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P2000: Multipurpose Portable Radiation Portal Monitor

The P2000 portable radiation portal monitor (PRPM) provides unparalleled flexibility and requires minimal setup time. It detects gamma and neutron radiation from smuggled radiological material. Its modularity enables obstruction-free configurations suitable for scanning luggage, pedestrians …


P855-288 a highly innovative, high mast LED luminaire with 360° rotating STAR-optic®. The functional yet compact design delivers exceptionally powerful optical and thermal performance, whilst maintaining a low weight and wind area. P855-288’s wide range …

P86X Range

Whatever your requirement for lighting major road infrastructures or small residential streets our King of the Road range of Luminaires will maximise your energy efficiency. The range of luminaires has a lumen output ranging from …

PA Anywhere

The next generation in audio announcements.

Giving you the ability to communicate with everyone including the hard of hearing and visually impaired, in their own language. Keeping everyone informed whilst preserving a peaceful environment.

PA Anywhere is …


Padlock Seals

Padlock seals are high-quality, cost-effective plastic padlock security seal with galvanised wire hasp. This seal is suitable as a key tracker tag for use with key control access cabinets, which enable the tracking and controlled …

Pallet Disinfection Unit

With the reopening of businesses the international freight volume will increase again and we have come up with a disinfection unit to reduce the distribution of pathogens through palletised goods and packages in air- and …


Pallet Mover

Pallet Movers offer an alternative mode of transport for air cargo.  Requiring only basic operator training, the Pallet Mover is a capable workhorse. Battery powered and fully manoeuvrable, a single operator can move loads on …


Pantarei is the traditional water dispenser redesigned by Blupura with chilled and sparkling water options.

Its cabinet and drainer are made of stainless steel and the front panel can be removed. This high-quality water-fountain includes internal …

Parking jack

Parking jack with side handle.

Specific RAL color is available upon request.

Two speed (patented)

Max static load: 3000kg

With welded plate flange

Suitable for: aircraft docking systems

Parking jack

Parking jack with foldable side handle.

This product is cold galvanized and specific RAL colour is available upon request.

Max static load: 1500kg

Suitable for: aircraft docking systems

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