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F-50TB 1220x1220mm Equipment Access Roof Hatch

The Type F-50TB Roof Access Hatch is an ideal solution for applications that require a larger access than the standard opening. At 1220x1220mm, the F-50TB is commonly used where removal or installation of small pieces …

FaceVACS-Entry CS

FaceVACS-Entry CS quickly captures ISO-compliant facial images during border crossing and various ID issuance processes. The system finds the face of the person, adjusts the position of the camera to the body size and takes …


FaceVACS-Entry VS

FaceVACS-Entry VS combines smart hardware for image acquisition with market-leading software for verification processes, and is ready for integration into electronic gates (eGates) at border control checkpoints. The technology allows travelers to complete self-service border …



Cognitec’s FaceVACS-VideoScan compares and analyzes faces seen in live video streams and instantly finds known individuals.

In addition, security staff can receive an anonymous alarm if a person is not wearing a mask, if too many …


Facial Image Capture Totem

The “Facial Image Capture Totem” solution, designed and developed by Reco 3.26, is the result of a valuable research and experimentation work.

The following are the benefits for the client of using the solution:

Guarantee of …

Fall Protection Consulting

Risk assessment, concept development, product consulting, safety management, rescue concept (Fall protection consulting)


Our knowledge in the different areas of fall protection (see our training courses) can also help you and your organization when you consult …

Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)

The Dynatest Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) applies a dynamic load that simulates the loading of a moving wheel. The pavement response is analyzed with Dynatest’s ELMOD (Evaluation of Layer Moduli and Overlay Design) software to …

FAMA -Real time data capture module for motorized assets

FAMA (Fleet Asset Management for Airports) is a global connected solution dedicated for powered assets fleet management. Our in-house engineered solution includes robust and reliable hardware modules with customized Localeez® web platform to optimize ground …


The AtlasIED FAS Automated Announcement System is an optional module that integrates into a GLOBALCOM® system and provides the capability for clear, professionally recorded announcements with minimum user input. FAS announcements provide passengers with flight status …

Fast Falling Weight Deflectometer

The Fast Falling Weight Deflectometer (FFWD) is 5 times faster per drop than the original Falling Weight Deflectometer. The FWD is designed to impart a load pulse to the pavement surface simulating the load produced …


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