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2 Direction Slave Pallets

Slave Pallets are designed to the safe movement of aircraft pallets or ULDs using a Fork Lift Truck. Featuring side protection and Lift-Up Pallet Stops, cargo is kept in place preventing it falling from the …


2Leather collection is soft leather-covered and a zipper closing that defines the seater contour.

ABC Lane for automated Border Control

The ABC Lane for Automated Border Control is an automated immigration control gate – developed in partnership with Gemalto and Automatic Systems both leaders in biometrics and access control markets – combining the latest technologies …

Aera® 300 A

Narrow-bodied with a clear geometry and elegantly curved lines: the Aera 300 not only looks good, but is also sure to impress with its manoeuvrability and practical solutions for every detail.

Elegant curved design
Manoeuvrability …

Aera® 300 L

Narrow-bodied with a clear geometry and elegantly curved lines: the Aera 300 L not only looks good, but is also sure to impress with its manoeuvrability and practical solutions for every detail.

Elegant curved design

Aeron 4K Ultra Low Light

The Aeron 4K Ultra Low Light can see through the dark, fog, and smoke making it the perfect solution for when you need crisp and clear colour video 24 hours a day.

The platform is an …


Aeron Radiometric

Our PTZ camera that is specifically design for fire and heat detection.

The Aeron Radiometric camera provides thermal alarming when temperature thresholds are exceeded, allowing early audible and visual alarms to protect valuable assets where the …



Electronic sensor for detection of free water in aviation fuel according to specification EI 1598, 2nd Edition.

The AFGUARD® sensor is qualified for use as an alternative to Chemical Water Detectors (CWD) by Joint Inspection Group …

Airbus Prosky ATC Flow Management System

The best ATC Flow Management System – In the world

Airbus ProSky is committed to enhancing the performance and support of modern ATM systems such as Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) in Europe and the Next-Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) in the US.

A major …


Aircraft Refuelling Hoses

‘Yellow Band’ aircraft refuelling hoses comply with all relevant standards, including the latest ISO 1825 / API 1529 and meet worldwide military and civil usage. They are lightweight, highly flexible, also at low temperatures, very …

Aircraft Wheel Changing Truck

Aircraft Wheel Changing Truck

Prior to the introduction of a Wheel Changing Truck to the Ground Support staff, the set up time to perform the wheel change is extremely high as two pieces of equipment (a …

Airplane Platform Lift

The Airplane Platform Lift has been designed to facilitate the transfer of people with reduced mobility in and out of airplanes. The lift is equipped with a foldable platform that allows the easy lifting of …

Airport Counters

A Uniquely Italian Design, Built entirely to your requirements

CCM has over 36 years of experience with the Fabrication and Delivery of High Quality Counters for Airports, Train Stations, Conference Halls and Hospitals.

Whether your requirements are …

Airport Line Marking Machines

Borum offers a wide range of specific airport self-propelled line marking machines that can be tailored to the customers’ requirements and needs.

In accordance with the line width you require, a wide retainer and up to …


Airport Seating and Planters

A modernistic range of single seating, tables and planters which are functional yet striking in their simplicity and design. Simple lines, curves and great colours add beauty and value to interior or exterior spaces. Ideal …

Airport Signage and Advertising

A Unique and Customised Build, entirely to your requirements

CCM has produced and delivered many thousands of Signs including Wayfinding, Dynamic Signage and Advertising.

Whether your requirements are for large or small Signs, Indoor or Outdoor, integration …

Airport Trolley Powered Tug/Pusher

Management of airport trolleys around your facility can be an expensive job, which unfortunately is critical to ensuring a smooth operation. Moving your airport trolley fleet is not only physically difficult to manage, but moreover …

Airport-Shopper ES

With this unique special model for escalators, customers are able to move safely from one airport level to another with ease. The proven Airport-Shopper ES is available exclusively from Wanzl.

Reliable luggage transport – even …

Airport-Shopper NG

The elegant Airport-Shopper NG is fitted with a basket with closed sides and offers a large purchase volume. The Wanzl swivel castors guarantee easy manoeuvrability, while a bumper rail made of high-quality plastic protects the …

AKB500 MSR/OCR Keyboard

The AKB500 family of keyboards integrate OCR and MSR functionality to deliver a solid, multi-function device with a compact footprint ideal for airline passenger check-in and card reading, and retail/POS and security environments for quickly …


Design: Karim Rashid

Sectional sofa with metal frame, padded with polyurethane foam in different densities and covered in soft leather.

ALISS, a powerful and user-friendly CUSS check-in application

ALISS, the IER-EASIER CUSS kiosk application, has been designed for airlines or airports that do not want to invest in the development of a complex custom application or for airport or ground handling companies looking …

ATR2XX TripTick® – Barcode, RFID/NFC & eEMV reader

Access-IS’ TripTick® is designed to read 1D/2D barcodes from mobile phones, tablets, wearables and paper in any orientation.

TripTick offers operators the ultimate no-nonsense installation. Its small footprint, low profile slot-in design enables easy integration into …

Automated Passport Control kiosk

The IER 919 kiosk is also supporting Automated Passport Control applications with fingerprint scanner, camera, passport reader and receipt, plus an APC solution developed in partnership with Airside Mobile. An additional hybrid application for mobiles …

Bespoke Access Platforms

Kee Safety’s Bespoke Access Platforms allow safe access to areas where off the shelf fabricated platforms or other systems such as ladders or towers are not appropriate.

Our Bespoke Access Platforms are suitable for difficult to …

Bespoke GRP Planter Inserts

Custom made planter inserts to your sizes, shape and choice of colour.

Very tough composite moulded liners or troughs that can simply be dropped into a container or existing planter to make them watertight.

Our custom made …

BGR 504 pro – Boarding Gate Reader for Standalone or Integration

The DESKO BGR 504 pro is an efficient boarding gate reader optimized for the integration into counters, kiosks or gates. The device is based on robust flatbed scan technology for superfast and high barcode read …

BGR135c – Contactless Boarding Gate Reader

The BGR135c is a compact boarding gate reader for 2D barcoded boarding passes (BCBP’s), with contactless functionality for NFC-enabled phones, tablets and smart cards. In addition the BGR135C includes a receipt printing port and an …

BGR700 – Face Up Boarding Gate Reader

The BGR700 is a robust boarding gate reader for 2D barcoded boarding passes (BCBP’s), designed specifically with a large throat to allow truly intuitive use with all media types including the latest smart watches.

The BGR700 …

BGR750 – Flatbed Boarding Gate Reader

The BGR750 is a modern, flatbed Boarding Gate Reader for all barcoded boarding passes (BCBP’s), designed specifically to allow intuitive use with all media types including the latest phones, tablets and smart watches.

Barcode tickets are …

Blast Resistant sliding door system

Our blast-enhanced sliding door system combines the key properties required for blast protection with aesthetically pleasing and spacious design of any entrance door system, allowing for high levels of blast protection whilst maintaining the appearance …

BMB2/40 Transparent Security Litter Bin

The BMB2/40T Transparent Security Litter Bin is manufactured from robust galvanised steel with transparent polycarbonate panels to all sides and four large apertures to maximise litter collection.

This unit has a 112 litre capacity with internal …


Bomb Blast Resistant Doors

record PROTECT EXV 25 Bomb Blast Resistant Doors enhanced solution maintains the appearance and characteristics of automatic sliding doors yet are designed to protect occupants or passers by from high velocity shards of glass and the …


BORA BORA Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicle to offer sanitary services with stretcher and first aid kit.


BOREADES – CS counter UAV system to protect critical assets

CS is a major system integrator, involved in ATM, Defense and Security. Our headquarters are in France, south suburbs of Paris. Our key offers are:

– BOREADES : Counter-UAV solution / area surveillance systems

– CSoIP : …

Bridge Modular Table

Bridge is a modular table that provides a convenient place to work and charge devices.

It is built around a central steel conduit which routes all electrical cabling and houses unto 4 replaceable power modules. Connection …

Cable Carrying Crocodile

JLC has consulted with airside operations engineers to manufacture and produce a safe, robust cable-carrier that is designed to meet the needs of the crews that operate them.

JLC’s Unique Design

Our cable carrier integrates ‘knuckles’ into its …

Cable Extender

Cable extender EAZ zigzag crocodile type cable extender is intended for storing and moving cables from the GPU to the aircraft.

It consists of up to 10 sections with a length of 5 meters each. Its …

Canopies and Head Islands

A Unique and Customised Build, entirely to your requirements

Check-in Canopies can come in many different types and may include additional Signage, CCM can provide the complete package.

CCM is able to provide all elements of the …

CAS – Customer Access Scooter

The CAS offers a safe and efficient way for passengers to transport themselves around an airport unaided.

Castor Decks

Castor Decks are designed for moving aircraft pallets or ULDs through a manual or semi-manual cargo system. This allows personnel to move the pallet in any direction.

The freight can be rotated in tight spaces allowing …

CD7-2 Evac Trac Evacuation Chair

Ideally suited for emergency situations; Fire evacuation and lift breakdown are circumstances where the CD7 Evac Trac can be an essential piece of equipment. With increased amounts of lift break downs occurring and the advice …

Champion Door multiple-leaf hangar door system

Champion Door vertically lifting multiple hangar door with swing-up mullions is the excellent solution for large plane hangars. The elevating support posts leave the doorways to aircraft hangars completely partition-free. Champion Door multiple hangar fold-up …


Charger – Discharger

Charger – Discharger of EAR-CH series serves to test, charge, discharge and commissioning of all types of aircraft batteries (lead-acid, Ni-Cd, Li-ion, etc.).

It provides storing the maintenance history of each battery during the whole cycle …

Cheetah Class Rapid Intervention Vehicle 4X4

Cheetah is on the watch with VOLKAN quality and with perfect harmony of its components.

Cheetah is manufactured for operations which require quick and reliable response at civil and military airports.  Cheetah which received thumbs up …

Combined Power Supply Unit

The combined power supply units ЕАСR series are intended for power supply of the on-board electrical equipment of aircrafts and helicopters during pre-flight preparation at airports, the shop floors of aircraft industry enterprises and complex …

Constant Current Regulators CCR

Micro range of Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) are recognised as one of the most advanced products on the market.

The Micro 100 Constant current regulator is a microprocessor controlled unit integrating the use of …

Contamination Control System (CCS)

Fully automated controller. The Contamination Control System (CCS) is developed to process data from electronic water sensors, e.g. AFGUARD®, and electronic bulk water detectors, e.g. SLUGGUARD®.

ControlCenter-IP – the new matrix for KVM-over-IP™

ControlCenter-IP combines the advantages of classic matrices with the flexibility of IP systems
Together with a series of IP extenders, the ControlCenter-IP forms a powerful matrix with which any connected operator station can be granted access …

Corona Modern, Modular Circular Seating

Corona creates an eye-catching C-shaped seating design for large contemporary spaces and environments. Also available as a full circle to frame trees, planters and large features.

Our composite moulded furniture creates a welcoming space to both …


1. Taking overall optimized design include chassis+ frame.
2. Deploying new dolphin anti-trap connector, Patent ZL: ZL200920087717.9.
3. Deploying rod automatic braking (Back wheel).
4. Deploying special guide support (Front wheel).
5. Deploying fixed front bezel.
6. Equipped with special …

CRETE trolley

1. Configuration of fish shape anti-pinch joints, safety and practicality. Patent No.: ZL 200920087717 .9.
2. Use of load-bearing support is flexibility and durability.
3. Equipped with automatic braking system, reliable performance.
4. Configuration of round metal handle, …

CSoIP – CS Voice Communication Systems for ATC centers

CS is a major systems integrator, involved in ATM, Defense and Security. Our headquarters are in France, south suburb of Paris. Our key offers are:

– Voice Communication Systems

– ATC Centers and Training simulators

– Counter-UAV solution …


Our De-Icing system provides wireless duplex communication from 2 up to 16 users on an open mic capability.  As the Controller, Operatives and Flight Deck all need to be aware of the operations progress, the …

Delta R – Item Scanner

People handling explosives are likely to spread trace to hand-carried objects and touch points. By screening these point for trace proper assessment can be carried out to determine whether this person requires further screening.

With other …

Delta R – Shoe Scanner

Screening shoes for explosives can be a cumbersome process where passengers have to take of their shoes and agents experience increased workload. With the current methods and technologies in place it is impossible to screen …

DESKO PENTA Platform – Versatile Multi Document Scanners

The PENTA Scanner® platform comprises versatile full-page document scanners which capture image data from ID document under three different light sources such as infrared (IR), visible (VIS) and ultraviolet (UV) light. The images provide an …


Dirt Defence Filter

Dirt defence filters are designed to remove fine solids such as rust, sand and other particulates efficiently and continuously from aviation fuel.

FAUDI Aviation dirt defence filters, both 2in and 6in, are qualified according to specification …


Drum Bunds and Spill Trays – Spill Containment Solutions

A range of spill containment products for 205 litre Drums.

For safe storage of 1, 2, 4, 7 or 8 Drums.

Designed for the long term safe bunding of drums and suitable for all oils and 95% …

Eagle 1

The Eagle 1 is a modified hospital hoist for use with Eagle slings.

It is designed for transferring PRMs from their wheelchair to an airport wheelchair soon after they have checked in. This gives handling staff …

Eagle 2

The Eagle 2 hoist is designed for use in main line commercial jets with 3 seats each side and wide body aircraft.

Single aisle aircraft requires right hand “D” seat allocation, other seating options are available …

Eagle 3

The Eagle 3 is designed for use in commuter aircraft with 2 seats each side. it is shorter than Eagle 2 to facilitate operating with the lower lockers in these aircraft. It requires right hand …

Easy 400

Compact, sturdy and space-saving. The Easy 400 offers passengers sufficient space for hand luggage and shopping. With large advertising surfaces and four castors, it is a particularly attractive proposition.

Compact design
Plastic profiles and castor …


The Endaxi system has been designed to support Ground Handling companies with the ability to reduce no fault founds (NFF’s) at the users facilities. dBD Communications recognises the importance of equipment readiness and this system …

ETELM LTE Macrocell – e-LBS

The e-LBS is a Long Range LTE eNodeB base station operating in different frequency bands (700 MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 2.3GHz and 2.6 GHz) both in TDD and FDD allowing a greater broadband coverage and surpassing …

ETELM LTE Picocell – e-LBSp

The e-LBSp is an LTE eNodeB base station for remote and harsh environments operating in different frequency bands (700 MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 2.3GHz and 2.6 GHz) both in TDD and FDD. Its compact dimensions, ease …

ETELM TETRA base station – e-TBS

The e-TBS is the latest generation of TETRA technology and provides full TETRA services based on the ETSI standard. This allows secure narrowband TETRA services to be deployed on a single architecture with LTE’s high …


Solid appearance, manoeuvrable and safe: all features of the Eurosprinter, offering passengers optimum convenience and safety as they transport their luggage on escalators.

Solid appearance, manoeuvrable
Maximum comfort when transporting on escalators
Automatic braking upon …

Evacuation & Transfer Sling

This is an innovative disabled lifting sling that is incredibly light & portable, making it a realistic alternative when a hoist is not an option, enabling a transfer/lift that is safe, comfortable and dignified. Load …

Exit Lane Breach Control Systems

When security is a high priority or when the flow of people needs to be controlled in a one-way direction record offers several products depending on the level of security and control required. Higher levels of security can be achieved …


Explorer Range – Stainless Steel Baggage Trolley – 4 Wheels

As the most popular trolley in the Explorer Range, 4 Wheel Stainless Steel Airport Trolley is a popular and flexible airport trolley available. Its heavy-duty steel frame makes it far tougher than other trolleys of …

FEROE Airport Benches

Aluminium airport seat with high load capacity and stability.

FLITE Modular Seating System

As passenger numbers increase, the need to provide a higher quantity of seats in existing gate rooms is now a priority. Closely collaborating with industry architects, operators and specifiers, OMK has recently launched a new …



Design: Centro Studi

Frequency Converter

The frequency converters EAC series are intended for the ground servicing of all aircraft types with a frequency of 400 Hz up to 360 kVA.

EAC series converters assist with the fast, reliable and safe launch of aircraft …

FW24-H-T Series – Filter/Water Separator

The FW-24-H-T series are exclusively designed for mobile filtration of aviation fuel, where small amounts of water and/or solids may be present. Vessel type is qualified under witness testing according to specification EI 1581, 6th …


GALAPAGOS Duty Free Trolley


1. Streamlined body design, simple and beautiful.
2. Compact the shape and durable in use for the one piece design of aluminum alloy body and handle with special handle trip.
3. Equipped with 4 swivel wheels, …

Gemalto AT10K OEM Document Reader

The Gemalto OEM Document Reader AT10K is designed with a low profile and simple shape to make it ideal for integration with self-service kiosks, counters and eGates at airports and other locations such as railway …


Gemalto Document Reader AT9000 MK2

The Gemalto Document Reader AT9000 MK2 is designed to Inspect, authenticate or capture data from electronic travel and identity documents quickly and reliably in a wide variety of government and commercial applications. With a standard …

Gemalto Document Reader KR9000 OEM

Ideal for self-service kiosks

Completely hoodless, the Gemalto Document Reader KR9000 OEM​  ideal for self-service check-in kiosks and automatic gates or eGates.

The KR9000 quickly reads and processes images from documents, ePassports, and 2D barcoded boarding passes, …

Gemalto MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader CR100M

The Gemalto MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader CR100M acquires the codeline data from Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) and other identity documents and read the magnetic stripe from ISO standard cards such as frequent flyer …

GORGONA Duty free trolley

Airport trolley with aluminum alloy body and separated bumper with great cushioning performance.

Simple and beautiful design of streamlined body, equipped with 4 swivel wheels with super anti-friction, anti static and tangle-free natural rubber.

And our special …

Ground Power Unit 90 kVA

20x/90T is a robust and reliable 400 Hz ground power unit.

The compact design and a user-friendly control panel are an optimal combination of aesthetic and usability.

Halo Modular Circular Seating and Planters

Halo is a beautifully striking yet comfortable seat which can be adapted to fit any size of space. Versatile, comfortable and durable, our seating range will enhance your environment and most importantly, stand up to …


The Hawk stretcher trolley is designed to remove the risks for staff and patients during the difficult transfer of stretcher patients to and from an ambulance and commercial aircraft.

High Pressure Vehicle


A vortex of air and water equivalent to a category 4 cyclone storm is created and controlled from the operator’s seat, allowing …


Hose Couplings

Safeguarding media purity, ELAFLEX hose couplings with BSP or NPT thread are available in stainless steel or tin plated brass as recommended by JIG Guidelines. They avoid contact of aviation fuel with non-ferrous metals.

Threaded or …

Howe Green 7500 Series Medium-Duty Floor Access Covers

The 7500 Series Medium-Duty Floor Access Duct Cover from Howe Green enables safe and easy access to building services, such as cabling, concealed under interior or exterior flooring.

The duct covers can be fitted quickly and …

Hybrid Diesel GPU

The Ultra Green Power Solution Diesel engine driven GPU series APA is designed to reduce CO2 emissions with its unique technical characteristics.

There is an additional output of standard voltage 50/60 Hz allows to use APA …


Design: Karim Rashid

Sofas and bench system with steel frame, polyurethane foam of different densities  padding, seat base in zig zag springs, upholstered in soft leather.

i420, compact and cost-saving check-in printer

The i420 is the latest desk boarding pass and bag tag printer, born from a strong reputation and expertise in the Passenger Processing area with a range of high performance check-in printers. It has been …

i720 SkyLane for access control and boarding

The i720 SkyLane is the latest generation of IER-EASIER eGates portfolio. This new e-gate comes with double swing door security entrance lane offering a high bidirectional throughput and uncompromising security.

With its elegant design, the i720 …

i820 Retrofit Self Bag Drop

IER-EASIER Self Service Bag Drop solution is designed as a 2-step check-in process, allowing to better balance the passenger flow and ensure consistency of the whole self-service check-in experience, throughout all steps: web check-in online, …

i920, Combining efficiency & Value

IER is introducing i920, its latest self-check-in kiosk, bringing a fresher approach to core functionalities passengers can expect from a self-service kiosk and allowing them to proceed directly to the bag drop positions. This new …

IBC Bunds, Spill Pallets or Sump Pallets

A range of IBC spill containment products.

For safe storage and bunding of 1 – 12 IBC units.

Be prepared – stop expensive spills before they happen.

If you deal with corrosive chemicals and pollutants, a spill can …

IDenty chrom – Versatile Swipe Reader for Check-in Applications

DESKO´s IDenty chrom is the latest member of the chrom family (see also NEPTUN chrom keyboard) and your perfect support for a smooth and trouble-free check-in process. The device captures data from ID documents such …


IER 400, multi-functional check-in printer

The IER 400 is the most sold printer across airports worldwide and reveals very popular across handling companies & airlines using it as dedicated proprietary equipment. It is renowned for its robustness, reliability and efficient …

IER 602, Flatbed multi-format barcode reader

The IER 602 is a full 2D barcode & NFC combo reader, designed to enhance the passenger self-service experience. The IER 602 is an advanced, versatile scanner that takes your airport or airline operations to …

IER 919, Enhanced customer interface, maximum capabilities

IER 919 kiosk featuring the latest generation CUSS solution with a completely integrated self-service hardware. Its revolutionary design and ergonomics, optimized equipment options and capabilities provide passengers with a full range of services, from check-in, …

Intelligent Active Road Sensor ARS31

The embedded active road weather sensor ARS31-UMB detects freezing temperatures independently from de-icing materials and is easy to maintain through its two-parted housing…

The active road sensor ARS31 is installed flush with the road/runway surface and …


Intelligent Active Road Sensor ARS31Pro

The active road sensor ARS31Pro detects freezing point temperatures independently from de-icing materials and has a two-part housing for easy maintenance…

The active ARS31Pro-UMB sensor is flush-mounted in the road or runway surface and measures the …


Intelligent Passive Road Sensor IRS31Pro

The passive road sensor IRS31Pro-UMB convinces by its two part housing design and accurate detection of road surface temperature, water film height, freezing temperature, ice percentage and many more…

The passive road sensor IRS31Pro-UMB is flush-mounted …


Internet Kiosks and Stations

CCM Technologies Internet Station and Kiosk is custom designed for each Customer, ensuring that the look, feel and dimension are tuned for your Airport or Lounge. Each Internet Station or Kiosk can be designed with …

Inverted Cargo Castors

There was 51.2 million tonnes of air cargo transported last year. Air cargo handling is of high importance in todays’s world.

Coldene’s Inverted Cargo-Handling castors are specially designed to operate in cargo-handling applications such as container …

ITW GSE 1400 – Ground Power Unit – mobile solid-state GPU

Product Description:
The ITW GSE 1400 is a small, light and easy manoeuvrable solid-state GPU that does not take up much space neither in mobile nor in the fixed version.


Jaegar Counter UAV/UAS Platform

The prevalence of UAV and Drones are causing a considerable concern which is why our solution has been created. We’ve joined together with sector leading partners to build a system which detects, tracks, identifies, and …

Jaegar Ranger

The Jaegar Ranger is an uncooled thermal HD zoom surveillance platform which has a through-shaft making it suited to situations where you need 360° views, always. 

With lens options up to 225mm, this platform is design …


Jaegar SLG

The Jaegar SLG is designed to control Air Traffic from a remote location using the Jaegar Pan and Tilt director fitted with a signal light gun and combination of powerful thermal and video cameras.

The cameras …

KAD300 ATOM® ID Document Reader with OCR, MSR, Barcode & RFID

Access-IS’ innovative ATOM® Document Reader sets the ticketing and passport reading standard for years to come.

Access’ KAD300 is a state-of-the-art, multi-functional OCR/MSR reader with a low profile, compact design and options for barcode reading and …

Kee Gate Self-Closing Gates

A fully adjustable range of self-closing safety gates for use in rooftop or industrial environments. Safety gates are ideal for protecting any openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches, walkways, access to industrial machinery and other …

Kee Klamp Safety Barriers

A Cost Effective Alternative to Welding with Unlimited Applications

Since 1934, Kee Safety has been dedicated to providing the world with a versatile, economical, and durable method of building tubular structures. KEE KLAMP tubular fittings are …

Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway

A modular easy to install roof walkway system designed to the requirements of EN 516:2006.

Permanent roof walkway solution

Kee Walk® provides a safe, anti-slip, level walkway for anyone who needs to access a roof in the …

Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway with Guardrail

A safe, anti-slip, level surface with handrail for providing safe access for anyone who needs to access a roof.

The KEE WALK with guardrail system from Kee Safety is a safe access solution consisting of walkway …

KeeGuard Roof Edge Protection System

A modular free standing roof edge protection system that does not penetrate the roof membrane.

Safe environment for all working on a roof

One of the HSE recommendations in reducing risk taken by people working on a …

KeeGuard Topfix Edge Protection for Metal Roofs

KeeGuard® Topfix provides a simple solution when collective protection is the preferred safety option for metal profile and standing seam roofs up to 45 degree pitch.

The specially designed powder coated base plate, which incorporates multiple …

KeeLine Lifeline Fall Protection System

A wire based lifeline system providing fall arrest / restraint protection when working at height.

The KEELINE lifeline system provides fall arrest / restraint protection where guardrails are not suitable or where planning considerations require a …


Design: Karim Rashid

Modular bench system, metal frame upholstered with foam in different densities covered in soft leather.

LG Evacu | Evacuation Chair

These folding stair stretchers are ideal for when emergency professionals have to transfer patients down staircases. It can fold up and be stored away neatly against a wall or in a box. A simple, lightweight …

LG2020 Powered Stair Climber

The most competitively priced stairclimber for spiral and flared stairs. Unique rear support wheel for safe movement on stairs. Breaks down into lighter units for transport in small vehicles. Easy to disassemble and store when …

Lightweight Rubber Belts

In our modern production facility, we produce more styles and variations of lightweight rubber belting than any other belting manufacturer.

Lightweight conveyor belts in rubber elastomer, EPDM and silicone. Produced and delivered efficiently and effectively.

Ammeraal Beltech …

Line Eraser for Removal of Line Markings

Ideal for small jobs or on-the-spot corrections, the Borum Line Eraser is a powerful, walk-behind line remover. The Borum Line Eraser can be used for removal of cold paint markings as well as thermoplastic and …



Aviation battery power supply of LINEMA LASZ-1400 series is a high-performance ground power unit (GPU) supplying direct voltage (24V) to initiate and feed on-board equipment when maintaining, taking care, repairing or testing the aircrafts and …


Mobile Airport Safety Barrier/Fence

LINEMA LD-80D Pallet Container Dolly

Pallet Container Dolly for containers LD-4 / LD-8 / LD-6 / LD-11 / LD-7 / LD-26 / LD-29 / LD-36 / LD-39, 2x LD-1 / LD-3

For Pallet use in size 2438 x 3175 mm

LINEMA LP-20 Container Trolley

Aircraft containers transport dolly

For standard containers ld-1 / ld-2 / ld-3

Turntable load platform rotating about 360° with rest position per 90°, enables adjusting platform into needed direction for loading / uploading and driving operations

Excellent movement …

LINEMA LP-50 Container Dolly with Fingers

Transport of ULD containers/pallets up to their maximum gross weight of 5000 kg / 11023 lbs in regular operations, and 7000 kg / 15432 lbs in intermittent operations.

Operation mode “End towing – side towing”

The dolly …

LINEMA LP-50M08 – Container Trailer with Fingers (Modernised)

Transport of ULD containers/pallets up to their maximum gross weight of 5000 kg / 11 023 lbs in regular operations, and 7000 kg / 15432 lbs in intermittent operations.

Operation mode “end towing – side towing”

The …

LINEMA LP-70 Container Trolley

Container trailer for containers weight capacity 7000 kg

Ld-4 / ld-8 / ld-6 / ld-11 / ld-7 / ld-26 / ld-29 / ld-36 / ld-39

Operation mode “ end loading – side towing “

Stops and guides for …

LINEMA LP-70G Pallet Dolly Container Trailer

LINEMA LP-70G is designed to carry (ULD) containers and pallets to / from aircraft the premises of an airport cargo terminal.

Their usefulness is 24 hours, with a focus on night operations with the required safety …

LINEMA LP-70M08 Container Trolley

Transport of ULD containers / pallets of maximum gross weight 5000 kg / 11023 lbs in regular operations, and 7000 kg / 15432 lbs in intermittent operations.

Operation mode, “end loading – side towing” stops and …


LINEMA LW-220M08 is a special towed vehicle that provide tethering points for wide bodied aircraft, and sufficient weight (approx. 18400 kg, i.e. 40600 lb) to prevent excessive aircraft nose gear lift during load / unload …

LINEMA LZ Series Baggage Carts

Transport of Palletised or Non Palletised Goods in Airport Ground Operations

Load Capacity to 2000kg

Same chassis frame for different measures. Individual modification possible.

Easy to handle.

Minimum Maintenance.

LINEMA Mobile Heliports

Mobile landing platforms on clients request.

Used by private individual people and Police in Slovakia.



LINEMA PL-02 Loading Platform

Developed on clients request for handling palletized freight.

Save loading / offloading in raised or lowered positions only.

Height range from 90cm to 190cm.

Hydraulic system powered by a manual hydraulic pump.

Platform equipped with a fold out bridge.

Removable …

LINEMA Spare Parts for All Products

Tow bar,
Wheel Chocks,
Threaded Rod,
and more


LINEMA Wheel Chocks

Technical Rubber

Colours and Size Variety on Customer request


LINEMA Devloped Wheel with High Stability

Iron Skeleton with Polyurethane Mixture

Link Seating System

OMK has developed a new lifestyle seating system designed specifically for concourse and retail areas. Link is a moulded polyurethane seat with a unique geometric shape which can be combined to create numerous dynamic configurations.

Link …


Lion Class Arff 8X8 – 6X6 – 4X4

LION hearted!

‘’LION’’, the fearless and brave guardian of airports was designed for the most dangerous situations which require rapid response.

Nowadays the number of airports raise rapidly because the travelling habits has changed. The risk is …


Load Bank – EAL-28 series

Portable Load bank EAL-28 intended for GPU maintenance, test and checking of correct operation 28VDC output. Unit can be also applied for checking of cable plugs after their change and repair.

EAL-28 has capability to save …

Load Bank – EAL-400 series

Portable Load bank EAL-400 intended for GPU maintenance, test and checking of correct operation. Unit can be also applied for checking of cable plugs after their change and repair.

EAL-400 has capability to save and get …

Load, Pallet and Guide Rollers

A Range Of Polyurethane Guide Rollers and Nylon & Polyurethane Truck rollers from Coldene Castors.

Loomy / T Net

Design: Franco Poli

Coach hide net screen lm100 with stainless steel base.

Lufft Ceilometer CHM 15k

The LIDAR-based cloud height sensor / ceilometer CHM 15k is prepared to work throughout the year and in any climate

The Lufft CHM 15k has a double-walled housing combined with integrated fan and automatic heating system. …


Lufft Ceilometer CHM 8k

The LIDAR-based cloud height sensor CHM 8k is prepared to work throughout the year and in any climate

The CHM 8k is the latest ceilometer from Lufft. Using the Lidar technique, it detects backscatter aerosol profiles …

Lute Airport Preparation Unit

The newest addition to our Lute Recycling Range, the Airport Preparation Unit has been designed to help significantly improve the passenger divestment experience.

Features of the complete design include a 150 litre capacity for mixed recycling, …


Lynx Class Arff 4X4

Durable & Strong
Lynx was designed to be used without compromise form the firefighting performance at midsize central airports. 4×4 and 6×6 versions can sit on chassis that are available on the market.

With its light body …

Lynx Class Arff 6X6

Aware of its responsibility!
With its functionality, Lynx is irrevocable for airport firefighting.

Airport operations require extra specialization, knowledge and having perfect equipment for fire fighters.
Lynx is manufactured to meet every need, demand and most important requirements …

MAC – Motorised aisle chair

Offering maximum safety and passenger comfort, the MAC is designed to transport passengers around the airport, getting them from the boarding gate to their aircraft seat with ease


• Configuration of round shape anti-pinch joints, safety and practicality. Patent No.: ZL 200920087717 .9.
• Configuration of multi-function pins.
• Patent No.: ZL 200520098908. 7.
• Use of load-bearing support is flexibility and durability.
• Equipped with automatic …

MALTA Trolley

1. Configuration of dolphin shape anti-pinch joints, safety and practicality. Patent No.: ZL 200920087717 .9
2. Configuration of multi-function pins.
Patent No: ZL 200520098908. 7
3. Use of load-bearing support is flexibility and durability.
4. Equipped with automatic braking …

MannTek Aviation Equipment

For the loading of aviation refuellers (airfield tank trucks), MannTek ‘DAC’ Dry Aviation Couplings to ISO 45 have proven themselves in practice for a quick and clean connection without spill. They are used for the …

MARWIS – Mobile Advanced Runway Weather Information Sensor

MARWIS is the first road and runway weather sensor from Lufft detecting road conditions, temperatures, friction and other parameters mobile from a driving vehicle…

The mobile road weather sensor MARWIS turns vehicles into driving weather stations …



Design: Centro Studi

Meeting is a multiple seating system with I-beam support. The seating units frames are in oval section steel covered in coach hide or soft leather or in moulded perforated …

Metal Detector Security Chair

A wheelchair that removes the unnecessary searching on those with reduced mobility. The chair is made with a sturdy plastic frame, a soft seat and a soft backrest. Very easy to use and clean and …

Minerva Air

Providing wireless communication, the Minerva Air system allows for freedom of movement during wing walks, inspections and engineering tasks without being restricted.  The Minerva Air system is our highly versatile wireless pushback system addressing technical …

Minerva Ajax

The Minerva Ajax system, similar to Minerva Air, has been developed to operate in higher noise environments, as utilising the mouth shield reduces the effect of background noise.

The specialised mouth piece comes on a quick …

Mobile Cable Extender

Cable extender ЕАВТ intended for store and transportation of GPU output AC/DC cables.

The extender is lightweight, maneuverable, easy to use and durable. The extender is designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

Depending on the order, …

Multitask Vehicle – Shot Blasting & Scarifying Attachments



NEPTUN chrom® – Water and Dust Resistant Check-in Keyboard

The integrated keyboard NEPTUN chrom® is equipped with the well-proven DESKO OCR and MSR reading technology. The keyboard reads travel documents such as passports, ID cards and visas as well as magnetic stripe cards such …



Design: Marco Piva

The ability to rest quietly, work in privacy or simply relax in comfort are the requirements of any business traveler.

To enable this, CCM developed in collaboration with the renowned Architect Marco Piva …

NexLog Voice Recording Systems (VRS)

Eventide’s NexLog high-reliability Voice Recording Systems (VRS) have been deployed at ATC locations in over 60 countries. NexLog VRS provides voice recording, archival storage & easy access to recordings, and includes redundant power supplies, a …


NEXT “multiple seating solutions” on trapezoidal beam support with seating units entirely covered in coach hide or integral polyurethane foam. According to the use, the beam can have 2, 3, 4, 5 or more places, …

No-Transfer Aircraft Security Label

Tamper evident labels are the best choice for use on aircraft doors when planes are parked or in storage. As well as being used on inflight catering carts, inspection panels, duty free packages, boxes and …

Off Aerodrome Reporting – O.A.R

This comprehensive solution provides you with everything you need to monitor, record and analyse off aerodrome sites that may pose a bird strike risk.

A touch-screen tablet, equipped with GPS and camera, displays pre-configured information …


Osiris Searcher

A highly modular ready to go Single Mast Surveillance solution, ideal for medium to long range surveillance applications using HD zoom video cameras and cooled thermal zoom cameras.

With cooled thermal cameras up to 900mm and HD cameras up to 60x zoom, …

Overwing Nozzles

Being a market leader in petrol station nozzles, our product range includes overwing nozzles for aircraft and helicopter refuelling – with AVGAS or JET-A1 spouts and suited accessories.

Our next generation overwing nozzle ZVF 50 has …

Paint Hog

The Paint Hog is a highly customizable waterborne paint truck available in both atomized air and airless formats. The atomized air version can be used in any climate due to its paint heating systems while …


Pallet Distributors

Pallet Distributors are designed to transport Air Cargo and are ideal for a mixed modal or temporary warehouse. Offering an extended raised height of 1,500 mm, Pallet Distributors can double as a Mobile Truck Dock. …

PASCUA Duty Free Trolley

El Cartt4100-G5 the most complete model of Duty Free range, it is designed to the millimeter to offer comfort to the passenger in their displacement by the airport: with double O saucer inside the basket …

Passenger Flow management systems

Working with our partner Manusa, JLC Group provide a range of passenger flow management solutions.

One-Way Security Corridors
JLC Group offers the Touran range of one-way security corridors(also known as anti-walk back systems). These automated systems are specifically …

Pop-Up Pit System – EAPOP Series

The EAPIT POP-UP system consists of an underground chamber and lifting mechanism with a counterweight opening system.

The EAPIT POP-UP can be equipped with preconditioned air (1-2 output hoses), set of sockets and/or 400Hz power (1-4 …

Porters Trolley For Airports

The Porters Trolley is an important tool in airports, for portering customer luggage at VIP points. With a 1500kg capacity on the Aluminium Centre Castor with Polyurethane Tyres option, the trolley is highly durable and …

Powered Roller Bed

Powered Roller beds are designed for moving Aircraft Pallets throughout a cargo system. With the beds being powered, this helps the operator to move the Air Craft Pallets easier and more efficiently and removing any …

Premier 2020

The Premier 2020 is the replacement for the well-established and long standing Digi-Scare and Premier 1500 systems. Scarecrow have now sold approaching 1000 of these various vehicle mounted systems to airports across the world.

The broadcast …

ProDetect™ – Computer Based Training for CT

Adopting CT technology in security operations has a lot of benefits for airports yet has a great impact for the operators. Suddenly operators need to interpret 3-dimensional images requiring visual-spatial abilities, that can only be …

PSIairport/BHS: Baggage Handling System

The PSI baggage handling system, PSIairport/BHS ensures that the baggage flow in airports is optimised and integrates the related airline, airport and handling agent systems.

The system maps extremely complex material flows transparently. The addition of …

PSIairport/BRS: Baggage Reconciliation System

The Baggage Reconciliation System PSIairport/BRS ensures that no baggage gets on board the aircraft without the passenger.

The cross-platform mobile solution PSIairport/BRS can be used with a wide selection of Android, iOS or Windows end devices. …

PSIairport/CCTV: High resolution video tracking based on Neural Networks

CCTV combines high resolution video tracking and documentation with AI methods for object detection and classification. This solution delivers a complete real time localisation system based on video supervision to track baggage or any kind …

PSIairport/IT: Infrastructure & Services

Our infrastructure packages and services which are designed for the specific requirements of airports, once again ensure that your operations run smoothly.

We provide proven and standardised infrastructure packages based on our many years of experience …


The Eagle ramp is designed to provide a smooth traverse from aerobridge to aircraft, particularly when there is a step.

It was made for use with Eagle hoists, however airlines are also using them for aisle …

Rapiscan Systems – Baggage Scanner – 920CT

The ECAC C3 Approved 920CT is designed to advance aviation cabin baggage screening into the future. It improves passenger experience while increasing their safety.
Intelligent Screening

920CT is intelligent. It can detect threats quickly and make decisions …


Rapiscan Systems – Checkpoint Screening X-Ray – Orion™ 920CX

The 920CX is a 620mm x 420mm single view screening system providing exceptional threat detection and high throughput by virtue of Best in Industry Penetration and Resolution

ORION™ 920CX provides the best measured steel penetration, wire …

Rapiscan Systems – Explosive Detection System – RTT

High Throughput & Dynamic Window

With the belt running at 0.5 meters per second and “Dynamic Window” providing minimal gaps between bags or parcels, RTT®110 provides Industry-leading throughput, routinely exceeding 1,800 bags or 2,500 parcels per …



New Generation EAR series rectifiers are designed to power on-board electrical equipment and launch aircraft and helicopters with 28.5 V DC and a rated current up to 1200 A continuously (on request they can be …

Retail Units

Through the CCM Group, CCM can provide full fit out turn key retail solutions including Architectural Production, Civil Works, MEP Works, IT Infrastructure and provision of Seating, Tables and Chairs.


Rubber Expansion Joints

For installation within the pipe systems of aviation refuellers we recommend our renowned ERV-G rubber expansion joints which reliably dampen vibrations occuring during operation. For regions with low temperatures, a special LT version is also …

S-Max Sella Powered Stair Climber

Frequently buildings have neither been designed nor built in such a way that they are accessible for handicapped people. In those cases, stairs represent a great barrier for many people and need to be overcome.

With …

SafePass Passenger Guidance System

SafePass is a highly mobile dual rope passenger guiding system that enables efficiency and safe passenger flow, increases ground handling resource efficiency and allows for underwing boarding of aircraft. The system is easy to handle, …

SAM – Sit and Move

The SAM chair provides a comfortable and safe way to transport passengers around an airport, from the car park right through to the boarding gate


The Scalo designed by Jean Nouvel is a revolutionary new Beam Seating solution for Airports and public spaces.

The furniture has a minimal, linear and well-defined structure, which recalls the architecture of the buildings designed by …

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™

Scarecrow’s flagship Airside product is the Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™ – this is two systems in one, in that it provides not only a Bird Dispersal method as a vehicle-mounted system solution, but also provides Data …


Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™ Reporting Software

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™ Reporting System is a highly effective data logging and analysis system that has been designed to provide all of the same functions of Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™, just without the ability to broadcast …



The Blastrac BMP-335 is a new heavy duty electric scarifier. It is the answer to the toughest scarifying needs. Its increased weight allows it to generate a more efficient scarifying action. It is equipped with …

Security Interlock As Access Control System

The record R 62 security interlock control system provides for the separation of pedestrian traffic using sensors and triggers which operate the exit path only when the required parameters are met. The system can be set to …


Self Service Cabin Baggage Sizers

Multi airline, self powered and transportable cabin baggage sizer

The introduction of CCM’s automatic, multi-airline, mobile and self-powered cabin baggage sizer is the solution to the challenge of managing Passengers who are paying more attention to …

Self Service Check-in Kiosks and Islands

Multi airline, Bespoke Design, CUSS Kiosk and Island

The introduction of CCM’s CUSS Kiosk and CUSS Self Service Island is an extension of CCM’s experience in the Airport Industry over the last 35 Years. Passengers are …

Self Service Hybrid Bag Drop

CCM Technologies Hybrid Self Bag Drop represents more than 35 Years of experience in the Design, Build and Installation of Check-In Counters and Canopies across 100’s of Airports all around the World.

The Hybrid Counter concept …

Self Service Repack Station

Self Service Repack Station

CCM’s Repack Station is the first time that all the necessary features needed to ease the Check-in experience for Passengers is brought together into a single product.

Using CCM’s Cloud Services, the Repack …

Semi-automated monitoring solution for the airport security area

Preventing terminal closures effectively: Dallmeier presents semi-automated monitoring solution for the airport security area

The problem is familiar to airport operators: Unauthorised individuals enter the security area every day, for example when passengers go back to …


Design: Karim Rashid

Armchair and 2 seater sofa with curved plywood structure. Polished stainless steel base, steel seat frame with polyurethane foam padding of different densities, upholstered in soft leather.

Seville Bench System

Originally commissioned to compliment Nicholas Grimshaw’s futuristic design for the British Pavillion at the Seville Expo 1992, the Seville bench system has since gone on to win numerous design awards including Millennium Product.

During its 35 …

SICILY Cartt Recovery


The bustling rhythm of travellers in airports has an impact on the organisation of its space; many are in a hurry and leave the carts used to carry their …

Single Disc Grinder

The Blastrac BG-250TWIN is a single disc concrete grinder that allow you to work with two different speeds. It is specially designed for fast and easy switching between normal grinding and using bushhammer tools. The …

Single Token Biometrics

In an industry where revenue hinges on mere minutes and every second counts, airports & airlines must look to new technology to accommodate increased passenger processing without compromising safety and security.

From biometrics to self-service, airport …

Sinitic Automated Customer Experience Product Suite

Launch enables you to convert your chat history into your auto agent meaning you don’t waste months of manual labour labelling data to strengthen your machine learning solutions.

Edit means you can humanise dialogue in your …

Slave Pallet System – Pallet Master Ride-On and Pallet Master Pedestrian

Pallet Master Ride-on version

Specially purpose designed for the manoeuvring of air cargo ULD’s on slave pallets. Nominal load 8,000 kg (6,800 kg for the ULD and max. 1,200 kg for  the slave pallet).

Slave Pallet System – Slave Pallet Roller Deck

Slave Pallet System – Slave Pallet Roller Deck

The SACO Slave Pallet System is a safe and cost effective system for flexible handling of air cargo pallets and containers (ULD’s) in the warehouse or cargo terminal.

By …


Design: Simon Ma

Modular sofa with solid wood structure, polyurethane foam with different densities padding, leather upholstery

Stairmate SA-S Powered Stair Climber

The Stairclimber is an easy to use, portable wheelchair lift designed to attach under most manual wheelchairs. It is easy to use, easy to pack away and easy to store. This makes it one of …

STARJET® Stripe and Rubber Removal Systems

NLB water jetting systems remove pavement markings and runway rubber faster and more thoroughly than abrasive methods without damaging the pavement. NLB systems completely remove coatings, membranes, thermal epoxies and rubber build up – even …


Step-Over Platforms

Bespoke Step Overs provide safe access over pipework, plant equipment and conduits or can be used to accommodate changes in roof levels.

When regular access to an area on the roof or at ground level is …

Stripe Hog 5.2

The Stripe Hog is our award-winning water blasting system for removing or rejuvenating markings on roads and highways as well as removing rubber deposits from airport runways. The Stripe Hog can be mounted to a …


Stripe Hog SH7500

The Stripe Hog is our award-winning water blasting system for removing or rejuvenating markings on roads and highways as well as removing rubber deposits from airport runways. The Stripe Hog can be mounted to a …


Stripe Hog SH8000

The Stripe Hog is our award-winning water blasting system for removing or rejuvenating markings on roads and highways as well as removing rubber deposits from airport runways. The Stripe Hog can be mounted to a …


Stripe Hog SK2000

The Stripe Hog is our award-winning water blasting system for removing or rejuvenating markings on roads and highways as well as removing rubber deposits from airport runways. The Stripe Hog can be mounted to a …


Subway Restaurant Franchise

The first Subway restaurant was opened in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Dr Peter Buck. It was the first of over 42,500 locations worldwide.

The Subway restaurant chain continues to evolve the dining experience, offering guests …

Super Trac TRE-70 Powered Stair Climber

Super Trac is the world’s first portable stair climber with a Unique Self Levelling Operation that gives maximum dignity to the user. This piece of kit is ideal in case of a lift breakdown. The …

Surface Hog

The Paint Hog is a highly customizable waterborne paint truck available in both atomized air and airless formats. The atomized air version can be used in any climate due to its paint heating systems while …


Synthetic Belts

Our comprehensive range of Synthetic Belts are able to fulfil the application needs for light to heavy processing and conveying applications.

Our Synthetic Belts are developed and produced in various locations around the world using the …

System Level 100 – Roller Deck and Castor Deck

System Level 100 – Roller Deck

These roller tracks used for manual conveying and storage of ULD’s.

Roller tracks are to be bolted on the floor and have a conveying height of 110 mm

Each 10 ft position …

System Level 508 Manual – Castor Deck

System Level 508 Manual – Castor Deck

Non-powered modular deck for multi-directional manual conveying and storage of ULD’s. The standard 10ft module has dimensions of L x W:  3315 x 2600 mm, however these can be …

System Level 508 Manual – Roller Deck

System Level 508 – Manual – Roller deck

Non-powered roller deck for manual conveying and storage of ULD’s for either NEP or WEP presentation. Various sizes are available to accommodate different ULD types and to suit …

TAC – Transit aisle chair

This manually operated chair offers maximum comfort and safety when transporting a passenger through an airport.

It is suited for use around the terminal and boarding through an air bridge

Taxiway Guidance Signs

Airfield guidance signs

The IR858I taxiway guidance sign is the latest LED design of airfield sign to be manufactured by atg airports. This product is specifically designed to meet the ICAO requirements for Mandatory and Information …

Temporary Airport Terminals and Buildings

Temporary airport terminals

Equipped with all usual facilities such as check-in desks, luggage handling, comfortable departure lounges and customs provisions.
Can also be used as aircraft hangars
Rapid delivery and build times
Operational life from …


Appreciating the importance of operational readiness within the air industry, this multi-user system was designed to incorporate wireless duplex communications between the Flight Deck, Ramp and Gate in order to reduce the duration of turnaround …

TONGA Airport Benches

3-seater Polyurethane Airport seat.

Torpedo Triple Security Recycling Bin

The Torpedo Triple Security Recycling Bin is designed to offer a secure recycling bin to prevent suspect items from being deposited.

This bin is manufactured from durable galvanised steel, primed and powder coated in your choice of Wybone …


Trafficker Range – Aluminium Baggage Trolley – 3 Wheels

At the head of the Trafficker Range, the Aluminium Baggage Trolley is one of the most popular airport trolleys available. Its lightweight aluminium frame makes it easier to manoeuvre than other trolleys of similar size …

Travel 300

The tried-and-tested design with stable luggage support, the effective brake mechanism with a self-adjusting, maintenance-free brake and the exemplary reliability make the Travel 300 a popular worldwide choice for transporting luggage.

Antibacterial carrying handle
Plastic …

Travel 400/Travel 400 Ex

Used and trusted the world over. The Travel 400 series shows why: the robust, durable design with sturdy luggage support, extreme stability at high loads and effortless operation make this the perfect trolley even under …

TRAX Modular Beam Mounted Seating System

TRAX is a modular beam mounted seating system, available in continuous lengths from two to seven runs without the need for intermediary leg supports.

It is an exceptionally versatile modular passenger system, using a standard chassis …


Trelleborg M² (Premium)

Trelleborg M² (Premium) Tires

Discover the unique features and benefits of the Trelleborg M².

Trelleborg M² resilient tires feature the Pit Stop Line wear indicator. The Pit Stop Line ensures that users get maximum whole-life value from their choice of …


Triple Disc Grinder

The Blastrac BMG–780RS MKII is a triple head grinder designed for finishing large horizontal surfaces. The BMG-780RS MKII is a remote control machine which makes the machine very effective and ergonomic to operate. The BMG-780RS …

Triple Disc Grinder – Ride On

The Blastrac BMG–2200 is a large scale ride-on floor grinding machine, designed for large horizontal surfaces. With two drive wheels fitted to the front and a swivel castor to the back, this makes the machine …

Truck Dock Lift 20ft

Truck Dock lifts are designed to transfer cargo from landside vehicles and trucks to a cargo handling system and visa versa. Vehicles are typically higher than the standard air cargo handling system height of 508 …

Truck-Mounted Shot Blasting System


The Blastrac 2-45DTM shot blaster is the workhorse of the horizontal blast cleaning machine equipment …


Ultra High Pressure Vehicle


Within the Cyclone head, up to 24 sapphire-tipped spray nozzles mounted to high speed rotating …


Underground Hatch PIT System

Underground hatch PIT systems are counterweight systems that are designed to supply power to onboard electrical equipment of aircraft and helicopters during pre-flight preparation at airports, shop floors of aircraft industry enterprises, or a hangars.

There …

uni Modular Belts

uni Modular Belts are positive drive, low-noise and long lasting.

Assembled in a bricklay pattern, they can be made to almost any length and width and a wide-range of accessories are available to customise the belt …

UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply

The HITEC PowerPRO – Dynamic UPS series has the greatest reliability and uptime and the reduced energy consumption makes it the most efficient Dynamic UPS solution available in today’s market. PowerPRO’s innovative battery-free design increases reliability, …


Venezia 190 XL – grass cutting and collecting mower

Model VENEZIA XL is grass cutting and collecting mower with 15 cubic meters of collection capacity.

Perfect for grass cutting of airport runways. The shovel blades rotor ensures a great suction capacity with excellent cleaning performances.

The …

VENTUS Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

Extremely precise and maintenance-free measurement of wind speed and wind direction even in the lowest temperature

The accurate wind sensor uses the run-time differential method for determining the wind speed and wind direction. It provides output …


Visibility Sensor VS20k

New product version of the known Lufft VS20 visibility sensor with a measurement range of 10…20,000 m, easy calibration functionality, sea waterproof housing and (active) spider defense

The VS20k visibility sensor measures visibility up to 20’000 …

Voyager 3000/Voyager 3000 EX

The Voyager models are used the world over, thanks to their impressive design and reliable technology. Airport operators and service providers appreciate their easy handling, while passengers are impressed by the first-class comfort they afford …

WINGS RFID Baggage Tags

Designed for baggage tagging in aviation and global supply chain applications, Smartrac WINGS inlays and tags provide an outstanding read range performance at a compact size.

WINGS has a footprint of 30 x 72 mm and …

WS3000 Reference Weather Sensor

New class of Smart Weather Sensors with high-quality aluminum housing: WS3000 Climate Reference Sensor for Calibration / Verification of Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Air Pressure

Relative humidity is measured by means of a heated capacitive sensor …

WS600 Smart Weather Sensor

Compact all-in-one weather sensor with measurement of temperature, relative humidity, precipitation intensity, precipitation type, precipitation quantity, air pressure, wind direction and wind speed.

From the WS product family of professional intelligent measurement transducers with digital interface …


WS800 Smart Weather Sensor

First and only compact all-in-one weather sensor with detection of lightning strikes

From the WS product family of professional intelligent measurement transducers with digital interface for environmental applications. Integrated design with ventilated radiation protection for measuring: …


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