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ZEFF Electric Hand Dryer

The ZEFF Electric Hand Dryer has a small footprint, but is engineered for frequent use and so is ideal for hand washing facilities in restrooms with a high footfall.

Its brushed stainless-steel casing AISI 304 (18/10), …

Zenky / Zenky Plus

Ergonomically sculpted to provide the best support to the body, the unique design of Zenky beam seating offers unprecedented levels of comfort for passengers. This is combined with outstanding durability, making it suitable for high …

ZeoMed – body fluid spill kits

ZeoMed biohazard spill kits are designed to neutralise odours, and provide a hygienic handling and disposal system for spills, including blood, vomit, and body fluids that pose health hazards including HIV and Hepatitis.

ZeoMed kits – …


Zineare is a robust modular beam seating solution that offers unrivalled strength and aesthetics, making it suitable for both interior and exterior use throughout airport waiting areas that experience high levels of passenger footfall.

It is …


ZipLink® is an innovative belt range which is specially designed to offer benefits in a variety of different industries. Quick and simple installation or repair help to lower costs and reduce downtime.

ZipLink® is a breakthrough …


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