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Paging Station

Thanks to our long-time experience in the transportation industry, Simpleway together with the range of our partners is able to continuously identify and solve the problematic areas of providing passenger travel information. Intelligible, customized and …

Paint Hog

The Paint Hog is a highly customizable waterborne paint truck available in both atomized air and airless formats. The atomized air version can be used in any climate due to its paint heating systems while …


Pallet Distributors

Pallet Distributors are designed to transport Air Cargo and are ideal for a mixed modal or temporary warehouse. Offering an extended raised height of 1,500 mm, Pallet Distributors can double as a Mobile Truck Dock. …

PASCUA Duty Free Trolley

El Cartt4100-G5 the most complete model of Duty Free range, it is designed to the millimeter to offer comfort to the passenger in their displacement by the airport: with double O saucer inside the basket …

Passenger Flow management systems

Working with our partner Manusa, JLC Group provide a range of passenger flow management solutions.

One-Way Security Corridors
JLC Group offers the Touran range of one-way security corridors(also known as anti-walk back systems). These automated systems are specifically …

Passenger Guidance Trolley

Our passenger guidance trolley allows ground handling staff to quickly and easily erect a temporary barrier to guide passengers towards the aircraft doors and prevent them from accessing restricted area’s underneath the wings.

All of our …

Passenger Notification Solution

You have surely witnessed the following scene whenever you traveled: people in airports with their eyes locked on their mobile devices. And why not? It is a good time to catch up on some emails, …

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Passport, airport seating by Javier Cuñado

Designed by ITEM DesignWorks, the shape of the seat surface and the backrest at Passport adapts to the shape of human body ensuring a comfortable and healthy position, with the possibility of special seats for disabled …

Pit systems

The pit systems are simply opened with a single touch and all of the required ground supply is available next to the aircraft. Therefore, the airplane can be easily, fast and safely connected to the …

Place Seating

Place is the next-generation public seating system delivering comfort and practicality in an elegant new design. With integrated power and USB at every seat, generous tablet arms, drink holders, under-seat storage – and plenty of …

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