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December 2022

Adaptive Recognition delivers foundation for SmartPort Project at Scandlines Ports in Puttgarden, Germany and Rødby, Denmark

– Over the next year, Adaptive Recognition will deliver the foundation – intelligent cameras, sensors and middleware – that will enable Scandlines to build a Smart Port that can automate the handling of ferry customers. “This project …

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AIRCRAFT REFUELLER 18 000L - Available in March 2023

 18 000L NEW AIRCRAFT REFUELLER - AVAILABLE IN MARCH 2023. ­TANK CAPACITY : 18 000L - Aluminium biconical DISTRIBUTION : 1 overwing line - 200 LPM & 1 underwing line - 900, LPM FILTRATION : Water …

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Winter Conditions at Finnish Airports – Requirements for Pilots and Air Operators

Winter Conditions at Finnish Airports – Requirements for Pilots and Air Operators As winter approaches in many places, we wish to share best practices and experiences for safe operations from our home country of Finland. Winter …

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Myanmar (former Burma) is a strategic country for aircrafts flying between Europe and the Far East and Australia. The modernization of the local infrastructures already saw SITTI in the forefront with the supply of a …

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Dallmeier launches Casino 2.0 information campaign: Making casino operations easier

Questioning the old-school Making casino operations easier": According to this motto Dallmeier is launching a comprehensive awareness campaign to show how modern video technology not only ensures greater user-friendliness, but also higher objective security, greater efficiency …

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Eight African nations upgrade aviation message handling with FREQUENTIS

Advanced aviation message handling system (AMHS) from Frequentis has been put into operation in ASECNA member countries First major infrastructure program in Africa for Frequentis The region will benefit from harmonised, state-of-the-art airspace communication In this …

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Airport Environmental Monitoring Systems

SARA Noise at San Paolo Congonhas Airport- Brasil

To monitor the acoustic emissions from aircraft, Infraero Brasil has chosen our SARA system, which correlates the acoustic data coming continuously from the monitoring units, with aeronautical activities, returning the indices required by current regulations …

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AeroCloud Improves Planning and Capacity Management at Manchester Airport

AeroCloud Systems (AeroCloud), the modular intelligent airport management platform provider, has been awarded a contract by Manchester Airport Group (MAG) to provide its Remote Stand Plan and Airfield Works modules to Manchester Airport (MAN). AeroCloud creates …

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