U3 - 'Plus' Urinal pack



IPEE U3 combines Vortex flushing technology with a compact urinal and is ideal for commercial locations where design and efficiency are central.

Urinal packs. Problems are visible. Solutions not.

  • Touch-free
    Because the urinal will rinse completely independently, the user never has to touch anything.
  • No false flushes
    Unlike infrared systems, IPEE detects when the urinal is being used effectively. We only rinse after use and we don’t waste a drop of water.
  • Overflow protection
    The flushing system automatically detects when the urinal is clogged and switches itself off automatically to avoid flooded floors.
  • Vandal resistant
    The flushing technology is safely hidden in the back of the urinal. In addition, the system is very durable, which means that it hardly requires any maintenance.

A urinal pack tailored to everyone’s size.
And budget.

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