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E learning Trainings for Ground Handler, Airlines and Cargo Handler About Pharmaceutical Shipments

We support the airfreight Industry with specific trainings through webinars and E learnings about Management of pharmaceutical shipments.

The most requested trainings are:

Good Distribution Practices of medicines applied to the airfreight logistic chain
Cold Chain …

E-50TB 915x915mm Ladder Access Roof Hatch

The E-50TB Roof Access Hatch is ideal for applications requiring access slightly larger than the typical 915mm x 760mm opening. The E-50TB is commonly used to provide personnel access onto the roof and for moving …

E-Commerce Automation

There is no doubt that e-commerce business develops with a seemingly unstoppable speed. Followed by high competition and customers’ demands, the distribution centers deploy the best up-to-date and available technology. Warehouses are experiencing a continuous …


e-Mobby is an electric powered Mobby transport chair.
Passengers can be transported in a comfortable way.
The attendant is standing on a board behind the e-Mobby.
This way of working is providing a good experience for the passenger …


Eagle 1

The Eagle 1 is a modified hospital hoist for use with Eagle slings.

It is designed for transferring PRMs from their wheelchair to an airport wheelchair soon after they have checked in. This gives handling staff …

Eagle 2

The Eagle 2 hoist is designed for use in main line commercial jets with 3 seats each side and wide body aircraft.

Single aisle aircraft requires right hand “D” seat allocation, other seating options are available …

Eagle 3

The Eagle 3 is designed for use in commuter aircraft with 2 seats each side. it is shorter than Eagle 2 to facilitate operating with the lower lockers in these aircraft. It requires right hand …

Eagle Eye

Enabling your Compliance with Social Distancing

Designed for accuracy and fast/easy implementation, Eagle eye helps venues comply with social distancing guidelines, skin temperature and occupancy restrictions by anonymously counting and monitoring people as they enter …

Eagle for Airports

Eagle4Airport is a multi-platform fl­eet management system (PC and mobile devices) that allows real-time localization of all controlled vehicles. It also guarantees the safety of passengers and workers with real-time management of alarms relating to …

Easy 400

Compact, sturdy and space-saving. The Easy 400 offers passengers sufficient space for hand luggage and shopping. With large advertising surfaces and four castors, it is a particularly attractive proposition.

Compact design
Plastic profiles and castor …

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