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The Seawing T-Bridge is similar to the Noseloader Bridge. The T-Bridge is also hitched on the terminal side and has a telescopic part towards the aircraft. The T-Bridge differs as the telescopic part is turned …

T1- ‘Basic’ Toilet Pack


IPEE T1 is an automatically flushed toilet with fixed flushing volume. The vandal-resistant stainless steel control panel and sturdy thick toilet seat make this pack ideal for public locations on a tight budget.

Toilet Packs. Rinsed …

T3 – ‘Plus’ Toilet Pack


The automatically flushed toilet pack T3 is equipped with two flushing volumes to keep water consumption as low as possible. The actuation plate is made of stainless steel.

Toilet Packs. Rinsed smartly. Installed quickly.

Thanks to …

T5 – ‘Premium’ Toilet Pack


For those looking for ultimate comfort and sleek design, IPEE T5 offers the solution. The premium pack is ideal for hotels, restaurants or at home. IPEE T5 is equipped with a glass control panel (available …

TAC – Transit aisle chair

This manually operated chair offers maximum comfort and safety when transporting a passenger through an airport. It is suited for use around the terminal and boarding through an air bridge to aircraft seat with ease.

Tactile Table – Kylii Touch

Playful, ergonomic and durable, the Kylii Touch Table is specially designed for use in public places or commercial areas. You can play alone, with friends or family … Thanks to its multi-touch surface, it allows …


Tail Dock Aircraft Maintanance System

Tail dock aircraft maintanance system, compatible with:


Talking Gate

The Talking Gate solution is an extremely powerful software tool that can be fully tailored for an individual Airline/Airport, which runs on existing platforms without the need to invest in additional hardware.

Used by Airline or …

Tamper Evident Adjustable Length Seals

Unisto Revo
Operates like a pull-tight seal, but hangs conveniently on the trolleys and cabin stowage boxes like a padlock seal, enabling easy reading or scanning of the number or barcode.
More details and technical data? Have …

Tamper Evident Labels

Unisto tamper evident labels are successfully used to seal doors and hatches on aircrafts.

Once affixed to the surface, the label displays a “VOID” message on any parts of the label which have been peeled off …

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