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Warehouse Intralogistics

Automation is a priority associated with warehouse operational efficiency; however, the key principle of any automation to be applied is the evaluation of overall logistics and intralogistics functionality.

With open borders and global economic developments, business …

Water & Servicing Vehicles


Operating range from 1 800 mm to 4 800 mm
Wasted tank : 2 000L
Rinsing tank : 1 000L


Operating range from 1 800 mm to 4 800 mm
Potable Water : 3 000L
Diesel engine
Transmission automatic
Chassis : …

Water & Toilet Service Trucks

Jet-Tekno provides a flexible solution for aircraft potable water service trucks. Our system fits on various truck chassis and can be equipped with a lift platform. Adding to workplace comfort and safety, trucks are fitted …

Water Service Truck

Miles 6023 Water Service Truck are in daily use at international airports worldwide for basically replenishing the water tank of all aircraft types. Miles GSE designs, manufactures and supplies high quality aircraft water service vehicles …

Wave Indoor Recycling Bin

Sorting Made Easy with Wave Dual Bin and Triple Bin

The Finbin® Wave single, dual and triple bins make it easy to sort different waste materials. The material of the Wave recycling bin can be optimised …

Wayfinding Signs

These signs provide directional information and help people navigate.

They can be directed towards pedestrians or motorist, and are intended to be visible and convey the right information.


Specially designed to weigh baggage at airports “check-in”, Bag2R is an airport weight indicator with ethernet option, perfect for weighing equipment dedicated for airports as it can save time and space.

Space saving : no need …


Wi-Fi Dock

The Wi-Fi Dock is a dedicated aircraft antenna access solution, specially developed for related aircraft inner fuselage and crown works.

The pivoting cage on the upper level can be lowered onto the aircraft fuselage, protecting operators …

WideStar 24/7 Console

Widestar 24×7 is created to cover the necessities of companies that have a constant load of work 365x24x7. The adjustable sit/stand height enables to change position (sitting or standing) without leaving your workstation.

Sit/stand mechanism: Our body …

WideStar Console

WideStar is a highly durable and resistant console, specifically conceived for demanding working environments

Its modular and flexible design, allows an easy configuration and enlargement if there is any distribution change in the room.

WideStar allows reconfiguring …

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