Wave Indoor Recycling Bin


Sorting Made Easy with Wave Dual Bin and Triple Bin

The Finbin® Wave single, dual and triple bins make it easy to sort different waste materials. The material of the Wave recycling bin can be optimised for indoor or outdoor use. The Finnish-made, high-quality Wave recycling bin is available as a single bin, dual bin and triple bin.

Wave Single Bin
100-litre recycling bin. The material of Wave for outdoor use is stainless steel, while the indoor use versions of Wave can be also made of powder-coated galvanised structural steel.

Wave Dual Bin
2 x 100-litre recycling bin. Wave bins are equipped with a hinged lid to make emptying and maintenance as easy as possible.

Wave Triple Bin
3 x 100-litre recycling bin. The bins feature pivoting sack frames