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TAC – Transit aisle chair

This manually operated chair offers maximum comfort and safety when transporting a passenger through an airport.

It is suited for use around the terminal and boarding through an air bridge

Taxiway Guidance Signs

Airfield guidance signs

The IR858I taxiway guidance sign is the latest LED design of airfield sign to be manufactured by atg airports. This product is specifically designed to meet the ICAO requirements for Mandatory and Information …

Temporary Airport Terminals and Buildings

Temporary airport terminals

Equipped with all usual facilities such as check-in desks, luggage handling, comfortable departure lounges and customs provisions.
Can also be used as aircraft hangars
Rapid delivery and build times
Operational life from …


Appreciating the importance of operational readiness within the air industry, this multi-user system was designed to incorporate wireless duplex communications between the Flight Deck, Ramp and Gate in order to reduce the duration of turnaround …

TONGA Airport Benches

3-seater Polyurethane Airport seat.

Torpedo Triple Security Recycling Bin

The Torpedo Triple Security Recycling Bin is designed to offer a secure recycling bin to prevent suspect items from being deposited.

This bin is manufactured from durable galvanised steel, primed and powder coated in your choice of Wybone …


Trafficker Range – Aluminium Baggage Trolley – 3 Wheels

At the head of the Trafficker Range, the Aluminium Baggage Trolley is one of the most popular airport trolleys available. Its lightweight aluminium frame makes it easier to manoeuvre than other trolleys of similar size …

Travel 300

The tried-and-tested design with stable luggage support, the effective brake mechanism with a self-adjusting, maintenance-free brake and the exemplary reliability make the Travel 300 a popular worldwide choice for transporting luggage.

Antibacterial carrying handle
Plastic …

Travel 400/Travel 400 Ex

Used and trusted the world over. The Travel 400 series shows why: the robust, durable design with sturdy luggage support, extreme stability at high loads and effortless operation make this the perfect trolley even under …

TRAX Modular Beam Mounted Seating System

TRAX is a modular beam mounted seating system, available in continuous lengths from two to seven runs without the need for intermediary leg supports.

It is an exceptionally versatile modular passenger system, using a standard chassis …


Trelleborg M² (Premium)

Trelleborg M² (Premium) Tires

Discover the unique features and benefits of the Trelleborg M².

Trelleborg M² resilient tires feature the Pit Stop Line wear indicator. The Pit Stop Line ensures that users get maximum whole-life value from their choice of …


Triple Disc Grinder

The Blastrac BMG–780RS MKII is a triple head grinder designed for finishing large horizontal surfaces. The BMG-780RS MKII is a remote control machine which makes the machine very effective and ergonomic to operate. The BMG-780RS …

Triple Disc Grinder – Ride On

The Blastrac BMG–2200 is a large scale ride-on floor grinding machine, designed for large horizontal surfaces. With two drive wheels fitted to the front and a swivel castor to the back, this makes the machine …

Truck Dock Lift 20ft

Truck Dock lifts are designed to transfer cargo from landside vehicles and trucks to a cargo handling system and visa versa. Vehicles are typically higher than the standard air cargo handling system height of 508 …

Truck-Mounted Shot Blasting System


The Blastrac 2-45DTM shot blaster is the workhorse of the horizontal blast cleaning machine equipment …


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