FAMA -Real time data capture module for motorized assets


FAMA (Fleet Asset Management for Airports) is a global connected solution dedicated for powered assets fleet management. Our in-house engineered solution includes robust and reliable hardware modules with customized Localeez® web platform to optimize ground support operations and safety.

ADVEEZ telematics optimize your fleet management, enhance your field operations, and reduce accident rate significantly as well as your maintenance costs.

ADVEEZ data capture box collects real time technical data such as:

  • Geolocalization / geo-tracking
  • Embedded geofence
  • Access control
  • In-use status
  • E-stop status
  • Moving status
  • Working status
  • Idle status,
  • Ignition status
  • Shock status
  • Hourmeter status,
  • Analog input,
  • GSE speed management
  • OBD (on board diagnostic)
  • Energy level status
  • Driver behaviour status

All ADVEEZ products are brand manufacturer neutral and API neutral.

  • Physical
    • Dimensions: 185 x 120 x 43 mm; 7.2 x 4.7 x 1.7 in
    • Weight: 450g; 15.9 oz
    • Attachment included
    • Connectors
  • Environmental
    • High range operating Temp
    • Dust / Water Protection
    • Power & Battery Backup
  • Connectivity
    • Network: LoRa, GSM, LTE: CatM, NB-IoT
    • Local: BLE
    • Location: GPS (GLONASS, BEIDU, Galileo ready)
  • Inputs: Key-on, Engine Run, Working Mode, E-Stop, 2 x CANBus, 3 x Digital/Analog, RS-232, Adveez/Wiegand RFID reader
  • Outputs: Access control relay, additional relay
  • Certifications: CE, IC, FCC