Turtle box: Speed control and reduction system


The ADVEEZ connected turtle box improves safety in your high risk area, your speed reduction area or your luggage gallery.

The Speed Control System is a light system: one module per motorized asset and detection beacons.

When the vehicle gets closer to a restricted speed area, it automatically and smoothly slows down up to 5km/h. Out of these areas, the speed is released to normal state to ensure productivity. The system insures no interruption between the different speed areas and no interferences with current systems. Two modes are available: Entrance & Exit or Timer.

Easy to install and maintain for the operations, the speed control system is tampered proof and designed to resist to all sabotages.

Displayed on Localeez® web platform, all operating parameters are customizable.

ADVEEZ has designed two systems to automatically reduce a vehicle speed in risky areas: aircraft parking stand, pedestrian access, luggage gallery, baggage hall, etc

–                 One system is part of FAMA box and based on embedded-geofence

  • Designed for electric vehicle and diesel gse with electronic transmission
  • Embedded in FAMA, geofence feature is based on real-time GSE position
  • Acts directly and automatically on GSE variator
  • Specific GPS chip to increase accuracy
  • Customizable and modifiable settings in one click: zones size, speed limit, GSE affected, etc.

–                 One light stand-alone system : one module and its antenna and one detection beacon

  • Automatic and smooth speed reduction from 25km/h to 5km/h
  • Designed for any types of electric vehicles
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Customizable Bluetooth detection field from 1 to 60 meters

Immediate benefits for the airports and the ground handlers:

  • Comply to aviation ISAGO standards by IATA
  • Fewer human accidents and injuries => Feeling of safety & Stress reduction for workers
  • Fewer material accidents (asset, infrastructure) => Lower repair and insurance costs
  • Noise reduction compared to speed bumps solutions
  • Saving infrastructure costs: no security barriers, shock-proof foam or slowdown doors needed
  • Normal speed outside slowdown zones to ensure productivity

Our telematics optimize your fleet management, enhance your field operations, and reduce accident rate significantly as well as your maintenance costs.

All ADVEEZ products are API neutral and brand manufacturer neutral.

  • Physical
    • Turtle box:
      • Dimensions: 151 x 63 x 43 mm, 5.94 x 2.48 x 1.69 in
      • Weight: 190g, 6.70oz
    • Beacon:
      • Dimensions: 161 x 91 x 62 mm, 6.34 x 3.58 x 2.44 in
      • Weight: 260g, 9.17oz
    • Attachment included
    • Connectors
  • Environmental
    • High range operating Temp
    • Dust / Water Protection
    • Power & Battery Backup
  • Connectivity
    • Local: BLE
    • Range 1 to 60m, 3.3 to 196.8ft
  • Certifications: CE, IC, FCC