.

We want to buy for the Kutaisi International Airports 3m 5PCS headsets with 5 meter cables for each. If you are interested please contact me. Looking forward to your answer.

Sent to Security Label GmbH

Company Beumer Group
Country France

For testing one of our baggage handling systems, we need some RFID thermal labels. Could you provide these and what will be the delivery time and costs? Best Regards, Alexander

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Palmspringca
Country USA

We are working on our capital improvement plan and are looking to replace our loading bridges. We currently have ramp driven units with PCair, GPU, and Potable Water Cabinets. Our design aircraft is up to 737 – 900. We require two of our bridges to accommodate 767 – 300.

Can you provide me budgetary number/cost for these type of airframes.

Sent to AXA Power/ITW GSE

Company Arthur McKay Building Support Services
Country United Kingdom

Hi Can you tell me if you have prepared a quotation for the supply and delivery of 2nr Axa 2400 Units for Glasgow Airport recently? We are currently tendering a project for the International Pier at Stand 30 where there is a requirement for 2nr new units. Kind regards Gail.

Sent to Bird Control Group

Company Melbourne Airport – Australia

Hi, could you please provide a quote for one Aero Laser unit and the process that ma be involved regarding delivery into Australia

Sent to Gemalto

Company HIAL

I am looking to get a quote of automated barrier for our airport.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company AECOM

Hi, We’d like a quote for a 224m long vertical blast fence. We are looking at a height of 4350mm. Please drop me an email or give me a call if you need any more information.

Sent to ATIS Uher


We are interested in implementing a voice recording system in a local Airport in Nicaragua (Costa Esmeralda). Basically we need 8 analog channels and 8 IP channels. This voice logger system it is going to be used in ATC (air traffic control). Thanks in advance and thanks for your attention.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Hermes Airports Cyprus
Country Cyprus

We would like to have your quote for stainless steel embedded security bollards to install at airport entrance

Sent to PCA Unit Suppliers

Company JBT

Portable PCA unit

Sent to Mowing Equipment Suppliers

Company Delhi International Airport
Country India

Grass Cut & Collect machine quotation

Sent to GSE Suppliers

Company Diamond Star Aviation Consultants

Hi, We are looking for a Towbarless tractor (something similar to TLD TPX model) to be used for A340 aircraft. We are looking for 1 unit.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Procurement and Logistics Manager
Company Manchester Airports Group – MAG Engineering Group
Country United Kingdom

I need pricing for various type tents. Ranging from 4 man tents up to 500 man dining facilities. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Sent to Mototok

Company Air Mauritius
Country Mauritius

Dear Sir / Madam Grateful if you could provide us an email address on which we may send our request for quote for a Tender for Towbarless Tug. Thank you to let us know at the earliest. Best Regards, Simla Moodely Air Mauritius Ltd

Sent to ATIS

Company Dammam Airports Company
Country Saudi Arabia

Voice recording for 200 telephone and radio channels

Sent to Access Platform Suppliers

Company Lite Aviation – Sales Manager Assistant

Dear Sirs, We are looking for below tools, can you please check If you can send me a price and the lead time on below 2 tools? 1) ENGINE TRANSFER BEAM 2) CHERRY PICKER Please inform me as soon as possible Appreciate it, Best regards,

Sent to Baggage Cart Suppliers

Company Mactan Cebu International Airport

We are requiring around 1500 airport lugggage trollies for our new airport in Cebu requiring the cost and lead time

Sent to Baggage Handling Suppliers

Company The George Sollitt Construction Company

Are you bidding the American Airlines CBIS Recapitalization Project at O’Hare International Airport?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Sky Couriers International
Country Ireland

I was inquiring about your software, we are a courier company that delivers lost baggage in Dublin. Could you send me some information on benefits and costs of your software


Company Belgocontrol
Country Belgium

Is it possible to provide me a rough price estimation for a small recording system for tomorrow? I need to record at least 4 analogue voice channels in an Air Traffic Control Tower. Thanks

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Aviosat Technology
Country India

ADS-B opportunity for 10 Airports.

Sent to Jotron

Company East Gate Cyber Defense
Country United Arab Emirates

Dear, Can you help me find a partner that has experience in setting VHF Radios for international airports. We need to submit an estimated quote along of the process of articulating the project and service. Please put me in touch with the right partners from your side, please note that this is a big project in the UAE at one of the biggest airports in the middle east. Waiting on your positive response.

Sent to Aviramp

Company MAYSTAR – Pearson International Airport in Toronto

Hi, We are pricing this tender which is closing on June 13 at 3.00PM. This project is in Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada. This project has Movable Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridges Probably 3 Bridges. Aviramp Ltd is listed as manufacture. Do you have any dealer in Canada? Please provide the contact information. We can send the specification for your reference. Regards

Sent to Engie INEO

Company Acrux Technologies

Pakistan CAA has invited bids for the procurement of D-ATIS (Quantity: 3). We are Pakistan based company specializing in airport special systems and are working closely with Thales & Leonardo at Islamabad International Airport. Please let me know if you have D-ATIS and you are interested in bidding so that I may send you the bidding document and discuss further. Regards.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Thilak Cooray
Company Queens Group – Sri Lanka

There is a Tender for supply of Baggage Handling system for Colombo Airport. If you are interested to supply your products through our company, pls reply imdtly.

Sent to EJ

Company Skanska
Country Sweden

We are currently in the final negotiation phase about the extension of Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. Do you offer drainage systems .i.e. pipes dim 600 mm. Appr. 3000 meters. Furthermore Drainage Gratings: 30 ea 1400×700 mm F900 70 ea 4000×900 mm F900 Please contact me for further information. Best regards, Gustav Kleen

Sent to AGL Suppliers

Position Senior Estimator
Company Balfour Beatty
Country United Kingdom

Stansted Airport stands.

We are tendering for the above project and was wondering if you would be interested in pricing the AGL works for the project ? I look forward to your earliest esponse Regards Paul

Sent to Herbert Systems

Company GMR Airports Hyderabad
Country India

Requirement of Screening Systems and Automatic Tray Retrieval Systems

Sent to Mobatime

Position Projects Manager
Company Salam Industries

Dear Marketing Team, We are Salam Industries based in Doha, and we are dealing with a prestigious airline company for one of our on going project. Can you please send us proposal for the attached. 5nos wall clocks with difference countries and time zone. Thanks and regards , Jessie Cabrera Projects Manager

Sent to ADELTE

Company Cheddi Jagan International Airport

Hello The Cheddi Jagan International Airport located in Guyana, South America is currently under going terminal renovation and upgrades which includes provision of two boarding bridges. Kindly advise if your company will be interested in providing a suitable solution for the boarding bridge. Thanks Anand

Sent to Self Service Bagdrop Suppliers

Company Riyadh Airports


Sent to ADS-B Suppliers

Company Riyadh Airports

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast [ADS-B] Ground Station System SOW To have a highly accurate Radar System capable of detect air traffic & to provide air traffic surveillance services (as a standalone system, out of conventional radar dependence). The system should be accessible from any work station in the Aerodrome (via internal network) with high/acceptable fresh rate.

Sent to Passenger Stair Suppliers

Country Belgium

We are looking for a boarding stair (height adjustable, I think they are all) for aircraft type A320, self-propelled with canopy In order to find the optimal solution, could we have prices for: – Self-propelled with canopy – Tractor with canopy – Towed without canopy (in Passenger category)

Sent to CS

Company NiSAN Electonic Instrumentation

Dear Madam/Sir, NiSAN is an electronic instrumentation company doing successful business with DHMI Turkish State Airport Authority) since 20 years.

I would like to discuss with international sales or business development department managment or inform via e-mail for an upcoming VCSS tender.

We have already implemented some ATC project and also currently ongoing project for DHMI.

Best Regards Ihsan Haslaman

Sent to Park Air Systems

Position Director
Company Enniskillen Airport Ltd
Country Belfast

We are considering updating our existing Park Air Tx/Rx 1300 Ground Station. We are A/G. What can you offer?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Engineering Manager
Company BAE Systems
Country United Kingdom

We have a project at Walney Island in Cumbria, this is a private airfield owned by our company and we are designing a new facility, with a ATC tower.

Would you be able to provide us with a quotation for the visual control room, if this could be designed and built (off-site) and delivered as a unit this would be ideal?

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Rexor Technology

Hi, we are designing a complete BHS mechanical system for a small- medium size airport- maybe around 5-10 million pax year. Are you able to provide the necessary software applications to control and manage this BHS system?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Sofia Airport
Country Bulgaria

We are interested to obtain complete PBB solid wheel size 40x16x30 (molded/pressed tyre on wheel ready for use). Please let me know the approximate cost in order to plan our budget.

Sent to ADB Safegate

Company Coast Machinery Movers

Telescopic mast platform for aircraft painting project for Northrop Grumman Aircraft

Sent to Baggage Handling System (BHS) Suppliers

Company Cairo International Airport
Country Egypt

Dear Sir, Madam ,

On behalf of Cairo International Airport Company I would like to invite you to submit a tender in relation to upgrading the BHS of TB3.

The BHS upgrade include :

·         Integrate the operations of both TB2 BHS and TB3 BHS under one centralized state-of-the-art full redundant SAC system
·         renewal of the existing TB3 IT infrastructure,SCADA system, and Manual Coding stations and reporting system for TB3
·         Increasing the capacity of TB3 BHS from 4800 bag/hr. to 11000bag/hr.
·         Replacing 6 standard 2 x-rays with standard 3 (3 security screening levels)
·         Upgrading the high level control (SAC&SCADA&MES)
·         Replace the two sorters of TB3 BHS from pusher sorter to tilt-tray sorter
·         Arrival flights first/last bag automation to be indicated on FIDS
·         The implementation of RFID tag readers
·         The implementation of CMMS for both terminals TB2&TB3

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Computime Limited

The Malta Border Control Authorities have issued a tender for the provision of an automated system of Border Control gates to be deployed with Malta International Airport.

Amongst all items the system comprises a number of networking equipment, firewalls, servers and storage area networks.

We as Computime Limited ( an ICT company with 39 Years of experience) would be interested in acting as subcontractors for the provision and deployment of the requested peripheral equipment.

Should you be interested in pursuing this tender kindly contact the undersigned. Norman Cutajar BDM Computime Limited

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company JSC International Airport Sheremetyevo
Country Russia

Dear Sirs, You are kindly requested to submit a quotation on runway friction tester on Scoda chassis. Please, send me test e-mail to receive a technical specification. Thanks.

Sent to Friction Tester Suppliers

Company Tucson Airport Authority
Country USA

To Whom It May Concern: Please be advised that we are requesting Bids for the purchase of a Runway Friction Tester.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Faithful+Gould
Country United Kingdom

Good afternoon, I would like to enquire and about the supply and installation costs for a Jet A1 Fuel Storage tank with a 40,000l capacity as well as a 10,000l AVGAS storage tank. This would be to supply an airport in the south-east of England. If you could provide me with a quote that would be very much appreciated.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Heathrow
Country United Kingdom

Hi, I am contacting you on behalf of my client (Heathrow) who are looking into replacing their current Airport Operational Database (AODB). Hence I’m scanning the market to understand what other vendors offer. Thanks

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company ShinMaywa Asia Pte Ltd
Country Singapore

Dear Sir, We are a manufacturer of Passenger Boarding Bridges and we came across your website that you are also doing air conditioning systems for all sectors of industry.

Currently we have one potential project of 28 cooling units to be installed in our Passenger Boarding Bridges in Singapore.

We are looking at a cooling capacity of 23kW and hope you can provide us with more information like catalogues, technical specifications designed for Passenger Boarding Bridges and the prices. I thank you in advance for your quick response to this request and look forward for your reply soon.

Sent to Desko

Company Kenya Airways
Country Kenya

Good Morning, Kindly give me your best quote for Credit Card, Passport Scanners and Swiping Keyboards to be deployed within our Altea DCS system. The scanners need to be compatible with Amadeus airport check in systems (Altea) With Best Regards,

Sent to ADELTE

Company AECOM

Hi, I am curenty writing up a maintanance plan for schiphol airport, could you give me some information on the mainanance acivities you perform on the passenger airbridges, the freuency of this, costs and life-span of the PBB

Sent to Pollite

Position Contracts Manager
Company Dyer and Butler
Country United Kingdom

I have a request to supply and erect 2no self-supporting 21metre masts at Gatwick Airport. These are to be constructed from galvanised steel to provide a life span of not less than 80 years.

Is this something that you would be able to provide a budget cost for?

Sent to Vanderlande

Position Procurement Manager
Company London Luton Airport
Country United Kingdom

We have a tender currently out for bidding for a baggage handling system. Can you advise if you would be interested in bidding?

Sent to TAM Europe

Company Edinburgh Airport
Country United Kingdom

Looking to purchase a fleet of Airport Apron Buses please provide more information

Sent to LNT Solutions

Company London Luton Airport
Country United Kingdom

Can I obtain a quote for runway de-icing fluid asap please

price per tonne and lead times as well as any delivery charges to London Luton Airport.

Sent to All About Signs

Position Owner
Company Icelux Ltd.

“Need to find a mfg. of new signs (wayfinding) for one terminal here in Iceland”

Sent to ABP Airports

Position Associate Director
Company Gleeds International

“We need some assistance with the cost of single flazed outward inclinded laminated annealed glazing system for the VCR in a new international airport for budget purposes.  Could you please contact us.  Approximate area 570m2.  Thanks”

Sent to Purivox

Position Wildlife Control Manager
Company Manchester Airport

“Can you give me costing for the purchase of two of your Purivox TA-RC System”

Sent to 3M Peltor

Position Purchasing Manager
Company National Aviation Ground Support
Country Middle East

“Dear Sir , We are an aircraft line maintenance operating at saudi Arabia airport . We are using right now david clark headset H3312 for our operation ground to aircraft . And I have seen your headsets model with our customer British airline and like it . Thus I would like to procure two sets from Model 3M Peltor Tactical XP Ground Mechanic if could be suitable for our operators . Please provide us a quote for 45 Pcs of 3M Peltor Ground to Aircraft headsets “


Sent to Platform Sales and hire

Position Project Engineer
Company British Airways

“Hi I am interested in a price for 3 Flying Carpet Truck Mounted Access Platform for access for our aircraft at LHR (A380, 747 and Airbus 320)”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Head of Passenger Services
Company Leeds Bradford Airport

“Hello All, We are interested in getting further information regarding your Airport Queue Management System, Waiting Time Measurement System and Developing Passenger Flow Optimation within our Airport.

Could we please try and arrange a meeting to discuss in more detail here at Leeds Bradford Airport”


Sent Airport Suppliers

Position AIMS Administrator
Company Nexus Flight Operation

“We are looking for a flight tracking software that represent our fleet on the real map based on standard ACARS positioning messages.

Appreciate providing us with your software potentials and if we can arrange a web demo/meeting”



Sent to ITW GSE

Company Boeing
Country USA

“I have been looking at your website and am very interested in a UPS that can support up 1050 W and is compact.  I need it to fit in a

space 300mm wide.  Are there any UPS provided by your company that meet these specifications?”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Cost Manager
Company Turner & Townsend
Country United Kingdom

“I am looking for a temporary terminal for Gatwick Airport in London including all the facilities.  This will last for 5 years while the new terminal is being built.  Could you provide me with a quote please”

Position Procurement
Company Montreal Airport

“Interested in bag drop systems. Contact me for RFP asap”

Sent to Jotron

Position Engineering
Company Lockheed Martin


I’m looking for a ATG recorder solution for our customer, NATS. I was hoping you could give me a specification and rough idea of price.

I need a recording solution which supports DisplayPort 1.1 inputs and can stream the output to a network storage solution (either live or en masse) which supports UHD formats.

Cost-wise I’m looking for a cost per client-side recording device and a cost for the server infrastructure needed to support 700 workstations.

If you could get back to me by email or give me a call I’d appreciate it. My core office hours are 10-4 Mon-Thu.

Thanks for your time.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position MCA Architects
Company MCA Architects

“Please provide a contact name preferably located in the Northwest Region of the USA (Oregon, Washington, California).  Our client (Newark Airport) is considering automated material handling system for in flight catering facility”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Operations Manager
Company Qatar Business Incubation Center
Country Qatar

“I am looking for 250 recycle indoor bins like the ones in Qatar Airport”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Passenger Services
Company Hong Kong Airport Authority

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are impressed with your company innovative infant/baby carts which integrated with baggage/parcel carrying capacity which is good for our airport passenger service advancement.

Would you please introduce us some of your company recommended infant trolleys? e.g. GR-01 May be a brief product specifications may help us to have a preliminary learning of your company infant trolleys.

Furthermore, can we ship purchase of your product to Hong Kong?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sent to Fieldmaster

Position Director
Company Aerodrome Habitat Engineering

Good morning,

I am currently consulting at a number of UK and European airports and very interested in obtaining further information on your new Fieldmaster aerodrome cutting equipment when available.

Thank you for your help.

Sent to TrackJet

Position Head of Asset Care – Airfield
Company Dublin Airport – daa Group

Can you send me some details of you equipment for cleaning AGL, paint marking removal and rubber removal.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Associate Director
Company Gleeds International

We need some assistance with the cost of single flazed outward inclinded laminated annealed glazing system for the VCR in anew international airport for budget purposes.  Could you please contact us.  Approximate area 570m2.  Thanks.

Sent to Spearhead Machinery

Position Aerodrome Manager
Company Llanbedr Airfield estates LLP

Interested in trident 6000, size of tractor required, cost and other options for getting our grass sorted.

Sent to Special Mobility

Position Mgr Hub Development
Company Air Canada

Please send unit price for caddy 3 and caddy emove.  Would be interested in test unit if possible.


Position Deputy Senior Air Traffic Controller
Company Bournemouth Airport
Country United Kingdom

“We are a medium sized regional airport in the UK. We anticipate replacing our voice switch within the next 2 years. We have6 operator positions.

I am researching possible replacement equipment, can you send me details of any products that might be suitable”

Sent to Lodige

Position Architect II
Company MCA Architects

Please provide a contact name preferably located in the Northwest Region of the USA (Oregon, Washington, California). Our client (Newark Airport) is considering automated material handling system for in flight catering facility.


Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Operations Manager
Company Guernsey Airport

Please could you contact me as I require our lines on the runway to be cleaned. Rubber build up and last friction test put aiming and touch down markers in the red. Would need them cleaned and all markers on runway repainted. Also would like a quote foradditional work for stand markings and interstand clearways.


Sent to ABP Airports

Position QS
Company Gibraltar Joinery & Building Services

“The Government of Gibraltar has contracted GJBS to construct a port tower which includes a visual control room.

The location of the port tower is high on the rock and exposed to strong winds and driving rain.

The control room has the traditional inclined windows. Would ABP be able to quote for the supply and fix of the control room windows?”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Birmingham Airport Authority
Country USA

“We have a request for bid on a friction tester and would like to send it to your company so you can bid. Please advise email where I can send the request for bid to”

Sent to Aebi Schmidt

Position Contracts Manager
Company Abu Dhabi Airports
Country Middle East

“Need details of runway sweeper Quantity 3, UAE branch. Thanks”

Sent to Pollite

Position Contracts & Technical Liaison Manager
Company Dubai Air navigation Services
Country Middle East

“I am looking for a quotation for a 10 metre ICAO compliant frangible mast (red/white) with provision for the mounting of one wind sensor, lightning conductor and obstruction light. The quote is to include all customs an delivery to end user costs”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Safe City Group

we need a full solution from self boarding pass till the self baggage drop 4 units. Kindly response to the email as soon as possible.

Sent to Seawing

Company Newcastle Airport Australia
Country Australia

Seeking to understand lead times on your aero bridges for an upcoming project – we require two tunnels for 1 Code C and 1 Code E aircraft

Sent to Bulmor

Position Sales Manager
Company Muscat Overseas

“RFQ : 14 units of Aircraft Cabin Hi Loaders : Muscat Airport”

Sent to Ink Aviation

Position Station Manager
Company MAS Munich Aviation Service GmbH
Country Germany

“Hello, I am interested in an ipad solution for check in (DCS). Pls. could you provide me with more information (what is needed). Do you have a demonstration video or app?”

Sent to C3 Headsets

Position Sr Manager
Company Rohde & Schwarz
Country Germany

“For a project we need ATC headset with mic and PTT. Pl send the technical details of ATC-1. Also please send the price for qty 250nos. Early response would be highly appreciated”

Sent to Simpleway

Position Deputy station manager
Company Air france – KLM

“We are looking for an automated public address system whereby we can pre record boarding announcements”

Sent to NIJL Aircraft Docking

Position Director
Company Alasdair Macdonald Architects
Country Australia

“We are an architectural firm in Australia who have been carrying out work for Qantas Airways Limited for over 40 years.

We would like to discuss docking systems for a new Qantas Hangar. Could you please provide a contact name and details of the person we should talk to regarding our project and a appropriate time to call”

Sent to Zaugg

Position Airside Operations Manager
Company Leeds Bradford International Airport
Country United Kingdom

“Please can you send me the prices for the Airport Snow Removal and Snow Ploughs + do you stock second hand equipment”

Sent to Flight Line Support

Position Operations Director
Company Eco Fuel FZE

“Can you please provide me a quote for 4 x 20,000 litre refuellers?”

Sent to TAM Europe

Position Technical-Procurement Manager
Company Celebi Aviation Holding Inc.
Country Middle East

“For our operations which will start in Saudia Arabia we are in need of 18 Apron Buses. As we were informed that you took over the manufacturing of Neoplan apron buses we would like to receive a quoatation from you. Kindly and urgently pls.”

Sent to Mallaghan

Position Airport Services Manager
Company OCS

“Can I get information on all types of ambulifts.  Need one suitable for ATR/DH4/CRJ aircraft types”

Sent to Cobus

Position GSE Maintenance Manager
Company Swissport Cyprus
Country Cyprus

“COBUS 2400 New or used to be used as VIP Bus” Quantity 2, thanks”

Sent to Trysil Maskin

Position Project Manager
Company Bright Co

“We are looking for a price for a machine to markout a runway. The machine needs to be able to spray one part epoxy paint and pressure spray flint/beads.  Minimum width is 450mm.  The smaller the machine the better.  Can you provide us with a quote for one or more machines which meet our criteria.  Thank you”

Sent to Turner Access

Position Head of Purchasing
Company Austrian Airlines Technik Bratislava

“Could you please send me your products catalog with quotes for all base maintenance platforms which can be used for A32F? We are  interesting also for Tail dock and wing docks if available”

Sent to TCR International

Position Procurement Manager
Company easyJet

“Hi, I’m looking to pricing up the option of purchasing x10 crew and passenger towable stairs for one of our UK airports.

Can you contact me to confirm you supply these and how I go about obtaining a price from you Thanks”

Sent to OMK Design

Position Terminal Administrator
Company London City Airport
Country United Kingdom

“I am looking for disabled friendly seating for an area in the Terminal and also approx 25 seats for an area in the departure lounge. Please e-mail me pictures and quotes of any single seats and seating

systems you do that is disabled friendly”

Sent to VidtroniX

Position Purchasing Manager
Company Biggin Hill Airport London
Country United Kingdom

“Please supply details and prices of luggage/boarding pass machines and cost of shipment to UK  example ATP3 Single Path Boarding Pass or Baggage Tag Printer”

Sent to Vitra

Position General Manager
Company IG Furniture
Country Middle East

“We are participating in 2 very large tenders for Muscat and Salalah International Airports and I would be very grateful if you could send me your brochures of all of your seating products (if you

have them with integrated usb’s then please send those too)”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position General Manager
Company Delta Safety and Security
Country Middle East

“Hello, we have an enquiry in Bahrain to supply 15 units of Tray Retrieval Systems (manual or semi-auto) for X-Ray machines.

Please let me know your best pricing along with estimated delivery times”

Sent to Bovertis

Position Head of Retail
Company London Southend Airport
Country UK


I would like to speak to someone in more detail about your airport retail epos system.



Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Eastern Industrial Automation
Country USA

Please Quote: Airport Conveyor Belting Type: PVC120 FXB-NA Black FR 36″ wide 2,260′ long

Sent to Data Modul

Position IT Manager
Company Belfast International Airport
Country United Kingdom

“Hi my name is Ivan Warwick I am the IT manager at Belfast International Airport. I would be interested in having a look at your FIDS solution.

At the moment our Flight Management System runs on SQL, would your FIDS solution be able to extract from SQL and deliver a FIDS page that will give not only all the flight information but also a countdown as to when the gate number will be displayed?”

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