Cubio - Sorting with Style


Finbin® Cubio, designed by Henri Sydänheimo, can be used both as a single litter bin and a stylish sorting station by combining several Cubio bins together. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Finbin® Cubio litter bin, single-sided aperture
The Cubio recycling bin is perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor locations, such as different types of offices and commercial centres.

Finbin® Cubio, double-sided aperture
The Cubio recycling bin is the perfect indoor and outdoor litter bin with easy maintenance.

The design of Finbin® Cubio focuses on usability and easy maintenance. The clear and colour-coded sorting stickers guide users to the correct sorting of waste materials.
The 120-litre capacity is perfect for public environments. The Cubio recycling bin can be used as a single litter bin or as a sorting station by combining several Cubio bins. The product line includes single and double-sided models.
The standard equipment of Cubio includes a front door with magnetic closing, a separate inner container and double coating. Accessories include a bird guard, hygiene flap and triangular key lock.

Sustainability and Quality
Finbin® Cubio is made of high-quality powder-coated steel. Mounting options include a concrete base, metal base and in-ground base. Cubio products are manufactured in Finland.