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Halo Modular Circular Seating and Planters

Halo is a beautifully striking yet comfortable seat which can be adapted to fit any size of space. Versatile, comfortable and durable, our seating range will enhance your environment and most importantly, stand up to …

Hand Sanitising Station & Hand Sanitising Dispensers

Hand sanitising stations are convenient, efficient, and are the perfect way to distribute and ensure access to hand sanitiser in larger areas. Enclosed environments where people are working closely to one another are at a …


The Hawk stretcher trolley is designed to remove the risks for staff and patients during the difficult transfer of stretcher patients to and from an ambulance and commercial aircraft.

Hawk Seal – Reusable Padlock Seal

Fantastic New Airline Catering Cart Security Seal, already used by the world’s biggest low-cost airlines!

The Hawk Lock and Hawk Seal is our new revolutionary reusable, two-piece padlock style, locking system. With a reusable padlock body …


HDB / TechModule


Contactless thermometer with screen indication;
Sensor-type contactless hands sanitizer;
Motion detector;
Fog generator of continuous heating (1200 W) with a 20 l tank for disinfectant agent.
The technical unit can be separately installed in …

High Pressure Vehicle


A vortex of air and water equivalent to a category 4 cyclone storm is created and controlled from the operator’s seat, allowing …


Hofmann H18 – Runway Line Marking Machine – Iceland

H18 in Iceland equipped with pressurised container system for cold paint, 2 x 225 l pressurised containers and 90 cm wide line marker unit incl. 3 paint- and glass bead guns each

Hofmann H18 – Runway Line Marking Machine – Rome, Italy

H18 for sprayable thermoplastics, 300 l pressurised container, for application of up to 60 cm line width on runways, with 2 spray plastic guns, Rome/Italy

HOFMANN H18 – Runway Line Marking Machine – Singapore

An H18 in Singapore equipped for 1-component cold paint Airless system incl. 120 cm wide line marker unit, with 5 paint- and glass bead guns, pressurised container 460 l

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HOFMANN H26 – Runway Line Marking Machine – Hamburg

An H26 on Airbus area / Hamburg, Germany equipped with 1-com­ponent cold paint Airless system as well as with 2-component sprayable cold plastic Airless system M98:2, 460 l pressurised container as well as 90 cm …

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