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1 Hour Fire Rated – Flush Lock

Metal Faced Access Panel, suitable for Wall or Ceiling Application, Picture Frame Options available , 1 Hour Fire Rated, Single Door, Flush Lock, fitted with unique Flipfix Fitting Device, Powder Coated Ral 9010 30% Gloss …


1-16 (32) Channel A/B Data Switch


The Copperchase A/B DataSwitch switches one of two 8-Pin RJ45 ports (A and B) to a common (C) input/out port, controlled automatically via a Remote Control port.
The AB DataSwitch has a port capacity …

121 Series Loader

The self‐propelled 121 loader family is offered in 2 models designed to load and unload containers and pallets up to 30 tons (66,000 lbs) or even 36 tons (79,350 lbs) for the superior version.

The 121 …

121-S Series Loader

The 121-S is a self-propelled, dual-platform loader designed to transfer 610 cm (20 ft) ULD’s weighing up to 36 000 Kg (79,350 lbs)* with the ability to interface 254 cm (100″), or 356 cm (140″) …

2 Hour – Meter Over & Electrical Box

The Fire-Rated Meter Over box is a great solution for keeping your electrical meters safe from fire and tamper.

This over box is easy to fit over your meter box. Simply fix in place using the …

2 Hour Fire Rated From Both Sides – Robust Riser Door

Wall Access Panel, Supplied with the Rapid Fit Hinge System, 1.2mm Thick Door Leaf, 1.5mm Thick Frame, 2 Hour Fire Rated, Metal Faced Door, 25mm wide Picture Frame, 3 Point Locking System, Single Door Unit, …


28V Rectifier

New Generation EAR series rectifiers are designed to power on-board electrical equipment and launch aircraft and helicopters with 28.5 V DC and a rated current up to 1200 A continuously (on request they can be …

3 Wheel Luggage Trolley – Aluminium

This range of Airport Luggage Trolleys offers superb trolleys at a very affordable price point.

Supplied as standard with a “Reverse Brake” or “Dead Man Brake”, this luggage trolley does not move unless the handle is depressed. …

3 Wheel Luggage Trolley – Stainless Steel

This range of Airport Trolleys offers superb trolleys at a very affordable price point.

Supplied as standard with a “Reverse Brake” or “Dead Man Brake”, this baggage trolley does not move unless the handle is depressed. The braking …

3-Track MSR and OCR-Reader

Do you need to read visas, passports and only have a limited amount of space available? The ML 2 A is your answer. The ML 2 A is ideal for any application that must read …


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