T3 - 'Plus' Toilet Pack



The automatically flushed toilet pack T3 is equipped with two flushing volumes to keep water consumption as low as possible. The actuation plate is made of stainless steel.

Toilet Packs. Rinsed smartly. Installed quickly.

  • Touch-free
    Thanks to the automatic detection, you never have to touch the actuation plate. Not even if you want to rinse manually.
  • Super efficient
    Thanks to the patented Specter technology, the toilet only flushes when it has been used. That way you don’t waste a drop of water.
  • 10-year warranty on the frame
    The WISA XS frame is a system developed for and by professionals. All parts have a 10-year warranty. *
    * A manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years applies to rubber parts.
  • Overflow protection
    By permanently monitoring the rinse water level in the siphon, the system can detect blockages and automatically shut itself off to avoid flooded floors.

A toilet pack tailored to everyone’s size.
And budget.

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