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FEROE Airport Benches

Aluminium airport seat with high load capacity and stability.

Fixed Aircraft Refuelling Systems

We custom-build fixed refuelling systems according to customer specifications for various needs and environments, with pumping rates from 1000 l/min up to 20 000 l/min. When necessary, systems can be designed for easy transportation. Common …

Flight Information Display System

Simpleway provides an advanced Flight information display system (FIDS) for airports with an emphasis on an effortless installation and adaption to the customer’s environment and processes, easy and flexible content creation, and automated management.

Simpleway FIDS …

FLITE Modular Seating System

As passenger numbers increase, the need to provide a higher quantity of seats in existing gate rooms is now a priority. Closely collaborating with industry architects, operators and specifiers, OMK has recently launched a new …



Design: Centro Studi

Fly Safe Scheme Security Bags

The UK and USA have imposed a cabin luggage ban for passenger laptops, large phones, e-readers and tablets on passenger flights from several international airports. This ban is likely to be extended to include some …

Flyaway Seating

Flyaway’s clean, graceful lines integrate a robust structure. Created by award-winning designer Douglas Ball for high-impact settings, the contemporary Flyaway emphasizes user comfort.

Ergonomically contoured lumbar support, a higher backrest and substantial cushioning provide superior comfort …

Frequency Converter

The frequency converters EAC series are intended for the ground servicing of all aircraft types with a frequency of 400 Hz up to 360 kVA.

EAC series converters assist with the fast, reliable and safe launch of aircraft …

FW24-H-T Series – Filter/Water Separator

The FW-24-H-T series are exclusively designed for mobile filtration of aviation fuel, where small amounts of water and/or solids may be present. Vessel type is qualified under witness testing according to specification EI 1581, 6th …


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