Eagle for Airports


Eagle4Airport is a multi-platform fl­eet management system (PC and mobile devices) that allows real-time localization of all controlled vehicles. It also guarantees the safety of passengers and workers with real-time management of alarms relating to the position, such as deviations or changes to the itinerary, unplanned movements or presence in prohibited areas.

Highly versatile, Eagle performs a variety of tasks, including the CO2 emission checking and reporting, key activities for the Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Eagle ADS-B is also part of the platform: In addition to the aforementioned functionalities, it allows the continuous monitoring of vehicles moving on the apron (aircraft, service vehicles, emergency vehicles, etc) with traditional localizers (GPS) or with ADS-B vehicular antennas.

  • Accessible via Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers
  • It works with traditional localizers (GPS, 3G/4G transmission) or with ADS-B locators
  • Reporting via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, etc..
  • Co2 calculation / count produced by vehicles
  • Adaptable to specific requests