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F750 Rugged Mobile Computer

Cilico F750 is a compact and rugged handheld mobile computer that can satisfy the demands for tough field work. It meets the military standards for humidity, dust, vibration, drops and extreme temperature. Meanwhile it integrates …

F880 UHF Mobile Computer

F880 is a highly integrated industrial-grade mobile computer based on Android 7.1/Android 9.0 OS, which is equipped with a 2.5GHz octa-core processor. Besides, F880 is suitable for data collection in various industries by integrated with …

FEROE Airport Benches

Aluminium airport seat with high load capacity and stability.

Fixed Aircraft Refuelling Systems

We custom-build fixed refuelling systems according to customer specifications for various needs and environments, with pumping rates from 1000 l/min up to 20 000 l/min. When necessary, systems can be designed for easy transportation. Common …

Fixed Boarding Bridge

Fixed Boarding Bridge is a connection tunnel linking terminal and PBBs with Gate House. Fixed Boarding Bridge provides architectural solutions and improves management of passenger flows improving management of boarding and disembarking and reducing time …

Flight Information Display System

Simpleway provides an advanced Flight information display system (FIDS) for airports with an emphasis on an effortless installation and adaption to the customer’s environment and processes, easy and flexible content creation, and automated management.

Simpleway FIDS …

Flight Progress Strip Holder

Flightstrip holder is a plastic injection mould designed and manufactured following ATC and Air traffic controllers’ requirements.

It strictly meets all specifications to offer comfortable use and long life.

HIS Hermieu International Supply is able to provide …

Flight Progress Strip Holder Panel / Racks

The flight strip holders are placed in a strip board called flight strip holder rack which is used as a representation of all flights in a particular sector of airspace in an airport. The strip …

FLITE Modular Seating System

As passenger numbers increase, the need to provide a higher quantity of seats in existing gate rooms is now a priority. Closely collaborating with industry architects, operators and specifiers, OMK has recently launched a new …


FLUX CORNER – Sliding-turning door

FLUX CORNER is an industrial sliding-turning door for small, medium or large dimensions with unilateral or bilateral opening with a manual or chain-driven motorized drive.       

Sliding industrial door, characterized by great dimensional flexibility and …

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