Smart Bin - CitySolar


CitySolar is the most powerful smart bin compactor on the market. Powered by solar energy, the CitySolar compacting bin compresses and stores the same amount of refuse as twenty traditional 60-litre street bins. CitySolar fits a standard 120 or 240-litre wheeled litter bin that can be emptied with the container tipping device of a waste truck. The CitySolar wheelie bin compactor automatically reports accurate fill level information to waste management.

CitySolar Smart Bin Compactor
CitySolar is the only compressing smart bin with an inner container that is compatible with the regularly used plastic waste containers without making separate adjustments. Waste trucks can easily empty the container by using the emptying function – no add-ons are required.

Smart Bin with the Lowest Operating Costs
The CitySolar smart bin contains patented technology and has a compaction ratio of 6:1 on average. The 240-litre capacity is twice as large as other smart bins with a 120-litre inner container. CitySolar fits over 1,200 litres of litter. CitySolar independently notifies the waste management system about its fill level.  It also includes an API interface that makes it possible to integrate the device into the customer’s own waste management system.
The fill level information of CitySolar is among the most accurate on the market and based on a unique, patented measuring system created by our own product development.

Small carbon footprint – smart bin in your brand colours
Four out of five waste collections of the City Solar waste container can be skipped, which significantly decreases the carbon footprint of waste management. Compared to the 60-litre street bins, the ratio is 1:20.
CitySolar is a stylish and extremely durable litter bin. The product is made of stainless, galvanised steel and aluminium. The product can be customised according to the customer’s brand (colours, logo).

  • 2 in 1 liner – CitySolar uses a 130 and a 240 Litre liners without changing or modifying the product.
  • Strong compaction system – A patented compaction system enables us to use maximum reach. Compaction power up to 600kg.
  • No false readings – Patented fill-level technology which delivers accurate results and helps prevent costly and unnecessary collections.
  • 100 % Solar-Powered – Outdoor version with solar panel, indoor version can be plugged to power grid

Compaction Power Up to 600 KG
A patented compaction system enables us to use maximum reach which results in the waste being compacted all the way to the bottom. Compaction power up to 600kg.

2 in 1 Liner
CitySolar is the only product on the market which uses a 130 and a 240 Litre liners without changing or modifying the product. This facility is great for example when holding events or festival weekends, the capacity of the waste bin can be increased from 130 liters to 240 liters without changing the whole unit.

Easy to use and maintain

  • Hatch and foot pedal for waste disposal
  • Triangle key lock for the front maintanance door
  • Plug and play spare parts
  • Low-cost standard 240L wheelie bin