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The Seawing T-Bridge is similar to the Noseloader Bridge. The T-Bridge is also hitched on the terminal side and has a telescopic part towards the aircraft. The T-Bridge differs as the telescopic part is turned …

TAC – Transit aisle chair

This manually operated chair offers maximum comfort and safety when transporting a passenger through an airport.

It is suited for use around the terminal and boarding through an air bridge

Tail Dock Aircraft Maintanance System

Tail dock aircraft maintanance system, compatible with:


Talking Gate

The Talking Gate solution is an extremely powerful software tool that can be fully tailored for an individual Airline/Airport, which runs on existing platforms without the need to invest in additional hardware.

Used by Airline or …

Tamper Evident Adjustable Length Seals

Unisto Revo
Operates like a pull-tight seal, but hangs conveniently on the trolleys and cabin stowage boxes like a padlock seal, enabling easy reading or scanning of the number or barcode.
More details and technical data? Have …

Tamper Evident Labels

Unisto tamper evident labels are successfully used to seal doors and hatches on aircrafts.

Once affixed to the surface, the label displays a “VOID” message on any parts of the label which have been peeled off …

Tamper Evident Padlock Seals

Few of our padlock seals solutions for airline professionals

Unisto Padlock 3
A one-piece moulded padlock seal that can be fastened with one hand. Popular choice for catering, bar and duty free trolleys. Excellent value for money.
More …

Tamper Evident Security Bags – STEBS bags

TydenBrooks Security Products Europe are an approved supplier by the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) – for Airport Security Bags. Airport Security bags are also known as Security Tamper Evident Bags (STEB’s) and comply to …


The TaxiBot®, (Taxiing Robot), is a unique proven solution – certified and ready to bring both ecological and economical ground operation savings to airlines and airports.

The TaxiBot® is a semi-robotic hybrid towing vehicle designed for …


Taxiway Guidance Signs

Airfield guidance signs

In an ever evolving world where electrical performance and minimum maintenance requirements are being required the ‘clearway’ brand of taxiway guidance signs has evolved, and has been expanded further with a more power efficient IR858I …

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