Localeez®web-platform and mobile app -Real time data management for motorized and unmotorized assets


The intuitive and interactive web-platform and mobile app, Localeez® displays reliable data in real time from all indoor & outdoor, powered and unpowered assets. It enhances your operations management and proactively predict your maintenance.

Tracking performances made it easy and immediate to optimize and improve your ROI, such as In/Outdoor tracking, GSE status, GSE & Users alerts. Localeez applications are a continuous and interoperable system, allow the user to custom all operating parameters, and are easy to install and maintain.

  • Localeez® web platform includes both an operational view of all the asset equipped with a module and gives the following information:
  • Map view tab with the status: geolocation, availability status, use, idle, low-battery, shocks, driver names, maintenance, speed, etc.
  • Dashboard view tab to check the availability of the fleet
  • Asset tab to manage maintenances operations, configure driver’s authorization depending on asset category
  • Driver tab to set up the drivers access control authorization according to asset category
  • Explorer tab: to replay a traffic day of an asset and study non-appropriate usage
  • Zones tab: to draw zones on the map and receive the relevant alert according to their main attributes: maintenance, turtle speed, allocation, intrusion, etc.
  • Report tab: to edit reports and graphs enabling you to get decision-making data and optimize the use and size of your asset fleet. Users can subscribe to a weekly report and pre-analyse some critical data.
  • Driver scoring to analyse driver’s behaviour over a defined period, based on specific parameters.
  • Users can configure alerts to receive them through Localeez®, email or text message.
  • Administrator profile tab is dedicated to set the internal users’ profile and data accessibility.

ADVEEZ telematics optimize your fleet management, enhance your field operations, and reduce accident rate significantly as well as your maintenance costs.

All ADVEEZ products are brand manufacturer neutral and API neutral.

  • Software as a Service including a web-platform, available on any browsers
  • SaaS available on mobile applications, available on Android and IOS
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Designed and maintained exclusively by ADVEEZ
  • Interoperable with internal API