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Q-ALAPP: Quavis Airline Application System

to configure applications and processes based on check-in and bag-drop operations
to run on the kiosks,
to collect the log data of kiosk applications,
to communicate with the airline DCS via Kiosk application Server,
to …

Q-BIO: Quavis Biometric Solutions

QUAVİS has an award from TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye) for her project including biometric solutions for airlines. The project has the following functionalities:

Biometric controls on Gates.

Q-CHECKIN: Quavis Full Functional Check-in Software

Including all possible paths starting from single-check-in up to multi check-in including transfers, Q-CHECKIN provides full functionality to the passengers in check-in operations. Q-CHECKIN software runs on KMS+ALAPP platform.

Q-KAPP: Quavis Kiosk Application

KAPP is a kiosk application management platform having the same functionality as Q-ALAPP for the applications other than airport/airline specific applications.


Q-KMS: Quavis Kiosk Management System

Q-KMS is a platform developed to configure and manage the kiosks and their hardware components connected to airline/airport systems. It was designed with the guidance of IATA Common Use Self Service (CUSS) principles.

Q-KMS platform supports …


A portable device for check-in in any location in the airport. It allows airlines to make group check-in of their passengers before arriving to the airport. Passengers are able to check-in and get their boarding …

Q-SBD: Quavis Self Bagdrop Software

Q-SBD software provides automated baggage check-in to passengers.
Q-SBD runs on KMS+ALAPP Platform.
Q-SBD also runs with Q-CHECKIN as integrated.

Q-VİSTA: QUAViS Queueing System

Q-ViSTA is the queue management system of QUAViS with the following functionalities:

Ticket dispenser: The customer enrollment module to provide ticket to customers
Visual Display: The waiting list and the customers served instantly are displayed …


Quality Assurance

Our team of dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) operatives specialise in providing an objective evaluation of your security measures, encompassing various aspects such as personnel, technology, systems and processes.

By conducting covert, overt and penetration testing, we …

Quick Play

Quick play works as an extension of the main Phonetica PA solution.

For staff members that are on the go and unable to use the complete system for message creation, Quick play is the tool they …

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