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Eagle 1

The Eagle 1 is a modified hospital hoist for use with Eagle slings.

It is designed for transferring PRMs from their wheelchair to an airport wheelchair soon after they have checked in. This gives handling staff …

Eagle 2

The Eagle 2 hoist is designed for use in main line commercial jets with 3 seats each side and wide body aircraft.

Single aisle aircraft requires right hand “D” seat allocation, other seating options are available …

Eagle 3

The Eagle 3 is designed for use in commuter aircraft with 2 seats each side. it is shorter than Eagle 2 to facilitate operating with the lower lockers in these aircraft. It requires right hand …

Easy 400

Compact, sturdy and space-saving. The Easy 400 offers passengers sufficient space for hand luggage and shopping. With large advertising surfaces and four castors, it is a particularly attractive proposition.

Compact design
Plastic profiles and castor …

EFASS Military Aircraft Hangar

The EFASS military aircraft hangar is mission ready to support defence operations out in the field. These defence standard military aircraft hangars can accommodate a wide variety of fixed wing aircraft and rotary wing aircraft …


The Endaxi system has been designed to support Ground Handling companies with the ability to reduce no fault founds (NFF’s) at the users facilities. dBD Communications recognises the importance of equipment readiness and this system …

ESCAPE – Certified hinged door

ESCAPE is a certified one or two-leaf hinged door consisting of mono-structural SUPERTHERMIC panels

Certification ››

Opening with one or two leaves, black aluminium perimeter frame, paintable on request, designed for quick installation. Possibility of inserting inspection …

Escape-Carry Chair® CF

Just like the Escape-Chair®, the Escape-Carry Chair® is equipped with glidebelt cassettes which allow evacuation over the stairs.

In addition to this the Escape-Carry Chair® has a carrying bracket and carrying handles which makes it also …

Escape-Chair® CF

This Escape-Chair® is designed especially for people who have a higher risk mobility issue and for wheelchair users (PRM’s).

The armrests give the occupant a feeling of safety during the evacuation and can be used to …

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