e-Mobby is an electric powered Mobby transport chair.
Passengers can be transported in a comfortable way.
The attendant is standing on a board behind the e-Mobby.
This way of working is providing a good experience for the passenger and an ergonomic way of working for the attendant.
It prevents work related injuries!

User Manual e-Mobby

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  • Electronic driven transport chair e-Mobby with swing-up drivers board
  • Electronics: Dynamic Linx
  • Batteries: AGM sealed ( dry ) 85A / 12V ( 2pcs )
  • On board charger
  • Controller, charger, batteries, motors and wiring in compartment
  • Width: 68 cm ( 27 inch )
  • Length: 145 cm ( 57 inch ) with drivers board down
  • Length: 125 cm ( 49 inch ) with drivers board up
  • Armrests and foorboard swing-up
  • Weight incl batteries and electronics: 150 kilogram
  • Maximum degree of slopes: 12.5% or 8 degree
  • Drivers board
  • With patented transport fixation
  • Magnet switch ( dead man switch )
  • Passenger weight: 150 kilogram

Extra options:

  • Passengers weight upto 250 kilogram with XL seating frame available !!
  • Lead-chrystal battery pack; occasional charging during shift possible
  • Trailer for luggage
  • Electric motors for connecting / deconnecting Mobby chair in front of the e-Mobby, look at our video
  • Airport package:
    Automatic roll-up seatbelt XL double ( 2 pcs )
    Pole with flashlightaal met zwaailicht
    Luggage rack stainless steel for handluggage
    Beacon to be switched on or off during operation