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U1 – ‘Basic’ Urinal pack


IPEE U1 is our workhorse. The robust urinal is equipped with the IPEE Mini flushing system. The pack is an ideal match for schools where affordable, sustainable plumbing is required.

Urinal packs. Problems are visible. Solutions …

U3 – ‘Plus’ Urinal pack


IPEE U3 combines Vortex flushing technology with a compact urinal and is ideal for commercial locations where design and efficiency are central.

Urinal packs. Problems are visible. Solutions not.

Because the urinal will rinse completely independently, …

U5 – ‘Premium’ Urinal pack


IPEE U5 is the urinal pack of choice for projects requiring the best design, technology and user experience. The rimless urinal is flushed by a spreader with a controlled, powerful water flow.

Urinal packs. Problems are …

UDF -50 REM 1500 X 1620 Smoke Vent

BILCO Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators are manufactured to comply with all the latest regulations including the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011. All standard vents are supplied CE-marked and with a Declaration of Conformity, and …

ULD and Pallet Storage

ULD’s and Aircraft Pallets are owned by the airlines, keeping them in good order and easily accessible is essential to reduce costs incurred by damage and to save time. Air Tech Innovations storage solutions are …

ULISES G5000i – VoIP Communications Gateway

Based on international standards for air traffic control, the ULISES G5000i acts as a bridge between Voice over IP (VoIP) and analogue/digital systems, handling legacy and VoIP radio and telephony units. It is used for …

ULISES V5000i VoIP Communications System

The ULISES V5000i is a VCS designed according to EUROCAE, ED136, ED137 standards providing access to G/A and G/G communications for air traffic controllers in all ATM areas.

It is the 5th Generation of a product …

ultraFLEX Mini PC

The perfect PC for KVM solutions

The ultraFLEX Mini PC is a compact and efficient mini PC that is built for 24/7 operations. It can be installed at the workplace or in the system room. It …

ultraFLEX Nano PC

A high-performance PC for KVM solutions

The ultraFLEX Nano PC is a highly energy efficient mini PC designed for 24/7 operations. Despite being the smallest model in the ultraFLEX product line, the ultraFLEX Nano PC provides …

Under Bridge Unit Set – EAC-PBB SERIES

The EAC-PBB series units are meant to be installed under the passenger boarding bridge. The unit is neatly fitted under the bridge and the remote-control panel is installed in a location convenient for the operator. …

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