IOTM-OTM -Indoor &/or outdoor real time data capture module for unmotorized assets


Unpowered GSE including bag trailers, cargo dollies, towbars, stairs, etc. can be tracked with the ADVEEZ OTM (Outdoor Tracking Module). The IOTM module (Indoor & Outdoor Tracking Module) combines both GPS and radio frequency to allow high accuracy indoor and outdoor tracking positions of unpowered assets, up to 2-3 meter. Movement data and geolocation will be reported via an API. Additionally, indoor assets and assets that travel both in and outdoors can be tracked with ADVEEZ’s data capture hardware.

Our solutions are easy to deploy, use and maintain. Two options are available, start & stop or tracking mode. Asset location, status and alerts are displayed in real time on Localeez® web platform and mobile app. Easy to install our system is simple to maintain with over the air updates and long-life batteries.

ADVEEZ telematics optimize your fleet management, enhance your operations and reduce accident rate significantly as well as your maintenance costs.

All ADVEEZ products are brand manufacturer neutral and API neutral.

  • Battery replaceable
  • Dimensions: 158 x 68 x 39 mm; 6.2 x 2.7 x 1.5 in
  • Weight: 200 g; 7.05 oz
  • Various mounting options
  • High range operating temperatures
  • Dust/Waterproof certifications
  • Geolocation by GPS, OUTDOOR precision of 5m/10 feet
  • Data transmission on-motion
  • Connectivity adapted to the customer needs
  • Certifications: CE, IC, FCC