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Typical Enquiries

Sent to Self Service Kiosk Suppliers

Name Daniel Goh
Position Vice President
Company CIMC Pteris Middle East LLC

Interest and looking at procuring 10 units of fully automated self bag drop

Sent to ADB Safegate

Name Ricardo Mendiola
Company Noble Supply & Logistics

Requesting quote for the following: 15 Ea. CABINET, INDIVIDUAL CONTROL, ALSF 1, STAINLESS STEEL, PN: 44D1651-1

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Pablo Nobrega
Position Director of Operations
Company Ground Handling
Country Brazil

Dear Sir/Madam: We are an airport ground handling company in Brazil. We are interested in a communications solution to fully integrate our ground team so that every team member can communicate with each other as well as the pushback crew to communicate with the aircraft.

Sent to Nuctech

Name David Elliott
Company Excess Baggage Company

We need 2 machines with 60 X 40 tunnel for our new baggage storage facility at Toronto Pearson. Happy to consider good quality secondhand equipment. Please quote best price, together with maintenance, and delivery timeframe.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Sandra Victorero Huerta
Company Dpto de Aeropuertos/ Sección Civil/ Madrid – SENER

Good afternoon, I am writing because my company is looking for blast deflection fence to install it at Dublin Airport.

We need both temporary (to use during the construction works) and definitely fence. For code F aircraft.

Could you please send us your product specifications so we can propose it and look for its approval?

Thank you in advance. Kind regards,

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Patrik Löfgren
Company Kalmar Öland Airport
Country Sweden


Im looking for a catering vehicle that works for aircrafts in the size of Airbus 321.

Best Regards patrik


Name Annalisa
Company Tassinari A&G srl
Country Italy

Hello, working our company at the airports of Rome, we request a quote for:


Sent to ILS Suppliers

Name Bill Burke
Company Mildura Airport Corporation

Seeking new instalation ILS at Mildura Australia.

Sent to Baggage Trolley Suppliers

Name Muqeem Akhtar
Company Al Shoumoukh Group

We are seeking to procure through a tendering process, an experienced Service Provider for the Provision of Trolley Management Services for Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) at an international airport of UAE.

The scope includes Provision of Trolley Management Services for MTB and would stretch to all passenger areas including car parks and other facilities in the vicinity of the main terminal building.

The scope of services is summarized as below: 1 –Supply of new trolleys 2 – Porter Services 3 – Trolley Collection Services

NOTE: The scope would include provision of trolley scooters and trolley trucks, besides the routine cleaning, upkeep and maintenance of these assets

Sent to Aviaco GSE

Name Andrés O. Baridon Brown
Position Procurement Manager
Company Flybondi
Country Argentina

Dear Sir/Madam My name is Andrés Baridon Brown and I contact you from Flybondi airline procurement department.

The reason for this e/mail is to obtain quotation with the best prices and delivery times for the equipment listed below for our Boeing 737-800 fleet:

– 4 (four) GPU 90kVA

– 12 (twelve) baggage carts

– 4 (four) lavatory service units

– 4 (four) water service units

– 4 (four) tow bar

– 4 (four) pay mover

– 4 (four) Belt loader

– 8 (eight) passenger stairs We appreciate your response. Best regards

Sent to Leidos

Name Kim Christiansen
Company Integra Consult A/S

We are looking for the right contact name in Leidos for an Air Traffic Management Solutions for Tower, Approach and Area Control. Would you have the right name in Leidos to contact to understand the interest of your company to participate in this project ? There is currently no country or customer name available.

Sent to Desko

Name David Laffert
Company Loganair

I am looking for the price per unit of a Desko BGR 504 Pro. Possibly looking to buy 12 to 15 units.

Sent to Tuenkers

Name Krishan Pandoo
Company London City Airport
Country United Kingdom

I would like some further information on airport luggage trolley scooter. please can you send me a brochure and costings. also is there a service company to provide servicing needs in the UK. many thanks Krishan Pandoo

Sent to GSE Suppliers

Name Alex Smith
Company Stobart Ground Handling

Inquiry in relation to drivable Baggage Belt Loaders.

Sent to Haycomp

Name Lex Visser
Position PRM Manager
Company Schiphol Airport
Country The Netherlands

Can you send me information about the Eagle 2 hoist. I am the PRM service provider for Schiphol Airport

Sent to Mototok

Name Miroslav Debeljak
Company Slovenia Airforce

Hello. Our Company has Aircraft Falcon 2000EX (double nose whell) with MTOW 19 tons and operates across all Europe.

Whe are looking for a solution for towing the aircraft (whe have now old tractor). Please, send me Invoice of Vehicle M (28 TONS) including VAT, insurance and shipping Costs.

Thank you. I would need the Informations sun as possible. With best Regards. Miroslav Debeljak


Sent to Conrac

Name Christopher Masikati
Company Solution First

Can you please send me a quote for the following 3 x Conrac Narrow Bezel Display 6142 BD IPC3 42″ LED

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Pauline Marthus
Company Schiphol Airport
Country The Netherlands

Tender for a terminal project

Sent to GSE Suppliers

Name Angel Petrov
Position Ground Ops & Commercial Director
Company CarGo Air

Dear Colleagues,. Cargo Air is private airline with 10 cx B737-300F/400F . We have Line maintenance bases in Leipzig aand Berlin SXF airport.

We are looking for some GSE and carts and equipment for our Line maintenance.

Please to note we need offer for two types of service carts with cover and without with place for two bottles of Nitrogen- low and high pressure and wheel, brake removal instrument and some jacks.

Cargo Air is planning to purchase the following equipment to service our aircraft B737-300/400 at Leipzig and Berlin SXF airport- WE ARE LOOKING FOR BOTH NEW AND OVERHAULED / USED UNITS :

1/ Wheel Service Card – RTW – WBC-2S with two Filling units for 0-20 bars for tires and 0-150 bars for shock struts –

2 pcs 2/ Wheel and brake remover for B737-300/400 – WBC 1 – 1pc 3/ Floor Crane , BK -200 – 1 pc See attached the brochure. 4/

If you are able to offer us GPU we would like from you the following : Right now we are using 115 V, 60 KVA, 400 Hz. 0 / What will be the project price for battery based GPU . When batteries will need to be changed and what the price will be for this changes. We will need to last for 6-7 hours during day time during weekend only and be charged overnight. We will not be doing any engine start ups but just ground based power for the ground bus of the aircraft. 1/ To confirm what do you think will be the price for 50Hz/125A for 90Kva ? 2/ Can you offer us price for Diesel based GPU with warranty and everything and also do you sell only new ones or also overhauled ?

Sent to Flight line

Name Sergio Canedo
Company Epesa


To whom it concern,

We are looking for a modular equipment for Vehicle Test Stand (Rig) for the New International Airport in Mexio City, as it is shown in the EI 1540 specification, do you have or are supplier of this equipment?, please do not hesitate to contatct me in advance thanks a lot.


Sent to Globalsys

Name Peter Herbert
Company Flybe Aviation Services
Country United Kingdom

Good afternoon I am interested in your wireless headsets and need to know the cost of a single set please

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Abbie Smith
Company AECOM

Hello, I am currently working on putting together a maintenance procedure for Schiphol Airports re-design and I was hoping you could give me some information on airfield ground light/light fitings and the maintenance required, estimate costs and life-spans. Many thanks

Sent to Wanzl

Name Beth Henderson
Company Spotless
Country Australia

Hi, We have an opportunity to supply and manage baggage trolleys at a major airport in New Zealand. We require a system that allows us to track the number of trolleys in certain areas/bays around the airport to ensure an appropriate distribution. Do you have a system that can do this? If so, can you please provide information on the pricing model? Regards, Beth

Sent to SARSYS

Name Riaz Khan
Position Buyer
Company FIJI Airports
Country FIJI

Hi I am the supplies controller for Fiji Airports. We are looking at purchasing a Friction Tester Machine for our Friction testing at our runway. Please advise

Sent to Textron

Name Martin Sage
Company Flybe

Hi There, would you be able to tell me if you have an DC 5 tugs with air brakes for sale please? or anything equivalent.

Sent to DELTA

Name Pedro Couto
Position Assistant Engineer, Transport & Infrastructure
Company WSP

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are looking for a very specific bit of kit to hire, a retro-reflectometer for road signs. We had in the past hired a Zehntner ZRS6060 but no longer have access to such. Is there any similar piece of equipment that you are able to hire out? Kind Regards,

Sent to BEUMER Group

Name Itzik Leibenzon
Company Amboya

We would like to have a proposal for complete BHS system, option to integrate to x ray scanners (not included). please reply if you would like such a project? what are the component that you recommand to include? and what are the details that you need for a budgetary estimation? Thank You

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Gurel Aktas
Position CEO
Company Quality Grup Consultancy

To Whom İt May Concern, we wold like to purchase RFİD Baggage sorting system for an airport in Africa, there are 7 airports to be fitted with the required system, we have the technical specs if required, this is an urgent contract please get back to me when you are available

Sent to Frontier Pitts

Name Sheik Rahul
Company Bahrain International Airport

Dear M/S, We are in the interested of getting quotation for Wicket gates to be used in Bahrain airport. Details as below Size- 1000 x 440 mm. Material- Acrylic- Qty- 50 nos. Let me know if you require any other details. Sheik Rahul Project Manager

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Ionut Nicolaie
Position Inginer Serviciul Tehnic și Intreținere Direcția Tehnică și Întreținere
Company CNAB – Romania

Dear Sir, Our company intend to upgrade (very soon) one of our baggage handling systems which, at the moment, consists in 52 check-in desks, 76 transporting belt units and 4 make-up carousels.

For the security control there are 4 level 2 scanners (standard 2 ECAC) and 1 level 3 CT scanner.

The new system will be designed for min. 6 000 000 pax/year, it will be a multilevel type system with min. 4 standard 3 ECAC scanners, and a min. 2000 bag/hour capacity. In order to start the preliminary phase of the project (i.e. preliminary cost evaluation) we kindly ask for an offer for: 1. evaluation of the existing BHS system and 2. design and simulation of the upgraded system.

Thanking you in advance

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Danail Milushev
Company Rose Air

Our company “Rose Air” build aircraft maintenance hangar on Sofia airport.

I would like more information about Hatch-type underground supply systems. We need: – 400Hz/28VDC services; – 220v/380v 50Hz; – pressurised air; We plan to place three units in our hangar. Please, send us information of price, terms of delivery, preparation of the ground and so on.

Sent to GSE Suppliers

Name Mick Hill
Company Interserve

Hi I am looking for a conveyor belt either self propelled or towed to unload baggage and freight from an EMBRAER 190 aircraft. Regards Mick

Sent to Self Service Bagdrop suppliers

Name Royal Schiphol Group
Company John Jonkhout
Country The Netherlands

Could you please inform me your capabilities with respect to Self Service boarding?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Country Greece

We have received an inquiry from the construction company, that undertook from Fraport the reconstruction of the 14 peripheral airports of Greece, requesting supply of airport furniture, check in counters, customs furniture, passport control furniture e.t.c.

In the past our company, as PALIVOS OFFICE FURNITURE, has undertaken a large part of office furniture and similar item for Athens International Airport “ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS”. Please, contact us ASAP, in order to send you all relevant info and specs.

Sent to Adelte

Company Ivey’s Construction, Inc.
Country USA

I would like a contact, to request pricing for a new passenger boarding bridge for the Melbourne International Airport in Florida.

Sent to Hauraton GmbH

Name Rita Hegedus
Company Ramboll UK Ltd
Country United Kingdom

I am interested in the drainage solutions you provide for airports. Do you have a brochure of related products and perhaps some case studies? Your Sincerely, Rita Hegedus

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Thomas Barnhill
Position Project Director, Preconstruction
Company AECOM Hunt

Passenger boarding bridges, TSA equipment, FIDS, BIDS, etc. for Nashville airport I am the point person for budgeting the phase 1 additions to the Nashville Airport. Can A contact person from TK please get in touch with me for more information

Sent to OPAL

Name Alfred Korff
Company Alfred Korff Consulting
Country Germany

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we want to purchase 2 items Airport Friction Tester. The end user of this equipment is the Iran Airport company. We are doing busyness with Iran since 30 years. We looking for your reply. Regards Alfred Korff

Sent to Terminal Seating Suppliers

Name Peter Forrester
Company Powell

Our company has won a project to supply 200 seats into an airport terminal area.
Do you have any information and prices on beam systems please.
Many Thanks

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Bobby Singh
Position Manager Special Projects
Company Fiji Airways
Country Fiji

Dear Business Development Manager,

Air Pacific Limited trading as Fiji Airways is an airline, based in Fiji in the South Pacific.

We have our own ground support equipment in NADI and other domestic ports to support our aircraft movement.

We intend to purchase one x High Lift Truck with Lift Height Range of 8m to 10m and Platform Capacity of 3 tons either new or used.

Please provide options with specifications, price, availability for our consideration. Your kind consideration to our request and a positive response will be very much appreciated.

Thanking you. Best Regards

Bobby Singh

Manager Special Projects

Sent to Bruel & Kjaer

Name Travis Bryan
Position Operations Manager
Company Boca Raton Airport Authority

Good Afternoon,

We would like to make you aware of an RFP released by the Boca Raton Airport Authority for Noise Monitoring and Flight Tracking System.

Sent to TRILO

Company Airports Authority of India
Country India


Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Kevin Peterson
Company SITA


“Looking for a partner with a proven electronic call forward management system within airports. Looking to fast track”


Sent to ULMA

Name Anand
Company Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation

The Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation located in Guyana, South America is undergoing terminal and aerodrome expansion.

As such, we are considering installing an modernize baggage handing inline system along with EDS machines.

Kindly advise if the event Latin America Airport Expansion Summit which is schedule for March in Argentina will be an actual demonstration for modular solutions?

We are interested to be part of this event and would like to have more information. Thanks Anand

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Emmanuel Espabilla
Company PCCW Solutions

“Dear Sir/Ma’am, May we request to provide us the soft copy your technical catalog and other requirements needed for Self Service Bag drop and self-service check in kiosk for Airports.because we are searching for new technologies in airport application which we can propose to our prospective client”

Sent to GPU Suppliers

Name William Clark
Company AMMROC
Country UAE

We have a requirement for a GPU splitter box to run off a 90KVA GPU with three outlets to service three Sikorsky UH-60M aircraft. Are you able to supply, if so can you give an approx cost and lead time for delivery to the UAE.

Sent to Tow Tractor GSE suppliers

Name Kevin James
Company St Mary’s Airport
Country United Kingdom

Please can you provide any information including prices of Towing tractors you have available suitable for an Airport environment servicing small aircraft. Size to be similar to the Linde P60 Model.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Ronen Elyahu
Position Security CTO Ben-Gurion Airport Israel Airports Authority
Company Israel Airport Authority
Country Israel

I would like to announce the the IAA has published a tender for a Tray return system for all Israeli Airport I would like to have a relevant contact at your company Please note that the time frame is very tight and a prompt reply would be appreciated Ronen Elyahu Security CTO Ben-Gurion Airport Israel Airports Authority

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Abdulla Janhai
Company Bahrain Airport Company
Country Bahrain

Aircraft Recovery Equipment

Sent to Pollite


MATS Company Ltd. is enquiring to purchase and install 1 frangible 10 m mast which must withstand a minimum weight of 50kg.

The mast is to have a 360° crown (CCTV Cameras carriage) of approx. 1.5m diameter to take 8 Bosch video cameras (weight of each camera approx. 3kg).

The crown has to be well secured to the mast itself to eliminate vibrations.

The measurements of each camera housing is 51.4cm x 17.5cm x 13.1cm (L xWxH).

The mast has to be designed to withhold wind speed of 45M/sec (162Km/H).

The mast must have a very high stability as otherwise it will affect the video picture coming from the CCTV cameras.

Mast requirements: • Mast will be erected on the airfield at Luqa airport, and hence it must be certified.

• Metallic parts of the mast, shall be finished with hot dip galvanised coating to BS EN ISO 1461.

• Mast has to be painted red and white in seven sections according to ICAO Annex 14.

• Plastic cable ducts 55mm x 10m QTY 4

• Ladder with rail lock

• Obstruction light (dual and LED type)

• Air rod • Earthing bar

• Delivery to site (unassembled?)

If by any chance you happen to have a supplier locally then a different quote for below work is needed.

Assembly and civil works o Labour costs to assemble mast on ground o Any crane costs to erect mast on its concrete base • Civil works o Architect services o Excavation of hole and carting away of material o Concrete base with steel rebar system in hole o Levelling of mast anchoring bolts o Certification of base and whole installation by architect o Earth electrode kind regards

Sent to Aero Specialties

Name Nicholas Rawlins
Company IMCO General Construction
Country USA

We are working for Boeing on Apron D in Renton,WA. We are upgrading utilities including the power which feeds the existing 400hz power units. We are to provide temporary 400hz generators while power is temporarily out. Do you rent these units? Or can you provide a little more detail on what AERO Specialties can furnish?

Sent to conveyor belting suppliers

Name Ian Walsh
Company Leeds Bradfiord Airport
Country United Kingdom

RE: Leeds Bradford Airport Masterplan

Dear sir/madam, I am contacting you regarding a project my company are working on in Leeds-Bradford Airport in the UK. We are in the process of doing some master-planning to upgrade the existing terminal and we require some new baggage handling belts. I was hoping you might be able to advise an approximate cost for standard baggage belts. Currently we do not have a developed layout but it would appreciated if you could provide some idea of cost for a typical belt layout. Perhaps you have a cost per linear metre? Many thanks, Ian

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Charles Agius
Company Advanced Telecommunications Systems
Country Malta

“Good morning Sir/Madam

The Malta airport has commissioned us to install a new video wall in the check in area that will initially display flight information. It is planned to eventually display advertising content as well. The video wall will be approximately 10 meters x 2 meters and utilize a configuration of 9×3 or 6×3 depending on size.

As we know that you have supplied similar video walls from NEC, we appreciate if you would kindly assist us in delivering this project. Target offer around Euro 35K – 40K”

Sent to Midstream Lighting

Name Peter Yeung
Country Hong Kong

We are the Cost Consultant Team designated by Airport Authority of Hong Kong for the Third Runway Project at Hong Kong International Airport.

We would like to ask for a budgetary unit price for the supply of TITAN 420 & 720. Thanks. Regards, Peter Yeung ARCADIS

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Roger Rondepierre
Company Bombardier
Country USA

We are in need of a blast fence large enough to handle engine runs on a Regional Jet.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Protec Fire Detection plc
Country United Kingdom

Please contact me regarding an enquiry for Manchester Airport

Sent to Frangible Mast Suppliers

Name Damiano Frontini
Position Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Country Australia

Frangible mast information

Dears, I am Damiano Geotechnical lead, we will tunnel under No 2 runway. I need to install No 8 Robotic total station at approx. 2.5 m height elevation from ground. Total station type Leica TM50 (brochure attached). Please I need more information regarding your product MPMA Systems (Multi-Purpose Mast – Aviation). Shipping timing, cost and product certification.

Sent to KOTI

Name Margarita
Position Purchase department
Country Russia

Hello, Please make for us the commercial offer Machine Zaugg, Schmidt, Vammas ( should fit in all these machines) • brush size 693 мм х 280mm; • the material of profile – HDPE; • metallic wire – steel wire with diameter 0,45 mm, zinc plated, quantity of wire per bunch –not less than 280 pcs, • tensile strength – 2300-2800 N/mm², • 17 tufts/brush • order quantity – 20 000pcs thanks in advance for the answer!

Sent to Airport-Suppliers

Name M. Sheri
Company Five Continents Technical & Industrial Services Est.
Country UAE

Sir, Five Continents Technical & Industrial Services Est. is an Abu Dhabi based organization.

We are currently bidding for Passenger Luggage Trolley Management services in one of the UAE Airports.

The requirement will be upward of 6000 trolleys, related equipment and systems.

We would like to have a detailed discussion with you on this subject.

kindly advise us on how to move forward.

Regards. M. Sherif

Sent to Zoeftig

Name Troy Cook
Company Hassell
Country Australia

“We are looking for seating options for an airport we are working on in Brisbane, Australia. Would it be possible to speak to someone about the seating range and do you have. Regards Troy Cook”

Sent to Recording Category suppliers

Name Tina Russell
Company Leidos Innovations Corporation
Country USA

I am seeking information on Software Support for VC-MDX Workstation, Recorder Management and Replay Workstation and Recorder Rack install on Kandahar AB under NATO. Do you have an US based business that can support this inquiry?

Sent to Azimut

Name Bill Burke
Company Mildura Airport Corporation

Cost and lead time for new ILS Land requirement for markers etc

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Rory Yates
Company CBS Consulting Engineers
Country Ireland

Dear Sir/Madam We are currently tendering for the electrical works in an Aircraft Hangar in Shannon Co. Clare Ireland. There are a number of service pits required, Would you be able to provide a cost for the aircraft service pits? Best Regards Rory Yates BENG,MIEI. Electrical Engineer CBS Consulting Engineers

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Rami Zain
Company ALSHAMS National Global Energy Co.

the equipments we need are: – Airports Baggage/Luggage trolleys (stainless steel) heavy-duty with attached basket (Quantity 13,000). –

Trolley retrieval equipment include trolley scooters for retrieval of baggage trolleys. –

Wheelchairs (Multi-spec) for self-service use by passengers (Quantity 60). –

Strollers for use by passengers with tenderer to provide strollers cabinets (each to hold at least 10 strollers), (Quantity 60). –

Buggies (attached with basket) for passengers transfer (Quantity 10). –

Point-of-sale system for trolleys, wheelchairs and strollers. looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Sent to SITTI

Name Javier Donate
Company ETRA
Country Spain

Dear Sir/Madam, We at ETRA Group, would like to know more about your company’s solutions for Voice Communication Systems.

We are operating over the Air Navigation Spanish market and trying to get in contact with key suppliers, as your company, in order to open working channels and golden partnerships.

I would appreciate for you to contact me personally in order to better explain our immediate plans for your company to become our supplier for the ongoing tenders that requires VCS.

KR, Javier Donate

Sent to Acorel

Name Adam Sanson
Company Edinburgh Airport

Looking for a detailed passenger flow that would track a passengers journey between security and their gate. Do they go straight in the direction of their gate? Do they do a lap of the terminal? Do passengers on certain airline dine in certain restaurants? an individual level tracking that can be aggregated to form trends.

Sent to GSE Suppliers

Name Ovidiu Nicolae PLEȘA – Operational Manager
Company Sibiu Airport Romania
Country Romania

Dear Sirs, The purpose of this e-mail is to briefly introduce Sibiu International Airport, as well as its interests and future plans. SBZ is a regional airport situated in the center of Romania.

We provide both airport and ramp handling services and we are interested in acquiring equipments that serve to improve our activity.

Therefore we would kindly ask you to support us by providing price offers, delivery time and product granted warrantee for the aircraft ground support equipment that you might supply to SBZ.

In order to easily identify the specific equipment please find the European Standards for each product – please email me back your contact information.

We anticipate the possibility to working with you in the future. Yours Sincerely,

Sent to Data Modul AG

Name Mark Dennis
Company San Bernardino International Airport
Country USA

Looking for hosted flight and gate information display system

Sent to OAG

Name Jorge Rodriguez

Can you provide me with more information on your traffic analysis. thanks

Sent to Wanzl

Name Jonah Keith
Company Penn-Co Construction
Country Canada


Hello, I am searching for 40+ baggage carts for the use of the airport customers. We are currently doing an airport expansion construction project and must supply additional carts to the airport. It is a small airport in Ontario, Canada. Please contact me if you may be able to assist me in sourcing the baggage carts. Thank you,


Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Adriano Lisboa dos Santos
Position Supply Chain Manager
Company GRU Airport
Country Brazil

The largest international airport of South America – GRU AIRPORT, will start a BID to order 6 new Passenger Boarding Briges model Apron Drive.

We kindly ask you to send all the relevant documents of reference (RFI) and contacts if you are interested to participate of the BID.

Thank you very much, Adriano Lisboa dos Santos Supply Chain Manager

Sent to Langa Industrial

Name Ross Gahagan
Company AAR Aviation Services
Country United Kingdom

Hello, Please quote for the following: P/N 0152-00 Can you give net 30? Thanks

Sent to Boarding Bridge Suppliers

Name Eduardo Benitez
Company Leonel Aviles & Asociados

I am an architect in El Salvador and we are designing an airport expansion with 11 bridges but I need a specification and general details of your boarding bridges. Thank you

Sent to Frangible Mast Suppliers

Name Saroj Dhoj Joshi
Company R. T. Solutions Pvt.
Country India

Dear Sir, We are looking for frangible mast for 12 airport sites. Please let us know the price for your Frangible Airport fencing glass. Rough estimate of the requirement is 15 m x 15m mast for 12 sites. Height requirement is 1.5m Do you also provide gates for the frangible mast?

Sent to AGL Suppliers

Name Simon Huntbach
Company Amptron Electrical Services Ltd
Country United Kingdom


Please quote for the airfield ground lighting @ the above project.

Sent to Tuenkers

Name Jeremy Ong
Company Singapore Changi Airport
Country Singapore

Hi, Singapore Changi Airport is interested in using Electric Scooters to pull a cart/cage that stores odd-sized luggage. Scooters pulling a storage cart to hold the baggage. The idea is to have a detachable cart to store the luggage at check-in areas, then the scooter will come and pick up the trolley. Please advise on the following: 1) What is the regular arrangement for delivery to other countries? (shipping time etc) 2) Is it feasible to implement the above custom configuration? Understand that they are normally used to pull trolleys for passengers instead. Thanks

Sent to SITTI

Name Salitha Dissanayake
Country Australia

REQUIREMENT : Voice Communication Switching System (VCSS)

Sent to Transoft Solutions

Name Rabindra Kumar
Position Asst Manager – IT
Company AECOM

Dear Concern, We required below mention software, can you please share the proposal for the same?

Path planner A5 with Base module/ Gate module and presentation module

Path planner R4 pro version

Sent to Runway Marking Suppliers

Name Richard Howard
Company KBR

I need price quotes for seated paint machines

Sent to Mowing Equipment Suppliers

Name Jayant Chenji
Position General Manager
Company GMR Group – DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited)
Country India

Grass cutting equipment/machine enquiry

Sent to Terminal Furniture Suppliers

Name Raul Banos Martin
Company ferrovial

Dear all, i would like to know if you are interested on offering your services in the renovation of Denver international airport. we have different items in our contract: check-in counters, airport different furniture (seats, trash, benches,etc.), baggage handling system, etc. Regards,

Sent to AXA Power/ITW GSE

Name Tor Sakariassen
Position Airport Manager
Company Ørland Airport
Country Norway

I’m looking for a place to buy a AXA 1400 28 VDC, 400 A & 600 A
Ground Power Unit.

The GPU must be sent to Ørland Airport in Norway. Hope for positive response.

Tor Sakariassen
Airport manager

Sent to ATIS

Name Vasie Armstrong
Position Senior Buyer
Company THALES
Country South Africa

Voice Recording System Equipment Requirement (2) Kindly provide a quotation

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Michael Kingston
Company Swissport

Passenger Steps – software u/s

Sent to Nordic Dino AB

Name Paul Drever
Company Menzies Aviation

Could you quote me the price for the Nordic Dino 11 [narrow body] aircraft washer. Thank you Paul Drever

Sent to Special Mobility

Name Saakib Dalvi
Company Clece Care Airport Services

Good Afternoon, I’m interested in the price for an e-Mobby Heavy Duty with tray and the extended luggage rack. Additionally could you also give me a price for the standard cost of a Mobby wheelchair (Non Electric). Kind Regards, Saakib Dalvi

Sent to Security Label GmbH

Name A.B. Beetz
Company Beumer Group
Country France

For testing one of our baggage handling systems, we need some RFID thermal labels. Could you provide these and what will be the delivery time and costs? Best Regards, Alexander

Sent to AXA Power/ITW GSE

Name Gail Hunstone
Company Arthur McKay Building Support Services
Country United Kingdom

Hi Can you tell me if you have prepared a quotation for the supply and delivery of 2nr Axa 2400 Units for Glasgow Airport recently? We are currently tendering a project for the International Pier at Stand 30 where there is a requirement for 2nr new units. Kind regards Gail.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Steve Bowser
Company Palmspringca
Country USA

We are working on our capital improvement plan and are looking to replace our loading bridges. We currently have ramp driven units with PCair, GPU, and Potable Water Cabinets. Our design aircraft is up to 737 – 900. We require two of our bridges to accommodate 767 – 300.

Can you provide me budgetary number/cost for these type of airframes.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Josh Yates
Company AECOM

Hi, We’d like a quote for a 224m long vertical blast fence. We are looking at a height of 4350mm. Please drop me an email or give me a call if you need any more information.

Sent to PCA Unit Suppliers

Name Michael Geschlecht
Company JBT

Portable PCA unit

Sent to GSE Suppliers

Company Diamond Star Aviation Consultants

Hi, We are looking for a Towbarless tractor (something similar to TLD TPX model) to be used for A340 aircraft. We are looking for 1 unit.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Costas zachariades
Company Hermes Airports Cyprus
Country Cyprus

We would like to have your quote for stainless steel embedded security bollards to install at airport entrance

Sent to Mowing Equipment Suppliers

Name J. P. Singh
Company Delhi International Airport
Country India

Grass Cut & Collect machine quotation

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Gary Owen
Position Procurement and Logistics Manager
Company Manchester Airports Group – MAG Engineering Group
Country United Kingdom

I need pricing for various type tents. Ranging from 4 man tents up to 500 man dining facilities. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Sent to Mototok

Name Simla Moodely
Company Air Mauritius
Country Mauritius

Dear Sir / Madam Grateful if you could provide us an email address on which we may send our request for quote for a Tender for Towbarless Tug. Thank you to let us know at the earliest. Best Regards, Simla Moodely Air Mauritius Ltd

Sent to Baggage Cart Suppliers

Name Emmanuel Correa
Company Mactan Cebu International Airport

We are requiring around 1500 airport lugggage trollies for our new airport in Cebu requiring the cost and lead time

Sent to ATIS

Name Ahmed
Company Dammam Airports Company
Country Saudi Arabia

Voice recording for 200 telephone and radio channels

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company Sky Couriers International
Country Ireland

I was inquiring about your software, we are a courier company that delivers lost baggage in Dublin. Could you send me some information on benefits and costs of your software

Sent to Baggage Handling Suppliers

Name Mike Thomassen
Company The George Sollitt Construction Company

Are you bidding the American Airlines CBIS Recapitalization Project at O’Hare International Airport?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Anupam Khanna
Company Aviosat Technology
Country India

ADS-B opportunity for 10 Airports.

Sent to Engie INEO

Name Humayun Zafar
Company Acrux Technologies

Pakistan CAA has invited bids for the procurement of D-ATIS (Quantity: 3). We are Pakistan based company specializing in airport special systems and are working closely with Thales & Leonardo at Islamabad International Airport. Please let me know if you have D-ATIS and you are interested in bidding so that I may send you the bidding document and discuss further. Regards.

Sent to Jotron

Name Mohammad Bin Bouta Alharsousi
Company East Gate Cyber Defense
Country United Arab Emirates

Dear, Can you help me find a partner that has experience in setting VHF Radios for international airports. We need to submit an estimated quote along of the process of articulating the project and service. Please put me in touch with the right partners from your side, please note that this is a big project in the UAE at one of the biggest airports in the middle east. Waiting on your positive response.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position Thilak Cooray
Company Queens Group – Sri Lanka

There is a Tender for supply of Baggage Handling system for Colombo Airport. If you are interested to supply your products through our company, pls reply imdtly.

Sent to EJ

Name Gustav Kleen
Company Skanska
Country Sweden

We are currently in the final negotiation phase about the extension of Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. Do you offer drainage systems .i.e. pipes dim 600 mm. Appr. 3000 meters. Furthermore Drainage Gratings: 30 ea 1400×700 mm F900 70 ea 4000×900 mm F900 Please contact me for further information. Best regards, Gustav Kleen

Sent to Mobatime

Name Jessie Cabrera
Position Projects Manager
Company Salam Industries

Dear Marketing Team, We are Salam Industries based in Doha, and we are dealing with a prestigious airline company for one of our on going project. Can you please send us proposal for the attached. 5nos wall clocks with difference countries and time zone. Thanks and regards , Jessie Cabrera Projects Manager

Sent to Herbert Systems

Name Rohit Kumar Jain
Company GMR Airports Hyderabad
Country India

Requirement of Screening Systems and Automatic Tray Retrieval Systems

Sent to AGL Suppliers

Position Senior Estimator
Company Balfour Beatty
Country United Kingdom

Stansted Airport stands.

We are tendering for the above project and was wondering if you would be interested in pricing the AGL works for the project ? I look forward to your earliest esponse Regards Paul

Sent to ADELTE

Name Anand Hamilton
Company Cheddi Jagan International Airport

Hello The Cheddi Jagan International Airport located in Guyana, South America is currently under going terminal renovation and upgrades which includes provision of two boarding bridges. Kindly advise if your company will be interested in providing a suitable solution for the boarding bridge. Thanks Anand

Sent to Passenger Stair Suppliers

Name Agnes Bannwarth
Country Belgium

We are looking for a boarding stair (height adjustable, I think they are all) for aircraft type A320, self-propelled with canopy In order to find the optimal solution, could we have prices for: – Self-propelled with canopy – Tractor with canopy – Towed without canopy (in Passenger category)

Sent to Park Air Systems

Name Alan Cathcart
Position Director
Company Enniskillen Airport Ltd
Country Belfast

We are considering updating our existing Park Air Tx/Rx 1300 Ground Station. We are A/G. What can you offer?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Ian Smallwood
Position Engineering Manager
Company BAE Systems
Country United Kingdom

We have a project at Walney Island in Cumbria, this is a private airfield owned by our company and we are designing a new facility, with a ATC tower.

Would you be able to provide us with a quotation for the visual control room, if this could be designed and built (off-site) and delivered as a unit this would be ideal?

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Peter Bradley
Company Rexor Technology

Hi, we are designing a complete BHS mechanical system for a small- medium size airport- maybe around 5-10 million pax year. Are you able to provide the necessary software applications to control and manage this BHS system?

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Grigor Sokolinov
Company Sofia Airport
Country Bulgaria

We are interested to obtain complete PBB solid wheel size 40x16x30 (molded/pressed tyre on wheel ready for use). Please let me know the approximate cost in order to plan our budget.

Sent to ADB Safegate

Name Ryan Cobb
Company Coast Machinery Movers

Telescopic mast platform for aircraft painting project for Northrop Grumman Aircraft

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Norman Cutajar
Company Computime Limited

The Malta Border Control Authorities have issued a tender for the provision of an automated system of Border Control gates to be deployed with Malta International Airport.

Amongst all items the system comprises a number of networking equipment, firewalls, servers and storage area networks.

We as Computime Limited ( an ICT company with 39 Years of experience) would be interested in acting as subcontractors for the provision and deployment of the requested peripheral equipment.

Should you be interested in pursuing this tender kindly contact the undersigned. Norman Cutajar BDM Computime Limited

Sent to Baggage Handling System (BHS) Suppliers

Name Mostafa Elhanafi
Company Cairo International Airport
Country Egypt

Dear Sir, Madam ,

On behalf of Cairo International Airport Company I would like to invite you to submit a tender in relation to upgrading the BHS of TB3.

The BHS upgrade include :

·         Integrate the operations of both TB2 BHS and TB3 BHS under one centralized state-of-the-art full redundant SAC system
·         renewal of the existing TB3 IT infrastructure,SCADA system, and Manual Coding stations and reporting system for TB3
·         Increasing the capacity of TB3 BHS from 4800 bag/hr. to 11000bag/hr.
·         Replacing 6 standard 2 x-rays with standard 3 (3 security screening levels)
·         Upgrading the high level control (SAC&SCADA&MES)
·         Replace the two sorters of TB3 BHS from pusher sorter to tilt-tray sorter
·         Arrival flights first/last bag automation to be indicated on FIDS
·         The implementation of RFID tag readers
·         The implementation of CMMS for both terminals TB2&TB3

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company JSC International Airport Sheremetyevo
Country Russia

Dear Sirs, You are kindly requested to submit a quotation on runway friction tester on Scoda chassis. Please, send me test e-mail to receive a technical specification. Thanks.

Sent to Friction Tester Suppliers

Name Kathy Myers
Company Tucson Airport Authority
Country USA

To Whom It May Concern: Please be advised that we are requesting Bids for the purchase of a Runway Friction Tester.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Yousif Hussain
Company Heathrow
Country United Kingdom

Hi, I am contacting you on behalf of my client (Heathrow) who are looking into replacing their current Airport Operational Database (AODB). Hence I’m scanning the market to understand what other vendors offer. Thanks

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Robert Scofield
Company Faithful+Gould
Country United Kingdom

Good afternoon, I would like to enquire and about the supply and installation costs for a Jet A1 Fuel Storage tank with a 40,000l capacity as well as a 10,000l AVGAS storage tank. This would be to supply an airport in the south-east of England. If you could provide me with a quote that would be very much appreciated.

Sent to Desko

Name Alice Nganga
Company Kenya Airways
Country Kenya

Good Morning, Kindly give me your best quote for Credit Card, Passport Scanners and Swiping Keyboards to be deployed within our Altea DCS system. The scanners need to be compatible with Amadeus airport check in systems (Altea) With Best Regards,

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Company ShinMaywa Asia Pte Ltd
Country Singapore

Dear Sir, We are a manufacturer of Passenger Boarding Bridges and we came across your website that you are also doing air conditioning systems for all sectors of industry.

Currently we have one potential project of 28 cooling units to be installed in our Passenger Boarding Bridges in Singapore.

We are looking at a cooling capacity of 23kW and hope you can provide us with more information like catalogues, technical specifications designed for Passenger Boarding Bridges and the prices. I thank you in advance for your quick response to this request and look forward for your reply soon.

Sent to ADELTE

Company AECOM

Hi, I am curenty writing up a maintanance plan for schiphol airport, could you give me some information on the mainanance acivities you perform on the passenger airbridges, the freuency of this, costs and life-span of the PBB

Sent to Pollite

Name Kieron Wills
Position Contracts Manager
Company Dyer and Butler
Country United Kingdom

I have a request to supply and erect 2no self-supporting 21metre masts at Gatwick Airport. These are to be constructed from galvanised steel to provide a life span of not less than 80 years.

Is this something that you would be able to provide a budget cost for?

Sent to Vanderlande

Name Terry Gittins
Position Procurement Manager
Company London Luton Airport
Country United Kingdom

We have a tender currently out for bidding for a baggage handling system. Can you advise if you would be interested in bidding?

Sent to TAM Europe

Name Barry McNee
Company Edinburgh Airport
Country United Kingdom

Looking to purchase a fleet of Airport Apron Buses please provide more information

Sent to LNT Solutions

Name Rick Hares
Company London Luton Airport
Country United Kingdom

Can I obtain a quote for runway de-icing fluid asap please

price per tonne and lead times as well as any delivery charges to London Luton Airport.

Sent to All About Signs

Position Owner
Company Icelux Ltd.

“Need to find a mfg. of new signs (wayfinding) for one terminal here in Iceland”

Name Jean-Sebastien Pard
Position Procurement
Company Montreal Airport

“Interested in bag drop systems. Contact me for RFP asap”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Fred F Pinnock
Position MCA Architects
Company MCA Architects

“Please provide a contact name preferably located in the Northwest Region of the USA (Oregon, Washington, California).  Our client (Newark Airport) is considering automated material handling system for in flight catering facility”

Sent to ABP Airports

Name Steve Dunkley
Position Associate Director
Company Gleeds International

“We need some assistance with the cost of single flazed outward inclinded laminated annealed glazing system for the VCR in a new international airport for budget purposes.  Could you please contact us.  Approximate area 570m2.  Thanks”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Tatjana Walker
Position Head of Passenger Services
Company Leeds Bradford Airport

“Hello All, We are interested in getting further information regarding your Airport Queue Management System, Waiting Time Measurement System and Developing Passenger Flow Optimation within our Airport.

Could we please try and arrange a meeting to discuss in more detail here at Leeds Bradford Airport”


Sent to 3M Peltor

Name Mohamed Yassine Elabridi
Position Purchasing Manager
Company National Aviation Ground Support
Country Middle East

“Dear Sir , We are an aircraft line maintenance operating at saudi Arabia airport . We are using right now david clark headset H3312 for our operation ground to aircraft . And I have seen your headsets model with our customer British airline and like it . Thus I would like to procure two sets from Model 3M Peltor Tactical XP Ground Mechanic if could be suitable for our operators . Please provide us a quote for 45 Pcs of 3M Peltor Ground to Aircraft headsets “


Sent to ITW GSE

Name Jared Osterli
Company Boeing
Country USA

“I have been looking at your website and am very interested in a UPS that can support up 1050 W and is compact.  I need it to fit in a

space 300mm wide.  Are there any UPS provided by your company that meet these specifications?”

Sent Airport Suppliers

Position AIMS Administrator
Company Nexus Flight Operation

“We are looking for a flight tracking software that represent our fleet on the real map based on standard ACARS positioning messages.

Appreciate providing us with your software potentials and if we can arrange a web demo/meeting”



Sent to Platform Sales and hire

Name Marc Howell
Position Project Engineer
Company British Airways

“Hi I am interested in a price for 3 Flying Carpet Truck Mounted Access Platform for access for our aircraft at LHR (A380, 747 and Airbus 320)”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Mohammed Dalloul
Position Operations Manager
Company Qatar Business Incubation Center
Country Qatar

“I am looking for 250 recycle indoor bins like the ones in Qatar Airport”

Sent to Purivox

Name Anthony Clarke
Position Wildlife Control Manager
Company Manchester Airport

“Can you give me costing for the purchase of two of your Purivox TA-RC System”

Sent to Bovertis

Name Laura Tinkler
Position Head of Retail
Company London Southend Airport
Country UK


I would like to speak to someone in more detail about your airport retail epos system.



Sent to Jotron

Name Christopher McGuire
Position Engineering
Company Lockheed Martin


I’m looking for a ATG recorder solution for our customer, NATS. I was hoping you could give me a specification and rough idea of price.

I need a recording solution which supports DisplayPort 1.1 inputs and can stream the output to a network storage solution (either live or en masse) which supports UHD formats.

Cost-wise I’m looking for a cost per client-side recording device and a cost for the server infrastructure needed to support 700 workstations.

If you could get back to me by email or give me a call I’d appreciate it. My core office hours are 10-4 Mon-Thu.

Thanks for your time.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Gareth Williams
Position Operations Manager
Company Guernsey Airport

Please could you contact me as I require our lines on the runway to be cleaned. Rubber build up and last friction test put aiming and touch down markers in the red. Would need them cleaned and all markers on runway repainted. Also would like a quote foradditional work for stand markings and interstand clearways.


Sent to Lodige

Name Fred F Pinnock
Position Architect II
Company MCA Architects

Please provide a contact name preferably located in the Northwest Region of the USA (Oregon, Washington, California). Our client (Newark Airport) is considering automated material handling system for in flight catering facility.


Sent to Special Mobility

Name Adrian Jonker
Position Mgr Hub Development
Company Air Canada

Please send unit price for caddy 3 and caddy emove.  Would be interested in test unit if possible.

Sent to Spearhead Machinery

Name David Young
Position Aerodrome Manager
Company Llanbedr Airfield estates LLP

Interested in trident 6000, size of tractor required, cost and other options for getting our grass sorted.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Steve Dunkley
Position Associate Director
Company Gleeds International

We need some assistance with the cost of single flazed outward inclinded laminated annealed glazing system for the VCR in anew international airport for budget purposes.  Could you please contact us.  Approximate area 570m2.  Thanks.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Danny Lee
Position Cost Manager
Company Turner & Townsend
Country United Kingdom

“I am looking for a temporary terminal for Gatwick Airport in London including all the facilities.  This will last for 5 years while the new terminal is being built.  Could you provide me with a quote please”

Sent to Fieldmaster

Name Brian Robinson
Position Director
Company Aerodrome Habitat Engineering

Good morning,

I am currently consulting at a number of UK and European airports and very interested in obtaining further information on your new Fieldmaster aerodrome cutting equipment when available.

Thank you for your help.

Sent to TrackJet

Name Ian Devine
Position Head of Asset Care – Airfield
Company Dublin Airport – daa Group

Can you send me some details of you equipment for cleaning AGL, paint marking removal and rubber removal.

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Tidus Mo
Position Passenger Services
Company Hong Kong Airport Authority

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are impressed with your company innovative infant/baby carts which integrated with baggage/parcel carrying capacity which is good for our airport passenger service advancement.

Would you please introduce us some of your company recommended infant trolleys? e.g. GR-01 May be a brief product specifications may help us to have a preliminary learning of your company infant trolleys.

Furthermore, can we ship purchase of your product to Hong Kong?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sent to TAM Europe

Position Technical-Procurement Manager
Company Celebi Aviation Holding Inc.
Country Middle East

“For our operations which will start in Saudia Arabia we are in need of 18 Apron Buses. As we were informed that you took over the manufacturing of Neoplan apron buses we would like to receive a quoatation from you. Kindly and urgently pls.”

Sent to Zaugg

Name Richard Duncan
Position Airside Operations Manager
Company Leeds Bradford International Airport
Country United Kingdom

“Please can you send me the prices for the Airport Snow Removal and Snow Ploughs + do you stock second hand equipment”

Sent to Flight Line Support

Name Nick Brady
Position Operations Director
Company Eco Fuel FZE

“Can you please provide me a quote for 4 x 20,000 litre refuellers?”

Sent to Mallaghan

Name Christophe Gervy
Position Airport Services Manager
Company OCS

“Can I get information on all types of ambulifts.  Need one suitable for ATR/DH4/CRJ aircraft types”

Sent to Cobus

Position GSE Maintenance Manager
Company Swissport Cyprus
Country Cyprus

“COBUS 2400 New or used to be used as VIP Bus” Quantity 2, thanks”

Sent to NIJL Aircraft Docking

Name Kate Macdonald
Position Director
Company Alasdair Macdonald Architects
Country Australia

“We are an architectural firm in Australia who have been carrying out work for Qantas Airways Limited for over 40 years.

We would like to discuss docking systems for a new Qantas Hangar. Could you please provide a contact name and details of the person we should talk to regarding our project and a appropriate time to call”

Sent to Simpleway

Name Christina Stewart
Position Deputy station manager
Company Air france – KLM

“We are looking for an automated public address system whereby we can pre record boarding announcements”

Sent to Bulmor

Name Manoj Chakko
Position Sales Manager
Company Muscat Overseas

“RFQ : 14 units of Aircraft Cabin Hi Loaders : Muscat Airport”

Sent to Ink Aviation

Name Nathalie Fock
Position Station Manager
Company MAS Munich Aviation Service GmbH
Country Germany

“Hello, I am interested in an ipad solution for check in (DCS). Pls. could you provide me with more information (what is needed). Do you have a demonstration video or app?”

Sent to C3 Headsets

Name Pushkar Krishna
Position Sr Manager
Company Rohde & Schwarz
Country Germany

“For a project we need ATC headset with mic and PTT. Pl send the technical details of ATC-1. Also please send the price for qty 250nos. Early response would be highly appreciated”

Sent to ABP Airports

Name John Pillinger
Position QS
Company Gibraltar Joinery & Building Services

“The Government of Gibraltar has contracted GJBS to construct a port tower which includes a visual control room.

The location of the port tower is high on the rock and exposed to strong winds and driving rain.

The control room has the traditional inclined windows. Would ABP be able to quote for the supply and fix of the control room windows?”

Sent to Trysil Maskin

Name Duncan Bell
Position Project Manager
Company Bright Co

“We are looking for a price for a machine to markout a runway. The machine needs to be able to spray one part epoxy paint and pressure spray flint/beads.  Minimum width is 450mm.  The smaller the machine the better.  Can you provide us with a quote for one or more machines which meet our criteria.  Thank you”

Sent to Pollite

Name Steve Loxham
Position Contracts & Technical Liaison Manager
Company Dubai Air navigation Services
Country Middle East

“I am looking for a quotation for a 10 metre ICAO compliant frangible mast (red/white) with provision for the mounting of one wind sensor, lightning conductor and obstruction light. The quote is to include all customs an delivery to end user costs”

Sent to Aebi Schmidt

Name John Russel
Position Contracts Manager
Company Abu Dhabi Airports
Country Middle East

“Need details of runway sweeper Quantity 3, UAE branch. Thanks”


Name Colin Brown
Position Deputy Senior Air Traffic Controller
Company Bournemouth Airport
Country United Kingdom

“We are a medium sized regional airport in the UK. We anticipate replacing our voice switch within the next 2 years. We have6 operator positions.

I am researching possible replacement equipment, can you send me details of any products that might be suitable”

Sent to Turner Access

Name Vladimir Stulancak
Position Head of Purchasing
Company Austrian Airlines Technik Bratislava

“Could you please send me your products catalog with quotes for all base maintenance platforms which can be used for A32F? We are  interesting also for Tail dock and wing docks if available”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Position General Manager
Company Delta Safety and Security
Country Middle East

“Hello, we have an enquiry in Bahrain to supply 15 units of Tray Retrieval Systems (manual or semi-auto) for X-Ray machines.

Please let me know your best pricing along with estimated delivery times”

Sent to TCR International

Name Phil Keys
Position Procurement Manager
Company easyJet

“Hi, I’m looking to pricing up the option of purchasing x10 crew and passenger towable stairs for one of our UK airports.

Can you contact me to confirm you supply these and how I go about obtaining a price from you Thanks”

Sent to Vitra

Name Bryan Wilson
Position General Manager
Company IG Furniture
Country Middle East

“We are participating in 2 very large tenders for Muscat and Salalah International Airports and I would be very grateful if you could send me your brochures of all of your seating products (if you

have them with integrated usb’s then please send those too)”

Sent to OMK Design

Name Kerry Anderson
Position Terminal Administrator
Company London City Airport
Country United Kingdom

“I am looking for disabled friendly seating for an area in the Terminal and also approx 25 seats for an area in the departure lounge. Please e-mail me pictures and quotes of any single seats and seating

systems you do that is disabled friendly”

Sent to VidtroniX

Name Sarah Dennis
Position Purchasing Manager
Company Biggin Hill Airport London
Country United Kingdom

“Please supply details and prices of luggage/boarding pass machines and cost of shipment to UK  example ATP3 Single Path Boarding Pass or Baggage Tag Printer”

Sent to Airport Suppliers

Name Paul Freeman
Company Eastern Industrial Automation
Country USA

Please Quote: Airport Conveyor Belting Type: PVC120 FXB-NA Black FR 36″ wide 2,260′ long

Sent to Data Modul

Name Ivan Warwick
Position IT Manager
Company Belfast International Airport
Country United Kingdom

“Hi my name is Ivan Warwick I am the IT manager at Belfast International Airport. I would be interested in having a look at your FIDS solution.

At the moment our Flight Management System runs on SQL, would your FIDS solution be able to extract from SQL and deliver a FIDS page that will give not only all the flight information but also a countdown as to when the gate number will be displayed?”